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Emma Another grey, dreary type of day. The rain patters down and the air is cold, it may even snow soon.

Within Emma's room there is the sound of beeping, and the soft talking of people. Her family is here, well some. Ramsay, Sarah and Lennon are of course at her side.

Sarah is talking to the doctor, being one herself, she is making sure the best is for her daughter. "We understand, but with her heart beat becoming more regular, and as she grows more stable, it may be time to remove life support and let her try on her own." The male doctor says.
Bob The crappy weather has Bob inside, though it's inside the hospital this time. His days have been busy at work, usually working in the sick bay aboard the Liberty and now that he's got some free time and access to the city he's come back to visit Emma and check up on her progress. When he arrives at her room he knocks gently before opening the door and sticking his head in to assess the situation before just barging in. Upon seeing the people there he opens it further and waves a hand at them, keeping quiet while the doctors speak.
Esa Esa had left at some point to shower and cleanup at the behest of Emma's father. He had returned a short while ago; just a few minutes before Bob had walked inside. He sat once more in the chair he had occupied a lot since her arrival. The chair was turned slightly to face the bed and the group in general; his hands clasped between his legs as he looked toward Emma.
Emma Lennon turns his head to regard Bob, and gives a nod in greeting, like he would of Esa. Ramsay and Sarah - not trying to ignore anyone, are just to busy and focused on their daughter.

"Do it." Ramsay says, in his low gruff voice. With that permission the male doctor, who is a little older, nods and turns to the nurses. A second later they are removing the machines keeping Emma alive, and thus her family waits witu bated breath.
Bob Slipping inside, Bob keeps mum while he watches the proceedings intently, keeping his attention focused on Emma. He's not intending to ignore anyone either, but things being what they are the most important thing happening is Emma being taken off the machines. He's clearly worried about her, actually wringing his hands as he awaits her response.
Esa Esa watches the nurses do their thing quietly before his attention returns to Emma quietly. He doesn't say anything for now; just waits and watches and prays.
Emma The air in the room is tense, anyone can feel it. Everyone is watching as the doctor and nurses remove everything they need. Once done they step back, all waiting to see what'll happen to their friend.

As everyone waits, there is the steady sound of her heart beat on the monitor, the doctor goes to check her over and after a minute or two, looks up everyone and breaks a smile. "I think we're good." He says with as much relief as one can muster.
Bob A big sigh escapes from Bob who hadn't even realized he'd been holding his breath in anticipation. His shoulders sag and he finds himself leaning against the wall and starting to smile in relief before looking around at the others assembled.
Esa Esa hands had pressed together and held close to his face; tips touching his lips as he waited. As the doctor spoke of the good news, he smiles for the first time in a few days. Emma's spirit, it seems fought on. He sighs softly, contently with relief flowing over him as he parts his hands and reached through the rail to take hers and squeezed gently "That's the fighter I know." He whispers fondly.
Emma And so, Emma lays there, still in her coma but now breathing on her own. This is a big step forward. Sarah, being the warm soul she is, would go to hug people. Including Bob and Esa. Lennon, a more serious man, takes to handshakes. And so filled with joy, Ramsay even goes to give hugs, in a fatherly type of way.

"This is good news," The doctor says to the celebrating family and friends. "But we don't know yet how long she will be in a coma, let's hope she comes out of that sooner rather than later." The longer that goes, it's less liekly that she'll wake at all.
Bob Hugs and handshakes all around, Bob somehow in the center of them with a big grin on his face as he shares in the affection and happiness. One of the big steps on Emma's path to recovery is completed, now all that's left is for her to wake up and months of rehabilitation. But the future crap doesn't stop Bob from enjoying the present good news.
Esa Letting go of her hand, Esa stands and gives Sarah and Ramsay a return hug and shakes Lennon's hand gently before sitting back down and shifts to look at the assembled group of people of quietly.
Emma "I will go tell the staff." The doctor says, him and the nurses leaving the happy group to celebrate.

"Now we wait her ta wake." Lennon says, in his scottish accent and looks to his sister a moment then to the others. "There be a way ta rouse her?" He asks.

Even though the lass is still out, her one free hand - free being not in a cast, but with IV's in and such, the fingers move. Bob would catch this.
Bob "You can't rush waking her up, unfortunately," Bob says to Lennon even though he doesn't take his eyes off of Emma. It's a good thing he's watching her, too, as he spots her fingers twitch. He stops talking. Stops moving. Just stares for a few seconds before he manages to speak again, "Emma?" He strides towards her to look at her face, then down to her hand, "I could swear I just saw Emma move her hand."
Esa Esa turns to face Emma again after Bob spoke. His hand gently went through the rail and took hers and squeezes to see if a response is given. "Hey, can you hear us?" He asks softly.
Emma Sarah moves to the other side of the bed, Ramsay and Lennon stand at the foot. She leans over a little, to look over her child. Oh the hope, but nothing happens. At most her shallow breathing can be seen, but there are no words, no flutter of her eyes, no grip in return, nothing.

"Maybe that was a response to the change." Sarah says looking to Bob. "It's a good sign if they moved even a little, it could mean she will come around soon."
Bob "I hope so," Bob says to Sarah, finally looking away from Emma to make eye contact with her mom. "She'll be up in no time, probably. She's young and healthy," he offers words of encouragement as he looks back at his unconscious friend.
Esa Esa just listens, his hand still holding hers softly as he looks between Emma and the rest of the gathered crowd around the bed. Like Lennon, he wasn't a medical professional and knew little about the medical side. "She is a fighter too; strong one." He whispers softly with a gentle smile that follows it.
Emma "She is." Sarah says, looking to Bob and then looking to Esa. "A fighter, to a degree." Ramsay stands with his arms crossed. "If we're thinkin' it be soon, whoever wants can take rounds in stayin' until she wakes."
Bob "I guess we'll just have to give her some more time to rest," Bob says to Sarah with a firm nod of his head before he looks Ramsay's way. "That's a pretty good idea. Take it in four hour shifts or so. I'll have to be back at work, but I'm sure we can work something out."
Esa "I will stay." Esa replies quietly as he looks to her father. he has been at her side, and it would seem he would want to continue to be by her side for a little while longer. He looks to Bob and gave a small nod.