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Esa This takes place post It's What You Know and Who You Know and pre Resident Evil 3: Aftermath Finale

For January, the weather had been unusually warm. It was midafternoon on a cooler, yet still warm day as the sun poked in and out of the clouds. Paris, as usual, was at its normal pace in terms of traffic. The sightings since the FBC sweeps in the QZ and catacombs have been done; but some rumors had yet to be investigated.

Which has led to the folder and small assignment given to Trixie.
Trixie Trixie keeps glancing at the folder, almost as if the movement were a nervous tic. Assignments for the investigation had come down to whoever was available, as the three people she had had in mind had been swept up in an entirely different assignment that no one seemed willing to talk about for any reason. It's a condition she is getting sorely tired of.

"The best place to start is the Paris police headquarters... any records of rumors or investigations should be housed there. And if they're not, the nice people there can tell us where we can find them," she suggests to her small team as she guides a FBC-marked LSSV Tahoe through the city streets toward the building in question, hoping the dashboard-mounted GPS is properly updated. "I just hope the uniforms speak louder than manners... the last time I went here, all I got was doors slammed in my face."
Molly Molly isn't much of a talker, she is more of a shoot first and not worry about questions type. She would rather be down in the Danger Zone spilling blood that doing and investigation. But she was selected so she went along. She softly mutters "I can always just punch the person who says no." Is she joking? Her voice is rather deadpan so it is hard to tell.
Esa The small precinct that saw most of the activity was located about two miles from the Quarantine Zone. The entry point opened to a small waiting area. Besides the two doors leading in, three walls made up the room; two doors on either side and a hole cut in the wall in front with bars. Behind it was the desk clerk; an older man in his forties or fifties, whom was writing down information a recent call. "Yes Miss Parker. This is the fourth time you've called about your poodle being eaten by a ravenous animal. I understand Miss Parker, but the investigators found nothing." A pause "Miss Parker if they come up with more we'll let you know."
Trixie "Probably not the best way to make friends in the PD. But after what I went through last time, I'll definitely keep it in mind," Trixie muses, with a wry smile for Molly, as they walk into the lobby of the police station. She can't help but overhear the call in progress and glances at the pad where the information is written down, wishing she were better at reading upside-down. "Bonjour, M'sieu... I'm Sergeant Mackenzie, with the FBC. Please pardon my interruption, but I've been tasked with following up on any reports of strange activity... rabid animals, cannibal killings, and similar things that don't fit your normal law enforcement cases. Do you have any information or open cases of these sorts?" she asks, as politely as she can.
Molly Molly nods softly at Trixie's words and follows in behind her, remaining the silent partner. Her eyebrows raise as she overhears the call herself. Her weight shifting from side to side as she waits to her if the precinct does indeed have anything for them to look it for them.
Esa The officer looked at Trixie as he hung up the phone and listened. Then busted in to laughter; tapped the man next to him and spoke French. He and a few others laughed before he wheeled back around and leaned on the desk "Madam. There are no cannibals in this city." He said in a thick French accent. "No looes rabid dog. Just people minds messed with by chemicals." He replied.
Trixie Trixie's eyes narrow. "It is /Mademoiselle/, merci beaucoup..." she replies pointedly. "And have you had any other calls just like that one?"
Molly Molly rolls her eyes at the police and their responses. Her eyes then shutting as she emits an annoyed sigh before they open once more. Her eyes then look to Trixie, it is truly best to let her handle the situation given that Molly may sound more like a mad woman with how she forms her sentences.
Esa The officer paused, then nodded "Mademoiselle, we get calls often for strange. No mean tied to that bombing." He replied. He looked to Molly slightly then to Trixie. "Miss Parker dog got ate a few week back. Strange, yes; but people poach dog in street all time in this area. No mean big beast take it."
Trixie "In your place, I would totally understand your skepticism. But what if some of them /are/ related to the bombing? There have been rumors that some of the creatures from the Quarantine Zone were able to escape underground, through the catacombs. Those passages have since been sealed, but there is a chance that some of them got out," Trixie replies, with some effort to keep her voice down. "Reports of rabid animal attacks were the first signs of real trouble in Raccoon City. Those were followed by reports of cannibal attacks, and sick or insane people attacking other people and exhibiting animal-like behavior. The rest was on the news for weeks."
Molly Molly folds her arms as she comments to the officers "If you want Paris to become the new Raccoon City, don't let us stop you.... if you want to fucking ensure it won't... then let us look into the rabid animal attacks hmmm? Or are you too chicken to see if we are correct about the damn theory?"
Esa The Paris officer frowned at Molly and shook his head and sighed. "look. Dis is Paris. We have no American trouble. No American corruption. No 'creatures' run amok. Dat be just silly. We heard of Raccoon City. Heard of problem. Heard of those incidents." He said skeptically. A pause, another sigh and added sympathetically "But, I had cousin twice remove from Raccoon and died. So, if it makes the Federal Bioterrorism people happy.." He buzzed the door. "Down hall, take left. The clerk will give you what we have. You see, Paris not like Raccoon."

Behind the man some of the officers listened and snickered, spoke French between on another; one did an impression of evil monster; hands up in the air as he rawered. The officers laughed until the clerk turned around and spoke quick French; they stopped and broke up; going back to what they were doing.
Trixie "I'm truly sorry about your cousin, then... I hope it was swift and painless," Trixie replies soberly, holding her beret over her heart. "Raccoon City was my hometown... I was a police officer there. Thank you for your help." She turns toward the indicated door.

As the man farther back in the lobby does his impression of a monster, she makes a fist with her right hand, points her index finger at the man's forehead, cocks her thumb, and snaps the thumb down like a triphammer, uttering a soft but emphatic, "/Bang/." Smiling sweetly at him, she adds, "And /that/ is how you kill an American monster... you shoot it in the head." With that, she opens the door and steps inside.
Molly Molly mutters under her breath "For now its not..." Her eyes rolling at what she considers to be the stupidity of the French police. She mutters softly for only Trixie to hear, "I bet they are better at surrendering than working." Her steps following Trixie inside.
Esa The hallway was short with a mix of doors to the left and right. At the end and to the left was a narrow passageway that led downstairs. It led to a landing, then turned and headed down again. At the bottom was a passageway that led back toward the lobby and ended with a door with a sign in French and English that read 'File store room'. Inside was a similar set up; directly ahead was a door to one side with an open wall with bars running along the opening. A man, younger and bored looking sat there. "Welcome to the file store room." He replied dully. "How can I help you?"
Trixie "Don't be mean, Molly... even if I halfway agree with you. My grandfather's older brother fought in the Second World War... he mentioned his brother making jokes like, the new French Army uniforms had extra fabric sewn into the armpits, so they could throw their hands up faster." Trixie replies, with a wry smile. As they came to the bottom of the stairs, she manages to take a deep breath and school her expression into something professional.

"Bonjour, M'sieu... I'm Sergeant Mackenzie, with the FBC, and I'm looking for information regarding any cases involving rabid animals or potential cannibal attacks within the last month or so. Can you help us?" she asks, with dignity.
Molly Molly just shrugs at Trixie's 'scolding' about her comment about the French police being cowards. This is why she doesn't say much, she normally doesn't have nice things to say unless complimenting someone about killing something. And she goes silent once more, knowing Trixie is better to handle these things considering Mol, herself, is abrasive AF.
Esa The clerk looked to Trixie, then to Molly. "I'm sorry, you want files on rabid animal attacks and a cannibal attacks?" He asked for clarification. "Within the last month?" He inquired.
Trixie "Yes, Sir, I am. And no, Sir, it's not a joke," Trixie replies soberly. "I don't drive halfway across Paris in Parisian traffic for jokes."
Molly Molly is about to open her mouth and snap at the officer but stops herself. Her eyes close as her shoulders roll, to get the attitude to at least lessen. As her eyes open and look to the clerk she says "Yes.... I don't think she stuttered.... can we please have the files?" Seems like someone was at least able to not cuss in her sentence and sound at least friendly, well for her at least.
Esa The man slowly nods. "All of that was taken by some government suits two days ago." He replies quietly as he looks to his notes. "I only have Mrs. parkers case that was not transferred here because it is an open investigation."
Trixie "Pity," Trixie murmurs. "Well... what information do you have on Mrs. Parker's case? We can use anything at all, honestly." She gives Molly a grateful look for her support, accompanied by a small smile.
Molly Molly sighs at the clerk's words about all of the cases being taken by some government suit and mutters to herself "How convienent." She then looks to Trixie and says "Can always try to assist them on the open investigation I guess."
Esa "There is not much to tell. Her dog disappeared in the middle of the night. We've investigated the situation, found no reasonable conclusion of foul play. The case remains open due to her continual calls. All of it is logged and filed. Technically, the case is closed." The clerk replied and scribbled information on a paper. "Her address if you wish to check it out. I am sorry that we do not have anything further for you."
Trixie "Merci beaucoup," Trixie says softly. "Oh, before I forget... do you know what agency those suits were with? And were they French government agents, or some other nation?"

She smiles faintly at Molly. "I was just thinking the same thing. Pity there's nothing more to find here, but maybe Mrs. Parker has more to tell us."
Molly Molly nods softly and says "One can hope." Though she is curious as to the who is that grabbed the other files. Just as much as Trixie is.
Esa The clerk looks to Trixie and shrugs. "Government I believe. We do not normally give away files to other national organizations. Though, of course a few are exceptions to that rule." Case in point, the FBC. "I hope you are able to find what you are looking for." He adds.
Trixie "Merci beaucoup. You've been very helpful," Trixie replies, smiling, as she turns to leave. "Let's see what Mrs. Parker can tell us. Preferably before rush hour."
Molly Molly nods and comments "I would offer to drive but... you know here better than I do I assume." Her steps beginning to follow Trixie back out of the file room in the precinct. Her arms uncrossing so her hands can slip into her back pockets.
Esa The drive over to Mrs. Parkers was no more than ten minutes. It was a quaint apartment building that rose three stories up. A simple set of stairs led to a door with a buzzer. Most of the buildings were of moderately same design.
Trixie "You did really well back there. Just in case I forgot to tell you, and I probably did," Trixie says to Molly as they ascended the stairs. She takes a deep breath and presses the buzzer button. "Hope she's home..."
Molly Molly shrugs and says "I am more for shooting than talking... if that isn't obvious..." She leans against the wall as she waits to see if Mrs. Parkers is indeed home. Rolling her shoulders and then her head, perhaps to keep her muscles loose.
Esa The old lady lived on the second floor all the way to the back. It seemed odd that a dog would go missing from an apartment building like this. Her door, like the rest was red and the hallway ended at a window.
Trixie "It kind of is. But that's okay. I've done a lot more shooting than I ever wanted or expected to in my life in the last year. The part that worries me is that I'm getting so used to it." Trixie leads the way upstairs to the second floor, and down the long hall. She does pause to peek through the window there before knocking on the door. Not very hard, out of respect for the neighbors.
Molly Molly shrugs her shoulders and says "Been training for most of my life to shoot and kill. But I had a strange upbringing." She lets Trixie handle the knocking but leans gently against the railing, trying to look as not threatening as possbile, even with her resting b*tch face.
Esa A old, frail looking lady with a cigarette in one hand opens the door. "Who the hell are you?" she said in a gruff semi-feminine smokers voice looking between the two.
Trixie Trixie manages not to roll her eyes at the greeting, instead proffering her ID. "I'm Sergeant Mackenzie, and this is Private Finnegan. We're with the FBC," she says, "and we've come about what happened to your dog."
Molly Molly comment to the old woman "We wanted to hear about.... if you saw what attacked your dog. Get a description. If you don't mind. Could be please come in?"
Esa "FBC? What the hell is the FBC?" She gripes, looking to the ID. In doing so,t he smoke lingers toward Trixie. "Fe de ral Bio .." She sighs "I don't have my glasses on." She notes, turning to head in. At the mention of her dog she pauses and walks back. "You found Schnookums?" He asked inquisitively.

A frown is given as she looks to Molly. Clearly they have not found the dog. "Bastard of a dog is what he is. I stepped outside to let the little shit pee and walked back inside to watch. It was raining and our fucking landlord has not put up a canopy in decades like he promised. One of Primroses kids caught my attention after he bumped into me. I turned back and the damn dog was gone. I went outside, looked around and called the police. That fucking poodle is a prize dog; won me some good money for all he's troubles."
Trixie "Federal Bioterrorism Commission. And I'm afraid not, Ma'am. We only found out about your case today, and that by accident, in relation to another investigation," Trixie replies, trying not to wince at the foul-mouthed woman's invective. "And I agree, your landlord /is/ a cheapskate."

Getting back to the whole reason they're here, she asks, "My partner's asked the question of the day, and I think I'd better elaborate a bit. Did you see what happened to Schnookums at all? I mean, was he snatched up by a passing stranger, attacked and carried off by an animal, or anything else? Or was he just there one second, gone the next, without any sign of what had happened? Any sign at all would be helpful."
Molly Molly agrees "Yeah landlord is a cheap bastard... sorry..." She falls silent once more as she lets Trixie elaborate the question. Her gaze looking about the surrounds to try and see if there could be hints of claw marks or anything on the street where said dog was stolen from.
Esa "How the fuck should I know." She responds in anger. "That god-damn brat of the Primeroses was beating me with a foam bat! Took my attention off that rotten bastard of a dog." She shakes her head and coughed loudly into her hand; hard to possibly be coughing up one of the smoker's lungs. "All I know is I walked out in that freezing ass cold rain. Could not find my dog and it was nearly dark. Thought I saw something in the alley; but the police, what good they are worth, did not find shit. Now if you don't have my dog then I need to go; Plus belle la vie is on." And with that, she slammed the door shut.
Trixie Trixie rolls her eyes as the door slams. "C'est la vie..." she murmurs. "I have a feeling that poor Schnookums is better off dead if he was living with /that/." She shakes her head, turning to leave. "And since it's been weeks since the incident, I doubt the alley has any clues to offer, either. We can take a look, just in case."

She blinks. "Doesn't Belle La Vie mean 'good life', 'the good life', or 'wonderful life' or something like that? Damned ironic, I say."
Molly Molly shrugs and says "I think so. And it is ironic. Why don't we talk to these Primeroses and see if they know anything. Or if any of the children saw anything. Can't hurt right?"
Trixie "/Hopefully/ it can't hurt," Trixie replies heavily. "Maybe we should've told her that the government grabbed all the files but hers, and would've grabbed hers if she hadn't kept calling the police about her dog. Might've accomplished something."
Esa Coming out of the building one would find an alleyway that cut between the two buildings. It was barely big enough to fit a trash truck down to pick up the five dumpsters back there. the area smelt of food rotten and cooking as local diner shops were on the other end.
Trixie "Peeee-/yew/... and I thought crime was a smelly business," Trixie murmurs, wrinkling her delicate nose. "Remind me to finish my transfer papers when we get back, please?" She steps into the alley, however reluctantly, looking for signs of anything amiss. Besides the assault on her nose.
Molly Molly looks more annoyed at the stench but comments "I will." Her guns drawn out, her safeties flicked off and she begins to slowly approach. Never know what may jump out of a dumpster after all.
Esa As you walk through the alleyway, the smells begin to intertwine more with the smell of cooking slowly overpowering the smell of trash and garbage. Investigating seems to go slow as the dumpsters are heavy with trash that had not been taken out.

It was around the third dumpster that something shiny catches the eye of Trixie; a dog collar. Molly spots dried blood behind the second dumpster.
Trixie "Over there... that looks like a dog collar," Trixie murmurs, beckoning to Molly. "I'll have a look." She rests her hand on the grip of her sidearm, her faithful old Samurai Edge, as she steps cautiously closer to examine the collar, crouching if she must to reach it.
Molly Molly nods to Trixie and says "I found some dried blood behind this one." Her steps carefully going to look further behind it to see if she sees anything else.
Esa A look of the collar reveals the dogs name as 'Puddin'. Reports from the precinct had said that the dogs name was Puddin.

The blood is splattered along the wall and then a faded drag line can be seen heading toward the sewer manhole.
Trixie Trixie crouches and carefully picks up the collar in her free hand. "Puddin'..." she reads softly. "It's definitely our dog's collar, Molly." She takes a look around for anything else of interest near the collar before rising to join Molly.
Molly Molly walks over to the manhole and says "Trixie, something drug it into the sewer. I think Puddin' became food but.... not for the neighbors. Shall we go take a look, see what may lurk. Or think we should head back to get more people?"
Trixie "I've got my light and NVG's... we can take a look. But it should be a /quick/ look... we're not equipped for any deep delving into those sewers," Trixie advises, giving the manhole cover a worried look.
Esa Down in the sewers stunk. The line was clear with specks of water puddles here and there. The air was damp, thick; almost suffocating like. It was dark, save for the light shining through the open cover.

The pipe heads to the left and right.
Trixie Trixie slips the harness of her night vision goggles over her head and switches the device on. "Okay... looks like they're working as intended. Just wish they'd make some that work in color. We'll need them if my light goes dry," she says softly, sliding them up onto her forehead and switching on her tactical flashlight, then taking a slow look around with the powerful light.
Molly Molly carefully follows behind Trixie since she had all the gear. Her attention though being sure to have her guns ready to fire should she need. She comments "Remind me to invest in those. I am still needing to get more gear."
Esa The left tunnel ends at a metal grate. the Tunnel continues beyond, but it is impassable. Junk has collected up against the grate over time. The right tunnel continues down for several meters before T'ing.

No blood can be seen.
Trixie "Looks like a dead end over there. We should probably check to see if there are remains against that grate. Carefully. I doubt we'll find anything, honestly," Trixie suggests, starting to the left. She draws her pistol, fitting the light's bracket onto the gun's underbarrel rail.
Molly Molly turns around and begins to walk backwards, following Trixie as she says "You know, it normally isn't wise to corner ourselves given there might actually be something besides the dog's remains here. Just wanting to point that out."
Esa Drip, drip. Water falls quietly in dripping patterns into small puddles. The boots of the FBC officers splash inside the puddles at times, causing water to go on to their pant legs.

As Trixie passes a collection of junk, Molly spots something. It's hard to make out as it has paper, weeds, other trash items over it; but something was there.
Trixie "I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job..." Trixie murmurs under her breath, trying to step carefully as she approaches the grating. "I can't see much of anything... maybe if we get closer," she suggests, a little louder.
Molly Molly stops and says "Hold on, I see something." She goes for it, placing one of her pistols in its holster. Her free hand beginning to move the paper, weeds, and other trash to reveal just what it is.
Esa As the junk is removed with the free hand, Molly is instantly greeted by the poodle's head. pushing back more shows a rotting corpse of a dog; maggots feasted, flies flew. It was clear something had happened to the poor poodle.
Trixie "Oh, /gross/!!!" Trixie took a hasty step back from the dead dog, straight into the wall behind her. She does manage to keep her weapon and light pointed at the disgusting spectacle, still murmuring, "Gross-gross-gross-/gross/..."

After a moment, she seems to recover somewhat from her revulsion. "No /way/ that poor dog dragged /himself/ here and died. And now I'm stating the obvious for no reason... I'm sorry, Molly, but I'm /totally/ freaked out by gross stuff... some mental decay's to be expected."
Molly Molly is use to gross, putting lead into people isn't exactly pretty. She continues to try and see if anything else can be recovered. "I'll handle it, just make sure nothing is sneaking up on us."
Esa As Trixie backed against the wall, a rat fell onto shoulder. The rat raised slightly to sniff and squeak. before racing to the tip of her shoulder, partially down her upper arm and fell off to the ground below.

Molly recognized instantly what killed the poor dog; The dog had large and small bite marks along the chest cavity and neck line. The smaller bites look like rats or something similar. The larger ones were possible of a large or medium breed of dog.
Trixie Trixie bites her lip against a scream as a rat drops onto her shoulder. Whimpering faintly around her bitten lip, she all but holds her breath until the animal is gone. "Ohmigawd, I hate my job..." she murmurs. "Hate it, hate it, hate it, /hate/ it..."
Molly Molly sighs as she says "So, this dog has been eaten by something like rats and I suspect what killed it was.... a medium or large breed dog." She stands up and looks to Trixie as she says "I have a feel there is something in the sewer and more than like a mutated dog. We should head back to the out head quarters. There could be a pack of them."
Trixie "I'm with you. Maybe a dog killed this poodle, but there's no way they lifted a manhole cover and dragged it down here. Not normal dogs, anyway. I've encountered infected dogs in the PQZ, and if they're making their way through the sewers, probably with the help of some smarter B.O.W.'s, we've got a really serious problem on our hands. Let's get out of here," Trixie replies, shivering. "Preferably before my nose rots off."
Esa As the two exit out of the sewers and back in to the light of day, Molly will see a cook that seems to be staring at them as they exit the sweres. A cigarette in one hand; a Beauceron dog stood next to him.
Molly Molly rolls her eyes and says to Trixie "Or that asshole threw it down here. Look at his dog" Making sure only Trixie hears her words. Her steps now beginning to lead her back towards the manhole as she says "That your dog?" to the cook.
Trixie Trixie groans softly to herself, taking note of the man and the dog. "And I thought I hated my job before..." she murmured, under her breath. As she follows Molly toward the unexpected cook, she takes the dog collar from her pocket. "Pardonnez moi, but may we ask you a few questions?" she asks, holstering her Beretta.
Esa The cook drops the cigarette to the ground and stomps on. He whispers something in French to the dog and opens the door; the dog goes inside. "No my dog." He says in poor English. It's the sighting of the collar and the holstering of the gun that causes the man to run down the alley.
Molly Molly doesn't say anything, she immediately takes off like a shot after the cook. She lunges forward in an attempt to tackle to dog killing and cooking monster of a man. But she misses, instead, felling the impact of the concrete she was just running upon.
Trixie Trixie blinks as the suspicious man almost instantly runs for the hills. "Hey, /stop/!!" she shouts, sprinting after the fleeing cook. Her athlete's muscle memory hasn't deserted her, and she catches up to him near the mouth of the alley.

Lunging at his knees, she sends him down in a heap and instantly falls on top of him and wraps her arms around his waist before he can get up. "Arrete! Um, avast! Damn it, /stop fighting me/!" she shouts in frustration. "Can I help it that my French sucks?!"
Esa The Cook does fight, for a moment before giving up "I know nothing!" He shouts as he submits to Trixie. then, without letting someone asks, blurts "Dog attack Spot. Spot attack Dog. Dog Die. I put dog in sewer. Scared. Let me go! Please."
Molly Molly sighs as she gets up and walks over to where the man is tackled to the ground and says "Trixie I don't think he is lying. I think he is about to wet himself like a traditional French coward." Her tone Deadpan but she is trying to make a joke. After a moment she says "Funny right?"
Trixie "Slightly," Trixie says, standing and letting the man up. "I want you to show me your dog. If he is friendly and doesn't attack, I'll believe you and let you go," she says.
Esa The cook glances to Molly with a scornful look "How you like if'n someone came out of sewer with a gun? Hmm!?" He shouts before dusting himself off and walks back to the door. Spot steps out, tail wagging as he leans down and pets him "Spot no' bad. Just defendin' himself." spot appears to be friendly, even going up to sniff and lick Trixie and Molly.
Molly Molly shrugs "Not run like you are guilty so I don't possibly get shot." As Spot approaches, a soft hint of a smile curls her lips as Spot licks her, giving him a scritch behind the ears. The smile vanishing the moment she looks away from the creature to look at the cook and say "Sorry about the jab. Keep Spot safe. Maybe a leash?"
Trixie "A gun I was /putting away/, not taking out," Trixie replies, fighting an urge to roll her eyes. She takes a knee to gently pet the dog as he licks her. "He doesn't seem the vicious type," she agrees softly, giving Spot a last few scritches between the ears before standing. "Thank you for your cooperation. The police have been getting an awful lot of calls about that missing poodle. You might want to tell them what really happened. I've met the woman who owned the missing dog, and I think she could make the gentlest dog very, very mean."
Esa The cook rubs the back of his head and gave a nod "Alright.. I will. Sorry." He said and called spot back to him "May I go now?" He asks.
Molly Molly nods as she says "Yeah. Give Spot a treat though." Then she turns about to begin to walk out of the alley as she asks Trixie "So shall we just tell the police what happened so they can tell the old broad or should we go and tell her. Her show might still be on."
Trixie "You can go. Thanks again for telling us the truth," Trixie replies, turning to follow Molly back to the Tahoe. "I say let the police tell her. After they laughed at us, they could stand to sweat a little."

She looks down at the stains from the sewer on the lower legs of her BDU pants and sighs wearily. "Only problem is, we just spent hours getting abused by everyone we talked to except that guy, getting filthy in a sewer, and ultimately just getting /right back where we started/. To top it all off, the French government took all the files that might've led somewhere, so we've got nowhere left to go. Did I mention that I /hate/ my job?" she grumbles, shaking her head.
Esa As it would come to pass, this strange sighting case turns out to be nothing more than a dog on dog attack. A scared owner hid the dogs remains. But, one could ask, what about the other strange sightings? Who were the "government suits?" who was working behind the scenes to clean up any trace information about the incidents happening in the city pertaining to the dead, Umbrella and biological creatures?

That may be a question that may never see an answer...