Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night December 28th, 2005
Nondisclosed Tricell Facility by Mont Blanc

Unlike other facilities this one was relatively small and rather inconspicuous from the outside, despite legally this having been claimed as a lab for Tricell for years already. The interior of the facility is pristine and metallic white. While on its upper floor there is a garage, commons room and proper housing for its members, the lower floor is composed of a series of rooms that range from personal labs to wider testing rooms. The whole facility having been temporarily left in Markus hand for what was referefeced as 'Project PERFECTION'... much to Archene's like.

Today was a special day for the project, the day where it would be properly executed on Archene Night. Who had arrived no less than an ten minutes earlier in one of the corporations car and was still at the upper floor. Yes, he had called before coming.
Markus Berger Markus himself is still triple checking his equipment and the various doses of chemicals and biological concotions he prepared for this particular day. After all, the intended process is considerably more complex than what he himself had been given in Raccoon City and he neither is nearly as talented than a certain organisations own Head Researcher nor has he any assistants at hand for the sake secrecy.

Still, by the time the Doctor sends a message to the upper floor they are still about five minutes ahead of shedule as Markus prepares the bed and the sedatives while waiting.
Silent Night At least, the lab had running water, energy... and the actually required supplies for something of this magnitude. It was all up to Markus to make use of it to its fullest. Archene, in the least, trusted that the Doctor would be capable enough. Soon enough, Archene is following the personel to the lower floor in his formal work attire, which makes him even look like a CEO. Of course, he'd probably be removing that soon enough.
Markus Berger As Archene enters the doctor briefly glances over his shoulder as he sets down the last few tools he checked before turning around while smiling wrily. "Well, then... I will skip the 'good day' and the 'whose idea was the designation PERFECTION for the project' and get to the point. I will sedate you, I will perform surgery and inject you repeadeately and essentialy everywhere with various concotions designed to rewrite your body chemistry and DNA. Genetic manipulations. The most simple comparision I can come up with would be me taking a blueprint and making several adjustments to increase efficiency. Now, just so you are aware... the entire procedure was developed by Umbrella and I'm only imitating it which of course means that I had to reprogram a few virus cells of a certain source to aid with the whole mess. Nothing noticeable and nothing that is going to survive the next few hours." With that said he gestures to the bed and throws a hospital gown Archenes way. "Now, preare yourself."
Silent Night Archene grins at the second comment before nodding. He catches the gown before saying, "I understand. Sincerely, I trust you Markus. I'm sure you will be doing all you can. And I don't really worry about the methods you are using as well, but it is good to know that there will be nothing staying in me that should." In a few moments, he prepares himself, there and then. Not like they have all the time in the world. With that he head for the bed and lies down.
Markus Berger The last few things he notices before he is put under would likely be Markus giving him a very vicious grin and him standing there with crossed arms and a syringe in hand before he wakes up likely several hours on a different bed in an adjacent room which has been repurposed for recovery... until the severe, but dull pain that is about to set in at any moment subsides.

Of course, Doctor Berger is standing just a few steps away with a clipboard in his hand and still grinning. "Rise and shine, Archene. Just don't take that as an invitation to actually stand up. Your legs might snap for at least a day from the strain. Do you feel this?" With that said he rapps against the mans arms and legs with his clipboard.
Silent Night When he finally wakes up... Archene's first words are, "Can't you be at least be a bit more gentle?" He takes a deep breath before sighing, "For how many hours did I stay down?" He asks briefly attempting to sit up before anything, groanning slightly at the end of the process. "And feeling like a truck ran through me is normal, isn't it?" With that, Archene sits there, really just lightly stretching his fingers... half-way through the process he quietly says something that is probably some sort of cursing. He grits his teeth and glares at the Doctor. And that, was the pain setting in.
Markus Berger "No, six, yes." With that said the good doctor puts the clipboard on a table nearby and smirks slightly. "Don't complain. I went through the same but in my case the doctor who worked on me despised me while we two are at least old colleagues. Besides, if everything pans out as intended you will have more enhancements than I do and nothing went wrong despite the fact that I'm less experienced than Umbrella's Head Researchers, so some pain and money is a small price to pay. Presumably you will be out of commision for a whole day since the majority of your body is trying to break itself down and replace itself to adjust to the more efficient model. So... don't put any strain on your legs and not much on anything else or your bones are just going to snap." With another smirk Markus pulls a phone out of his pocket and types briefly. "Damn... I'm starting to sound like Birkin. Just without the whole 'I'm a cold bastard and I'm going to experiment on people' thing. Anyway, dinner will be down here in half a hour. Its going to be a lot since your metabolism is going to need a lot of fuel until tomorrow."
Silent Night Archene takes a deep breath, not due to any kind of anger, but probably due to the minor pain cause by HIS BODY BREAKING ITSELF DOWN. Archene lets out a sigh, "I won't be complaining, but I think I'll be lying down for a while, until dinner and probably after it as well." He half grins at Markus, "Really though experience is something you will get with time, keep doing this, inovate and soon enough you will be the forerunner of some area we haven't thought of yet. I truly can't wait to see how all of these enhancements will work out in the end given that as a default our bodies are considerably different." He sighs before lying back down, "Really though, I can't even say whether or not you do. Heh. Back then, I was being nothing but an Umbrella mook, didn't have the chance to meet Birkin himself."
Markus Berger "Lets just say... Head Researcher for Umbrella. I think that should allready let you imagine what kind of character that fellow had. Empathy was definitely something he had. Well, none of them has any as evidenced by the bodycount they keep piling up and the experimentations on humans in general." The doctor just shrugs slithly. "I'd allready be glad if I were able to refine the whole process to make it actually viable large scale without first having to murder several dozen people through experimentation like Umbrella does. Wish I could say that I hope that they chocke on their viruses, but that unfortunately just means more zombies or mutants."
Silent Night Archene sighs quietly on the bed as he nods, "That is something they certainly lack, but luckly for us, you don't." He hmms, "Sincerely, if you could make this process viable in larger scale, even if far less efficient. Or at least, theorize such. I'd be able to throw my support with you when asking for, something better than this lab." He tries to grin a bit bu then just grits his teeth... ohhh, the pain... it hurts. Obviously.
Markus Berger With a roll of his eyes Markus briefly leaves the room, only to reappear with a few pills in one hand and a syringe in the other. "This is going to be the fifth dosis I'm going to give you... afterwards you will have to endure. Got to say, you are worse off then I was back then but I did went overboard a bit. Hold still." With that said he quickly injects Archene with something to hopefully going to dull the pain and places some pills including a glass of water on a table he rolls towards the bed. "Now, a larger lab would be appreciated but thats something for another day. For now you are my test subject and I'm going to collect a lot of data before I even consider repeating this. Failure chances need to be further minimised or completely eradicated."
Silent Night Archene lets out a sigh after he is injected with, something, before he takes the pills and swallows them along with the water. It takes almost half a minute before he says, "It is, refreshing to hear that the failure chances can be minimized, good thing I'm closer to a scrupolous philanthropist than not." He sighs, "Be sure to collect as much data as you can, if you can perfect this.. in the least, it can be sold to certain people for an appropriate amount of money, or support." He closes his eyes briefly and simply breathes for a bit, "But yes, the amount of pain caused would certainly be very unpleasant for someone without much training... I'd recommend keeping them asleeping and feed them whatever they need directly into their blood stream."
Markus Berger "I'll note that as a possibility for next time. For now... I'll get us some TV in here and grab our diiner since I'm not leaving until I can drag you back home." Barely a moment after he said that Markus is allready up and about to do what he just said as now the wait is the last thing to do.