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Emma It's the morning after the incident. Emma - who had been in surgery for who knows how long, is still out. She has been moved to the ICU, dubbed criical and is on life support. Her left leg, and right arm are in a cast. Her body is bruised and stitched, including a bandage around her head. Being in a coma is good, the rest important. The beep-beep beep-beep of her heart monitor is slightly uneven and slow. She did die on the OR table for a few minutes yesterday.

At this time it's raining outside. The lass always did love a rainy day, it reminded her of home. But that's not enjoyed now. The room has only her in it, as there are enough machies to fill it, and the one window, thought big, echos with the pitter-patter of rain. A nurse and doctor are seen coming in and out, checking on their medical comrad, and hoping that she pulls through.
Esa Esa was asleep in an uncomfortable looking chair next to the bed; having not left the room since her arrival and the medical staff allowing him entry. The chair wasn't completely against the bed; what with all the machines. His head rested against the back of the chair, while his lower arm had reached through an opening in the rail to lay upon her hand; the other laid on his leg. The top three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, showing the dark blue shirt underneath and the sleeves were rolled back to his elbows.
Markus Berger As it were another certain Doctor happens to walk through the door, after having managed to convince the medical staff to allow him in. Not that he looks anything like a Doctor as it is Markus Berger who as usuall is clad in his pitch black clothes. At least he has the decency to enter the room silently and close the door behind him about as silently.
Emma The only real sound is the machines beeping, and the rain pattering on the window, not far from where Emma lays.
Esa Military experience had given Esa the ability to sense things that were out of place. Though he slept, it was light sleeping; a solider learned to listen in their sleep. His eyes drifted open as he craned his sore neck up and stared at the Doctor whom he did not recognize. The words flowed from his mouth prior to thinking as he said "Who the fuck are you?"
Markus Berger "Doctor Markus Berger. Old friend of Emma. And you?" The 'fuck' part he seemingly has decided to not have heard as he just gives a slight nod to Esa after having introduced himself as he is way more concerned with getting a better look at Emma as he approaches the bed.
Emma Emma looks like she was tossed into hell, that's likely the best way to describe it. Broken bones, sever head injury. The breathing tube he has, helping to keep her alive. The lass is still, totally unmoving.
Esa Esa watched Markus quietly; hand never leaving hers "A friend.. of sorts." He said compassionately; a hint deep kindness and fondness, alongside concern could be heard in the tone of voice. "Agent Esa Collins; Federal Bioterrorism Commission." He said in introduction of himself.
Markus Berger Markus actually cringes at the miserable sight that is Emma currently before looking back towards Esa. "Ah, FBC. Well, at least her circle of friends still is predictable to some degree. Nice to meet you."
Esa "A pleasure doctor." Esa replied calmly as he looked to Emma with deep sadness. "I ..." He shook his head and swallowed slightly as he steeled his nerves. "Saw it happen." He said after a moment of pause.
Markus Berger Markus himself just runs a hand through his hair and sighs audibly. "Did not expect that it would end up being a car crash of all things to be the one thing that nearly kills her." What follows is a slight grunt of annoyance and a brief glance to Emma. "Guess something is wrong on my end when something mundane nearly killing someone I know comes as a surprise to me."
Esa Esa shook his head slowly. "No." He said through gritted teeth. "A car bombing does not constitute as a car crash." He said eyes locked on Markus. "she was targeted." He noted and looked away with sad eyes back to Emma. "Just don't tell anyone that. You, Benny, Archene and I know; and I want it kept that way.. for now."
Markus Berger Markus just stares at Esa for a short bit before he starts to sound way too calm. "Well... in that case my worldview is still in one piece and my urge to strangle some people is justified then." Thats about all he has to say as he glances back to Emma. "Although, in this case I might get a bit more creative than just strangling."
Esa Esa was not sure what that meant. Feeling some comfort at the fact he was here for Emma and not to kill her, Esa leaned back against the chair and placed his neck on the backrest again; hand still upon hers he fell asleep.
Emma Esa falls asleep, and that leaves Markus there, with the sound of pattering rain and the beep of the machines. Everything seems still, calm, and strangly, that may be nice. A brief fleeting moment of peace.

It doesn't last long, the hospital door opens and a man walks in. He is tall and gruff looking. His red hair mixed with grey, most being in his shaggy beard. Eyes are dark brown, and his figure is rather fit. There is little regard for any other in the room, the man walks up to Emma's side, unable to hold back his tears. He touches her arm, as if this were an act that makes this real.
Markus Berger Markus meanwhile decides to have the decency to stay silent as he quickly backs away a few steps and leans against the next best wall. No good reason to say anything just yet... and the fact that he himself is busy with silently seething without any target doesn't help.
Emma Coming up along side Markus is two others, a blonde woman with grey-green eyes, and a tall man, with red hair, and brown eyes, who looks much like the man at the bed but younger. The pair both look briefly to Markus, and then the sleeping Esa before going to stand by Emma's bed.

"My poor little girl." Sarah, the blonde, and her mother says, going to kiss her coma-child on the forehead, crying herseld. Lennon, the younger male redhead has a stillness about him, more close off his processing of emotion is silent.

Ramsay looks up, to his wife, and his son, and then to Markus. The gruff Scot grabs a tissue and wipes his face, and then heads to the man against the wall. "'ello, I'm Ramsay, Emma's father. This is Sarah, her mother and Lennon our oldest." His hand would come out to Markus for a hand shake. "You be a friend?" He asks, in a thick Scottish accent.
Markus Berger Markus swiftly shakes the mans hand and nods. "Yes. I'm Doctor Markus Berger and an old friend of her by now. Have known her at least a bit over a year at this point. We used to work together and live in the same place." With that said he takes a moment to look at each of them in turn before nodding slightly. "Nice to meet you, although the circumstances are... Well, terrible is too weak a word."
Emma Ramsay nods a little, a hand scratches at his coarse beard. "Nice ta meet ya'son, it's nica'ta see friends here, we than ya." He nods to Esa. "Who is that?" The father is a little curious over the sleeping man.

Sarah pulls herself away from her daughter. "Nice to meet you. I'm glad she has friends here." Of all things, she gives Markus a hug. If there is someone Emma gets her kindness from, it's clearly her. "This is a most awful way to meet."

Meanwhile Lennon simply stands by his sister, angry and sad.
Markus Berger The hug surprises him briefly, but at least he doesn't flinch and instead just nods again before looking over to Esa. "His name is Esa Collins. Another friend of Emma, although I personaly don't know him expect for having run into him just now. Seems to have been staying here a good long while now and apparently was even there when..." He gestures towards Emma. "... this happened. That said, there likely would at least be one or two more people here or at least have shown up by now. One can't show up though due to work and as far as I know the other one is out of commision due to injuries and on too many painkillers to get anywhere."
Emma Sarah stands by Ramsay, he takes her hand, in the way soul mates do. No words need to be said, that simple act is everything.

"I see." Ramsay rumbles a little, nodding and looking to Esa, and then to his daughter.

"Lennon, come meet Dr. Berger." Sarah says, placing a kiss on her husbands cheek and then goes to read over her daughters chart.

Lennon comes up to shake Markus' hand. "Nice ta meet ya." He says, simply. Clearly he isn't a man of many words. And the way he holds himself, could strike one as miliyary.
Markus Berger Markus simply nods and shakes Lennons hand briefly. "Likewise." With another glance to Emma and one to the door he briefly shrugs though as he begins to move away from the wall he leans against. "That said, I should be on my way. Not much good I can do here."
Esa Esa shifted in the chair as his free hand moved back to rub his neck and winced; then sighed. his thumb rubbed the back of her hand gently for a minute; then rested again on top of hers. Esa then drifted asleep again.
Emma "It was nice meeting you." Sarah says, and Ramsay and Lennon give a nod to Markus.

They pass a look to Esa, and his hand and then a curious look between each other.
Markus Berger "Goodbye." With that said Markus leaves the room as quietly again as he entered it and is off towards... somewhere.
Bob After a long, weird night Bob is returning to check on Emma. He's managed to get some sleep but he still looks exhausted nonetheless. The few people in the hospital that he recognizes get either waves or nods of the head as appropriate, Bob being a polite fellow. Soon enough he's at her door and knocking gently on it before entering. The number of people present stop him in his tracks for a moment, but only a moment, "Hello. Bob Delgado, friend of Emma's."
Esa Esa stirred in the chair again. Over eight hours he had sat or stood next to Emma's bed; refusing to leave less to use the restroom. Nurses had brought in food and drink at times during their checkup on her. Sleeping in the chair was mildly difficult; but for him, a life of military pleasure of sleeping on a ground in a rucksack, a chair was luxury.

His eyes woke once more as he lifted his head upward and notes the sudden surge of red headed Scottish folk. His tired brain noted the absence of the doctor and the appearance of Bob. He shifted in the chair to sit up right; though his hand never left hers. "Uhm." He finally said in a soft tone of voice; adding "Hi."
Emma Ramsay and Lennon - the two with red hair, look to Bob, along with them is Sarah, who is blonde. It seems like a second after Esa is awake.

"Ramsay O'Connal, Emma's father. An' this be my wife, Sarah, her mother and our eldest Lennon." He says this introduction to both Bob and Esa, Lennon would come up and shake their hands, like his father would do. Sarah on the other hand, would give hugs. This is where Emma seems to get her warmth from.
Bob Now that he's got people to address he manages to mostly wipe the tiredness off of his face and put on what might be his attempt at a comforting smile. Esa gets a little nod before Bob addresses the O'Connals, "It's nice to meet you. I just wish it was for any other reason." His handshakes are firm and his hug is friendly. A yawn soon creeps up on him and Bob finds himself turning away so as not to get germs on them. Then he's back to being polite, "She's one hell of a lady. Good friend, good person, excellent doctor."
Esa Reluctantly, he let go of Emma's hand as he stood up for introductions. Esa shook his head firmly, eyes locked with his; there was something about him. "Esa Collins." He said gently before he stepped back from Lennon, he went to ask "Military rig-" and is plowed with a sudden hug by Sarah. Gently returning the hug, he turned his attention to Lennon and finished with "right?"
Emma Sarah steps back, and gives Bob and Esa a warm if not sad smile. She doesn't miss the way Esa had let go of her daughters hand, but doesn't push details. Lennen, when the chance comes, nods to Esa. He is the quiet sort, very mitary type. "Aye, I am. I took a leave o'absence the moment we got the news. I'm sure the government can live with me."

Ramsay, he is taller and gruff looking, again scratches at his greying beard. "How long have you two known her?" He eyes Bob a little, in a natural father like way. "Ya know'er well, son?"
Bob "I've known her about a month now, she's been showing me around Paris, helping me with my French and pulling bullets out of me," Bob explains to Ramsay as his hands slide into his pants pockets and he leans his ass against the room's counter to bear some of his weight. "I suppose I know her okay. We've hung out a few times and I'd consider her one of the best friends I've made since being posted here." And then he seems to all at once realize that he mentioned getting shot and his eyes widen. People getting shot is not normal. He explains, "I'm in the FBC. Combat medic."
Esa Esa gave Lennon a soft smile and a nod of understanding. "Well, I am glad the military allowed you the leave; and it is good to meet a fellow brother-in-arms. I've served myself, nine years in the US Army and now with the Federal Bioterrorism Commission as an agent." He nods to Bob "He and I work together." He added.

Looking to Ramsay as he asked, he let Bob speak first before talking. He kept his eyes on the father as he spoke; the same faint smile upon his face. "Emma and I have known one another for a few months now." He replied calmly, eyes travelling from the dad to the bed where she laid in the coma. "We .. are good friends and are close." He added shyly and quietly; a hint of fondness and devotion for the lady could be heard in the voice, his smile shifting to a weak one as he sat back down next to her. Looking from the bed to her father, he said "It is a pleasure to meet you all."
Emma Lennon nods to Esa, and then regards Bob as well. "Combat medic, hm?" He believes he heard that, and wanted to make sure. Looking back to Esa, the younger than his father Scot regards him. "What do ya do in tha organization?"

Sarah steps forward some, that sad smile still there. "I'm so glad she has friends like you two, then. It's hard to believe, but the mere presence of friends and family can do a lot." She doesn't quite have a Scottish accent.

As for Lennon, he simply stands there, am arm around his wife, eyeing Esa a moment and then looking to Bob.
Bob "Yeah man," Bob tells Lennon with a nod. "I was an infantryman for a while, too. 75th Ranger Regiment." His attention turns towards Sarah and he returns her smile with his own, "I'm glad to help in any way that I can. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you guys, but if you need anything while you're in town just let me know and I'll see what I can do for you."
Esa Esa rubbed his sore neck again and sighed. At the question, he looked toward the Lennon again and said with a soft smile, "I am an Agent in the cyberwarfare section and field Technical Operator." He replied to the main softly. "It's what I also did in the US Army previously." More or less anyways.

Glancing toward Sarah, a shy smile is given along with a gently nod. "It can do a lot." He replied quietly as he shifted his gaze again toward Emma.
Emma Lennon nods to Bob. "Infantryman, not always easy. Sounds like ya made it out well." He knows how front line can work, and turns his steady gaze to Esa. "We got one on our team too, easy ta say, it helped us get into places he couldn't before." It's a little cryptic, but it needs tp be.

"Well, glad for that. Are you the same man who went into the OR when she came in? We were told that she died on the table briefly."

Ramsay clears his throat, not wanting to hear that. He looks to his daughter as well, and comments to Esa. "I remember when she fell of her horsen, broke'er arm, was the worst. Makes ya wish that nothin' else happens. Did they catch the driver that hit her?"
Bob "I loved being a grunt, but being a medic is even better. Everything I did before but I get to take care of soldiers as well," Bob says to Lennon with a faint smile, glad for the distraction from Emma's predicament. At Lennon's question, Bob thinks for a second before nodding, "Yeah, I was in there. She didn't have a heartbeat for some time, but she pulled through it."
Esa Esa smiled slightly "She was telling about her horse, a Camargue she has in the stalls at the residences on the outskirts of town; spoke about how she use to do a lot of riding when she was kid." A break in the voice before he sighed. "She even showed me how to ride on a horse named Duka." He said chuckling "My ass hurt for hours after words." He added, recalling the fond memory.

At the question of the accident, Esa sighed. He stood and walked over to him quietly "May we speak outside?" He asked of the father.
Emma Lennon, grins, just a little to Bob, and goes to pat him on the back. "You were in there!" Sarah says, tears in her eyes, and looks to her daughter. "I am a doctor, pediatrician. I can't image the chaos. We owe you a thank you." And suddenly, she is hugging Bob again.

Ramsay eyea Esa. "Well livin'on a acreage an' all, tis in our blood son, Emma'll never live withot that around her." And very curious, he neds and would follow Esa out.
Bob At the pat on the back Bob gives Lennon a friendly chuckle and pats him in return. He focuses on Sarah and nods to her, pressing his lips together tightly, "It was really rough. Touch and go for a while..." He gets himself receiving and, a moment later, returning a hug from Sarah. "You're welcome. I just did what anyone would do."
Esa Esa smiled gently as Ramsay spoke of the land. "Yeah; I remember her telling me that. I was an urban boy myself. But after having spent a lot of time at the residence, the acres of land have grown on me." He replied before stepping outside.

It was there he laid everything out to the father; everything that happened and what the FBC was doing to investigate the incident. He spoke quietly to him keep others from overhearing.
Emma "Glad she had a friend in the OR." Sarah says, watching her husband and Esa leave, and then looks to Bob. "Why don't we sit, you can tell me more about yourself." She motions for him to sit in one of the chairs, while Lennon takes a few steps closer to the door.

Ramsay takes this news quietly, but his jaw is tense. Never did he imagine that it was an attack, that someone would want his child dead. "Find tha fuckers an' send them ta me, if you could. I'd like a word." His fists are clenched, knuckles white.
Bob "Sure," Bob replies to Sarah as he takes one of the seats she offers. As he takes his place in the chair he turns his head to yawn into his sleeve again, shaking his head afterwards to try to clear his head. He takes a second to get comfortable, crossing one leg so that his ankle rests on the opposite knee. "What would you like to know, Sarah?"
Esa Esa gave a slow nod "We will find them, mister O'Connal. I will keep you apprised of the situation and everything going on." He looks to the door quietly "I nearly lost someone I cared very deeply for." he confessed to the father. "I want them brought to justice." He added somberly.
Emma "Well, where did you grow up? Tell me about your family." Sarah says, her tone so warm and kind, very genuine, much like her daughter who lays in a come beside them.

Lennon decided to walk to the door, to catch the conversation between Ramsay and Esa, and he doesn't look pleased by the bits he overheard. "Consider yerself accompanied with the British Special Forces." He means himself, and that's no small title either. One could only guess at his rank.

Ramsay, being Emma's father, eyes Esa a little and nods. "Alright son, I believe ya. Given my wife be a doctor I know to much of a situation like this, it may be a time till she awakens."
Esa Esa looked to Lennon and bit his lip. "Let me pull strings." He said, then looked to the father "If you are okay with it, sir." He nodded to Ramsay slightly. "I want to stay by her side.. Sir; at least until she woke." He could tell he was conflicted by duty and by being by her side.
Bob "I'm from Philadelphia," Bob starts off on his explanation of himself. "I've got my folks and three siblings, Diego, Maria and Juan." There's some more to say, obviously, but it takes him a second to think of it. "Just a pretty normal family life for city people, I guess. I still miss home sometimes but I'd regret it if I wasn't in the service in some capacity."
Emma Ramsay looks to his son. He is well aware of the life Lennon leads, and though it worries him, he has accepted it. "Fine by me. I'd nat mind our own hands on them fellas." Anger echos in his tone.

"I appreciate it, Esa. I want ta help."
Esa Esa looked to Lennon and nodded "Lets see what we can do, okay?" He replied and looked to Ramsay. "Just.. let us do your part. Promise will get to the bottom of this."
Emma Lennon nods, he looks so much like a younger version of his father. At that point, a doctor comes by and looks at them. "If you can excuse me, I need to check on the patient, to see if we can consider removing the life support now."
Esa Esa turned to watch the doctor before looking to the father and son "We probably should go inside." He replied.
Emma Lennon and Ramsay turn to follow the doctor in. Ramsay goes to his wife, Sarah, and takes her hand. Lennon would move to stand beside Esa, if he can. "I'm good at tha secret servie stuff." He says softly, watching the doctor assess his sister.
Esa Esa wanted to be back in his chair; instead he stood by Lennon. He smiled and gave a small nod "It's more than that; though. A lot more." He replied quietly as he watched the doctor.
Emma "Oh?" Lennon asks, as they all await the conclusion.

The doctor pulls off his glasses and looks to them. "Her heartbeat is still irregular enough that we won't remove life support, but if this continues we may be able to tomorrow and see how she does."
Esa Esa continued to listen, his arms held close to his chest and sighed. Some good news, he supposed. He looked to Lennon and nodded "Yeah; we'll talk more later." He replied before his eyes settled back on Emma.
Esa As the doctor left, Esa made his way back to the chair once more and sat. He reached his arm through the guard rail and laid it on Emma's hand; regardless of her family's presence. He looked at her again and sighed; hoping and praying to a God that she'd pull through.