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Kitten It's a warm breezy night in Raccoon City. In spite of the panic occurring in parts of the city, many are still trying their best to go on with their daily routines as best as possible. Avoid wild animals, keep your distance of strange people and carry on like nothing is wrong.

As the moon illuminated the park, out in the distance the howling of wolves could be heard; were they howling at the moon or calling to other members of their pack?

With the exception of Andrei who was the Park Ranger and Nixie who had taken an ill-fated shortcut home, the Raccoon City Park was fairly devoid of the living.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is always out in the park! It's his job! Even if he couldn't go out into the woods, the children had to learn about the next Owlie the owl presentation! Give a hoot, don't pollute! Or Smokey. Or was it some sort of cat? The particulars are not important actually, the fact of the matter is that Andrei is outside in the park with one of those little spear things picking up trash and performing his duty admirably to both the city and to his country

To bad he hated every damn minute of it.

"Fucking vagrants.. littering everywhere. What is this? A beer can?" He'll grumble as he lifts up a speared bit of trash. "Soda. Well, didn't even have the good sense to drink.. Don't get paid enough to do this, or any of this." He'll mutter out charmingly as he goes along
Nixie She sighed walking along under the moonlight she'd even fortified her home a little thanks to warning from Rain and a few others. But life went on despite the impending crises that seemed to loom over the city like the fated sword of Damocles. Even so she still had to go to school as if everything was fine. Walking home wearing a hoodie and a pair of jeans and sneakers she sighed slightly taking the ear buds out and looking around. She felt a little lost, had she made a wrong turn in the dark?

Unsure which way to go she saw someone moving in the distance and decided to head towards them. Maybe it was someone who knew exactly where she was because in the dark everything was starting to look the same. "Hey there! Is someone over there?"
Kitten Andrei and Nixie are able to find each other relatively easy in the darkness, the moonlight helping that situation as it casts them both in her pale shadow. Andrei however hears a faint rustling from the bushes before a man who looks obviously homeless begins to stagger out, he utters two words, "Itchy. Tasty."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov when he finds Nixie will just give the woman, or really girl a long stare for a while before he offers out rather 'observantly', "You shouldn't be here." His voice just baring the faint traces of an eastern slavic accent that have long ago withered away with enough time spent stateside.

"Listen, Miss, I'm going to tak- OH for the love of god! How many people are here? I knew it!" Andrei will state, clearly getting distracted by the sight of some man coming out of the bushes then, his tone clearly accusatory of both Nixie and the vagrant, pointing his finger up at the both. "You two cannot be in here, I could lose my job over this. I'm taking you both back to the entrance and then I want you both to not come back here until its daylight. You can go makeout or drink or whatever it is you two want together, or apart. Really not my problem once you leave." A small flashlight by this point has been produced in the chaos, the trashbag dropped off to the side, cans and trash clanking and clinking as he lights up both of their faces and makes a motion for them to start walking.. thataway
Nixie Nixie covered her face as the light been shone in her direction. "Ehhh sorry I just got a little lost I was trying to take a short cut home and I think i ended up going in circles." She said a little embarrassed looking towards the ranger and then gazing at the other man as the light was shined upon him instead. Her blue eyes curious as she looked over towards him as she walked towards the ranger. The smell coming from the other man wasn't exactly pleasant, even a grade above homeless to sheer gross levels as she covered her mouth a moment. "Eh which way is it to the exit?" She asked yet unaware of their predicament.
Kitten The homeless man stopped dead in his tracks when the light shined in his eyes, turning his head away from the flashlight which conveniently seemed to be flickering as the batteries began to die. Curse those cheap AAs from the Dollar Store.

The stench of the man was unbearable now that he was closer and he began to stumble towards Nixie, a large toothy grin visible as well as a lower missing lip as he got closer, "Taaasttteeeeeeee."

The flashlight suddenly died.
PrestigeAndrei "Just follow along, you two." Andrei will offer out rather dryly then, trying to at least appear composed now even after that outburst, turning then to guide both of his lost little lambs to safety. "Just stay on the path and don't wander off. You are lucky that my supervisor isn't here. He'd ream you both out. You'd definitely be sent to the kink for the evening. You.. eh, probably would of had to get your parents to come pick you up and a stern tongue lashing."

He clearly isn't cognizant of the fact of whats exactly going on as he looks down at the flashlight in his hand then, holding it up to his face then before he sighs softly. "Cheap thing. Alright.." He'll look up then finally catching sight of the man making his way towards her and well.. something just feels a bit off!

"Woah, WOAH, slow down there stranger!" Andrei exclaims then as he moves to drop the flashlight on the ground, hand going to behind his waistband, clearly making a move to grab something. "Listen, calm down and back off right now! I've got bear mace, do you know what they use bear mace for? BEARS, Buddy!" A pause. "Listen I know that was redudant, I'm just trying to warn-We are getting off track! On your knees! Now!" Andrei will shout out firmly then trying to dissuade the man clearly going for Nixie, eyes narrowing then as he tries to look incredibly serious, his brow knitted together, lips tugged into a frown, teeth gritted.
Nixie Her eyes go wide a bit as she saw the figure walking towards her as Nixie gulped audibly and fled the man walking towards the ranger as she held onto her back pack. "Eck he's probably drunk or something, he smells horrible." She said with obvious disgust. "Look jerk I get you're horny or whatever but just go away you're hammered." She said annoyed, after all there was always that fear every woman had going through a place like this late at night. But at least in this case she had a park ranger to protect her from some shambling drunk. She peeked out from around the side of Andrei as the other man came closer a little confused the more she thought about it the less he smelled like alcohol and shit and more like death.
Kitten The homeless man, or correctly the infected man was not interested in Andrei, not with the presence of Nixie. Those things coursing through Nixie's blood made her far more appealing as a meal; it was as if her blood and flesh called to the creature.

Even in the darkness, the reddish pupils of the former human being became all too obvious.

With a vicious snarl and speed that one would not have expected it leapt towards Nixie, even with her trying to hide behind Andrei; it's fury and hunger focused upon her with singular mind.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov can't help but back up and into Nixie, which may explain why she was so ill-prepared for the gentleman about to jump her, and soon enough Andrei is off scrambling to the side. "Okay, You cau-er.." He'll look then to Nixie, and back to what appears to be a man with glowing red eyes and just looks at them both with a wide, almost slackjawed expression. It'll take him a momment to compose himself then, his hand reaching up to his chest for a second, inhaling slowly before offering aloud. "Back off! I have.." A spear? A garbage chucking spear? Where did he drop that thing? Already his eyes are off looking for the weapon he had dropped when he had first met the pair and his gaze shifting to look back to Nixie and the man, clearly worrying about what to do! "Don't make me hurt you!"
Nixie Nixie cried out as the man lunged forward and got ahold of her legs trying to pull it free from the monsters grasp and move aside as she tricked to kick it away with her other foot. "F..fuck off jerk!" She said nervously not yet activated and still full of fear as she tried to get away so desperately. Hoping that her attempt would be enough to kick it off and move backwards as she tried to put distance between her and her zombie attacker. "Whats your problem?" She asked confused, just what was going on? He attacked her right in front of a ranger?!
Kitten The teeth of the infected man tore deeply into Nixie's leg, the raggedy teeth drawing blood as they almost went down to the bone in what would no doubt be a painful wound for days to come. The event seems to be over as quickly as it began though when Nixie's kick impacts with the man's head in the dark and a sickening CRACK is heard.

Teeth slacken and the body of the homeless man grows silent on the ground. No breath drawn from him.

Andrei had just witnessed the murder of a homeless man.
PrestigeAndrei Well the good news is that everything was over so quickly that Andrei didn't have to do anything, but now it looks like there is a new problem! Andrei looks between Nixie and the corpse before him then and moves to approach, first to kneel down and try and get a good look at the dead gentleman, going so far as to slap him on the cheek once or twice- before he sighs heavily and moves to stand. Clearly the hamster wheels are turning faster and faster as Andrei takes the time to reach up and rub at his forhead, turning to look back at Nixie, perhaps catching a glint of something gooey or otherwise gets an indication of her wound then.

"Well, going to have to call an ambulance and the police..."

..........................Maybe not the police.

"Other course of action.. and I'm just spitballing here, we just leave never speak to eachother again and pretend this never happened." A pause. "I mean, to be fair this seems a lot harder for you given you know, your the criminal, but I'm not going to tell anyone that your a cold blooded killer, honest."
Nixie Nixie fell backwards, she didn't know her own strength and her foot went right through the mans head and even higher as the kick sent her tumbling back and landing on her ass with her back pack cushioning the fall slightly. She had strength in her beyond most olympian weight lifters, of course she wasn't aware of such a fact. Panting she pulled up her jeans and grasped the wound with a wince even as her body was already slowly starting to heal thanks to her rapid healing and metabolism. "Nghh w..wait what?" She said coming down from the shock of the moment as she looked around. "C..criminal, murder? W..wait he attacked me I didn't mean too I.. I just wanted to get away." She said scooting backwards until she was against a tree. Blue eyes staring at that body as she seemed stunned for a few moments. "H..he just kinda crumpled.. I didn't mean to kill anyone!"
Kitten The corpse of poor Craig Greenwood lays there motionless. R.I.P.
PrestigeAndrei "Well the good news is you did a real good job getting away. Honestly you couldn't do any better than murder. Definetly won't be coming for you." Andrei responds then as he looks down at the corpse before him then as he gives them a quick tap with his toe for a quick second, his eyes narrowing just a tad. He'll lean over for a second then as he snaps his fingers slightly to try and call Nixie's attention and hopefully pull her out of whatever state she is in at that second. "So, We got a few minutes before we have to make a real decision here. Cops, no cops? Drop an anoynmous tip maybe?"
Nixie Nixie reached up rubbing her face as one of her contacts fell out. Looking up towards Andrei as he snapped those fingers one of her blue eyes was now even more blue, almost unnaturally luminescent in nature which certainly wasn't normal. "C..cops.. Plan.. F..fuck off.." She said obviously traumatized by the affair as she got to her feet slowly, she looks like she was a second away from running away as she felt her whole body making sure she didn't lose anything when she fell over as she walked over towards the body making it roll onto it's back so she could get a look at it. "H..he attacked me s..stop saying shit like Murder. I just wanted to..." Stopping herself from saying the same thing over again. "Shine your light on him.. He looks... Off.."
PrestigeAndrei "Justified Self-defense, Murder, Manslaughter, reckless killing, Doesn't matter, the end result here is that is one what I assume is either very dead, or possibly, the single best shakespaerian actor this world has ever seen. And sense the star of our show doesn't seem intent on waking up, I'm giving you the opportunity to just.. walk away!" He'll pause then as he looks about for a second or two, lips pursing then into a visible frown. "Oh? Really? That is just sick, you already killed him! Now you gotta gloat? gross." Andrei clearly seems less than enthused to go hunting for his flashlight but he manages anyway. He'll move to where he dropped his trash and the garbage picking up stick to look for the flashlight, hitting it, unscrewing it, doing whatever he can to figure out how to make it work, occasionally getting light, and at least on more than one occassion get a dim flicker onto the corpse in question
Nixie Nixie looked down at him a moment obviously disturbed. She didn't even know how she did it as she closed her eyes a moment her programming flashing before her eyes, distant violent memories took her briefly. "" She said with a shudder as she didn't even look towards Andrei again as she took off down the path eyes watering as she couldn't believe what just happened trying to get it out of her mind as she started to move into the darkness.
PrestigeAndrei "Good Choice!" Will crouch down besides teh corpse then as he looks the body over for a few seconds, before glancing aside to look at Nixie then, his eyes examining her from afar. "Smart girl that.. now lets see what we have here.." He'll lift the flash light to his mouth, biting down around the bottom of it, holding the small object between his teeth and pointed at the corpse as he tugs out a small notebook, and a pen, the soft click of the writing instrument sounding out, and a copious amount of notetaking will soon sound out... examing body discoloration, the eyes.. the fact that there seems to be a large amount of blood from some sort of hunk of flesh taken from the vi-er.. the murderer