Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma For some, the day is bland, dull, and grey. Rain patters down from above, the air is cool. It's the type of day you'd not expect to be turned into hell. But it has here and now.

An ambulance rushes in, and the norm is to hurry in, and treat the patient. The doctors and nurses always do their best, but when it's one of their own, well, things get more intense.

Minutes ago Emma was in a wreck, and she is the one being brought in. Her clothing is covered in blood, skin is ripped open, her left leg is at a near 90 degree angle, from middle of the calf. Bruises are everywhere, and whatever else may be wrong can't be seen under all the blood. The lass is also unconscious, unaware of what's going on. They got a mask on her to keep her breathing. It's a dire sight.
Esa Someone was going to pay; that was for fucking sure. Esa was on the phone with someone "Yes. I'm calling in a favor." A pause "I know, but this is important." He said as he walked through the main doors as Emma was brought in. Orderly's attempted to stop him as he continued to follow Emma's stretcher further inside; a badge with FBC being fished out and waved. "I want everything on that scene locked down by the FBC; see what strings you can pull.. Please." He paused and shifted "I saw what happened..." He whispered into the phone, the nodded "Thank-you." And the phone is hung up.

A nurse approached him and asked "Can I help you?"

Esa nodded "Emma O'Connal; I'd like to be notified the minute she is transferred to a room."

"And you are?" The nurse asked.

He presented his FBC identification "Government Liaison to the French Government." He slid out a card and handed it to her "Call them and they will validate my authentication."
Bob The news told him Emma was hurt and Bob responded, racing the ambulance to the hospital to see if there was anything that he could do. The frantic way in which the hospital personnel reacted told him everything he needed to know. Some of them knew him from when he helped out with a mass casualty situations, others from when he yelled at them about moving tactical gear. Regardless, they let him in to try to help out when he shows his medical credentials alongside his FBC badge. He takes one look at her warped form when he arrives in the treatment room and lets out a low growl. "Dammit Emma," He sighs under his breath before scrubbing in to see if he can't be useful.
Emma She is taken into an ER, because there is work to be done. She is put on a bed, but her body is limp. A nurse goes up to Esa. "Sir, do you know who her next of kin are? They should be notified." There is a rush of doctors who run past, and the nurse looks back to Esa. "We do have her Emergency Contact unless you know it."

Another nurse goes to scrub up to, beside Bob. The team is working to keep Emma alive. "This - this doesn't look good." Says this nurse, knowing full well an accident like this rarely has a good outcome.
Esa Esa looked to the doctor. He'd seen soldiers fall in battle; been through hell against Zombies and BOWs.. But someone he cared for was another story; his fist clenched slightly and released. "I do not have it. But I can make the call if you give me the information." He replied coolly.
Bob In the prep room Bob slides into sterile attire, gloves and mask and the whole bit to get ready to do what it is he does when he's not shooting monsters. After he's ready he's in the treatment room next to her, checking IV and oxygen lines to make sure everything's flowing properly. He's there ready to help intervene having been on a trauma team in the past.
Emma The nurse follows along behind Bob. She gets to work. A doctor who recognizes him nods for him to come in and help. "Pray to God we will save her." He says, trying to hide his worry.

Meanwhile a nurse comes out and hands Esa a piece if paper, there are four names on it, with numbers. It's of her old group from Racoon. Named as Archene, Benny, Markus, and James.
Esa Esa gave a nod as he took out his phone and began calling; first on the list was Archene.
Silent Night "Hello, this is Alicia Park and I am Sir Archene Night personal secretary, whom am I speaking to?" A quiet but clear female voice almost immediately answers the call. There is really no background noise from her side.
Bob "Salud," Bob says to Emma after the doctor tells him to pray even though he's not one for it normally. It can't hurt to make the attempt, after all. In the surgery he takes over managing her airway, helping the anaesthetist with the job. He inserts an artificial airway in order to keep her stable.
Emma All that Emma gives as a reply is the very slow beep of the heart monitor. "Bob." Says a doctor. "Treat that head wound I'll treat her leg."
Esa "Agent Esa Collins; Federal Bioterrorism Commission. Sorry to spout bluntly love, but hand the phone to Archene." Esa calmly, pausing for dramatic effect and added, "It's an emergency." He turned to walk to the counter and opened a laptop bag; pulling his laptop out, he logged in to the hospitals WIFI.
Bob "Yes sir," Bob tells the doctor automatically as he goes to address the wound. With a smooth, practiced hand he does what he can to get the head wound to stop bleeding, mostly a matter of applying pressure without moving her skull in the event she's sustained a cervical spine injury.
Silent Night "Please, wait a moment," The line seems to go mute for a few mometns before a relatively hoarse voice answers it, "Agent Esa, this is Sir Night. What is the Emergency?"
Emma Well, that heartbeat stops. It flatlines, right there, all breath is gone. Did Emma just die on the OR table..?

"Start CPR!" A doctor bursts out. Meanwhile a nurse rushes out, from the window she was watching from. There are tears in her eyes, Esa could recognize her as a nurse that followed the lassea gurney. The expression on her face speaks of the worst.
Esa Esa pulled up some software on his laptop as he spoke. "I need you at the hospital ten minutes ago, Archene." He replied calmly; though there is a crack of worriedness in the tone. "Its.." a pause a deep breath. "Emma." There was another pause before he added "Give me your route to the hospital." He watched to the nurse walked by. His military instincts kept him still and calm; for now. "Now Archene." He added
Silent Night "Currently, I have too many, wounds to leave my current location, I need at least three days of rest before I move. No more details can be shared. What happened to Emma?" The voice adds with a number of pained pauses along the ways though the breath is rather labored.
Bob At the doctor's orders Bob jumps into action, immediately starting chest compressions on his friend! "C'mon, Emma. You're a strong girl, you got this," He tells her as he puts his weight, strength and skill into keeping her heart pumping. There's a very intense, focused look of concentration on his face while he works, keeping his breath even as he pushes on her sternum.
Emma That nurse Esa saw, is pacing. There is a bit of commotion from other doctors and nurses, all looking down the hall where Emma was takeb. They know something, and it doesn't look good.

Bob tries, and tries, and tries. It seems like forever that she doesn't respond. Her right arm is broken, left leg broken, her head has sever trauma, blood is -everywhere-, her body is bruised, broken inside and out.

After all that work, at last, the soft beep of heartbeat is heard on the monitor. But it's unstable.
Esa Esa frowned "Damnit Archene." He retorted crisply and shook his head. He may not know the man personally, but frustration abound in the voice as he spoke. "She's in surgery. A god-damn.." He looked around and whispered "Her fucking car blew up." He sighed "I'll let you know the status, okay?"
Silent Night "Damn it, do you know if-" There is some pained noise and the sound of deep breathing before the voice continues, "it was an accident or an attack on her?" He pauses for a moment before saying, "May everything, go very well with her... I'd be there, in a moment if I could at least drink water by myself."
Bob As Emma's heart starts beating again Bob stops compressions and lets out a loud, "Yes!" She's still not out of the woods yet, but CPR's success rate is low enough that he'll take what he can get. By now she's had her clothes stripped off of her to let the medical team see her injuries so they can freely get ready to defibrillate should it be medically necessary.
Esa "I don't know." Esa replied as his phone vibrated and he looked to it. "FBC is working in conjunction with DSO." He replied quietly as he brought the phone to his ear. "Their assigning Benny coincidentally enough."
Silent Night "Then I can be assured, that, he will do his best for her." The voice pauses for a few moments, "I have to take some medication now, else I won't be, able to hold onto these pains. Please, if there are any development, feel free to give the information to my secretary, she has clearance to know what I should know."
Emma No, Emma is not out of the woods.

"What was that, four minutes dead?" A nurse asks Bob, eyes full of water. It always stings more when it's one of their own. "Let's get to this people!" A doctor snaps, and goes to work.

A nurse comes out, to the group not far from Esa. "They got her heart started." They cheer. "She is still critical. Her heart beat is very weak and uneven." Then there is silence, they know what edge their fellow doctor is on.
Bob "I don't know," Bob tells the nurse when she asks him how long Emma was dead for. He's got other things on his plate at the moment, trying to focus on treating his patient above anything else.
Esa Esa gave a nod "I will, Archene. If there is anything you or Markus can do to help; please let me know. I may need your assistance on this." He replied quietly. "Be safe and get better." He added before hanging up.
Silent Night "Thank you, I will see what we can do." The voice says before the call ends.
Emma Emma is going to need pins and metal in her leg, a nurse sets her right arm. The blood has slowed, but a transfusion is needed -now-. Her heart beat is irregular still, but a little stronger. Who knows what the lass is dreaming of, if she is at all. The wound to the head needs stitches and cleaning.

A janitor comes around, and starts to clean up the blood that was spilt on the floor. Yeah, there was so much a trail was created.

A nurse comes up to Esa, and gives him a cup of coffee. "You doing okay sweetie, need anything?"
Esa Esa looked to the nurse "Honestly?" He said as he took the cup. "No; but I will be okay. It's .. Death isn't new to me... Watching someone I care deeply for clinging to deaths door; to be this gravely injured.. is new to me." He shook his head and wiped a tear away with his free hand.
Bob Now that Emma's more or less stable enough to be worked on, Bob takes over cleaning and suturing her head wound. He's quite professional about it, lots of tiny stitches in order to minimize chances of scarring, though who knows with a wound like the one she sustained?
Chase Dalton It had been some time since his surgery -- time to get those stitches out. Chase re-entered the hospital, was taken to a room, and sat waiting for the staffer responsible for the removal of his stitches. A mousy little maybe-hundred-pounds-soaking-wet woman, shaking like a leaf, enters, followed by an older gentleman. In short order, the nurse begins prepping for the procedure, and commences with the stitch removal.

Some distance away, in Patient Room 2, the sound of a decidedly un-manly scream cuts through the air.
Emma Emma is critical, and questionable. But at least now, with a blood transfusion and work, they are making headway. A doctor looks up to Bob. "Go give them an update." He says, his clothing covered in blood.

The nurse grips Esa's arm in a supportive way, until the scream rings out. "Excuse me." The woman says, and goes to investigate.
Esa Esa stared blankly into the coffee cup. His eyes closed and the vivid images pulsated through his mind and across the lids of his eyes. He recalled the details after the coffee house meetup. His hand clenched to a point that the coffee spilled over and onto his hand. Realizing what was happening, he opened the and shook his hand in pain. Turning quickly to the counter, he picked up a rag and cleaned his hand, then crouched to clean the coffee spill up.
Bob After Emma's sutured up Bob is given instructions by the lead physician to let he folks outside know the condition of the patient. He nods his head the other man's way and confirms, "Roger, sir" before heading out the doors to throw out the paper gown, gloves and mask to hide the blood from whoever waits out there. His hands, as soon as he washes them, rub at his face as he enters the hallway to check out who's waiting there. His eyes find Esa and Bob heads his way. There's no good way to deliver bad news so he does it, "Emma's alive but in critical condition. She was dead for a minute but her heart's beating now."
Esa Esa spotted the Janitor and put the rag on his cleaning cart before turning around to see Bob. As he spoke, his fist once more clenched and released. As a fellow veteran, Bob could see the mask Esa wore was a facade; something a solider learns after losing battle buddies and comrades in the line of duty. His head gave a nod; slow methodically steady. He cleared his voice slightly before he spoke as to hide any break or crack that could happen. "Thank-you Roberto." He said quietly and collectively.
Bob "You're welcome, Esa," Bob tells the other guy as evenly as he possibly can, trying to keep any sort of concern out of his own voice for the other guy's sake. A moment later, Bob plants his ass on a nearby counter and rubs at his eyes with the palms of his hands for a moment to fight the sudden exhaustion that comes after an adrenaline dump. "You going to be okay, brother?"
Esa The question hit hard for Esa. He honestly wasn't sure if he was going to be okay. He knew what he wanted at that moment and sighed. Looking back to Bob, the sadness cracked at the faade; but his nodded up and down. "Yeah... when I am in her room, I will be." He spoke truthfully as he looked back to the corridor and waited for the nurse to arrive.
Bob "We'll all be feeling better once she's out of there, but she'll be in intensive care unit for a while before she'll be able to have visitors, probably," Bob explains as he sighs and slumps down a little bit. "Now that I'm no in there I'm feelin' like shit. Aching all over from those wounds."
Esa Esa appeared to listen to Bob; but his focus was on the hall. He just stood against the wall, leaning against it, his head cocking toward the corridor now and then waiting.
Bob The nurse hasn't returned from whatever made that scream. Bob seems to realize that and his eyes widen and his look of exhaustion disappears. Time to do his other job, possibly, knowing how lax the French could theoretically be with containing infected personnel. He makes his way down the hall towards the room the scream came out of as quietly as he can, very softly opening the door to peer in.
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton is at the far wall, stitches partially removed (wound ripped open), cleaning up a modest blood splatter. "New girl needs a bit more training in terms of stitch extraction." The nurse responsible for removing Chase's stitches is at the nurse's station, bawling her eyes out to the head nurse. "I should apologize for reacting the way I did.."
Bob "Fuck, man," Bob says to Chase as he looks him over for a while, blowing air out through pursed lips in exasperation. "Stop cleaning and get on the exam table," he instructs as he starts to wash his hands in the room's sink. Time to break bad news again, "Emma has been injured. She's alive but in critical condition. You can't see her yet because she's still in the OR."
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton hops up on the exam table, still rather numb from the injection at the start of the procedure, which probably explains why he isn't writhing in pain on the floor. "Is she likely?" He asks, brow raised in concern. "She's got the best working on her, I hope."
Bob "I don't know if she's going to make it or not, it's messy as hell in there," Bob explains with a frown as he goes to put on some exam gloves before grabbing gauze to stop Chase's bleeding and clean up around the horribly mangled suture site. "The lead doctor in there is squared away and the rest of the trauma team is competent. I worked with many of them before during a MASCAL."
Chase Dalton "Awesome. Takes a load off my mind, knowing she's in good hands, at least." Chase visibly relaxes, allowing Bob to do whatever work is necessary to get him right as rain again, or at least as close as possible. "Your team sounds like my guys... Wouldn't feel as safe having anyone else watching my six." He flashes a 'no offense' look to Bob, grinning lightly.
Bob "Your actual injuries are healed, the blood is from where she literally tore the sutures out of your flesh. If she was one of my medics I'd be skull draggin' her ass until she puked," Bob tells Chase with a frown as he does his thing. Soon he's got a pair of tiny scissors in his hands to properly remove the stitches with. They come out in no time with little discomfort. "They're not my team, but they're squared away. They have me do what I'm good at and I don't get in their way, so it works out."
Chase Dalton "Well, hey. At least my injuries are healed. I might not look as pretty as before, but nobody looks pretty forever. Unless you inject massive amounts of Botox and other crap, of course. Even then, it's just not the same." Chase responds, considerably more calm under Bob's care. "I really feel like I should apologize to her. If you see her before I do, would you make sure she knows.. no harm done?" In a sense, at least.
Bob "Yeah, it's all just superficial shit now," Bob replies as he finishes cleaning up his coworker, grabbing some butterfly bandages to help keep things where they belong until they can heal. He applies the little bandaids smoothly after getting some bacitracin on the injuries. "If I see her first I'll let her know." As he wraps things up he removes and throws out his gloves, "Next time, for something easy like this, just give me a call and I'll knock it out. I keep my aid bag in my car so I've always got it."
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton puts his hand up for a quick fistbump, trying not to move /too/ much until the work's done. "Heard. If this happens again, I have you on speed-dial." He nods. He wonders how Emma's faring. She's a strong woman, surely she'll come away with little to no ill effects to show.
Emma Eventually, Emma is wheeled out of the OR. Cords are attached, a mask to breath, transfusions. Her leg left leg is in a cast, as is her right arm. The side of her head has a gash - that Bob stitched up. And there is more left unseen. The janitor is near finished mopping up her blood.

It is a good sign that the lass is out of the OR, but, she is still critical, heart beat stronger but uneven.

Nurses and doctors watch as she is wheeled by, one can feel the worry and tension. It's still unknown how she will turn out, and there are even more questions about why this happened.
Hernce Emma is taken to her room, after all is set up, visitors would be allowed in.
Bob Bob returns the fist bump, being a cool guy like that. "Alright, man. I'm going to go check on her. I'll give you a call when I find out more about her condition." A little bit of worry sneaks onto his face then, but he's out the door to go check on his doctor friend in no time flat.