Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa It was Saturday morning, just before noon when the Text message came in with a set of coordinates for a location in the middle of nowhere; or at least it had appeared to be anyways. The pin drop was just outside of Paris, in the countryside along a narrow two lane dirt road. Around the area was the hills and countryside that made France even more beautiful; sparse trees can be seen here and there. The sky was clear, pale blue with not a cloud in sight; the air had a pleasant warmth about it for the current time of the year.

Seemed odd for Esa to make that a meeting location.
Vivienne Vivienne walks down the path, clad in a pair of black leggings and a large black hoodie. Her hood is up and her hands are stuffed in her pockets. She spots Esa and walks toward him, glancing briefly behind her before she speaks. "You keep ringing Jeeves. Thought after the other day I'd get a break." She jokes, a crooked smile on her face. "So what's up?"
Bob Having gotten called for a rendezvous, Bob headed out of the city to go meet up with Esa at the coordinates provided. He's in his car, a nondescript sedan of some sort, pulling into a parking spot at the destination he'd been given. Once he'd arrived he gets out of the vehicle and heads on foot from there. As he closes in and spots Esa and Vivienne, Bob gives them a friendly, "Yo."
Esa Down the dirt road one would spot a Cadillac Escalade pulled off on to a dirt patch just off the road. Esa stood at the backend of the Escalade as Vivienne approached. He wore his well-known Gabardine Black Trench coat and thin-framed sunglasses. Smiling to Vivienne, his head nodded in response before saying, "Yes well, I thought the same until recent events had me scrambling." As car pulled up, Esa watched the vehicle carefully and noted the man inside. As Bob got out to join them, it quickly became apparent that something was up. "Glad you two could make it." He said calmly.
Vivienne "Yeah, it's not a bad day for a stroll." Vivienne says, jerking her chin up briefly at Bob when he joins them. "Man, what happened to you?" She asks Bob, a slight frown on her face. "You look like you were somethings punching bag." She cuts her gaze to Esa and quirks a brow. "This have anything to do with that?" She pulls a hand out of her pocket and gestures at Bob briefly.
Bob "Is this about that orgy I attended? Because those sailors were all NCOs so it's not fraternization," Bob asks with a big grin on his face, clearly making an attempt at a joke. His attention then turns towards Vivienne and he shrugs, "Shot and electrocuted. The electrocution was new to me and boy did it suck. I was twitching for hours afterwards." There's an unwholesome shudder at the thought.
Esa Esa did note the apparent fucked-up-ness of Bob and gave a wry smile as Bob spoke. Looking to Vivienne his head shook. "No. You two are only handful that I trust within the Federal Bioterrorism Commission." Which is funny, considering Vivienne was being black-mailed and could be a liability. "Before I continue, you must understand that what we talk about here today is classified at the highest level within the FBC." He added for effect; his tone neutral, yet hard as he spoke.
Vivienne "I think you can count on me to keep a secret. After all, there is still plenty I haven't told you yet." Vivienne says, one shoulder raising in a jerky shrug. She pulls her hood down and goes quiet, waiting to see what this is about.
Bob "Roger, nothing leaves here," Bob confirms with a solid nod before finding himself something to lean up against so as to take a little weight off of himself. He glances over Vivienne's way but doesn't comment. It's back to looking at Esa to hear what comes next.
Esa Esa looked to Vivienne and gave a small nod. "Which, as of now, needs to change." He responded calmly to her. "I need to be on the same playing field as yourself and Bob. If I bring you in to the team, I need to know what I am bringing in and find a way to handle it." he added calmly before picking up a briefcase and slid out two classified folders; handing each one of them.

Within was material regarding a Elite, secretive organization within FBC known as Black Sword. Most of the information was mundane, typical to a standard black operations outfit. However, one mission parameter stood out: Investigate rumors and information regarding the so-called Raptor Team. There is some concern regarding the hierarchy members and we want the information flushed out or quelled. Esa stood there silently and waited for a response.
Vivienne Vivienne reads the information handed to her, she turns away a little, scanning each page in the folder with slow deliberation. She doesn't speak up immediately, but closes the folder and turns to regard Esa. "So you want us to poke at our own?"
Bob Quietly, Bob studies the contents of the folder he's given, reading each part of it carefully to make sure he doesn't miss anything. As he scans it over he nods his head a few times. There's a noticeable lack of surprise on his face that might be noteable. "I'm glad someone seems to have caught on that things are fucked up in our neck of the woods."
Esa "Yes and no." Esa responded to Vivienne quietly before looking to Bob with a nod. "Simply put, I believe the FBC has concerns regarding Mister Wesker and maybe some of those in Raptor Team." He replied lightly. "Our mission is to be embedded back in to Raptor Team; dig up what we can and I will present it to my contact." His eyes look to Vivienne. "Which is why I need to be in the know on anything and everything you have."
Vivienne "I have been willing to share with you." Vivienne reminds Esa, giving him a pointed look. She nods along as he confirms what the file has said and then sighs. "So we present evidence, then what?" She asks quietly.
Bob "I don't really have anything new, I don't think," Bob tells Esa with a thoughtful look towards Vivienne, clearly considering what she said. She's asking the right question, however, so Bob lets her do her thing, staying quiet until he knows more.
Esa "I present it to my contact. They will then update me if the mission parameters change." Esa replied calmly before focusing on Vivienne. "Right. So in regards to Wesker, what information can you provide; aside from the fact he is evil. What has he done exactly to make you think this or know of this?" He asked.
Vivienne Vivienne folds her arms over her chest and gives Bob a brief look before she speaks. "I got intel that shows Wesker was working for Umbrella during the Raccoon City incident. What's more, he hired private mercs during the outbreak. Not to help the citizens either." She gazes at Esa for a few more moments and then sighs. "He also planted me to watch James Scott, to try to get more information on James Marcus. Although, he knows more about what is going on here in Paris than he's revealing to anyone."
Bob It's still not time for Bob to speak as he's not the one with the information. Nevertheless he pays close attention, making sure to try to get as much information on the subject as he can.
Esa Esa watched and listened to Vivienne quietly. "And why would he plant you with James? Surely you could have said no?" He pressed slightly.
Vivienne Vivienne stares off over Esa's shoulder, clearly unhappy with the subject at hand. "He's blackmailing me." She says flatly, a frown on her face. "If he finds out that I'm helping you, or gets concrete information that I've compromised myself with James, I'm probably not going to live long."
Bob "We don't know anything about you helping anyone if we get asked," Bob says to Vivienne with a deep, serious frown. His hands slide into his pockets and he looks around one to make sure there's no one listening in.
Esa Esa gave a slow nod. Sounded like something he would need to fix and would. Government be damned, he'd use his skills to erase whatever information Wesker held over her; Otherwise she was a liability to Black Sword. "Consider his blackmail neutralized." He replied calmly. "Wesker won't go after a member of Black Sword; lest he wants to tighten the noose on his neck." He added for clarification as to what it meant to be a part of the Elite Team.
Vivienne "He doesn't want it to get tighter, but that's the whole point of all of this, isn't it?" Vivienne says, glancing between Bob and Esa. "I appreciate you saying it's neutralized, but he has contacts within Umbrella if not elsewhere. You can say that it's over, but my life is still at risk." She states, staring at Esa. "I'll help you." She says, her lips pressed in a line. "But no more of what I saw in Jacks, or I will lose my confidence in your ability to handle this."
Bob "I'll help do whatever it takes to stop him. I joined the FBC to hunt monsters and I'll be damned if I let someone who's in bed with the fucking things remain my boss for much longer," Bob says rather angrily. He looks over at Vivienne and says, "Just give me a call if you think you need me."
Esa Esa nods to Vivienne. "Umbrella as a corporation is all but gone. Umbrella as a whole..." He shrugged slightly. "Well get to that. For now, let us clean house and see what other missions my contact will be giving us. Additionally, I want to know if there are others we can trust to be brought into the team. At least one more; maybe two." He replied lightly; adding "Welcome to Black Sword."
Vivienne "The people I trust within the FBC are standing here." Vivienne points out, giving Esa a slightly dubious look still. "I don't care if you bring others in, honestly, but don't expect me to share what I've said here today with them. Not until I trust them, at the very least." She looks slightly doubtful about that as well. "I think it would be much easier if we simply put a bullet in Wesker and then dumped his files for information, but I've been doing things the sneaky way for years now. No reason to stop now."
Bob "I can't think of anyone else on the team I'd trust," Bob says with a deep frown on his face after a moment of consideration. "The best thing to do is, if you find other people you trust, is to keep us compartmentalized so that we won't be able to rat out as many people if we turn or get tortured."
Esa Esa gave a small nod to Bob. "I agree; though as a team we will be sent on missions together." He scratched his chin in thought as Bob did bring up a valid point. Looking to Vivienne, he nodded again. "Alright; this is the team then. At least for now. We should keep an eye out for a weapons specialist, though as it will help flush the team out." He added lightly.
Vivienne "What kind of weapons specialist?" Vivienne asks, both eyebrows raised slightly. She folds her arms over her chest and shifts on her feet, glancing back down the trail briefly. "Between the three of us, we should be able to quietly take out any threat within that comes our way."
Bob "If I can find one I trust I'll let you know so that you can vet him," Bob tells Esa regarding a weapon specialist. "I certainly wouldn't mind someone who's handy with a LAW or an two forty bravo around, especially after that Nemesis thing." He looks over Vivienne's way and nods, "Yeah. I actually picked up a can for my MP7, too, so we can work more quietly."
Esa Esa gave a nod in agreement to Bob as he looked to Vivienne "Medium to heavy weapons specialist. Someone good with machine guns and LAW's." He reiterated what Bob had said. "I will work on getting us M40 protective masks as well." A pause "Vivienne, could you make a copy of what you have and give it to me? My next drop is in four days. Also, I want the originals prepped for a USB and file transfer to the media should something happen to us."
Vivienne "Eh, quietly doesn't always mean..quietly. I can plant a bomb if necessary. I just try to ..not do that quite so much, we've seen the damage a well placed explosive device can cause." Vivienne says, giving Bob a tight smile. She turns to Esa and eyes him for a few moments. "Paper files are dangerous, so if you have them, they're effectively yours and your problem. I'm washing myself from them completely."
Bob "Pro masks would have been handy, but it's not the end of the world," Bob explains, going into a little further detail. "The effects of the toxin weren't the worst you could imagine, but I wanted it noted for future reference for subsequent missions." He looks over at Vivienne and nods, "Yeah, that's a good way to do that."
Esa Esa gave a slow nod to Vivienne "Understood." He'd take on the task of putting in preventive measures and securing their safety; he trusted this contact about as much as he trusted a unclean gun. "Anything else?"
Vivienne Vivienne gives Bob a brief look. "I'm not gonna pretend I'm not selfish, self preservation is my first priority. I'm not gonna lie and say otherwise." She glances over at Esa then and elaborates. "I'm in this, full throttle though, don't think otherwise. If you need me, I'll be there, and I'll put everything on the table to keep you two as safe as I'm sure you're gonna keep me." She digs into her pocket and pulls out her phone. "I gotta get the stuff from the penthouse safe, and make sure any trace of me isn't on it, I'll bring them to you personally. All right?"
Bob "It's a good way to keep on breathing," Bob says to Vivienne with a grin and a wink. And then he looks towards Esa and nods, "You just let me know what you need from me. If I get any details on anything regarding Wesker or other potential traitors or leaks I'll send it your way."
Esa Esa gave a nod to Vivienne. "Fair enough. Two days, Eiffel Tower for the drop." He looked to Bob and nodded "Thank-you." Glancing to the two, he slid out two matching phones from his pockets and handed them two them "Specialized configured phones; use these to stay in contact. Do not contact one another on your personal phones." The phones were designed with the latest encryption software, surveillance anti-tapping, GPS encoding and much more; making them near impossible to crack, hack or track. "Do not call anyone with these unless it is an emergency." He added.
Vivienne Vivienne shoves the new phone in her hoodie and nods. "Things are getting a bit strained at the Penthouse, and ..I think James might be making a move soon. If that happens I'll update you both with a new contact location." She pulls her hood up and glances around again. "I'll be in touch."
Bob Accepting the phone from Esa, Bob stares at it for a little while before sticking it in his pocket. As Vivienne says what she says Bob gives her a nod, then looks back to Esa to give one to him too. "Alright guys. You let me know if you need me for anything."
Esa Esa nodded and said, "I will, and thank-you to the two of you. I will be in touch." He picked up the briefcase and headed back to the escalade to climb in. Once the team dispersed, he put the vehicle in reverse and headed down the dirt road.