Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alice Jan/10/2006


The second week of the New Year had been kicked off with the first major joint-operation between the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and the Federal Bioterrorism Commission.

Intelligence had been received by a disgruntled employee of Umbrella Europe that there was a massive Umbrella facility in Siberia dedicated to Bioweapons research. The Russian government had been consulted and several units of their most loyal Spetznaz commandos had been offered to take part in the raid.

Fearing Umbrella may shut down the facility before it can be raided, a plan was put into action that would see the facility hit within hours.


You had all departed Western Europe in aircraft headed for Russia, where you would land at an old airstrip where more-appropriate vehicles suited to the Siberian-terrain were located including a small group of weather-surveillance helicopters that had been modified from old Hind assault gunships.


You arrived at the Umbrella Facility with just under 100 commandos, almost half of them Russian. The smallest part of the facility was above-ground and the assault to take it had been fierce; with the Spetznaz leading the vanguard and taking the brunt of the casualties as they fought against Umbrella's private security forces.

The strange thing is these forces seemed to already be distracted with a facility breach when you arrived, several of their deceased having turned into the living dead.

The battle was chaotic but ultimately the underground portion of the facility was breached.

The group of you had been part of a joint-strike team that was supposed to be securing bioweapons intelligence from the weapons research lab.

Your mission had been a success, even if most of the computers had been scrubbed of data.


There was still fighting going on in all corners of the facility as your team recovered the bioweapons research you had been sent in to recover.

Alarms began to sound suddenly and the holographic avatar of a female artificial intelligence that some may have recognized from previously assaulted or investigated Umbrella facilities appeared via projector in the large room you were in.

The Red Queen cautioned with a sinister smirk, "You're all going to die down here."

The computer tech who was recovering the data screamed as he was electrocuted by the computer he was working on, falling to the ground dead. The data on the screen was gone and a self-destruct timer of 15 minutes was displayed on the screen.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is only one thing in situations involving death.. a survivor and he was most certainly not well in his skin or position considering the circumstances. Stuck in the middle of a facility he knew basically about? Worst yet it was about to explode? Everything just felt so familiar even the little red holographic representation that floated nearby. Yet instead of addressing that giant elephant in the room, he instead moved to check his shotgun and give a slight humm.

"So. Murdering our way out. Easy enough. Probability of survival is not zero. Fifteen minutes should be adequate time to get me out of here. The rest of you?" Andrei offers with a muffled voice, his face obscured as always in such a situation.. hiding behind a gasmask and NVD goggles. Made it easier to pretend to be someone else.. not Andrei. Andrei will then look about then before perhaps focusing on a few of his F.B.C counterparts. "Probably better odds than zero for some of you." Andrei will take a step towards one of the exits then before he humms under his breath. "Anyone got a map? Got to plan the rest of my day." He'll offer as he starts to hum little tunes under his breath as he waits, tapping his foot as he tries to look out the hallway and consider perhaps just going back the way they came.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell had been selected for his extraordinary parkour skills and his talents as a commando, well the first part of that was just his imagination, but he WAS a pretty good commando. He had boarded a plane and headed to Russia, making sure to bundle up on warnings from Mama Caldwell. Russia was cold, yo! He arrived and boarded one of the choppers, once arriving at the Umbrella facility he had begun taking potshots at Umbrella Security Forces. Once the first battle was won he began to sweep and clear various rooms of the facility, making sure nothing was left behind in the form of ambushes or sneak attacks. He finally began to begin recovering bioweapons data that he had been sent in to originally retrieve with his team. Once the Red Queen showed up however a double middle finger was sent in her direction. Then the hands returned to his guns and he watches the computer tech goes down. "Shit.." he mumbles. "What do we do now? Got 15 minutes to get data and book it."
Molly Molly was dressed for the cold weather. She also checked and double check to make sure her guns were completely loaded. She had been through on making her way in with the others, clearing the rooms. As the Red Queen shows up and makes her treat, she rolls her eyes but say nothing. Her hands grabbing her pistols and turning the safeties off, the guns pointed downward for the time being.
Buck Rogers "Oh, sweet Blue Fairy," Buck Rogers had said a few hours before boarding the flight, looking down at the mission dossier in his hands. "I'm a real boy now."


The heavily-armored brute suffered nothing more than superficial injuries in the conflicts leading up to this point. There's little need for a melee combatant when Spetsnaz serve as the gun-firing vanguard; but, when the dead rose, he was always there to serve as a razor-chained bulwark.

In the wake of the Red Queen's warning, the giant, clad in a Tyrant-esque armored trenchcoat, with metal bands around his wrists and collar, and heavy stomping steel-toed boots, turns around and raises a gauntleted hand. "No time to sit around wondering," he booms through his face-mask. "You hear that? A sound came from one of these big doors. Unlocked. Let's go."

He's already moving toward the door-- one way or another, it's going to be important.
Bob Already covered in dirt and the blood of wounded men, Bob Delgado's finished patching up his injured for the time being when the damn computer informs him he's going to be blowing up soon, "Fuck that." It's already been a long day for him and there's more to come before he can relax. His freshly zipped up aid bag gets quickly slung over his shoulders, cinched into place and it's belt is snapped across his waist. Once he's got that squared away he adjusts his weapon's sling so that he can easily manipulate the MP7. Looking around at the other people nearby he says, "Let's get going before the robot lady kills us."
Jill Valentine "You always ask me to the most interesting places Redfield." Jill Valentine said with a smirk as she put her last clip into her assault rifle and began to cover the exit, "Hey Caldwell, all that parkour training of yours is about to pay off I bet." She was clearly mocking the young man, everyone in S.T.A.R.S. had known about Wee Willy's adventures in parkouring.

When Buck points out the sound he heard, Jill shivers and says with a frown, "Reminds me of old times. Remember when we saved Burton back in Raccoon City?" It had been the start of the Outbreak, when the infected animals had become more common. A time before Raccoon City was on the verge of total collapse.
Chase Dalton Chase stood with the rest of the FBC squad, weapon at the ready, scanning the area for any remaining threats (other than the obviously PMSing computer). "Copy that." He did a quick check of his ammo, and set his P90 to full-auto. Whatever shit jumped out at him was going to get a nice pray-n-spray to the face. Sure, he was used to his delicious little beast of a shotgun, or better yet a nice high-powered scoped long-distance lead-injector, but today seemed like a great idea to switch things up.
Chris Redfield Chris had been patiently waiting for the green light for this assault as soon as he heard of the intel and finally it has fruition after the politicians got their act together. Even though Redfield hasn't had much rest from the numerous missions and patrols in the Catacombs of Paris, there was no way he was going to opt out on going on this mission.

After the assault had begun, he was lucky enough to get in unscathed during the initial push towards the Umbrella Facility. Any zombies his team encountered would have been switftly dealt with be either blade or a single headshot from his assault rifle to conserve ammo.

When then computer tech gets fried, he glances around at the assembled team of joint forces operatives and then glares at the Red Queen hologram saying. "Not today we aren't." He then yells out, "Medic!" Hoping that the poor computer tech can be saved if he isn't dead already. Looking over at Jill giving her a slight smirk, "You always said I was boring so now we've got 15 minutes and have to make it count."

He then looks at the assembled group once more, "If anyone is computer savvy, see if you can gain access to the computer system but be careful. I want to set up some defensive positions just in case. Ignore her. We are all going to get out of this."

Chris glances towards Buck when he spots the mountain man moving towards a door. "Buck. What did you hear?" He then follows behind the big man to back him up in case something even bigger is behind it.
Silent Night The lightly-armored knight with shades, Archene Night, was surpringly unharmed thanks to the hard effort of the Spetsnaz vanguard. He glances at Buck as he speaks of the sound coming from a big door, "Yes, I've heard it. I'll " He doesn't even spend time to ask for the man to lead the way as he goes up head. He tightly holds his Barrett pointing it towards the door. As he hears Chris following and asking Buck, he says, "All I could hear was the door being unlocked."
Kitten Nemesis Boss Fight Rules:

FLEE! (1 Action a round is automatically dedicated to movement unless you choose not to move!).

Terror! (If you have never faced Nemesis before, you are subject to Courage checks regularly)

Run Faster! (Using multiple movement actions will get you further ahead of others and keep you safer from Nemesis. Distance will be tracked by Kitten).

Slow it down! (Nemesis can be stunned if he takes enough damage buying everyone precious time)

Alls Well doesn't End Well (Bad stuff can happen. Don't do anything you will regret!)
Kitten Shortly before Raccoon City was destroyed

"Recover Project Nemesis as your top priority. The combat and biological data is irreplaceable." Doctor Isaacs ordered the Umbrella Security Teams that had been tasked with recovering items of value in Raccoon City.


The warnings were well-founded.

The sound most of you had missed was indeed some kind of heavy door, more of a containment device being opened. Behind it was a familiar friend that some of you knew all too well from Raccoon City.

Near the back of the bioweapons research lab, a heavy metal door was thrown across the room and a nearly twelve foot tall menacing figure covered in mutations and cybernetics stepped out into plain sight.


"STAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS!" Nemesis screamed out-loud as it focused its attention towards the group of heroes.

Ponderously it began to step forward, its hideous face stuck in a rictus grin of pure malevolence.

There is one exit out of the bioweapons lab which connects to two hallways leading to the left and the right.

Left Hallway: There is 1D100+10 zombies. Each zombie requires 1 bullet to kill, with no limit on how many shots you can use on your turn to clear them out.

Right Hallway: Clear. No obstacles visible.
Buck Rogers "Yeah, door unlocked after the red bitch fried our tech and condemned us to death," Buck replies to Archene. "So either something's coming through courtesy her, or it's a way out courtesy someone else. And if it's the first-- "

Buck's words are interrupted by the door blowing out from the forceful entrance of Nemesis. The sight of the stitched and skin-peeled face brings back memories of Raccoon; Buck Rogers has faced the creature before, enough to have the image burned into his retinas. There's a moment's consideration, and the giant lifts his chainsaw, revving up as he stares down the cybernetic monstrosity.

It's bigger than him. This must be how everyone else feels around him.

"Go! Right!"
PrestigeAndrei Oh an explosion! Andrei soon reachs a hand up to cover hold at his head then before he straightens up and pats at himself. Most of his body is still intact it looks like. THen he'll turn to look at the nearby dangerous Nemisis and try not to burst out laughing.. or perhaps piss himself "Fuck. This. Noise. See you Caldwell! Dalton.. and all you other fuckers!" Andrei shouts as he takes two wheeling steps back and without even a second thought just turns to look down the two hallways. No doubt the F.B.C Agent then.. in his infinite profesisonalism immeaditly turns to head right.

"Where is that fucker with a bat when you need him!" Andrei mutters under his breath as he litertally is running towards the doorway to the right, each step taking him closer and out the door.

Andrei does not care about the rest of the team and their plans. Probably.
Chris Redfield Chris has faced Nemesis before too, in Raccoon City when he rescued Jill at the Clock Tower. He knows how dangerous that B.O.W. is and a direct assault is suicide, besides he also has the rest of the team to think about and getting them all out alive is his priority even moreso than getting any Intel out of this place. "Godamnit! Everyone go, left through the zombies! I think the right is a trap! Red Queen can't be trusted and this is their facility! Stay tight, in diamond formation and we can make it through. Nemesis won't get a clear shot at us if we move through the corrider /together/ with the zombies surrounding us." He then moves to the left corrider, lifting his assault rifle to take aim and lets off a full clip of automatic fire after he has moved to clear out the first wave of zombies that are in front of him. "Stay behind me, we can do this!" He leads the charge through the left corrider.
Bob When he hears the call for a medic, Bob turns around and looks at the fried computer tech. It's too late for the poor guy and Bob can tell at a glance, but he does take a knee and check for a pulse anyway. His head shakes, though it stps when the door blows open to reveal a huge, ugly BOW. He gets to his feet and aims his weapon at the monster before he hears one of the BSAA leaders saying something about going left and moves to follow, "You heard the man, people! This way!" As Kirov runs off the wrong way Bob mutters the word "fuck" under his breath. Well, the guy's a consummate survivor.
Buck Rogers "A trap?" growls Buck with a shake of his head. "This didn't happen because of us-- we saw the zombies on our way in. There was a fuck-up somewhere, even if we never came." But if the group is going to go that way, he's not going to ditch them-- it wouldn't look good for his first BSAA mission to end in him abandoning the rest of the team. "If she's got more toys to play with, nothing stops her from letting them out as y'all waste bullets, and we get sandwiched.." But he goes with them all.
Chase Dalton 'What the hell /is/ that thing?!' Chase thinks to himself as *BOOM* the dor blows open and pure unadulterated nightmare fuel makes its way into view. He's suddenly reminded of his first day at basic training; back then, what remained of his courage would have trickled down his leg and pooled on the ground, but not today. His resolve holds, like any good Marine. Yeah, he's scared, but he's going to keep his cool as much as he can. He sticks close to Bob, and the rest of the group, weapon at the ready.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell was a natural at following orders, so when Chris begins making orders he of course listens to his former STARS companion. He begins to spray automatic fire into the group of zeds and gets into diamond formation on Chris, following his orders to a T and moving past the group of downed zeds. He'd never fought Nemesis but he had seen him before, fucker was scary. He didn't have the firepower on hand to deal with Nemesis and nobody else did either. The only way was to run past him, where he couldn't follow hopefully due to being too big. Though that's never stopped the massive Tyrant before.
Silent Night Archene almost grinned, he still remembered his last encounters against it. His first reflex was to aim the rifle at its head and pull the trigger. Secondary thoughts were that he should have started running along with every other person, as fast as he could. He glanced at Chris as he began delivering orders, at least, he understood what kind of things could not be trusted. "Chris, staying too close may not be too good depending on what it has." With that, he was already running to along with Chris and co.
Molly Molly ducks down as the explosion goes off and immediately pops back up. As she sees Nemesis, her eyes go wide with fear. Though she isn't about to try to fight that thing alone. Her feet quickly having her run to follow the others, both of her pistols drawn and firing as needed.
Jill Valentine Jill doesn't flinch at the sight of Nemesis, even if she almost had overwhelming feelings of PTSD creeping up after her encounters with that thing in Raccoon City. Moving alongside Chris she calls out reassuringly to everyone, "Stick together and we'll make it. We didn't get this far to let this ugly bastard kill us."

Setting her firing selector to full-automatic she took aim at roughly head-level with her gun and swept the horde of zombies cleaning them up along with Chris and Will, "Let's move!" She kept in formation though, not getting ahead of anyone else.
Kitten The zombies blocking the left hallways paths are taken down with some expert shooting by the veterans in the group granting almost everyone a clear path down the hallway which seems to be blocked at the end only allowing the group to head down a hallway that leads to the left.

It was deeper into the facility, but there was nowhere else to go.

Not with Nemesis pursuing down the hallway towards all of you.


Andrei may have thought himself safe as he rushes down the relatively safe hallway to the right with no obstacles in his path. After he passes through one of the security doors it closes behind him and the entire hallway lights up.

In the center of the hallway, a single laser security beam forms and begins racing towards Andrei. (It automatically misses due to his danger sense).

The doorway at the end of the hallway was closing but damage from the battle was glitching it out, causing it to close slower then it should.

Andrei would have to survive the laser grid and make it out. Speaking of the laser grid? It was now three lasers racing towards him!
Molly Molly runs a bit further away, wishing to keep her distance between herself and the monstrous creature. Once she has gotten far enough to her comfort she spins about and begins to shoot at Nemisis with Death Bringer and Reaper. Once she fires off her shots she is turning to run once more.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei had to move quickly now, the door closing behind him had sealed his fate so to speak.. of being alone. Yet at least he wasn't on a cruise ship with no hope of escape anymore. Quite the opposite.. escape was.. what is that beam of light he is seeing in his NVD? Why.. jesus!

Andrei ducks them almost instinctively as a similar beam of light goes overhead and already he is moving towards the middle of the room, hopping then falling down onto the ground to worm his way to the center of the room. There will be a bit of stumbling as he tries to pick himself up, not going at a dead sprint but moving quickly.

"Wait.. Wait.." He'll whisper as he pauses then before looking behind himself.. and then to the side of the room before he inhales, stands still and waits patiently, hopping nearly as he prepares for the inevitable double back towards him. "Just gotta do this two more times. Probably." Why the fuck was he the only one here? Chris Redfield is a murdering psychopath! He was going to get them all killed! Andrei was totally much more likley to get out of this alive. Maybe. That remains to be seen.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell was a fast runner, this was true, He was even faster when he was about to get assblasted by a minigun. He turns around after running a fair way away and blasts the big ass Tyrant in the torso. That was the easiest area to hit right? Anyway, once that was over he turns around and continues to run "Oh god oh god oh god." he yells as the nemesis begins to attack.
Silent Night Archene tactfully retreats along with the others, only slowing down for long enough to properly aim the rifle at Nemesis firing two of the bullets at it. Hopefully, all would be well with this group of people once Nemesis begins mowing them down.
Kitten Nemesis begins running down the corridor towards the group taking aim with its minigun blasting on full as it roars out again, "STARS!" It was hell-bent on taking the group down and the damage it had taken was already starting to show, but no doubt new mutations would form to replace it..
Jill Valentine Jill skids to a halt as Nemesis approaches and takes a knee before firing off two grenades in rapid succession from her high-tech rifle, the airburst rounds covering the terrifying beast in shrapnel and explosives before she began to run again not even bothering to look over her shoulder, "Come on! Hurry the fuck up!" There was a frantic tone to her voice. She wanted everyone to make it out of here.
Bob "Son of a bitch!" Bob exclaims as he takes a round through the chest and stumbles forward getting away from the big mother fucker with the giant gun. His armor's got a nice clean hole through it, as does his aid bag, but his weapon's still functional. Bob puts it to use, turning around and ripping off a long burst at Nemesis, tearing him up from the left leg up to the groin.
Chris Redfield Chris glances back at Nemesis, after Jill and William have taken out the last of the zombies in the corrider. Seeing that Buck is standing his ground, he turns, plants his foot, takes a magazine out from his pouch and slaps it into his XM8 Assault rifle after ejecting the empty mag. He calmly takes aim, making sure that he won't hit Buck and lets off a full automatic burst at the B.O.W., "Everyone keep running! We will hold it back! Keep moving that's an order!" He barks out after he finishes shooting.
Buck Rogers The corpse-strewn hallway is awash with blood and bullets as the team flees from the monster. A storm of hot lead from the creature's minigun drives down the corridor, easy pickings for the long, straight run. It's pure luck and martial instinct that sees Buck spared any real damage from the aggression, though out ahead of him he sees the wounds taken by some of the others-- and hears, in the background, Nemesis' roar of STARS.

Picture a lightbulb above the man's head, flashing with a bloody ingenuity.

"Hey, beautiful," he calls out, as the beastly thing is stunned by the immensity of damage inflicted on its form. When everyone else runs off, he's moving in the opposite direction-- closing the gap between Nemesis and himself. It's monster against monster when Buck brings his chainsaw to bear, the shark-toothed chain roaring as he digs it into the necrotic, pulsing flesh; with any luck, maybe he can disable the gun arm.

Given how close he is, even over all the noise, Nemesis can surely hear him. Buck doesn't know if there's any real intelligence there, but.. "Remember me? Buck Rogers, STARS. Mano e mano, pussy."
Kitten The combined damage against Nemesis causes the massive Bio-Organic Weapon to fall to its knees as it begins to mutate to compensate and adapt for what it was dealing with. The base instinct of the creature combined with its programming determines that it needs speed to deal with its prey and so it begins to shed some of its bulk revealing a far sleeker form almost as if emerging from Chrysalis.

The hallway begins to fill with gas, no doubt harmful but if you kept moving you could hopefully avoid the worst of it. These problems were only further compounded by the electrical panels on the wall blowing off and revealing arcing sparks that shoot out in the hallway and had to be avoided.


Four sets of Laser Grids come towards Andrei now in the right hallway, but if he avoided them he would make it through that door before it narrowly closed. If he failed, well; he would be a million tiny pieces.
Chase Dalton Chase keeps pace with Bob, running at a good clip, keeping his weapon pointed downrange at Nemesis, firing in short bursts to keep recoil to a minimum. He keeps a close eye on his ammo count, not wanting to be caught with his pants down. Hopefully he won't trip, either. That would make for a bad ending for him, but an interesting new thing in the market for Japan.
Jill Valentine Jill pauses to fire one more grenade launcher round off at Nemesis and calls out, "Redfield! Rogers! Get moving, that thing will mess your day up." She has to hope the two men will listen and she breaks off into a run down the hallway.
Silent Night Archene quietly made a note to himself to, in the future, have proper equipment to deal with dangers that affect him through the air. He was certain this situation could be far deadlier if he was lacking in ability. He tactfully timmed his run through the hallway to ensure he'd not be hit by the arcs, finish his run with a roll and aiming the rifle at nemesis just as it had begun to shed some of its bulk.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei does another little hop, fall to the ground and then scurry up off the ground then as he expertly.. or really just barley manages to dodge the lasers that go past him yet again. The man however is not going to sit around for another second though to dodge the lasers again and instead begins bolting his way to the door, no doubt to slide under it and then scurry up to his feet, moving to dust himself off before checking to make sure his shotgun is undamaged and well..

Andrei will take a glance around the room then as he mutters. "What next? Bet it'll be fun." He'll mutter under his breath as he moves to kneel down and exhale slowly, calming himself then before grinning madly... Though that expression and those wild eyes are clearly obscured under his get-up.
Molly Molly is getting 'oooo shock treatment, jumpin like a real live wire'. But still manages to shoot Nemesis though she is rather hurt and shouts out "Medic... Please..."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is fast, yes. But you know what's faster then a speeding Caldwell? Minigun fire...also electricity..also superman...well a lot of things are faster than Caldwell THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is that electricity hurts, yo. He gets zippity zapped by it and quickly scurries past it before it has another chance to zap him. He turns around and takes a quick shot at Nemesis turning from Tyrone From Prison, to Bubba The Sister from Prison. HE WATCHED SHAWSHANK HE KNOWS HOW THIS GOES.
Chris Redfield "Buck! The gas, we gotta move! Quickly, while he's still mutating." Chris hollers to the big man and then breaks off into a sprint down the hallway, actually listening to Jill this time and not trying to be a hero when poison gas as well as exploding electrical panels are blowing out around them. "Keep moving everyone! Go, go, go!" Redfield barks out as he does spot most of the team high tailing it out of there. He ducks a bit when Jill shoots her grenade launcher at Nemesis, "I knew I should have bought that same gun when you told me about it." Yeah, he's kinda regretting it now and then he gets zapped by electricity, right in the face! Gaahhh...that fucking hurt, but he still won't wear a hat or helmet, hell no, people have to see his face and know that REDFIELD boldly, proudly and stupidly holds his chin up high.
Bob Hauling ass through the electical bullshit is not the best idea for Bob whose acrobatic proficiency is null. He gets the shit zapped out of him as he runs despite his attempt to dodge through the electrical arcs. The power passes smoothly through his body, almost making his skeleton glow through a like a cartoon. "God dammit" he exclaims as he keeps trying to move, almost dropping to the ground. When Molly calls for him Bob stumbles towards her to try to help her run off with him, acting stoic as he can despite the fact that he's literally shaking in pain and rage, "C'mon, private. We can bleed later."
Chase Dalton As Chase runs and guns against the BOW chasing them, his amazing Jensen Ackles face takes a zaptastic pummeling by the electricity (evil!). Gone is the perfectly-sculpted mantastic beard, and matching eyebrows. He'll need to figure out something to do until it grows back. His hair - what little remains of it - smokes like a chimney, and he reeks of ozone. What will his millions (and millions) of fans think now?
Kitten Nemesis emerges from its mutation and begins to charge at Buck, Chris and Chase even as the nerve gas which it is no doubt immune to floods the area they are in. Even as Chris and Chase flee through the electrical discharges, Buck is hit directly by Nemesis and sent FLYING through the area towards the rest of the group in a rather undignified fashion with multiple broken ribs.

He was alive and caught up though.


Andrei finds himself only able to go right when he gets out of the laser grid hallway and there doesn't appear to be anything in his path...
Molly Molly nods at Bob's words and takes off as quickly as she can with being partially fried. After all, every good hero knows when to get the fuck out of dodge. She is a bit too injured to risk shooting more at Nemesis. Her steps putting more distance between her and the creature.
Chris Redfield Chris watches helplessly as Nemesis reacts much quicker than before and charges at Buck, skewering itself on the deadly chainsaw and throwing the big man back so far, that he travels through the electrical field to catch up to him. "Buck are you alright!?" He is amazed at how much damage his former S.T.A.R.S. colleague can take. When he peers down the corrider, he realizes something and hollers out. "Keep going down the corrider, it should lead us to an elevator or lift!" He then continues to run down the corrider, gets staggered by another electrical burst but shakes it off, then keeps moving as if he's gotten a second wind. He then turns at his last step, squares up to Nemesis, brings his XM8 up to his shoulder and lets out a fully automatic burst, the bullets stiching it's torso. "Keep moving everyone!" He continues to yell out towards the team and then shields his eyes when Jill's grenades blast into it.
Jill Valentine Jill looks to her wounded comrades and waves Chris, Chase, and Buck forward with her hand, "Keep moving, I'll cover our rear. If you don't, I'll shoot you myself. None of you are in any condition to handle this."

As Nemesis approaches she fires off a pair of grenades at it again, hoping that it will slow the creature down because she was pretty much out of ammo.
Bob Once he sees that Molly's back on her feet and moving again Bob turns around and pops off some rounds at Nemesis, not waiting to see where they hit. Instead, he continues to haul ass away from the seemingly unstoppable BOW. The adrenaline pouring through his body keeps him going despite the pain, "Keep moving, guys. Try to put some distance between us and that thing."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will catch movement out of the corner of his eye then as he glances up before he lifts up his shotgun and pulls the trigger twice. A few rounds later.. well, He'll be fairly well off all things considered, or so he'd think. "Now where.. the fuck am I again?" Andrei mutters under his breath as he takes a momment to look around then.
Silent Night "Someone keep the medic alive." Archene shouts as he continues to retreat and shoot at Nemesis twice... one of the shots being as accurate as it can be the other as well, luckly.
Chase Dalton Chase begins to feel faint, but shakes himself back to consciousness. He trudges along, trying to keep moving. "Keep moving; heard!" He calls out, employing tactical breathing to keep his adrenaline and pulse under control. He growls to himself, willing himself to not go into the light, but to continue on after his compatriots. He gets up next to Bob, and tries to put on a good face. "You're gonna be neck-deep in Cat-Alphas, bossman.. Hope you're ready."
Buck Rogers "Eyes on me, cutie," Buck taunts Nemesis as it emerges a beautiful, sleek butterfly, drawing the evolved monster's attention. With a deafening roar, it charges him faster than he ever would have thought possible-- the big man has only enough time to laugh maniacally and drive that brutal saw in a spiking downward arc. The impact is enough to shatter ribs and, amazingly, send a man his size soaring through the air like a blimp-- majestic, fat, and inevitably bursting into flames as he rockets past lances of electricity, singing his body hair and the fabric of his clothes, forcing a small fire he quickly pats out.

Sucking in a deep, deep breath after he hits the ground and tumbles, Buck ignores the stabbing pain as the pointy rib-ends jab into his insides, forcing himself to his feet. In the distance, he sees Nemesis go down again, flesh bubbling and mutating.. and decides to keep moving now. He bought time enough. "Yeah," he growls to Chris, stumbling forward before gathering his wits. "I'll live."
Kitten There was only minutes left before the entire base self-destructed after the dangerous escape through the depths of the supposed Umbrella facility. Freedom was in sight for Bob, Buck, Chris, Molly and William as they entered the underground submarine pens for the facility.

The final submarine was leaving, leaving you no clue who had been onboard of it in the escape but no doubt you would see that figure again.

A large cargo lift that leads straight to the surface is dead-ahead and ready to be boarded and activated. There was no time to waste.

Nemesis roars so loud that even Andrei can hear it. If he rushed as fast as he could he would catch up with his comrades... or he could take his chance with the six lickers bearing down on him..

Jill, Archene and Chase being the only ones not out of the hallway yet are the first targets of Nemesis. (Unless Archene uses all his actions to flee).
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will soon turn his head slightly to loko behind him at the sight of five lickers no doubt crawling around.. or really more than five.. but the man just stares for a long second. He doesn't move.. the air is thick with ten-"Fuck it!"

Andrei is then bolting through the hallway, sprinting at litertally breakneck pace and as quickly as his legs will carry him through the hallway and hopefully to the elevator.. though he won't realize it till he runs and meets up with the rest of the group.

For those who have stumbled in more or less maimed and injured they'll see a man.. a figure really in FBC gear immeaditly run from the opposite hallway and through the pens then, screaming "Bail! Bailbailbail! Hey William. BAIL!"
Bob "I'll be ready, if I can keep from passing out," Bob says to Chase with a wince and a deep frown on his face, struggling to keep himself performing optimally. Hell, struggling to not fall over at the moment. With the exit in sight he hurries for the elevator to board it and take cover, "We have to slow that thing down!" He then cuts loose at the Nemesis again, doing anything he can to slow it down.
Chris Redfield "Get to the elevator!" Chris says as he turns once more to sprint towards the lift, then turns around again to let off another burst of automatic fire at Nemesis. When he peers to take a look to see if it had any effect on the creature, he spots that Jill is limping and not moving at her usual fast graceful self. He didn't know that she had taken bullets in order to save Chase, then realizes what that she may not make it. "Jill!! Noooo!" He holds out a hand towards her and then prepares himself to run back to her. "I'm not leaving without her!" Yup, the usual stoic faced Redfield actually blurted that out with emotion!
Buck Rogers With all the mayhem going on, Buck, numb from the nerve gas and slowed by a series of broken ribs, manages to push his way toward the lift everyone's cramming themselves on. The state of everyone else isn't really noticed by him-- he's gassed and injured and riding an adrenaline high. He does hear shouting, though. Give him a minute, and he'll clear the cobwebs out of his ears.
Silent Night Archene quickly avoids all the fire aimed at him, despite the hindrance from his weaponry. It is clearly something that only someone full of adrenaline can do, as he is barely missed by a bullet. He adjusts his sunglasses, despite them not having moved a single inch through his doding motion shouts at Nemesis, "THIS ISN'T LIKE THE FIRST TIME! GO DOWN LIKE A GOOD BOY!" He fires one last shot towards Nemesis. The last shot he was going to fire, hopefully, before running towards the rest of the group with all his might.
Jill Valentine Jill jumped to the side to push Chase out of the way of Nemesis' shots and was rewarded for her due diligence with a nasty wound to the leg. In fact, she could barely stand. Leaning against the wall, she dropped her rifle to the ground and began limping towards the elevator. Keying her radio, she said stoicly, "Just get out of here Chris. There's no time."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't care what happens, he's lived a charmed life already, lost close friends a plenty and survived through tragedy too many times to count. Seeing Jill in trouble like this, he doesn't hesitate and says to the people on the elevator. "It was an honor serving with you all." Then he bolts out from safety, his XM8 held tightly in both hands as he moves like a Quarter Back on the last down with ten seconds left to go and the game on the line. Failure and doubt is not on his mind, he's focused on one thing and one thing only! He's going to save his partner with his last breath if he has too. He's not going to lose Jill, not like this and not without giving his all! "Not a chance, Jill! Run, keep moving! Don't give up!" He hollers at her and keeps running towards her.
Kitten Everyone but Jill has reached the elevator, her wounded leg she acquired trying to save Chase from Nemesis holding her back; it didn't help that she had been trying to hold the rear to let everyone catch up.

Sometimes heroism cost you. Some people said they only tell stories about heroes because they aren't around anymore. In other words, heroes end up dead.

Can they inspire though even in their loss?

The shots put into Nemesis stun the gigantic B.O.W. momentarily but instead of being stunned it just begins to evolve into something else, something more dangerous as it becomes a mass of tentacles.

At least it couldn't shoot it's gun anymore.

Explosions can be heard tearing through the facility as the self-destruct begins to evacuate.

Everyone was on that maintenance lift but Redfield and Valentine. If someone didn't push the button to send it towards the surface, it was likely nobody would be making it out of here alive.

There were also the Lickers heading towards Chris and Jill.... it was truly a terrible situation.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises his weaponry and begins to unload onto the lickers and nemesis, though sadly he only has one bullet left and his gun makes a sad click click sound. He hurls his empty magazine at a licker with all his strength and slaps in a new mag, continuing to unload on the bastards "We can't stay much longer, we're all gonna die down here if we don't go NOW."
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton ducks into the elevator, and takes up a position opposite Bob, gun out and aimed down the hallway. "Fuck if I'm dying today, Sarge." He continues to bleed from his wounds, feeling like absolute shit. Gonna need a bottle of Stolichnaya or, better yet, Bruichladdich, to dull this pain.
Buck Rogers Without a word, and without waiting for anyone else, Buck shoves his way toward the button and smashes it in, triggering the rise of the lift. His head's cleared and he's got his eyes on Redfield and Valentine-- and, with a little fiddle of his hand, he's withdrawn the radio from his armor. "Don't see many options," he calls in to the other BSAA members. "We're going. Give 'em hell."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei can only really enjoy the satsifcation of a job well done. Two people he barley knew are causalties, sure.. and that'll mar his perfect extraction record but he is alive. So there will be a heavy exhalation then as he moves to look to the pair as they no doubt are soon doomed to their fate.

"Pretty shitty way to go that. Also, why the fuck do all of you look like you got nearly killed." Andrei will observe midlythen as he looks about.
Buck Rogers "The giant monster you saw and immediately ran from, you dipshit," Buck replies.
Jill Valentine Jill didn't want to believe that Chris hadn't listened, she knew in her heart that he wouldn't leave her behind anymore than she would have left him though. Limping towards him, she forced a smile before leaning in close to the larger man despite the danger, "You're so damn stubborn Redfield."

A soft laugh broke what seemed to be the silence of impending doom as Nemesis and the Licker's raced towards the pair, "It's just one of the many things I love about you." They were going to die. There was no time like the present to share your feelings when you didn't have a future.

Looking away from her best friend and former partner in S.T.A.R.S. she reached into her holster and drew a pistol before smirking and not saying another word.
Kitten The lift begins to race towards the surface at an alarming speed as the entire facility begins to shake.

In the massive cavernous area that was the submarine pens, you could see dangerous icicles falling from the ceiling due to the vibrations and shockwaves tearing the facility apart.

There was no recovering Chris and Jill, there was no escape for the pair of BSAA Agents. You could only watch as they made peace with their end and held off the monstrosities that would have been racing after the lift.
Chris Redfield Chris's lungs are burning, either from the gas or exertion it doesn't really matter because he's running as fast as he can wearing his full BSAA gear. As Nemesis gets closer, he reaches Jill wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her in tight. "No time to be a hero, Jill. Just get your ass on that elevator and I'll be right behind you." He knows that isn't true but he won't let a white lie tarnish his good reputation, not in this moment. Looking into her eyes, he finally realizes that in this moment of all the times they have spent together that this may be the only one left for him to do this. As brave as he is, the stoic, serious, taciturn man finally lets that mask slip and cups his partner's face gently with his rough calloused hand.

Reaching in he kisses Jill gently on the lips, then pulling away quickly because death is converging on them. "Go!" He knows that she won't but he has to say it anyways.

He fires his XM8 on full auto, standing back to back with his partner and when he runs out of ammo, he pulls out his Samurai Edge Pistol from the holster firing it while the Lickers leap from the walls at them and Nemesis charges towards them. This is a good day to die and it was a good run while it lasted.
PrestigeAndrei "What? Oh you mean that thing? Whatever, seen worse. and it looks like half of youare missing hair and have burn marks. What was it that did THAT to you?" Andrei inquires with a lift of his brow then as he inquires towards Buck. "I mean, on my way back I ran into a wet bar.. spent a few minutes getting a bit of vodka and then had the party wrecked by some lickers. Should of gone with me."
Bob "Fucking shit!" Bob calls out as he slams his gloved fist into the elevator's rail. "Fuck," he slides down to a knee, watching as the door closes to leave behind two of the operators they'd deployed with. He plants his hands on the railing and squeezes it tightly, forcing himself to get back to his feet despite obvious exhaustion and pain. "This is fucked up," he snarls in a rage.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell drops to his knees and begins bawling like a big fucking baby, two of his STARS companions and heroes were dead and there was nothing he could've done about it. He could've ran out to help them, he SHOULD'VE. And he didn't, he was a coward and a failure. WHAT WOULD MAMA CALDWELL SAY?! He places his hands on his face and continues to weep helplessly. Life was so short these days, bad things seemed to happen everywhere and he couldn't save people like he wanted to, what was he even in the FBC for if he couldn't prevent things like this from happening?!
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is just on fucking Cloud nine for comparison's sake. This is what? Like his seventh suicide mission he survived?
Jill Valentine Jill doesn't hesitate when Chris embraces and kisses her, returning it passionately; all of the passion she can muster in those final moments before realizing it would be her first and last Chris with the love of her life.

"What a hallmark moment." Jill sighed aloud as she found it a nessecity to look into Chris' eyes one last time before pressing back to back against him and drawing her pistols. She would fire off until the rounds were empty.

Then she would draw her knife.

One final stand. It was almost peaceful.

She could only hope the young man she had saved would go on to do great things. Umbrella had to be stopped. The world needed to be kept safe.

"Hey Chris. Thanks for everything." She said with a smile of contentment as she watched the explosion rushing towards the pair of them, consuming Nemesis and everything in its path.
Buck Rogers "Damaged electrical panels were arcing out toward anyone that got close," Buck explains, the chainsaw in his hand falling quiet as the elevator lifts. "We didn't have the time or techhead to disable them with that monster chasing us. Could only disable it in short bursts, force it into a brief stun as it mutated." He lifts a free hand to raise his face mask, sucking in a clear gulp of oxygen. The lift rises, and Buck watches as the hordes of beasts descend on two of his, really, almost entire adult life coworkers. There's a twinge of sympathy in that oversized heart-- but it might be the broken ribs.

As the explosions below spread, and the icicles fall, Buck's lips purse into a thin, grim line. He looks down at the radio in his hand. "God Bless," he mutters into it, the Christian roots showing. Maybe they'll hear it crackling in their ears before their lives end.
Chase Dalton Chase turns from the group, fishes his dogtags out from his shirt, and mutters under his breath. "Heavenly Father, for those who make the ultimate sacrifice, we ask that you comfort their families and friends in their time of sorrow. Let their memory serve to embolden future generations." He squeezes his dogtags tightly, eyes closed, as he prays quietly.
Kitten As the lift breaks through the surface at the last moment, you can see the fires of the explosion chasing after you. No doubt Nemesis had been consumed by those purifying flames along with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

There is little time to ponder things or the ways it could have turned out differently because you still need to run.

Running is all you can do as you race through the upper-levels of the facility towards the harsh Siberian wasteland.

The slowest among you, Buck barely gets out in time as the entire above-ground portion of the facility is swallowed beneath the cracked ice and into the ocean.

There was no way anything or anyone survived that.

Aside from the dozen soldiers who had been guarding the above-ground entrance and the transport pilots; there were no other survivors.

The group of you were the only ones to delve into the Umbrella Facility and escape with your lives.

Would you ever forget the events of this day?

Despite the losses, valuable evidence had been recovered and extracted. Evidence that would help to expose Umbrella for good and lay bare their crimes for the entire world to see.

End Scene. Credits Roll. Fin. Music Plays:

Resident Evil 3: Biohazard has ended. To be continued in Sins of the Father DLC! (just being cheeky, but the fight vs James Marcus is basically the RE3 DLC for here).