Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night Archene's Office at a Certain Tricell Building,
Early December 2005.

It was an interesting, average room when it came to offices. Probably due to the person who used it rarely even coming around to use it. Its windows were covered by green curtains and its walls were painted in some sort of beige. Sitting behind a wooden desk, typing things over at his laptop, there was Archene Night in a proper black suit. Earlier today, he had sent a note for Markus... given that he failed to meet the man before he left for his lab. Given that the lab was in the same building and soon enough would be lunch, he knew that there were good chances of Markus coming over at any time alright. Well, the note did say 'important confidential matters' after all.
Markus Berger At any time roughly translates to 'right now' as Markus, who for a change is appropiately dressed for his job as he is clad in a labcoat and 'normal' clothes, enters the office without so much as knocking and swiftly closes the door behind him again. "You called Arch? You interrupted some exceedingly boring work and my contemplations to just start to strangle people."
Silent Night "Yes, had some matters to talk with you, but I'm glad to see how you are enjoying your work so much." Archene grins, "As you might know, I know that you have certain knowledge regarding genetic modifications. And sincerely, given recent events among other things, I'd like to see how feasible reproducing the experiment on myself would truly be."
Markus Berger The doctor just stares at Archene for a long minute without saying anything the moment he hears that before abruptly holding up a hand and starting to count with his fingers. "First, a lab and good equipment to both prepare various chemical and biological concotions to inject and enough medical equipment to perform extensive surgery. Second, I need a blood sample and perhaps even a piece of flesh to analyse your DNA and cells. Third, a lot of painkillers. Four, a lot of time. I possess enough knowledge to be able to reproduce the results of the experiment performed on me, but I will need time since I both have to piece together the procedure and use my own modifications as template. Acceptable?"
Silent Night Archene seems to ponder on the conditions. Even without answering he begins typing a number of things on the computer at considerable speed. Soon enough a smile forms on his face, "In regards to a lab, there seems to be one that fits your requirements, and luckly, it is even here in France though it may be too far to transit to and fro Paris, it still has housing for its scientist. I can get you blood samples, and you may collect the appropriate amount of flesh for analysis, there is no problem. As for the painkillers, I should be fine procuring them. But how long will you need, can the process be completed before New Year? I'll be recieving other assignments past it."
Markus Berger "Yes. Just ensure that I'm not interrupted in any way and I have the required supplies. In addition I want to warn you that you might be out of commision for at least a day, likely more since I will be working without assistance for hopefully obvious reasons. The recovery phase will be excrutiatingly painfull and at least take a whole day as your body tries to both break itself down and rewrite itself at the same time while your bones decide to temporarely have the constistency of glass. I speak from experience." The doctor smirks slightly, his tone likely leaving no doubt that what he says is not speculation in any way but fact.
Silent Night "I expected that such may take long." Archene grins, "If it is just that much pain, I'm relieved. As long as it is successful and can be completed still this year, all will be well." He nods as he takes a sheet of paper from the edge of his desk and begins writing down an address before holding it over for Markus, "You already have the credentials to use the location, do you prefer to take my samples today and have them moved there or at the location itself?"
Markus Berger "Today. The earlier the better since I'll drop everything head to the lab right away once I have the samples. I'll procure a currently unused lab quickly and prepare the tools. At least I won't need much. A small syringes worth of blood and a minimal sliver of flesh, so it shouldn't be that painfull. I think... maybe. I'll meet you later." With that said the good doctor turns around on the spot as he quickly leaves the office again to get to work.
Silent Night "Alright, I'll be clearing my schedule then." Archene manages to speak as the doctor leaves. He lets out sigh, "Everything is going according to the plan."