Umbrella Surveillance System
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PrestigeAndrei Charles De Gaulle. It wasn't exactly a clever name but an obvious one for those that were working around here. An obvious psuedoname that Andrei had taken in order to get checked into the hopsital again...

At least that is what Andrei would of preffered to be put in as but unlike the last few times where Kirov had walked into the hospital of his own free will.. we was carried on a stretcher.. taken to the ICU and then checked in under his own name unfourtnatley. One Andrei Kirov, of course.. not that he would ever actually admit to being it. Who knows, perhaps the FBC who had rescued him had put him under a pusedo-name right?

REgardless, after his intensive operation.. a few set broken pones and a few bullets dug out, ANdrei was forced to sit and wait for his wounds to heal.. unable to even walk as he just stares at the wall, fidgeting all the while.
Emma Dr. Emma O'Connal comes walking in, wearing scrubs and a lab coat. His chart is tucked under her arm, and when she spies the man laying in the bed, a brow lifts, eyes look at the chart again and then back up. "C - could this be yer real name this time?" She walks up to his side, and gives a warm smile. "Ho - how ya feelin'?"
PrestigeAndrei "What? Come on dear, Andrei Kirov? I picked those letters out of a hat." Andrei will respond t hen as he lifts a hand up in response to her, though this will illicit a wince and a slight grunt as he lowers his arm back down to his side. "Alive. I wish I didn't have arms right now.. Or legs." Andrei will mutter under his breath before he glances up to Emma then as he offers a wry little smile. "You look good in white, O'connal, I must say.. most fetching indeed."
Emma Her smile widens some, and Emma looks down to her lab coat and then back up to him. "Th - thank ya." She tilts her head with a risen brow, and seems more amused by how he came up with the name. "Well, yer - yer creative then. Must be bored sittin' here?" Eyes move down to her chart with a frown. "Ya - ya took some good injuries, is yer pain killers enough?"
PrestigeAndrei "Why are you hesitating beautiful?" Andrei will inquire then as his left brow lifts ever so slightly, a small smirk playing at his lips then. "This is what? Our third date in this hospital? You'd think a woman of your skill and ability would be comfortable talking with a handsome and charming rogue like myself!" Andrei teases and prods as his eyes follow her own to his char then. "I'll make it. No pain if I don't move much, but yes, I am incredibly bored. Wish I was out on the town.. or exploring.. or doing something, anything really."
Emma Emma looks down, shyly, and goes a bit red. "Ne - never been good with tha - tha flirtin' stuff." A hand tucks some of that long red hair behind her ear. "Well, I get tha tv workin' for ya. I get that, I like ta - ta be out doin' things too. Is there anythin' I can bring ya to do in here?"%
PrestigeAndrei "Doctor.. You appear a bit flushed. Perhaps you have caught some sort of infection or disease? Maybe the love bug? Or perhaps embarassment?" ANdrei will offer as his voice trails off then for a second as he looks to the window nearby his bed ot no doubt peer at the sky. "Maybe some crosswords? I don't know. Just do your best to get me out of this bed by the end of the week. I hate being in a place like this.." Andrei mutters before glancing up at Emma again, "If that is not a bother for you of course.. and you know, come by.. as often as you want to chat. Maybe I'll make a flirt out of you yet!"
Emma Emma goes red, but laughs too. "Lo - love bug." The red head shakes her head, totally amused by this. "Go - good luck I've never been good with flirtin'." She really really isn't! "I'll come - come by an chat more, an' bring ya a few things ta - ta do, too. As long as yer restin' you'll heal fast, I know it doesn't feel like it but ya will."
PrestigeAndrei "I know a good cure for the ailment though if you can't get the knots out of your stomach in a few days Emma." Andrei offers softly as he gives her a wry little grin. "All it takes is a kiss to break the cursed disease. So if you get worse, we'll set up an appointment and mae sure you get a thorough dosage to insure things go well." Andrei will offer before he dips his chin then in respone as he looks to the window again. "But yes, thank you for offering and assisting me with this, even if it is your job.. I've found that shirking duty is fairly easy if you know how."
Emma Cheeks flair red, Emma's eyes go wide too, shyly she looks down and bites her lower lip a moment. That's the reply he gets to that. "I - I help how I can, duty or not, so ya know." She looks out the window then down. "I'll go see what I can find ya ta do."