Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger With the situation in Paris being what it is one might assume that any smart person would stay out of the lower catacombs to not be eaten by monsters. Unfortunately Markus Berger is despite his title and experience not a smart person when it comes to decision making as evidenced by the fact that under his clothes he is wrapped in various bloody bandages and the only reason he is still alive is the fact that he is quite a bit more sturdy looking than he did before all this started. In fact, right now he is currently lurking through the hospital in search for the one doctor he trusts. That one being Emma O'Connal.
Emma "I - I want a CT scan of his head." Emma says, walking with a nurse. "An' - an' look into an ER I suspect he will need surgery."

The nurse walks off with her orders, and the lass continues on until she happens across Markus. "Uh, wh - are ya okay?" Asks the lass worriedly. "Come alon' I'll look ya over." She nods to a patient room.
Markus Berger The sight of Emma immideately causes Markus to visibly brighten up... by not a whole lot. "Lets just say that with the blood I have lost in the last few days you could likely fill a bucket." Its about all Markus says as he quickly heads towards the indicated patient room.
Emma Markus is given a warm, if not worried smile. She'd motion for him to sit. "Th - then maybe yer gonna need a tranfusion." She thinks out loud. "What got ya inta this mess?"
Markus Berger "Considering that there is a Quarantine zone in the city and the catacombs seemingly bypass it going by all the mutants down there... Lickers and zombies, a lot of them." As he says that he is allready busy getting out of his coat and jacket which quickly reveals that the man is in fact wrapped in a lot of bloody bandages which hide various injuries of varying severity he himself had carefully sewn shut... while some others actually look like they have been healing for a few weeks by now and only would need some thread removal.
Emma Emma nods and sighs some. "Like a mini Racoon." She says sadly, and begins to look over the wounds. For removal of stitches a small pair of siccors are grabbed. "I - I'll get these out, an may I suggest a blood transfusion?"
Markus Berger "Well, can't keep my nose out of anything so I'm paying the price for that. Anyway, do whatever you believe should be done although a transfusion sounds like an idea. I'm surprised that I'm still able to act without too much of a problem, but I guess thats a result from the old experiments performed on me." With that said Markus pokes at some of his fading wounds, mutters something along the lines of 'definitely' and holds still so Emma can get to work on the stitches.
Emma Emma nods a little, listening as she works. Those stitches that need to be remved are. "You - you need ta stay overnight with a tranafusion. Ya know yer blood type?"
Markus Berger "Zero negative. The worst one to have unless you donate. I know, I know. Just my luck." With that said Markus looks at the injuries that had their stitches removed. "Well, guess thats last weeks injuries taken care off."
Emma "I'll take some - some blood, an' well find ya - ya a match." Emma says with a smile. "Why don't ya - ya lay down an' relax."