Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa It is currently night time with clear skies and twinkling stars. The air is warm for January and the mooon was in a Waxin Gibbous status.

The Quarantine Zone looked vastly different near the entrance. Gone was the Paris Police and there vehicles. Gone was part of the fence; replaced with a concrete slab that rose up with main gates. Just on the other side of the high-security gates was a small encampment - a high chainlink fenced off section filled with a vehicle depot of four cars, several portable housing constructs, and flood lights that illuminated the area around it. Towers at the corners held FBC soldiers and snipers. FBC guards stood at the main gates; checking badges and allowing authorized personnel in. the fence line went down four city blocks in either direction, curved and headed away and toward the blast zone.

A Jeep exits the main gates, turns to the right and begins a slow drive down the fence line; a high-density flood light shines through the fence and would appear to be searching for something, someone or just making sure thriller seekers weren't getting in.
Isabel It's warm for January, but that's still pretty cold. So Isabel Welsh's stocking cap and dark gray Carhart jacket don't look out of place on the street, not even with black French jeans and hiking boots. A striped scarf adds a little color to her outfit, along with her dark gray, purple-accented backpack, but otherwise she might well be dressed for sneaking around. Which she is, actually. There's no way she'd stay away from the Quarantine Zone after all the talk of that recent explosion within.
She avoids the main gates, knowing better than to try and talk her way in with no pass or authority. Or even a good command of the French language, for that matter. She's aware of the patrol vehicles watching the fence, but a little observation has taught her that there are times that the vehicles aren't in sight. Now she just has to wait for the next one to pass and turn the corner, and she can make a dash for the fence.
She watches and waits, concealed in the mouth of an alley across the street. She passes the time by digging an old black wool blanket out of her pack, doubling it over. With luck, it'll protect her from the wire at the top of the fence.
Esa The patrol jeep turns the corner and disappears down the road line. Even with the FBC having taken over the patrol and assuming command of the site, it had been tough going in keeping the place lit. Spaced ever block were massive flood lamps that shone light; but there was still enough darkness between for someone to slip by undetected.

Not to mention, there was a foot patrol heading from the direction the jeep came, heading toward the gates and another group heading from the gates to them.

The explosion wasn't the only talk of the town; there was talk of creatures, incidents within the QZ and within the catacombs have been heard; rumors of people cannibalizing people; of animals that didn't look quiet right.
Isabel The patrol vehicle doesn't look to have noticed her. Isabel watches it turn the corner, then ducks and dashes across the dimly-lit street to the foot of the fence. Once there, she puts a foot into a chainlink and begins making her way upwards, the blanket rolled up and thrown over her shoulder.
At the top, she unrolls the blanket over the top of the wire. Almost there! She throws a leg over the top of the wire and begins climbing down.
Esa After Isabel is safely over the fence line and hidden amongst the growing grass and damaged buildings, the two teams meet together. It's been a week since the explosion and raid in the catacombs.

"They've finally released the names of the men killed in the Catacombs. Private Happy was amongst the dead." Private Johnathan told the group as the stood there quietly.

"Shit; I really enjoyed having Happy around. What is that? ten.. fifteen that died down in there?" Another private, Winston, shook his head slightly. "At least they've closed the entrance to the catacombs so no more of those fucking things can get down."

Off in the distance one could hear mild popping sounds. A third Private, looked that way; he seemed to be the rookie amongst the veterans. Winston grinned "It's just the FBC Fire Teams taking out the Walkers. Nothing to be afraid of." He told him "Well, see you all in fifteen." And the group proceeded to separate; heading opposite directions again.
Isabel Barely close enough to hear from her place of concealment, Isabel quietly takes mental notes: Catacombs entrance is closed, undead were apparently getting down into them and out of the Quarantine Zone. And these military people did the closing, and lost some of their own.
She really would salute if it wouldn't get her good and caught. Dad was a Marine, after all; it's probably where she gets her stubbornness.
She waits for them to move on before she gets moving, heading deeper into the zone, digicam in hand. With luck, she can get some decent footage and back out safely. But she'll have to be quick and sneaky, with the lights around.
Esa At first, there wasn't much to see. The buildings for the first few blocks were intact; minus some blown out windows, debris in the street from looting, newspaper and trash strewn and blown around and abandoned cars. It looked like a ghost town; abandoned quickly after the terrorist attack.

This would go on for several blocks until it slowly turned into a warzone; some looked like they were about to collapse, others bore the scars of damage from the explosion. Windows were gone, some were completely gutted or near gutted by the force of explosion. Rebar could be seen and the streets were littered with brick, concrete, glass.
Isabel Turning the camera as she goes, pausing to film particularly interesting and shocking devastation, Isabel makes her way along, ever watchful for the undead. The transition from abandoned buildings to urban war zone is gradual, but she still tries to get as much of it documented as she can. "Good grief, this is awful..." she murmurs aloud, forgetting herself in the horror of the moment. "Is this from the Umbrella bomb, or the recent explosion?"
She's careful to stay back from the damaged buildings. Anything could be inside, really, but the big worry is one of them coming down around her ears.
Esa Unlike the patrol on the outside that was slow and methodical, the patrols inside were more chaotic and quick. The sound of a jeep could be heard easily enough and within a few seconds, a convoy of three traverses the street and zips past Isabel; apparently not noticing her. Within seconds, they split up - the first jeep turning down a city block, followed by the second and third a block up. Within a minute, the sound of machine gun fire is heard.
Isabel Isabel barely refrains from bolting for cover when she catches sight of a little covey of Jeeps, coming too close for comfort. She freezes in place, and apparently it works: The vehicles go right by without even slowing down. Sighing in relief, she looks after them.
And that's when the sound of firing is heard. Blinking in surprise, she moves quickly but quietly in the direction that the firing is coming from. Maybe there's something there worth filming!
Esa The buildings had collapsed in such a way that most of the main thoroughfares were blocked; though the two that the jeeps went down where evidently clear. An alleyway was present just ahead and looked clear and free of major rubble or debris.
Isabel Well, this is a conundrum: No clear way via road, other than the paths that the Jeeps took. Still there's an alley here...
Isabel moves to the mouth of the alley, pausing to turn on the camera's light to give the alley a more thorough look-over. It looks like a clear path, but a second look never hurts.
Esa Within visual range of the light, the pathway seemed clear. A few dumpsters that smelt of rotting food lingered; light debris of stone or concrete can be seen alongside papers, boxes.
Isabel Following the Jeeps directly might result in discovery; Isabel decides to chance the alley, leaving the light on so she can see better. She begins making her way through, skirting the trash containers and wrinkling her nose at the reek.
Esa The light shone this way and that as she walked; illuminating the walls and dumpsters with more clarity. As she passed the second dumpster, the light falls on a dead body!

The body wasn't a walker, of course. His head was caved in by a brick; bricks laid around him and shining the light up would reveal half of the upper building was heavily damaged. Upon closer inspection, the body did appear to have been eaten upon; chunks of flesh were missing and the clothing was ripped asunder. Maggots could be seen crawling out of the ripped open flesh..

Moving further along, the Alley way T'd. The gunfire could be heard from the left side of the alleyway..

For Trixie, the FBC was called in to quell a small horde. Her three jeep convey had not noticed Isabel as they passed and were now on scene of the Zombies. Jeep 1 and 3 were doing suppressive fire upon the horde while the rest of the soldiers waited on orders from her.
Isabel "Oh!" Isabel, caught up in her filming, almost misses seeing a dead body... and thankfully not the kind that gets up again. But it's grody and looks rather chewed-on, with torn clothes and skin and maggots.
After her experiences in Raccoon City, a dead body no longer has the shock value it once would have, even months later. But it's still gross, and a reminder of what can happen here. Shivering involuntarily, Isabel presses on.
Following the sound of the guns, she moves to the left as she reaches the alley's intersection. She leaves the light on for a bit, just to make sure the way is clear.
Trixie "Rifles, fan out, Line Zed-Three! You know the drill! Stay in sight of one another and aim for the friggin' /heads/!" Trixie directs, as she stands in the bed of the second Jeep. "Make like you're cutting grass long, gunners!" She unslings her XM8, only a week back from the armoury with a brand-new four-power optic and detachable suppressor, and takes a bead of her own on a random zed head in the back of the line. "Somebody get on that damned blooper and lay 'em in on the front row! Let's /mash some melons/!"
Esa With floodlights on the Walkers (it was night time), the three Fire Teams step out and took a knee. Aiming carefully they begun to provide secondary suppressive fire on the horde of thirty; aiming for the head as best as they could. The two long gunners continue to fire in to the horde rather than along the front line.

At the order of the blooper, a rifleman took a step back and went to the Jeep 2. Climbing inside, he took control of the launcher and tilted it up. Careful aim was given as he pressed the trigger...

For Isabel the walk was simple and lead out to a open area where buildings have collapsed. This was a mix of fields (possibly a park), streets and buildings at one point, all swept away by rubble and debris. Walkers, a horde of them walked toward the convey of three jeeps. All of them seemed to be attracted by the Jeeps at this point and none minded Isabel.. for the moment.

Then - BOOM!

an explosion went off in the center of the horde; zombies flew backwards and stumbled forwards as the concussion wave ripped through them. At least three walkers flew into the air and five more were killed on impact. The horde thinned quickly to fifteen between the launcher and gun fire.
Isabel Isabel clears the mouth of the alley just in time to film the explosion. Looks like her instincts were right on the money: There /is/ something worth filming here! Crouching and edging closer to the action, though hugging the wall behind her so as not to attract attention, she keeps filming. This is gonna be /so/ incredible on her next journal!
Trixie Trixie grins at the man on the grenade launcher. "Nice shot, Riggs... give 'em a couple more. Space 'em out just slightly and keep to the front ranks to knock 'em away from us," she instructs, indicating both the fallen zeds and the ones behind that are still moving. "Maybe we can nail down those ones that faceplanted." Nevertheless, she shifts her fire to the fallen zeds' heads. Just in case.
Esa For now, it would seem, Isabel wasn't seen by anyone or thing... as of yet. She was just outside of the flood lights reach and the darkness kept her hidden.

The Zombies kept coming to the jeep; A second explosion went off, this time closer to the jeeps as the horde of fifteen went down to eight and then zero. The silence as the weapon fire stopped.

It would seem another horde of ten had heard the explosions and gun fire and were moving a bit faster than the previous group. The launcher swiveled and fired a long shot that sailed over head; toward the new horde.

This horde was focused on the jeeps, but was closer to Isabel. The explosion went off just in front of the horde and killed three in an instant and pushed back a few more. Debris of rock, concrete and dirt is kicked up and sent flying everywhere - including toward Isabel.
Isabel Isabel keeps filming, trying to focus on the undead as the military types shoot and grenade them into oblivion. It looks like they're winning, judging by the number that went down in the first few seconds alone.
Wait... why is that grenade launcher swiveling her way? Are there..?
There are! Isabel spares a glance back and notices them, then quickly drops to the ground. The grenade launcher thumps, and there's a blast behind her. Bits of former buildings and former ground fly over and past her, narrowly missing. Whew, that was close!
And there are still deaders back there. She clambers to her feet and dashes away from them.
She doesn't move towards the Jeeps, though. Good intentions or not, she'll still technically breaking the law just being here.
Trixie Trixie blinks at the sight of more groaners inbound, from a slightly different direction. "Rifles, Line Zed-Two, and /don't let them get in close to you/! Back up if you have to!" the former cheerleader declares, forgetting her mic in favor of lung power. She gets a good grip on the rollbar, abandoning plinking in favor of not being dumped on the pavement when her next order is executed. "Drivers, back it up! At least ten feet! Gunners, suppressive on the main body! Riggs, drop one on their heads in back!"
Esa Jeep 1 and 3 drive back toward the street entrance as Jeep 2 stayed. The Fire Team line stood and stepped backwards as they open fired. The Zombies were quelled after a second grenade launch and the numbers reduced to zero.

Then silence once more as the Fire Team ceases.

Isabel run away from the onslaught of shelling, bullets and Zombies runs her straight into a Zombie! The Zombie catches her scent and stumbles forward; hands raising as it groans loudly.
Isabel Isabel keeps running, trying to film as she goes. She stumbles once, turning back to face the front, camera steadying... and she nearly runs smack into a zombie!
She screeches in startled fright! But she doesn't lose her head completely. Not wanting to give it time to bite, she tries to kick it away from herself so she can get away.
Trixie Trixie scans the scene, looking over the piles of groaners and sheer grodyness that used to be groaners, and sees nothing moving or groaning. "Looks like we're clear... and that's another fire put out. Nice work, people! Top up and mount up," she directs, adding a ceremonial, "First round's on me."
And then her ears, bludgeoned as they are by the weapons fire, home in on a scream somewhere nearby, and she instantly looks for the source. Someone's in trouble! She instantly wishes that her Trixie-Sense were better than plain old Eyeball and Ear Mk. 1...
Esa The Zombie is kicked, but doesn't seem to sway him as he kept going forward and lunged; jaw gapping open as it moans loud enough during it's lunge.

It takes Trixie amount of scouting before she sees the Zombie and Isabel. The situation appeared dire for the young lady.
Isabel These things are stronger than they look! Isabel doesn't stick around to fight, but whirls to put some distance between herself and the monster before it tries again.
Trixie The scuffle looks to be going against the civilian. Trixie is too far away to invervene physically... but the scoped XM8 gives her arm a much longer reach. She sweeps up the German-made carbine and sights in on the dead man walking. Her target is its head.
The suppressed muzzle tip sweeps up, wavers... and steadies.
There is no muzzle flash, and the soft, flat pop of the suppressed carbine is easily lost in the aural whine of firearms-dampened ears. The faint tinkle of the brass empty hitting the ground is the only discrepancy in the deafening aftermath of the miniature war of a moment before.
Esa The Zombie turned and moaned loudly as he swiveled to move for Isabel. The Zombie continued to move toward her.. continued to close the gap.

Its jaw gapped open again, clamping down as it attempted to bite air. Jaw opening again, a moan starts - then a light thawk - the head explodes; blood, bone and brain matter spraying everywhere; even toward Isabel. The Zombie took a few more headless steps then crumbled to the ground.
Isabel Busy making her escape, Isabel only barely notices the sound of the carbine. The sudden splatter of bits and blood used to be part of a zombie across her back (what isn't covered by the backpack, anyway) is a little more obvious. She doesn't stop to look, but keeps going.
She'd better get out of this place. She has footage to screen. Besides, all the noise will surely bring them out of the woodwork. Here is the worst place of all to be right now!
Trixie Trixie watches what can only be Isabel make her escape, mouthing a silent, 'You're welcome,' at her back as she lowers the high-tech carbine. She'd know that backpack anywhere. Grateful that no one seems to have noticed the impromptu rescue, she looks back to her troops and her radio, thinking mostly of more fires to put out before the night's patrol is through.
"No rest for the wicked..." she murmurs tiredly as she sinks back into her seat in the back of the Jeep, unaware that her radio mic is open and caught those telling last five words.