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Vivienne Vivienne is arguing with a nurse, straining to get off the bed. "Listen lady. I don't want to stay here. I'm going back to my..ship." She grunts as she tries to get out the last word. The nurse is speaking French, gesturing towards the door, a very pronounced frown on her face. Vivienne rolls her eyes and pulls off her armor, it's shredded on the front, and drops it on the floor. "Fine FINE, whatever. Just call Bob Delgaldo. FBC. Any other doctor comes in here and I'll shoot them." someone having a bad night?
Bob From out in the hall comes the sound of Bob attempting to speak French. It's messy, but he's getting through. The fact that he's also in full battle rattle and doesn't seem to give two shits about anyone getting in his way helps him make rapid progress. Soon enough he's at the right door, sticking his head in to make sure of the fact before following with the rest of hid body, "Sup, Vivienne? More lizardmen?"
Vivienne Vivienne gazes over at Bob and that happy go lucky girl? She's gone. She looks more than a little rattled, and her eyes are still wide and her hands are shaking. "Lickers." She manages to say, taking a deep breath. Her neck shows signs of bruising and abrasions, and the place that was just recently sutured? Well it needs it again. She glances briefly towards the window, almost as if she's checking to see if one is outside of the window.
Bob "Motherfuckers. I've heard nothing good about those things," Grant says as he heads over to Vivienne and starts giving her a looking over. Then he's on to searching the room for supplies, trying to find exactly what he needs to get her all clean and patched up. First come the trauma shears to remove her garments, but before using them he makes an attempt at bedside manner and approaches to give her a gentle pat on the shoulder, "I'll get you all taken care of and hang out with you until you're good to go."
Vivienne "Yes, of them nearly strangled me to death. I'm not sure I want to see another." Vivienne mutters, staring out the window for a few more beats before she turns to Bob. "I have no idea what happened tonight, but they put *me* in charge of the group down there." She looks spooked. "Never ever doing that shit again."
Bob "I'm sorry I wasn't there, but they needed me to brief the Frog cops on proper quarantine procedure after a zombie almost made it through the catacombs," Bob shakes his head as an almost growl like noise can be heard coming from his throat. "They put you in charge? Who all was there?" And then, as he starts removing clothing to get a better look at the wounds, "Not looking too bad, thankfully. A few more sutures and you'll be good to go."
Vivienne "I'm sick and tired of my chest getting sewn up." Vivienne says, frowning at Bob as she makes a surpreme effort to lay back and be still. She keeps glancing at the window and then back into the hospital room. "Emma, James and some guy I've never seen before." She says, wrinkling her nose. "Isn't there any way we can do this with butterfly bandages or something. I'm getting some gnarly scars from all this stitching bullshit."
Bob Just like before, Bob's pretty good at the treatment part of patient care, carefully numbing the area before starting to stitch Viv back up again, "The other means of closing wounds like this aren't as sure. They might come apart. Plus, the scars should be less visible with suturing than with other treatments, especially once they finish healing." Her words leaving him considering things for some time, "I guess you were probably the ranking military personnel. Still, sending civilians against Lickers and shit is fucked up."
Vivienne "I think Emma was the only real civilian." Vivienne mutters, wincing as the needle meets flesh. "I made sure she was well and properly covered and I didn't pussyfoot around. I used the rifle." She goes to shift on the bed and remembers the needle before she moves, gritting her teeth together. "Apparently they notice when someone is putting large holes into their friends because the last bastard dove right on me after I did just that."
Bob "Good. That Barrett's a beast, I love that thing," Bob comments with a serious nod as he works, being as smooth as he can to make sure he leaves the smallest possible scar. "The BOWs have been shown to respond to noise and other stimuli when choosing targets. It wouldn't surprise me if you were right and they pegged you for the biggest threat right away."
Vivienne "When I found out that I was the lead, I was seriously tempted to just toss a grenade down the catacombs and give a thumbs up and a..too bad for the missing team. They're dead by the way, the lickers only left parts behind." Vivienne says, frowning as she glances up at the ceiling. "Are you almost done? I hate needles..did I mention that before? I don't think that I did, but I'm mentioning it now." She babbles, her jaw twitching as she clenches her teeth together. "Fuuck.."
Bob "Fuck," Bob says softly when he hears about the fate of the other team, closing his eyes and briefly sighing. But he's got work to do and he does it with as much tenderness as he can manage, "We're almost done. You'll need a little more time to let these heal up, but you'll be okay." And he finishes tying off the last suture, quickly snipping the needle off and disposing of everything in a red container. "All done, I think..." He says as he leans back in to take a closer look at his work before giving a solid nod and grabbing some bandaging materials to cover it up. "I'm going to give you a shot, too. It's a broad spectrum antibiotic called cefotetan, should prevent any bacterial infections as a result of the wound."
Vivienne "Oh, thanks because those assholes didn't look very clean." Vivienne snaps and then her cheeks go red. "Sorry, just on edge a bit. It's one thing to be responsible for you guys, know." She wrinkles her nose and pushes up on her elbows. "It's another thing to be in charge of civilians." She glances around the hospital room and sighs. "Did that nurse take my fucking rifle? I am going to lose my shit here soon."
Bob The injection is prepped and Bob quickly grabs Viv's arm to administer it, cracking, "Just a prick. The needle too." Once that's done there's another thing for the red sharps container. "Closest thing I've had to working with civilians before this bullshit was local tribesmen in Afghanistan but those guys had been fighting forever." He, too, scans the room for her weapon, sighing as he can't seem to locate it. He grabs a gown from underneath the exam table and tosses it onto Vivienne's lap. "Sit tight. I'm about to go fuck somebody up."
Vivienne "I hope that means you're getting my rifle, because I am absolutely terrified that one of those things followed me here." Vivienne says, picking up the gown and making a face at it. " stop, old lady blouses." She pulls the gown on and pushes herself up on the bed until she's sitting. "Stitches, a shot..what's next?"
Bob "Yeah, I'm going to grab your weapon," Bob says as he heads out of the room, closing the door behind him. Out in the hallway one can hear him yell, "Fusil! S'il vous plait!" And then a little bit later, "I'm going to skull fuck your orderly ass if you don't get out of my fucking way." And a moment later, "I don't even understand your brand of gibberish, lady. Give me that fucking... Fuck it." Then the door opens and Bob walks in with the big ass rifle, "Got your cannon, sister."
Vivienne Vivienne holds out her hands and when the rifle is back in them she looks a fair bit more relaxed. "Thanks." She says, leaning it against the right side of the bed. She lifts her hips, pulls off her fatigues trousers and drops them near the armor. Both are covered with a fair amount of licker gore. Another moment of shifting around reveals her pistol which she shoves under the pillow. "There, now I don't care what happens."
Bob After setting the weapon in Viv's hands Bob gives her a big grin, "Don't let civvies walk away with your shit in the future. I thought I was going to have to punch that nurse for a second." Whether he's serious or not is debatable. He throws on a fresh pair of exam gloves and starts going through Viv's pockets, putting anything he finds, maybe her wallet, maybe a licker tongue bit, on the counter so she can go through it later.
Vivienne "I was pretty sure I was dead down there when that licker almsot dragged me off, by the neck no less. I'm still a bit shaken or no civilian would have walked off with my baby." Vivienne says, sneering at the door. "Next time I see bodies pulled apart like that, I'm simply tossing a grenade down the hall and walking away. Screw history."
Bob "I was giving you a hard time. I figured you were a little busy being fucked up here in bed to worry about it," Bob says to her as he finishes going through her stuff, tossing everything into a biohazard bag when he's done with it. "I'll help you with the field loss paperwork. I got really good it after the first time an IED killed my rucksack." And then he's back to more serious stuff, "You need to use your best judgement. If you think fragging a room is the way to go then you do that. You're more important that some motherfuckers who've been dead a couple hundred years."
Vivienne "Mmm." Vivienne says, but the tone indicates agreement. She glances over at what is left of her fatigues and she frowns. "I just got those the way that I like them, now I have to get a new set." She glances towards the door again, almost as if she's waiting for someone. "So can I go home tonight? If the answer is yes, can you explain it to Nurse Ratched so I don't have to put a bullet in her knee?"
Bob "You can go home if you need to," Bob tells Vivienne with a shrug. "There's no reason to keep you, you're not so hurt that I'm worried about you croaking overnight," He goes on some more and gathers her stuff into a emesis bag for her and sets it on the bed next to her. "I won't let them stop you. I figure they're probably either too pissed at me or terrified to want to have me go off on them again." After cleaning up the room Bob goes ahead and grabs the chair in the corner, sliding down to it to stretch out his legs, "You got someone coming to pick you up or check on you?"
Vivienne "James will be here soon, I would bet. If he didn't get hurt himself. They hustled me here so quick that I didn't catch sight of him when we got out of the catacombs." Vivienne says, gazing at the door again. "I hope they're not keeping him outside. I do have my gun back now."
Bob "Good. I'll chill out with you until here gets here so that nobody fucks with you," Bob informs Vivienne with a solid nod as he rotates in the chair a little bit, having a touch of difficulty getting comfortable while wearing his armor. "You want me to give him a call? I don't hear anything breaking outside the room so I'm guessing they're not giving him any trouble."
Vivienne "I wouldn't mind that, actually. I'm gonna need clothes since all of my stuff is covered in licker gore blood." Vivienne says, gazing down at the hospital gown. "I'm not wearing this home, it's got a back window and I'm not ..nobody needs to see that."
James Scott It's about at this time that there's a knock at the door followed by a tired looking James sticking his head in. "Did somebody say hospital gown?" Even now he's able to shoot everyone a grin. The door opens the rest of the way and he wanders in with a bag of folded clothes. "I'd have been here sooner, but I figured I'd swing by the house and grab you some clothes, since I got that blood all over you. Sorry about that, again."
Bob Hopping up from his chair Bob heads for the hospital room's phone, staring at it for a few seconds while he slowly deciphers the strange words on it, "Can't be showing it off for free, right?" He picks up the phone just as James comes in and turns around to give him a chin lift as a greeting, hanging up before anything happens. "Glad to see that you're okay, man."
Vivienne "Thanks for bringing me the clothes, and don't worry about it. I'd much rather lose a set of fatigues than my life." Vivienne smiles at James before she glances towards the window. "Did you bring down that tunnel?" She asks, swinging her legs around and taking the bag, pulling out the clothes he brought for her.
James Scott "Yeah, but it blocked off the exit. If I hadn't of memorized the different entrances I'd probably still be down there." James admits, rubbing at the back of his neck. "When I got out they told me they'd already sent you off, so I ran home and locked my gear up as quick as I could." He heads over to take a seat in one of the chairs sat near the bed. "Never using a bat on a one of those assholes again though. Those regular infected weren't a problem though."
Bob Being polite and all, Bob looks out the window while Vivienne changes into real clothes. His hands slide to rest so that his thumbs hook behind his belt buckle. His head turns slightly to the side, not far enough to see anything, but enough to make an attempt at being easily heard while he's talking, "We need to stop pussy footing around with the catacombs and fill them with napalm. Or a French soldier every five feet so they can't fail to miss anything. I haven't been down there and not seen some kind of infected."
Vivienne "It does seem like they're taking this whole thing pretty casually." Vivienne says, shimmying into a pair of jeans. She pulls on a shirt with a wince and frowns. "Do you think we didn't manage to seal off the catacombs properly?" She asks, grabbing her rifle and slinging it over her shoulder. She grabs her pistol from underneath the pillow, tucks it into her back holster as she takes a step forward to peek out of the window again. "Why haven't the media picked up on this shit either?"
James Scott "That's simple." James says, crossing his legs. "The catacombs are about two-hundred miles of caves and tunnels. They don't have the manpower or knowledge to do full sweeps and if they covered it there'd be panic. That's just as bad as zombies, especially if in the panic somebody gets infected and takes it across the border. The virus would spread like a wildfire."

The teen sighs quietly. "So really, we're doing everything we can at the moment. I'm willing to bet that if we dig deep enough into those catacombs we'll find out why there are so many of those fuckers down there."
Bob "Well, that's a better reason than incompetence," Bob says after hearing James' statement. He rocks back on his heels as he thinks for a little bit. "It's just such a screwed up scenario. There's probably more than that one entrance between the QZ and the catacombs we sealed, too." Noticing that the others seem to be ready, Bob turns around again, "Anyway, I just wanted to swing by and make sure everything was okay. I'm friggin' exhausted tonight. Gotta get home and rack out."
Vivienne "I'm doing the same, after tonight I feel like I could sleep for a week." Vivienne mutters, holding out a hand to pull James to his feet. "More sutures, fun huh?" She says, a slight grin on her face. "C'mon, lets go home."
James Scott "I suppose we should get some sleep. In a few hours." James allows with a nod, rising to his feet and taking Vivienne's hand in his own. "Was good seeing you Bob. Though next time it should be without all the blood."
Bob "Yeah, you guys give me a call soon and we'll hang out," Bob says to them as he heads to the door to make sure that he can get them past the medical personnel that might try to stop them. Gotta watch out for his buddies, after all. As he screens their egress he says, "You guys take care of yourselves. I'll see you soon."