Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's a cooler day out, with a dusting of snow. The sky is grey, and dweary. But that doesn't mean inside the chateau is the same. Emma is coming down the stairs, it's late afternoon. Today is a day off, time to relax. She's wearing a pair of sweat pants, a white tshirt with a loose plaid shirt on top. Her hair is put up in a loose bun. As she walks down, eyes are on her phone, seems she is texting.
Vivienne Vivienne walks up the path towards the Chateau, her eyes taking in the building and its surroundings. She's clad in her fatigues, hair wild around her face. She furrows her brow and steps up, knocking at the door timidly before she shoves her hands in her pocket. Just before she reaches up to knock again, the door opens and she is ushered inside and to Emma.
Emma Emma flips her phone shut - as, given the year, flip phones are more common. Looking up Viv is given a smile. "'ello." Greets the lass, heading the womans way. "Co - come alon', I was gonna go plan out my garden for tha - tha spring. An' order a pizza an' have some beer. Care ta join?"
Vivienne Vivienne gets a pleased look on her face and she nods at Emma, falling into step beside her. "That sounds amazing, actually. I am..pretty enamored of pizza, I'm not gonna lie." She smiles over at the woman beside her and adds. "Thanks for inviting me over, by the way."
Emma "Pi - pizza an' beer is one of my favorite things too. An' sittin' back doin' near nothin' an - an' relaxin'." Emma gives her a smile. "I'm glad ya - ya could make it. I know it's.. fancy an' all here, with all tha guards an' security." Some staff wander here and there, busy with their work. "How's work be - been goin'?" Her direction leads them to the living room area, it's big with comfy couches, and a flat screen on the wall.
Vivienne "We keep finding things below in the catacombs. If things don't change soon I don't know if it's gonna be a secret for very long." Vivienne admits, gazing around with wide eyes. She grins over at Emma. "This place is beautiful."
Emma Emma picks the chair, and sits in it, kicking her legs over the arm and resting back. "A - aye, it is." She says after a second. "Bigger than - than what I'm used ta, an' ta be honest, I spend a lot of my time in tha stables. I took an empty stall an' makeshifted it inta a space for me. Hammock, blankets, all that. More like home." The mention of the catacombs causes a brow to lift. "Th - that much under there huh? Is it - it only zombies right now, or somethin' worse?"
Vivienne "Still undetermined, so far..only zombies." Vivienne finds a seat, removes her boots and sits back. She gazes around the room with slightly wide eyes and after a few moments her gaze lands on Emma. "What's in the stables?" She asks, an eyebrow quirking up slightly.
Emma Her phone is put on the coffee table, Emma frowns a little and nods. "Aw - awful still, I'm, ta be honest, fearin' tha time when the hospital gets over run with victims like in Racoon." She is quiet a second, remembering that time. Thankfully the question pulls her away, and looking to Viv the lass smiles. "My - my horse, an' a few others. I like tha quiet an' peace there, I used ta study there a lot. That lil' room I setup for myself is nice. Also, has decent acoustics for when I - I play my violin or somethin' like that. An' tha animals like it."
Vivienne "You have a horse?" Vivienne asks, a smile forming on her face. "I saw one on television once, they look huge." She tilts her head to the side and gestures around the room. "You sleep out in the stables when you could be sleeping in here?" She bites down on her bottom lip.
Emma "Aye I - I got a horse, an Shaemus of course." Emma is an animal lover! "Somtimes I fall asleep out there, or, just want my space. I - I went through a bad time not long ago, an' - an' I hit a pretty bad depression. Slept there a lot, ta hide." There is a small shrug, yet the red head does notice Viv's reaction. "Wanna go see tha horses? An', ya okay?"
Vivienne Vivienne sits still for a few moments to think about the things that Emma has said, and finally when she opens her mouth to speak her words come quiet. "Why were you depressed?" She asks, swinging her legs up and over her chair like Emma. "Lets talk more before you show me horses, they seem like they're a bit big..and that's scary."
Emma "Tha - tha only temperamental horse is mine, she seems ta - ta only really take ta me. Duke ia great, I showed Esa Duke too." But Emma is quiet, and looks down a little, trying to form the words. "I - I had a lot of issues comin' outta racoon, an' from tha kidnappin' an' what they did ta me. I got therapy an' it helped, helped ta make me be able ta function normally again." A pause, with a deep breath. "A while back there were rumours, 'bout tha catacombs, an' possible zombies. I went down with Chase, an then everytin' I worked so hard ta overcome came apart. I suffered a sever anxiety attack, from what I saw. An' I ran. An' saw James kill someone, then fainted in Chase's arms. From - from there, things kept goin' down, an' I started ta do dumb risky things- dependin' who ya - ya ask. Could of easily got myself killed. It was nightmare after nightmare, I was.. a shell again."
Vivienne "Well.." Vivienne begins, pushing her hair away from her eyes. "Our past makes us who we are now, and people seem to like you Emma, and revere you and want to keep you safe and protected." She says, fidgeting with her hands in her lap. "You show a lot more strength than you might realize, living through those things and coming out with the ability to take another step forward into a new day." Vivi's eyes lift from her hands to finally gaze full on at Emma. "Not a lot of people can. People kill themselves for less, they waste their opportunities."
Emma "I - I know, people wann keep me safe, an' get mad when I go do those things, I get it." Emma nods slowly, and takes a deep breath in. Cheeks redden a little too. "Th - thanks, I do - do try tha push on, I'm not so great with tellin' others when I'm in that state, always feel like a problem. But I've seen - seen it, ya'know, people, young, come in tryin' ta kill themselves an' it breaks yer heart. Why I push back hard, I wanna be someone that can help them outta it, one reason why I became a doctor."
Vivienne Vivienne gazes away from Emma as she speaks, her head nodding slowly. When Emma speaks up and says she wants to be someone who can help, Vivienne raises a brow, her eyes moving to take in the red headed woman again. "You don't see yourself as that someone yet?" She asks with a smile. "What you gotta realize, Emma, is that we're all here strugging for our own existance. Sure, your actions might piss people off, but they're your actions and if you believe in them. Fuck whatever someone else thinks." She slices her hand through the air as she says this, a frown forming on her face. "People used to tell I couldn't. Couldn't be a lady. Couldn't travel. Couldn't make a life for myself. I'm an uneducated mess, but here I am." She gets to her feet, restless and paces her arms folded. "I'm in a beautiful city, living in a safe and warm place. I'm being paid, and the things I DID manage to learn are being put to use to keep people safe."
Emma "Thank you!" Emma says with some relief. "They are -my- actions, an' sometimes, I dun wanna feel like a child for it." Seems this is a sore spot, clearly the lass feels like she has been treated as such in the past. Eyes watch as Viv stands, and speaks, there is a nod. "Ay - aye ya are! And that's a lot. People get ta judge others way more than they should, only you get to make yer life, and yers seems pretty darn good ta me! An exciting job, boyfriend who loves ya, yer strong." She is given a warm smile.
Vivienne "I mean, lets be honest here Emma.." Vivienne says, coming to a stop and turning, her hands folded behind her back. "You can look at anyones life, from the outside, and see every good thing without realizing that there is a host of bad ones." She props her hands on her hips and gazes up at the ceiling. She holds out a hand and ticks off a finger every time she starts a new train of thought. "Exciting job.'s exciting because I can die anytime." Another finger gets ticked off. "Boyfriend who loves me, yet the whole thing started because I was planted to keep an eye on him." She ticks off a third finger and smirks. "Strong? I can pretend. I can stand there with an impassive look on my face and make it seem like nothing bothers me, when inside I'm usually screaming." She walks towards her chair again and settles down. "So every pretty rose has some thorns, and some even have bugs. You just have to do the best with what you've got."
Emma "Ya - ya never can guess what a person is - is goin' through. At tha end if tha day, we're all sort of.. actors, in life." Emma is watching Viv intently, taking it all in, giving her attention to her. "I - I learned we can all die at any time, ya'know, but some more high risk. Yer strong because ya - ya know these things, strong isn't not feelin' fear or anythin' it's feelin' it an' pression on. Bein' brave an all." Yet something in all this did get her attention. "You- you were planted? By who?" And to note, the lass doesn't sound anything but kind, and said with no judgement.
Vivienne "What is death, honestly?" Vivienne mutters, her lips pursed. She sits back on the chair, her posture slumped. "Wesker put me there, I think in the end he means for me to put a bullet in James if things don't go the way he wants it." A disgusted look crosses her features. "He's blackmailing me." She gazes back at Emma with a slight smirk on her face. "How's that for a pretty good life."
Emma Pushing herself up, Emma stands and goes to sit beside Viv, in a form of support. "Do - does Wesker have somethin' on ya?" Her tone is gentle, yet curious. "Tha - tha fact that it seems ta bring ya pain, means ya think yer life is good. Sometimes, unecpected events open our eyes. An' if he tries anythin', come ta me, come here. Don't let him ruin ya, an' I won't let anythin' happen to ya, or James."
Vivienne "He does have something on me." Vivienne says, gazing over at Emma, her nose wrinkling. "I'm not gonna hurt James,'s not safe in his penthouse right now, I'll say that much. He got attacked there by Umbrella, and now the place is bugged. Have to be careful of everything I say.." She trails off and rubs a hand over her face. "It's like waiting to see..what's going to happen next?"
Emma "It - it's bugged?" Emma asks, more surprised than she should of been. "An' - an' he got attacked?!" A pause, the lass looks down with a frown. "Wh - why are ya two still there?" Then she ventures a question. "Wh - what does he have on you? If I can ask."e
Vivienne "It's bugged." Vivienne confirms, her eyes on Emma. "From what he said, a crew came to something that had to do with a contract, and then some hunk saved him." She shrugs helplessly. "If we left, they might send someone to wherever he ends up to .." She frowns. "Puts less people in danger if we stay put, and careful." She gazes down at her hands again. "You can ask me, ain't gonna like it."
Emma "I see, so yer - yer playin' tha game." Emma nods a little, and shifts to face Viv. "Ya - ya can tell me, we all got darkness in us some place, ya'know. An' I won't tell a soul."
Vivienne "Least we know the score. Better to be acquainted with the eyes you know, than the ones that might end up being worse." Vivienne says, gazing at Emma. She holds her gaze while she continues to speak. "I was..abandoned by my Mom when I was twelve." She begins, her shoulders tense. "So I made my way around, did what I could..however I could. Couldn't get a job because I was too young and wasn't in school. So I ...learned how to do other things." A painful look crosses her face for a moment before takes a breath and schools her expression back to neutrality. "Let's just say that when I was seventeen, I was working for some people, and the work I did involved money changing hands for people to suddenly have an accident. With a gun. Usually fatal."
Emma Emma is quiet, and simply listens attentively. Slowly, she nods. And, the first reply, if allowed, is a hug. She would give Viv a quiet, supportive hug, the type that can be healing. Or so is the intent. "It - it was then." Says the lass softly. "Yer different now, yer leaned of different life. No reason ta hide, acceptance is freedom, ya need ta - ta free yerself."
Vivienne Vivienne accepts the hug, holding tight for a few moments while muffled words come out. "Have to hide, if it wasn't for Wesker I'd be in jail, for a long time. Or dead." She pulls back and frowns. "Could still happen, if we're honest."
Emma Emma will only let go of the hug when she does. "He - he has tha evidence, tha - tha proof of all this? Or is it just - just talk?"
Vivienne "Evidence. I was caught, didn't know enough then to know how to be careful." Vivienne stresses the word 'then' her expression bleak. "I was given a choice, I could accept a position with the FBC, and be watched or I could go to jail." She gestures around with one hand. "This did seem like the better option."
Emma "Well then.. ah," Emma thinks a moment. "Find in - info on him, an' say it's done or else you'll use it?"
Vivienne "That's actually been my plan, so far." Vivienne says, glancing away from Emma for a moment. "I'm pretty good at getting into things and places that I shouldn't be in."
Emma "Th - then yer set." Emma can't believe she is saying that, simply because it was a method she never considered before. "Ya - ya don't need ta take his shit. An' if ya need help, let me know, I.. may know a few things.."
Vivienne Vivienne glance back at Emma, eyebrows raised. "I will do that." She says simply, a smile starting to form on her face. "First I gotta figure out how to get James out of the shit he's in."
Emma "Why doesn't he - he just get a new job?" Emma asks, tilting her head some. "I - I could use someone with his talents in TerraSave, an' I can likely get him a new - new place ta live, too."
Vivienne "I think that might be part of his plan." Vivienne says, glancing over at Emma. "I'll have to talk to him, see what he wants, what he thinks is best.."
Emma "Do - do that, an' let me know what he wants ta - ta do. I wanna help, as much as I can. I'm sure it's a - a tiny piece of hell ta be livin' like that. All these eyes on ya, or people listenin'." Emma shudders a little. "He is - is lucky ta have ya."
Vivienne "I don't know about all of that. I'm a bit of handful, he probably gets a headache daily just by dealing with me." Vivienne says, getting to her feet. "I want to see your horses, but I have to run for a bit. Can I come back again, soon? Maybe bring James and force him to make a decision or something?"