Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa It was a bit further in the day on a rather warm Saturday. The time was just after noon and a small crowd gathered around the Eiffel Tower; one of the biggest attractions in Paris. Clouds floated across the sky, covering the sun every now and then.

Esa stood near the Eiffel tower. He wore his normal attire of a trench coat and thin-framed sunglasses, eyes scanning the crowd slowly as he stood there. The trench coat was open due to the weather, but pulled close to him and his hands were receded within the coats pockets.
Vivienne Vivienne walks down the path to the Eiffel Tower, her eyes scanning the area and her hands folded behind her back. She spots Esa right away, and turns, slowly meandering in his direction. The hands behind her back check her back holster briefly before she comes to a stop by the man. "You rang, Jeeves?" She asks, a sardonic smirk curving her lips slightly.
Esa Giving a small smirk back to Vivienne, Esa said "I did." He looked past her to the area itself before his head shook slightly. "You could have warned me that Mister Scott was unstable." He noted calmly as he looked back to her.
Vivienne "Listen. It's not my job to warn you about anything. First of all." Vivienne states, her arms folding over her chest as her eyes narrow. "Secondly, I don't know what prompted you to share your whole rainbow and sparkles story, but it was unnecessary." She cants her head slightly and gives Esa a curious look. "You should pay more attention to your surroundings, you've seen him come close to losing his temper at least once."
Esa There is a pause and a shrug. "No, not your job; however, I know nothing about this guy." He notes calmly "And your right, it was unnecessary and stupid." He added apologetically. His hand came out and scratched the side of his nose before going back into his pocket. "Hey, that femur bone came out of nowhere." He jested calmly with a small smirk and paused. The smirk shifted to a placid look as he added "Look, I am still wanting to help in whatever capacity that I can. Is he still willing to talk?"
Vivienne "I don't know. Maybe." Vivienne says, gazing around the area still. "I might have to talk him into it." Her eyes move to settle on Esa, and she sighs after a few minutes. "I don't really trust you yet, not completely. I've told Bob most of what I know, and I'm sure he'd share it with you if I gave him the green light." She mutters, pushing her hair away from her face. "Gonna make it pretty clear though, if you turn out to be one of those tattlers.." She frowns and rubs at her face for a moment. "I'm not gonna waste my time with a threat, just be aware that I'm not stupid."
Esa Esa looked to Vivienne and shook his head. "I was brought into the Federal Bioterrorism Commission because of my skills as a Technical Operator and hacker. I've spent the last eight years protecting our Country from foreign affairs in the field. When it comes to corruption and Evil in general, I fight it. Doesn't matter if it's cyber space or physically." He said calmly. "So no, I ain't going to tattle; I'm not on Weskers payroll. If the fucker is bad, then my skills are at your service."
Vivienne Vivienne simply watches Esa, letting him get out his spiel without interrupting him. She steps forward then, close enough so that she can smell Esa's aftershave. Her voice is pitched low when she speaks. "Yeah, I get it. I just hope you get that this is my life we're playing with. So I'm not interested in tiddlywinks and affirmations. I want shit to get done. I want to live."
Esa Esa nodded "I know. I wish I could say I can protect you and no harm will come to you; but I can't, I Won't." He replied as he looked into her eyes through the sunglasses. "As for getting shit done, point me in a direction so we can get it done."
Vivienne "I'll consider it." Vivienne says after a few moments of silence. "I want to talk to Bob first, and James." She jerks a shoulder up in a shrug and sighs. "I'll be in touch Esa."
Esa Esa nodded as he turned and headed away from her; blending in to the crowd of people and disappears off into Paris.