Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night It is mid-afternoon in the hospital. The place was as busy as usual, at least, as busy as the first week of the year tends to get at least. Not by chance, today, Archene had to visit the hospital for a change. His not-so-mild recent coughs had taken a turn for worse, despite certain recent events, he thought it may be more than a simple common cold.

Currently, he was waiting in one of the patient rooms, so that he could get proper treatment. He was just wearing jeans, and a warm long-sleeved white shirt.
Emma There has been chaos, and Emma has managed to get to rounds. Her style is more professional now. A pair of pants, nice top, lab coat. The look is put together with her job at TerraSave in mind.

Grabbing the chart she walks in and looks up to see Archene, and frowns a little. "Ya - ya okay? What's wrong?"
Silent Night "I had some kind of flu, or something similar lately. And very bad cough." Archene sighs, "I'd ask you to check me up at home, but you already work here. Doesn't seem all too fair to you." He smiles lightly, but then begins with a flurry of dry coughs. He seems to gasp for air for a moment after the cough before giving emma a light smile.
Emma Emma frowns and grabs the octoscope. "Le - let me look at yer throat, see what may be goin' on. Open an' say aw."
Silent Night Archene looks at Emma before opening his mouth and vaguely saying, "Ahh," In a very very composed manner.
Emma Emma looks, then goes to look in his ears. "I - I need ta check yer lungs." She says, nodding for him to lift his shirt some. "An' take deep breaths."
Silent Night Archene nods at her and takes a deep breath, which clearly seems painful halfway through. Just then he begins coughing again, coughing into his hand before slowly breathing against to regain his composure.
Emma Emma listens with her stethoscope. Pulling it away she 'hms' softly. "So - sounds like tha flu, but it is really in ya. I - I will give ya a round of antibiotics, ta make sure it doesn't progress to bronchitis or somethi' worse."
Silent Night "Thank you, Doctor O'Connal." Archene chuckles briefly before smiling at Emma, "Really, thank you. I'll be getting the anti-biotics after I leave."