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Esa There arrival to the Forward Operating Base was short lived; an injured Poncho was escorted to medical and the rest of Alpha team was moved into a large Lenco BearCat; a wheeled armored personnel carrier designed for military and law enforcement use. Inside was a chain-link fence the separated the front driver and passenger seats from the back and two long benches and two-fold down seats; one behind each front seat. A port hole lead upward for vehicle coverage in time of battle. At the back are two doors to exit out of and packs of medical and gear stashed in small alcoves where the bench ended.

The van sped off from the FOB, down the winding streets of Paris and to the catacombs themselves; about twenty minutes in total time. As the van slid to a halt, Esa stepped out of the front passenger side door and went to the back, opening the doors and stepped back to allow them out.

Outside the Catacombs was a small open Canopy with three desks aligned in a U shape. Operators stood by in front of rugged laptops and chatted with the teams down below. Flood lights shined toward and away from the entrance; flooding light in a fifty-foot circular direction.

Rechecking his weapon, Esa begun to make his way for the entrance, taking in a few quick breaths. Reaching the entrance, he turned to look at the assembled group.

"Alright We are heading down inside. Weapons hot; ready your night-vision. Remember we are in close quarters here; I want no shotguns, no high-power rifles and no automatic rifles. Hand guns and SMG's are fine. SMG's need to be put on semi-automatic. I should not have to say this, but - Watch your god-damn bursts. You have operators next to you, so keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind the dead live here; so, try not to fuck up their bones. I don't want to have to hire a priest to perform an exorcism."

A mild grin is given before continuing; "Task is simple, we will head down to meet up and escort Bravo Team out." Esa said and paused. After letting that sink in, he spoke "Questions?"
Bob Following tightly behind Esa, Bob does a quick brass check on his weapon as they move into position. Once he's ascertained his weapon is loaded he shoulders it and briefly tests it's flashlight against the floor in case it should be needed down in the dark, "Semi-auto. Roger." Faced with the catacombs up ahead, Bob's got a deep frown on his face, not looking forward to the tight confines again. But the mission is the mission, nothing to be done about that.
Vivienne Vivienne glances around at her group briefly before she gets down to the task of checking her ammo and her SMG. She shifts on her feet briefly, her hands going to her belt to make sure everything is secured to it. She moves up into formation, glancing at Bob briefly, noting his frown.
Molly Molly is in the process of double checking that her safety is off before moving in behind Esa, Bob and Vivienne. As she steps into formation, she speaks no words but her eyes tell a different story. They speak that she is excited about heading in, seeing what she can kill.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is not the sort who enjoys leaving home with anything less than full firepower.. yet here he was, walking along slowly behind the group as he moves, his breathing light, his features obscured behind his gasmask and goggles.. his form bulky with all sorts of armor and equipment slung around his shoulders. It is hard to not see him as an intimidating sort.. even with his dinky little gun.. and yet he desperatly tried to remain near the back of the group. Behind Molly, Vivienne, Bob and Esa. Damn crazy people can get shot and killed on tehir own time.
Esa Seeing no questions being asked, Esa nodded and turned to head inside the catacombs. About forty feet inward, the light begins to dim as power to the lighting system was cut or off. Flipping on his night vision goggles, Esa led the team further into the catacombs.

Around them, at first was rock but that slowly gave way to skulls and bones. the air was damp, cool and stale. It was deathly quiet within the ossuary as they walked the long corridor.

After a few minutes of movement, they came to a split with a sign. The corridors headed left and right then converged back together later on.
Bob For a guy that's on the bigger than small, Bob knows how to keep himself pretty quiet even when moving in full battle rattle. As he heads down through the catacombs he keeps his eyes peeled for trouble of any sort that might pop out at them. Without speaking he keeps his position in the stack, covering his angles smoothly as he moves without hesitation. The claustrophobic confines might bother him, but he does everything he can to keep from showing it. When the team arrives at the divide he posts up and takes a knee, waiting to be told which way they're heading.
Vivienne Vivienne looks disgusted as they come to a fork, she's hoping (perhaps in vain) that they won't have to split up. She takes position near Bob, her eyes scanning the dark ahead as she waits for further orders.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just exhales slowly and looks to Vivienne and Bob them for a second before he offers the pair. "This is all a terrible idea. Should just firebomb the place and leave yah?" Andrei mutters under his breath as he moves to lift his shoulder slightly and cast a glance at Esa then before looking down the catacomb hallways. THough it isn't obvious, the man's suspicioun only mounts as he offers simply. "Right or left, right?"
Esa Esa frown and shook his head. Damnit. "Alright. Sargent Delgado, take the private and Mister Kirov to the left. Corporal Leigh and I will head right. Scout what you find. Sign shows that we'll meet up in twenty feet." He replies; facial features hating the idea of splitting them.
Molly Molly follows along with the group, being sure to keep her eyes out for anything that may come upon them. Her movements smooth and practiced as she keeps on her own angles. As they get to the fork, her eyes study each one before she looks to Andrei at the mention of a firebomb, a hint of an amused smile is there for a few seconds and is then gone once more. As Esa gives the orders, she walks over towards Bob, waiting to see which way he chooses.
Bob "We can't bomb the place until we get Bravo out," Bob offers to Andrei with a shrug of his shoulders. If it were up to him the only thing the FBC would send down would be napalm, but he's not a shot caller, just a shooter. As he positions himself to take the lead down the left corridor he checks over Kirov and Finnegan for an instant to make sure that they're in place before his attention returns to what's up ahead of him. He gives Esa the affirmative "Roger" and sets off down into the dark hole with a distasteful look on his face.
Vivienne Vivienne doesn't verbalize it, but she agrees with Andrei. She'd happily lob a grenade down into the catacombs if there wasn't a team in there to extract. She moves towards Esa and mutters at Bob. "Don't get lost." She punctuates the statement with a wink and a grin.
PrestigeAndrei "Seriously. We are splitting up? Viv and Glorious leader? You are both dead to me." Andrei offers rather dryly then as he lifts his hand. "Nice to of met you both I guess." Andrei will flatly state then before he maes his way down the aforementioned hallway. "Still not sold on either of you two making out of this alive either." Andrei will mutter to Bob and Molly as he starts to push his way down towards the hallway to follow 'Bob.'

"And before you say I don't now what I'm talking about. Four sucide Mission. This one is my fourth!" He'll offer now rather annoyedly as he moves to look down at his p90, checking to mae sure the saftey is off as he moves.
Molly Molly easily slips into position with Bob and begins to move along with him down into the dark hole. Her angles constantly being checked. Her eyes roll at Andrei's words and just softly shakes her head. Though at the saying it was nice to met her and Bob she just offers snidely "Don't judge a book by it's cover." This coming from the young woman who honestly looks more like a grown up girl scout in fatigues. But that is all she has to voice upon the matter as she falls silent once more, contining behind Bob.
Esa "I'll send a request to Colonel Wesker about firebombing the catacombs." Esa replied non-chalantly. "Although, I'm sure a big fat no will be given due to size, complexity and various entrances that are understaffed and not guarded. I do not think the Colonel wants to explain Collateral damage to the public media." With that said, he gave a nod and a firm "Move out."

The corridors traversed five feet, lined with skulls and bones. Then they turned and headed straight again. Every now and then a corridor interlinked the two; Esa shone his light down them to verify that nothing was down them.

For Group A (Bob, Molly, Andri) they came upon, to their left, a darken room.
Bob "I'll try not to, Viv," Bob quips back at the lady, a silent chuckle causing his shoulders to bounce up and down a little ways. Even the little bit of laughter doesn't change the fact that he's got his weapon trained on the darkness ahead of him and his finger resting outside the trigger guard. Andrei's remark about him not making it out alive causes a shrug, "It's just a monster hunt in a tight, dark maze." When there's a sudden opening to their left Bob stops in his tracks and lifts a closed fist to signal a halt. "Stack up," he says softly, ready for them to clear out the room to their side so that they won't have to worry about anything sneaking up on them from that direction once they've passed it.
Vivienne Vivienne looks completely amused and offers Andrei a casual salute as they move away. She brings her SMG up into a ready position, her trigger discipline ready so she doesn't pepper Esa full of holes. She jerks her chin at Esa, giving him the nod that she's ready to proceed, her head slightly canted as she keeps her eyes forward.
Molly Molly stops as she sees Bob's fist come up and nods as he says to stacking. Her steps having her get into position as her finger rests on the side of her triggerguard. She is waiting for his signal before continuing on forward, better for her to have the drop on the enemy than the other way around after all.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will just sigh then as he moves to stand behind Bob then as he just taps the stock of his firearm then as he stands nearby. He might peer out into the room but otherwise just stay behind his comrades as best as he is able. Indeed, he gets along well in the darkness all things considered, easil able to slide amidst the shadows and the pitch black darkness to insure he isn't as eas to spot.

Let Molly and Bob attract their attention instead.
Katherine Quinn She really hates not having her Black Sword, but Katherine, who has been here the whole time silently moving behind the rest of her fireteam, at least has her P90 and the Biohazard Bow, should things get out of hand.

With those weapons, she knows she'll be fine. She maneuvers up close behind Vivienne, tapping her on the shoulder that she's present and ready to move.
Esa The room was small, circular design with a pillar in the middle. Bones lined the column and the circular walls. Within were five walkers shambling around; acute awareness via visual identification cut off by the darkness and made them easy pickings.

Esa continued forward with his group until they approved a room off to the right and left. "Well fuck." He mutters and glances to Vivienne "Well do right, then cross to the left."
Bob "Five zeds," Bob quietly says over the radio. "Move and clear," he instructs the two people that are following him after he gets a good look inside the side room. He's a quick, sure guy and he enters the opening, following the path of least resistance in order to make sure that his whole team can get their asses inside and start shooting in a hurry. Wasting time when they have an obvious advantage being a mistake.
Vivienne Vivienne nods at Esa and gestures to Katherine that they're moving foward. She stays close to the man in front of her, SMG held at the ready, her ears open in case her comerades down the other tunnel call for aid.
Molly Molly nods once at the order to move and clear. Her movements quick yet quiet as she slides into position. Her finger moving to the trigger as she aims for the zombie and begins to shoot him. That murderous grin now curling her lips as she begins to make it into a swiss cheese zombie.
Bob As soon as he's in the room with the undead Bob's MP7 is up and barking out a tight double tap directed at the closest zombie's torso. His expression is more serious than that of the young lady next to him, but he seems to be in decent spirits nonetheless as his rounds hit where he's aiming.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just exhales then as bullets begin to fly and the sounds of gunfire begin to fill the catacombs. Andrei will move slowly at first, stepping in behind his peers.. but he'll be just as ready to lift his fire arm then and unload exactly two roudns in quic succession before he grunts under his breath when he notices the 'thing' that he is shooting is still standing. Andrei will take a time them before he exhales slowly. "Fucking dumb. This thing." He'll mutter under his breath. "Fuck Commands. Fuck orders like this. Next time, I'm bringing my real fucking guns. If they got complaints they can take my firearm from my cold dead hands."
Esa The rounds poured into the three lead Zombies; two of them dying by head trauma due to a bullet to the brain. Their bodies slumped to the ground and back to being dead once more. This, however, attracted the other three Zombies toward the sound of gunfire; shambling toward them without stretched hands.

There is a noise behind them as bones shifted and a zombie crawled out of the wall, standing it swung toward Molly.

Meanwhile, Esa stacked his team together and entered the room quickly. They were greeted by five zombies themselves; all shambling blindly in the dark.
Molly Molly hears the noise behind her just in time to dodge the Zombie trying to swung at her. As she slides out of the way and spins to face him, she makes sure to focus upon him before she starts firing her gun at him.
Bob "I'd be good with your 5.56. Their rounds actually penetrate less than these little buggers," Bob says to Andrei as he sights in on the zombie trying to nom on his teammate, squeezing off a quick round before whipping himself back around and popping off at the one Kirov had tagged a second ago. He carries on the with the subject of ballistics, seeming to find it a comforting topic of conversation. "These little suckers are meant to be fired full auto, but I guess we're trying not shoot the fuck out of the wrong dead things down here. Or whatever, I'm an enlisted guy, I just follow ROE."
PrestigeAndrei "I just follow orders. Thats what they all say huh? Fuck that noise." Andrei grunts out as he raises a hand lazily to wave off Bob's sentiment even as he holds up the firearm again with one hand and just tugs the trigger four times before wincing. Pain. "How many human beings have you seen turned into giant spider monsters? Giant Muscle bound freaks? Tongey fuckfaces?" Andrei mutters, "Fuck it, I'll shoot and break everything. Relics be damned. I'll loot the place before I give respect for a bucn hf liabilties!"
Katherine Quinn With the sound of gunfire, Kat moves herself into a better position, bringing the P90 up first. As she breaches into the room, she finds the closest zombie to her position.

She squeezes off a single round from the weapon and strikes the zombie clean, quickly moving up a bit more to support the rest of the FBC Cleaner team.
Vivienne Vivienne hears gunfire nearby but then she spots the zombies and she raises her gun to fire as she walks into the room they're in. She pops off a burst at the first and second zombie, her gun still raised as she makes ready to cover Katherine and Esa.
Esa The Zombie lunged for Molly but was quickly shot backwards as she dodged and shot. Subsequent fire from Bob terminated it's undeadness and crumpled to the floor.

Meanwhile, the Zombie that Andrei dumps rounds in to visible shakes in the night vision before its head explodes with a clean round through and falls backwards to the ground.

One zombie continued to stalk toward them and made a lunge for Andrei.

In the other room, three zombies stumble backwards as they are shot upon; drawing the other two toward them.

Esa was the lead in and took quick aim to fire a round.. only to trip on a misplaced femur bone and the round kills a skull as the bullet penetrates the bone. Esa falls to his knees, rotating onto his back and looks around quickly for targets.

Two zombies break through the wall; one on the far end, and one behind Esa..
Bob "Just some armored lizardmen, honestly," Bob says to Kirov as he turns to try to gun down some more of the undead, demonstrating that smooth is fast in the process. "If I felt the need I'd switch this puppy to full auto in a heartbeat because I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six." As the zombie gets close to Andrei Bob takes his time and fires one careful round at the side of it's head.
Molly Molly is about to open fire on the other zombie but Bob beats her to killing it. That murderous grin curling her lips, disappearing. She posture slums like a teenager who just got told she is grounded for prom. Though she is still looking around to try and see if there are anymore undead things coming out.
PrestigeAndrei "Gross! Fucking Gross!" Andrei shouts then as he steps bac then as he tries to reach a hand up to tocuh at the blood then on his helmet and armor before he looks at Bob. "Fuck man." He'll grumble under his breath before he looks at Molly and shakes his head. "You should of been the one covered in blood. I'm not getting paid enough for this shit." Andrei mutters as he starts to walk forward a bit to look through the rest of the room.
Vivienne Vivienne sees a zomzbie creeping up on Esa and she levels her gaze at it, firing quickly to try to get it off of Esa's back. She swears when it doesn't go down right away and kneels to take two more shots, a bit shaken at the amount of zombies that have come out of the darkness.
Katherine Quinn     Moving between targets, Katherine shifts the finger on her fire selector on the weapon, swinging it around to one of the zombies and squeezing off a burst of fire at the zombie.

She then wheels around as it falls to unleash a second burst of fire on one of the other zombies. The weapon spits all ten 5.7mm rounds, dropping both zombies with her weapon.
Esa Esa spotted the Zombie about to attack; then watched it get hit several times by Vivienne. Seeing he was covered, he took aim at another Zombie; then the Zombie's upper body simply disappears as Katherine riddles it with 5.7 rounds. The blood splatter fogs his shot and the bullet once more takes out yet another skull. Esa finds his way to his feet as he clears the blood from his googles; thankful that his mouth was covered.

The room for A Team is cleared; coming out to the hall and heading once more toward the connection, you pass a room on the right. Shots flash in the room beyond; it's clear that this is where B Team is handling their own situation.

4 walkers close in on the B Team; two of them lunging at Vivienne and Katherine.
Bob "My bad. I'll try to shoot it more softly next time?" Bob kind of makes a question out of his reply to Kirov. "Not that I'm getting paid much better than anybody else, I don't think." There's a pause as he scans his surroundings to make sure they're all safe. "I honestly don't know our agency's pay scale."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just gives an exalation then as he lifts his shoulder and moves to look down at his P90 as he contineus to make his way through the room and thus by extension the catacombs then. "It is fuckin shit. They don't let you take six months paid vacation either. Should of joined up with Terra Save, not terrorist hiding bastards." Andrei offers rather dryly as he moves through the room, fingers still tapping at the edge of his gun.
Molly Molly looks quite amused as Andrei gets covered in the blood which fades as she comments "Perhaps so, but red and black is such a lovely color on you." Her steps then leading her to follow Bob, returning to having her finger resting upon the outside of the triggerguard. Her eyes checking all of her angles.
Vivienne Vivienne raises her gun, quickly shooting at the zombies in front of her, trying to clear them away as they shamble forward. She takes a breath and shifts to the side, her eyes scanning the area.
Katherine Quinn More rounds spray from the weapon that Katherine wields, as she unleashes another twin bursts of firepower. All of the ammo rains down upon her zombies, tearing flesh from bone and splattering gore across the walls.

She has no intention of stopping until the zombies are down and unmoving. She can't concern herself with who these may have been before. It doesn't matter, they need to be put down before they can become a larger threat.
Esa The zombies fell quickly thanks to the quick work of Vivienne and Katherine. The last zombie took several hits by Katherine and Esa put it out of it's misery with the killing blow finally. The Room was clear of the zombies.

After a few minutes of coursing through the catacombs and meeting back up together, wether through the room connection or by continuing down the halls; the found themselves in a larger chamber. Another hall lead away and lighs could be seen coming toward them.

Bravo Team emerged from the tunnels and nodded to them "Glad to see you all." Sergeant Escovedo said calmly "We've cleared the catacombs this way and sealed a few entrances for clean up." He stated calmly.

After the two teams exit the catacombs, they would find the partial operational base being disassembled and loaded into vehicles for reasons unknown.

A radio officer came up and reported in; "We've lost contact with Charlie Team. orders have come down to clear out and post a strike team at each entrance and await further orders." He reported before turning to head off.
Molly Molly nods as she hears to clear out. Not giving it any second thoughts as she begins to make her way out. Her steps guiding her back out and once outside, she turns the safety on her weapon and put is into it's holster.