Umbrella Surveillance System
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Bob It's a cold, windy day out today, people aren't spending a whole ton of time out on the streets. As a side effect of people staying home there's not a whole ton of people at the hospital, either. But Bob's there, having come to visit Emma and to spend some time in the civilian medical world. Maybe they'll teach him better bedside manner than informing patients that 'this'll suck' before inflicting pain upon them. As he waits for her to meet up with him he's quite patient, waiting for things to happen being a hallmark of life in the military. He's so good at it, in fact, that he's found himself able to suppress any sort of boredom he might be feeling.
Emma Since taking on her new jobs, Emma has been -busy-. She isn't in scrubs, this time. A pencil skirt, a top, with a lab coat over it. Her long red hair is down, and straight this time. A stethoscope is around her neck, and a chart is in a hand. Grey-green eyes look it over. After a while the lass heads towards Bob, her heels barely making a sound as she walks. "So - sorry, lots goin' on ya didn' wait long did ya?"
Bob "Hey sweetheart!" Bob calls out to Emma when she speaks to him. A smile appears on his face and he shakes his head before smoothly saying, "No. Not at all. I just got here." He moves a little bit closer to her and asks, "How's being a full blown doctor treating you? Getting a chance to do anything new and cool you didn't get to before?"
Cerberus The sound of a ambulance is heard in the distance as the phone at the Emergency rang several times. It was not the normal ring, but the emergency line from the incoming ambulance. They had mass casualities heading inbound from a wreck on the A6B; a five car pileup.

The Head Nurse turn and called out. "Alright people, listens up! We have six ambulance's inbound with patients. Accident on the A6B highway." She says in French before looking toward to other nurse "Find Doctor O'Connal please."
Emma Bob is given a smile, yet cheeks redden just a little when he says 'sweetheart', it was unexpected! There is a small shrug. "I - I like it, ya'know, but with - with tha TerraSave work too, it's a balance I need ta find." To that, a yawn is masked with the back of her hand. "Aye plenty of-" She stops, a nurse comes running up to her, explaining about the emergency. "B - Bob, come on, we can use some help." She nods for him to follow, before turning to rush off to emergency, moving well in those heels.
Bob Shit. Bob suddenly finds himself working on what he thought would be a quiet day. But, having been in messy situations before, he doesn't hesitate. He falls in behind Emma and says, "Let's roll." As they walk he finds himself easily matching their stride, not even slowing down when he squirts some hand sanitizer on his hands and wipes them together. "I'm going to stick with you. Don't need to try to help out someone who only speaks French. That could get real messy."
Cerberus The first set of ambulances arrive; three in total and as it happens, three cars.

From the first ambulance comes two EMT's on either side of a stretcher; one doing compressions while the other holds a fluid back. The man with the bag, speaking in French states "Male, mid thirties. Laceration along the chest, broken ribs. Couldn't tell, but we think a rib perforated the lung. He crashed just a few minutes before arrival. Brought him back and he crashed on entry."

From the second ambulance comes three EMT's; one on either side and the other pushing. A child with a clearly broken leg as the bone sticks out; blood everywhere and the kid cries for mommy. "Lacerations, broken leg and arm. Head concussion." calls out the EMT pushing.

From the third ambulance comes two EMT's; one on either side. This guy looks to have gone through a fryer. "Third degree burns on arms, chest and face. Broke ribs." Calls out one EMT.

From the car comes civilians; one set was two men carrying a female with a wrap around her hand, a splint on her left leg. From another vehicle, a man carries a woman that is bleeding all over the place. From the final vehicle comes a man, speaking French about needing help for his child; whom isn't breathing.
Emma Her steps are hurried, Emma looks over to Bob and nods. "Do - don't worry, yer gonna be fine."

Arriving as the ambulances arrive she stops, takes a breath and listens to them all. Luckily the lass is fluent in french. To the first, she says. "Se - send him ta the ER, we'll need ta fix his lung." Then to the boy with the broken leg, she walks up to him. "Bob, can ya - ya handle this one?" She asks, giving the child a comforting smile. She says something in french and then spies the child not breathing. "Gonna start CPR!"
Bob "Yeah, no sweat," Bob says to Emma with a solid nod as he addresses the indicated patient. "Trauma is my bread and butter," He informs her, or anybody, really. And then he's back to the patient, "Bonjour, Je m'appelle Bob." And then he gets to looking at the little bastard's injuries, seeing what he'll need to treat him even as the gurney is taken to a treatment area.
Cerberus The kid paused, looked at bob with mild curiosity. and then his chest heaved in as he took in air and screamed loudly. "STRANGER DANGER!" He says in French, wiggling and struggling against the two EMT's.

The man cried as a nurse assisted him in placing his child on the stretcher. Swarming Emma were two other nurses for assistance and a third whom spoke reassuring French to the man and escorted him a away from them so they could work.

Following directions, the EMT's rush the man with the perforated lung off to a ER with two doctors following quickly behind them.

Fellow nurses help the civilians with the woman onto stretchers whom are carted off to the ER area for examination.

The man burnt to crisp is taken immediately to surgery. Information would come later that he died on the table and was one of the lead vehicles to get hit; the engine would combust and the fire rapidly spread through.
Emma Emma doesn't have time to spare a glance to the child yelling about 'stranger danger', because, well, CPR must be done. First she checks the child over, and then just goes for it, and begins to do CPR on the kid, hoping against hope to bring him back.
Bob "Son of a bitch," Bob says under his breath as the injured little kid starts making terrible noises in his direction. At least if they were screams of pain he'd be able to handle it more easily, but since they're not he's just going to act like they are. "You're going to be okay, kid." After searching for a moment he comes up with a traction splint for kid's leg and head towards him, moving with a wince already on his face. "This'll make you feel better, I promise. It works by pulling your leg straight so that everything's lined up the way it's supposed to be."
Cerberus After several compressions and a bout of 'she isn't going to wake' the kid coughed, and paused and coughed again. Her eyes look around bleakly, hazy like and then she begins to sob.

The kid stares at Bob; it was the EMT's that managed to reassure the poor kid that he was here to help and was a fellow EMT that wasn't on duty. Glancing to Bob, he nods and sobs. "Okay." He said in french.
Emma Emma works hard to bring the girl back, everything in her praying for it to happen. While pumping the heart, she even says a prayer in Gaelic. Until at last, the child awakes. There is such relief in her big grey-green eyes. When the child cries, she leans down, and runs a hand through the kids hair. "shhh, shh, it's -- it's okay, you're safe." She says this with affection, and kindness, and all that, with the way the lass comforts the child. Clearly, she has a great bed side manner, such ability to show emotion and support in ones time of need, clearly there.
Bob No slouch at treating trauma, even if he isn't the most used to working on kids, Bob's able to get the little shit he's working on into traction splint and straighten it out, something that almost always reduced pain. "Feel any better, son?" Bob asks the kid without bothering to worry about the answer while he goes to grab more material to splint his arm. Making sure he can find a radial pulse on the child he gets to work putting a splint on him. Bob, unlock Emma, isn't showing much of any emotion, just focusing on the tasks at hand.
Emma The child, after being calmed, is taken away. Lights from ambulances still flash around them. Emma turns, to see that Bob is working on a kid too. So the doctor heads that way, and gives a grim smile. "Ya - ya doin' okay?" Asks the lass, looking to a nurse. "I want a - a update on them all, go, please." There is still going to be work to be done.
Bob Soon enough Bob's got the kid's arm in a splint, too, and the wound on his head is cleaned and dressed and the child is finished for the time being. When Emma shows up Bob looks her way and gives her a nod, "Yeah, too easy. Gotta get better at French, though." And then he starts looking around, seeing where else he might be needed.
Emma Emma looks around too, frowning just a little. "I -- I can teach ya." She is fluent in French, after all. "We - we better go an' see if there are some beds open, and check upon those who went in. Was that from tha - tha explosion that happened?" Turning, eyes look off into the distance. "Least this - this isn't bite marks an' such, if we start ta see that, we know we're in trouble."
Bob "That sounds like a good idea," Bob says to Emma with a brief, half smile. He heads out a little ways to try to find some beds and asks, "Which explosion?" When Emma starts to stare off into space Bob frowns and shakes his head, "I hope it never gets to that. Based on the defenses going up I think we should be okay, though."
Emma Emma didn't hear about him asking about the bombs, but she is pulled away from her thoughts. "Aye." He has a point. "Y -- you're right, an' I guess there is greater defence now. Still, sickness like that is - is hard ta stop, I lived through it in Racoon, seein' tha hospital ran under by it, bein' helpless." She sighs, turns, and goes to follow him. "It's a crazy world."
Bob "It really is," Bob agrees on the topic of the world being crazy, keeping his eyes peeled for where he might be needed to help out next. "The thing with the infection is that people turn so fast sometimes it's hard to do anything about it." He shakes his head, "It's really just so nuts." Soon enough his hands are busy on something, getting clean for the next patient he's got to handle, "Do you have a plan to get out of town if things go to shit here?"