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Emma Jack's is busy tonight! It's New Years after all. The place is decorated in that slightly corny way you'd expect with a party like this. Streamers, hats, some dressed up and some nearing the point where you're begging them to keep dressed. Music plays in the background, but there is also the sound of chatter that fills the room.

Around all that people are drinking, eating, hell some are even dancing. The New Year is closing in, at most maybe two hours away, and as it closes in people are celebrating all the harder.

Emma is here, to celebrate. And not just the new year. Becoming the head of the TerraSave office, and now a Doctor. A lot of celebrate! But unlike some here, the lass isn't dressed up. She is in her scrubs - yes, scrubs. Still, it looks damn good on her anyway. That red hair ia pulled back, held in place with a pencil. She sits at the bar, with Shaemus, her -massive- dog a her side, who is allowed here with owners permission. Strung around her neck are some light up necklaces, to join in the festive feel of the night. On the counter beside her, is a bottle of scotch, and a tumbler. The bottle is about quarter gone, and her eyes show the very beginning of the alcohol affecting her.
Esa Esa was enjoying the festivities within Jack's Bar; talking and hanging out with a few friends and colleagues before finally getting a break to walk over to the bar. Placing his hands on the counter, he looks to her "Place is really going tonight." He noted calmly, spying the bottle and gave a soft hmm. "Although, I think you have beaten me to the drinking bit." He teased gently as he looked to her calmly. Esa wore a button-down teal shirt with black pants; a stark contrast to Emma's clothing attire.
Bob When he arrives for the celebration Bob Delgado has a big smile on his face and a bounce in his step. He slows down a little when he sees the sheer number of people in the establishment, his smile turning to a frown for an instant, but he takes a deep breath and his smile returns to his face when he sees Esa and Emma. Turning hi sbody to slide past people dancing on the floor he heads their way, giving a wave and a friendly, "Hey guys!" Narrowing his focus to the young lady he tells her, "Congratulations, Dr. Emma."
Vivienne Vivienne walks into the bistro and pauses, taking a moment to gaze around at the crowd before she walks up to the bar itself. She takes a seat on a barstool and reaches down to greet Shaemus with a vigorous headrub. Settled in, she orders a strawberry sunrise and crosses her jeans clad legs, content to people watch instead of socalize at the moment.
Chase Dalton "Congratulations, Doc." Chase says, upon entering the bistro and sighting the new head honcho of TerraSave. "Well-earned." He grabs a beer from the bar, and raises it in toast, before knocking it back. He's decked out in his usual civvies, plus an FBC-marked blue windbreaker, and a pair of aviator sunglasses.
Buck Rogers There's a girlish shriek and a parade of giggles fit for celebration as Buck Rogers swings into the bistro. The verb choice is literal-- the front door's pushed open with a noisy clatter and the giant, draped in his dark, armored trenchcoat, ducks low and gives a twist sideways, throwing his arms-- arms in which a helpless, lace-clad doll is held, barely human-sized, all styled up like busty porcelain perfection, with a jeweled tiara resting on her mussed hair, curled by a few dark strands. "Geronimo!", the big man calls, and as his arms swing upward and legs extend he releases his hold on the girl-- who, in adherence to physical laws, absolutely flies into the air. The layers of her skirts flare and ripple, the lace that encircles her like chains spins, and when she pauses a good eight feet up, high enough to touch the ceiling fixtures, the pre-drunk Buck stumbles beneath her.

When she falls, he catches her with trivial ease, Celeste landing in his arms with a puff of air and the rustling of fabric. There's alcohol on his breath when he kisses her, taking a look around.. gaze alighting first on Shaemus. "Hey, sweetheart," he directs to the girl held bridal style in his massive, armored arms, "do you like dogs?"

He'll drop her if she says no.
Silent Night Sir Archene Night arrives at the bistro, other than his usual shades, he has simple blue jeans, plain white shirt and some dark brown jacket. He keeps a warm smile on his face as he makes his way towards Emma, pretty much having come here specially to congratulate her, "Congratulations, Emma." He smiles warmly at her, "Both for the degree as well as for position," He pauses for a moment before saying, "And of course, may your next year be better than this one."
Emma Emma leans back against the bar some, taking a drink of her scotch. Slowly eyes move to Esa. "Ha - had ta - ta start didn' I? Plently ta celebrate!" She nudges him, and nods to the bottle for him to have some. Looking over to Bob, the lass slips a bit, and laughs some. "Oy!" This is more funny than anything. "Th -- thank ya!" He gets a pat on the arm before eyes fix on Viv. "Lookin' good!" She conpliments, then downs the rest of her scotch. That is after she raised it in cheers to Chase, and would of followed suit in shooting the hard liquor back. Yp, she's a Scot!

Shaemus happily accepts the attention from Viv,but as he knows Buck, goes to greet him, expecting a hug.

"ella Buck!" She says then looks to Archene slipping off her chair. "Th -- thank you nice ta - ta see ya! Been -ages-"
Chase Dalton "Cheers, Em. Long may you and yours prosper." Chase grabs a shotglass off the bar, fills it with a nearby booze, raises it up, and knocks it back. He glances around to those gathered, and heads off to mingle. He'd continue drinking, but the Scot in Emma might take that as a challenge and drink him under the table.
Celeste Celeste is indeed giggling as she comes in with Buck, well more like carried by him. As she is tossed up into the air, she squees and giggles, she likes this game when she is tipsy. As she lands back in his arms, she is cuddling close to him and returning the drunken kiss. She hmms softly and looks to Shaemus as she says "I do like doggies why?" Her hands attempting to reach down and pet the huge doge! It is then she is now looking about and says "Oh... hey everybody!"
Esa Esa smiled gently to Bob "Hey man, how goes it?" Catching Vivienne, he gives a smile before looking at the rest that comes in. His attention goes back to Emma as she nudged. Grinning at the nudge, the young man nodded as he took the bottle, and poured himself a shot. Lifting it up, he says quietly to her, "To a new year" He said fondly and dumped it back. "Oh.. that is strong." he said with a cough.
Bob "Pretty good, bro," Bob says to Esa as he lifts his chin in the man's direction in a friendly gesture. "I've been keeping busy with work and all. You?" When he finally makes it to the bar he gestures towards the tap he wants and give the bartender a bill. His side is right up against the bar itself as Bob tries to take up as little room as possible as he gets his drink. Taking a big gulp all at once he turns his attention in Buck and Celeste's direction and gives them a wave, "Yo. How's it going?"
Vivienne Vivienne waves back at Esa and raises her chin in greeting to Chase as he passes close by. "Happy New Years." She says, swirling her drink around in its glass. She spots Bob then and gives him a wave before she slips to her feet, walking to where the food is being served.
Silent Night "I didn't expect matters to take as long as this, but at least, I was able to come back to the party." Archene chuckles quietly, glancing about at the others, "It surely is lively around here. I don't think I can quite remember one as lively as this one. Probably the French influence." He grins slightly.
Buck Rogers "Because," Buck begins, glancing down at Celeste, "dogs are one of the finest animals put on God's green earth." He flashes a broad, toothy smile, and sets the girl down on her own two feet as Shaemus pads over, taking a knee. His trenchcoat spreads out along the ground and the fabric crumples stiffly, the geometric designs on the lower skirted portion folding in on themselves. "C'mere, boy!" He barks, and with a mighty heave he lifts the big canine into the air with much the same ease he lifted Celeste; when you're Herculean, a heavy dog and an itty-bitty girl are much the same. "Good boy," he says, reaching in and letting Shaemus lick his face, blowing raspberries against the fur of his neck.

They're pretty similar, Buck and the dog. The dog's almost as hairy.
Emma Emma eyes Esa. "Need ta - ta get yer drinkin' game u - up." Says the lass with a laugh, pouring them another drink.

Some of that red hair has fallen out and around her face, even if she is in scrubs, she is totlly rocking the look. Watching Viv go, and looking to Bob, then Buck and the woman he is with, Archene is give a big smile. "Glad yer - yer back!" To add to that, he's given a hug, but she near tumbles on him in the process.

Then to Chase her attention turns. It's on now. She smirks, amd lifts her glass, it being refilled with Scotch. "Live lo - long an' prosper!" Yup the nerdy girl goes nerd, and shoots back her drink.
Celeste Celeste smiles as she is set down and begins to scritch upon Shaemus's head once he is near. More giggles escape her lips as the dog is giving Buck kisses and their are raspberries being blown. When the works drinking game come up though, she perks and looks to Emma. Her hand reaches out to gently tug on his trenchcoat and asks "Can we play... pretty please... I like games."
Esa "Just work, man. Living life and enjoying friends.. and meeting great people." The last part is spoken as he looked back to Emma with a fond smile. Then a grin crossed his face at Emma's remark to him. "Oh really?" Esa said to Emma with a smirk as he tossed back his drink just after her. "What is the wager, hmm?" He added with a small grin.
Chase Dalton It's been a while since Chase has had himself a drinking game, but.. there's still some fight left in this dog. Another drink goes back, and Chase wipes his mouth. "Alright. If we're doing this right, we should have a wager. Call it."
Bob "Vivienne!" Bob calls out happily, though when someone bumps into him from behind he starts for a second and turns to look over his shoulder rather suddenly. After that he literally rolls his eyes in exasperation at himself and lets out a sigh. He pours more beer down his throat, licking his lips after he swallows it.
Buck Rogers "You wanna drink, sweetheart?" Buck looks down at the Gothic lolita, purses his lips, then breaks the solemn expression with a laugh-- Shaemus' tongue is dragging across his nose and tasting the interior of his nostrils. He sets the big dog down and gives it a pet. "Alright, alright, shoo, boy, go have fun," Buck says, scratching behind his ears and the scruff of his neck. "I'm game."
Emma "A drinkin' game perfect! Let's play quarters!" The half cut red head says to them all, with a bounce in her step. "Wha - what are we wagerin'?"
Esa Esa looked toward Chase, then toward Emma and shook his head "Someone has got to be the sober one Emma." He smiled gently as he poured another shot "And after this one, it will be me." He added kindly as he tossed it back.
Celeste Celeste giggles happily, bouncing up and down for a few moments before she begins to meander over to where all the others are gathered and asks "Sooo what kinda drinking game is this? I wanna play too please."
Chase Dalton "I'll drink, but I'm not looking for a prize, really. Being with friends is prize enough." Chase responds. "I mean, if there is a prize, and I come out on top, I won't say no.." He shrugs, and smiles.
Buck Rogers Buck swaggers over to the group alongside Celeste, each footstep quaking the tables. He reaches down and swipes the tiara from her head. "Winner gets to be the Princess, and give the losers orders," he declares, dropping the tiara on the table.
Emma Emma looks to Celeste. "Hi - hiii!" Greets the Scottish lass. "I'm- I'm Doctor Emma O'Connal!" She then laughs, for no good reason and looks to Buck. Pointing at him. "Y -- you'd look good in a frilly pink dress. Wo - would match y - yer skin tone an' highlight yer eyes." Yup in her mind she is right.

Another glass is poured. "Quarthers! Ya! Whoever misses di - drinks!" She looks from Esa, to Archene to Bob and then Viv as well.
Esa Esa shrugged "No like I got plans." He replied and nodded "What the hell. in."
Celeste Celeste giggles as she says "I like the sound of that. I sure hope I win... I don't wanna give up my tiara..." She says look to Buck before her gaze falls upon those present. "So.. how are we playing?" Then she giggles once more and says to Emma "I'm Celeste, almost a Doctor. And perhaps so but I am quite fond of the darker color spectrum."
Bob "I guess I'm in," Bob says to Emma as he approaches the group of people getting set to play the drinking game. He downs the rest of his beer and goes to get himself a refill on the way to where they're throwing quarters. With a fresh beer in his hand he's as prepared as anyone can be.
Vivienne Vivienne holds up both hands and grins. "I don't drink much, but I'll happily watch ya'll play as I eat dinner." She says, bringing her plate back to her stool. She settles in and picks up a fork, digging into her food.
Emma Emma bounces on her feet some, this is going to be a fun night! Her quarter is taken, and tossed, missing the cup. So, she lifts her glass of scotch and takes a gulp.
Esa After Emma went, Esa shrugged and flipped the quarter against the table... And missed. He smirked "Of course." He said chuckling "I don't play much drinking games." He notes with a wry grin to Emma before taking a shot and drinks it.
Buck Rogers With a booming laugh, Buck downs his own drink before grabbing a refill, gathering around the table. He makes sure to forcefully position Celeste right next to him, muscling past whoever might have been unfortunate enough to occupy that spot and practically dragging the girl by the wrist. "I'm gonna be the Princess," he announces, and with one practiced flick he bounces his quarter directly into the glass. Buck has done a whole lot of drinking over the years; that he's already a little pre-lit only seems to help.
Celeste Celeste squeaks as she is tugged along, not dragged! We don't get this dress dirty well not by dragging anymore, more my healing people who are bleeding out in catacombs and going to scavange in places she shouldn't by herself. She bounces her quarter as well and jumps up and down happily as it makes it in and muses to Buck "Lookie! I did it too yay!!"
Bob Bob tosses a coin at the cup and watches as it spins off to land somewhere amidst the crowd. With a shrug he takes a gulp of beer and shakes his head a little bit. "Can't believe I missed. Used to be so much better at this when I was younger." And he has another drink to wash down the first.
Silent Night Having earlier recieved a pretty nice hug from the pretty nice doc, Archeen hugged back before staying quiet by the table. He shakes his head as he hears Emma announce a game of quarters, "Alright, alright." He tells Emma before taking a quarter and attempting the same as Emma and Esa, the coin perfectly entering the glass. He looks at both Buck and Celeste also 'win'. There is no losing in a drinking game like this!
Celeste Celeste grabs another quarter and bounces it again. A pleased giggle escaping her lips as she spins about once upon sinking another one in. She looks to up Buck and muses "I am 2 for 2. Your turn!"
Bob The next time Bob tosses a coin and it bounces and lands inside the glass, spinning for a second before coming to a rest. "I knew I didn't suck that much at this game," he says before he takes a little drink, not a gulp like before. Gotta save beer for when he doesn't hit his mark.
Buck Rogers With a little drunken hum, Buck rolls the quarter along his knuckles, back and forth. There's little about the big man most would call graceful-- but he is exceedingly good with his hands. "Beginner's luck," he teases Celeste, giving another perfect flick. The quarter bounces high, and lands in the glass with a clatter.
Silent Night Archene tosses his coin... which manages to almost fall in the glass... or would if the glass was around half a meter to the side. "Sometimes you win, other times you lose." He shakes his head, "There is no such thing as luck in times like this." With that he takes a shot, "Well, at least, it seems that I'll be drinking something tonight.
Celeste Celeste rolls her eyes at Buck's words and teases to him "Soooo not. Just have drunken Fu. Makes one better with drunken games." She giggles and decides to try to get another quarter in the glass. Annnd success! Another coin into the glass and she bounces up and down on her toes happily.
Chase Dalton A quarter comes sailing through the air, and plunks right down in the glass. If we're talking basketball, that would be a /SWOOSH/! Nothing but net. Chase wanders over, and eyeballs the glass. "...Huh. It went in." A beat. "Nice."
Esa Seeing Emma passing for the round, Esa moved forward and flipped the coin toward the coin; missing again. Chuckling, he took another shot and smirked at Emma. Afterwards, he stepped back completely to watch the group play.
Buck Rogers Buck snorts and wraps an arm around Celeste's shoulders, openly groping her breast with a hand down her top. "Beginner's luck," he growls again, leaning on to inhale the scent of her hair. He's animalistic at the best of times; with alcohol, it's intensified. "It's all in the wrist." His other hand bounces and scores.
Chase Dalton Chase's next attempt -- a blindfolded, spinning, facing-away over-the-shoulder toss from across the room -- ends in failure. Ah well. The bartender can use the change, since the coin's going his way. Chase removes the blindfold just in time to see the barkeep give him a quick salute, and then pocket the change.
Emma Emma had passed a round or two, due to tending to Shaemus. But now she is back! And having had chugged some more scotch, is all the more unstable. Laughing at Chase's failed attempt she slumps on the table, tosses her coin and gets it in. Following that is a cheer! And a hefty drink from her glass anyway.
Celeste Celeste is on a roll and makes another quarter into the glass. Her headtilting as she says "Wow... I am waaay better at this than I thought." Seems even when being snugged by Buck she's got the luck, yes it's beginners but she won't admit that.
Esa Esa watched and smirked slightly as he walks over to the table and tosses .. and misses. Head shaking, he heads back to Emma and nudges her with his arm before taking a drink. "Looks like I am not that great with this game." He said softly, smiling nevertheless.
Chase Dalton "Damn," Chase mutters to himself as he airballs another coin. He takes up a different, slightly closer spot, and runs some numbers in preparation for another shot. Come on, sniper skills, don't fail me now! This was just starting to seem fun.
Buck Rogers The pre-game drinking might be having an influence on Buck now-- or maybe it's the distraction he gives himself by continuing to fondle his girl in public. Regardless of the reason, when he bounces his next quarter, instead of going up it rockets right into the glass itself and skids to the side, rolling right off the table. "Aw, hell," he mutters, and leans in toward Celeste-- grabbing the edge of her glass with his teeth, tilting his head back, and chugging her drink instead of his. Really, it should have just been one mouthful.. but he drains her glass.
Emma The bartender suddenly shouts over the speaker. "Ten minutes till midnight!" And to that, people cheer!
Emma Emma is a little more slumped on the table. She has nearly drank that entire bottle of Scotch. Feeling the nudge and looking up to Esa she grins. "Ya - yaaaaa suck at dis uh?" There is a laugh, her head rolling to the side a bit, watching Buck down Celeste's drink. "He need da purdddy pink dress." Yup she is still onto the idea that he would look great in a dress. Or, funny. So then she looks aT Chase, wondering what his move is. By magic, or drunk magic, she got her quarter in the cup but drinks anyway. As the bartender annouces this she cheers with everyonr else. "I veen anober boot - bottle of Scotch!" Because the lass isn't living up to her Scottish self if she doesn't have a bottle, and stumbles to the bar to get one.
Chase Dalton A group of military folks arrives shortly after the announcement, each carrying a backpack. Chase excuses himself from the festivities to speak with them a moment. When the announcement comes over the speaker, Chase nods to the group, and they head over to the stage, and begin setting up a small band area. Chase follows, grabs the microphone, and begins belting out a (sliiiightly off-key) rendition of various songs, including "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, and (as the final minutes count down) "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra. As he begins singing the later, he seems to sober up a bit.
Esa Esa stopped with the drinking but continued to watch the game quietly. He leans against the bar, hands cupped against the edge as he watches them play; a soft smile on his face. He looks to the bartender, nodding slightly before looking back to the game; just in time to see Emma scored. "Nicely done." He said calmly, then looked to her slightly with some concern; but smiles nonetheless.
Vivienne Vivienne watches the game go on for a bit before she turns and pays attention to the televisions behind the bar. She quietly eats her food and keeps an eye on the clock, amused at the game and the outcome.
James Scott Fashionably late as always James slips in the door and into the crowd right before midnight. Without too much thought he heads straight for Vivienne once he spots her. "Sorry I'm so late. Got tangled up at work." he apologizes once he's within earshot.
Chase Dalton After a few minutes to grab another drink, Chase returns to the stage to sing "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show. A couple of his military friends pitch in on the chorus vocals, in addition to their instrumental duties. He bops and grooves along to the song, clearly feeling no pain.
Emma Emma is wearing her scrubs, stumbling a bit and seemingly drunk. There is a fresh bottle of Scotch in her hand, but no glass. Screw it, drink it from the bottle! She meanders up next to Esa, grabs a quarter and grins. "Waaadch." Says the red head with a slur, and she turns to toss the coin over her back, and misses. It actually falls into another persona glass, they don't realize it, they chug their drink and swallow the coin. "Oy' fookin'ell, that'll ert ta - tamarrow." Trying to look innocent she turns and stumbles into Esa, goes red then."Sawwy." And spotting Chase giving it on stage eyes widen. "Leeets join 'em!" The girl loves to sing, and stumbles her way to the stage.

"Five minutes till midnight!" The bartender calls.
Esa "Emma .. I think you've ha-" And he's tugged to the stage, following behind Emma. "-d enough.." He finished with a sigh and suddenly found himself onstage with Emma. Oh boy... When was the last time he sung? Oh, right bootcamp; and some of the cadence shouldn't be repeated. "Hi!" He says hesitantly, hand going up to wave before looking to her "Okay, what song?" Anything to keep her from drinking more he supposes was a good thing.
Chase Dalton "Ladies and gentlemen, Doctor Emma O'Connal!" Chase sets up the microphone, as Emma approaches, and gives her some space, offering some polite applause and flashing double-thumbs-up. He notes Esa being dragged along for the ride, and grins. "Take it away, Doc!"
Emma Oh! Attention is on her, with a stumble the lass gives a wave, then takes a drink from her Scotch. There is a smile to Chase, and a shrug to Esa. She takea a second to think, but then something comes to mind!

Grabbing the mic, the doctor starts to sing Sweet Home Alabama. And damn, the girl can -sing-. She has pipes on her that's for sure! But she isn't on stage alone, Chase and Ese are both grabbed, so they can join in the singing on stage.

The bartender shouts out again. "One minute everyone! One minute till midnight!"
Esa Esa sung alongside with Emma; though in compared to her voice, he wasn't as good. He smiled as he moved close to Emma as they sung.
Bob After some time Bob comes on back from the bathroom, not quite stumbling but looking as though he might not be too far off. At the signal that midnight is coming up he hurries to the bar to grab a fresh beer. Once he's got it in his hand he watches the antics of his friends up on the stage.
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton grabs a nearby guitar, and adds his buttery-smooth vocals to the mix. He fishes a guitar slide out of his pocket, and really hams it up.. in a respectful, professional way. Naturally.
Vivienne Vivienne turns, happy to see James and plants a soft kiss on him. "C'mon and have a seat, you can have some of my food." She says, patting the barstool beside her.
James Scott "A seat? It's almost time." James informs Vivienne with a smile, returning the kiss before offering her a hand. "Gotta be on our feet to greet the new year."
Emma Emma sings, yeah the girl can sing. Damn! She grins to Esa, and thumbs up to Chase as he takes up a guitar.

It's pretty clear the lass is totally drunk, but she is having fun. The bartender again announces over the speaker.

"Okay everyone time for the countdown! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.. 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" And the bar goes wild.
Chase Dalton The guy on drums goes complete 'Animal' (should be familiar for Muppets fans) as the clock strikes '1' and the bar goes wild. Chase joins in, adding to the organized chaos of the bar. "Happy new year, y'all!" He raises a glass, and chugs it.
Bob At the signal for the New Year Bob lifts up his drink in the air to toasts, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" He pours the whole glass back down his throat all at once with practiced ease before looking around to make sure no one intends to grab him or anything of that sort.
Vivienne Vivienne jumps to her feet, not sure why she's doing it, but apparently that's how it's done. Right? She wraps her arms around James and plants a New Year's kiss on him before she blows into one of the loud noise makers.
Esa As the song wrapped up, Esa turned and closed he distance between Emma and himself. His hands gently slid along her sides, a smile on his face. "Happy New Year." He tells her fondly and leaned in to kiss her cheek gently.
James Scott As the clock strikes midnight James meets Vivienne halfway for a kiss, producing a noise maker from his pocket. He gives the string a sharp tug and confetti shoots everywhere with a muffle POP. "Happy new year babe."
Silent Night Despite being quite, regal, colected and not drunk, Archene raises his half drunk glass saying, "Happy New Year everyone!" And downs its contents of the glass as he watchesthe kisses, and the love in the air. Well, this does happen to be a certain bistro by a certain tower in the city of love. Very appropriate, he nods inwardly.
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton hops off-stage, and ducks behind the bar. The bartender peers at him, and tries to shoo him out from behind the bar. Seconds later, Chase comes up with an unopened bottle of champagne, which he promptly opens amidst the gathered patrons of the bar. Yeehaw! Glasses are brought out, champagne is poured and offered.
Emma Emma goes -red- at that very unexpected kiss to her cheek. She manages a shy smile to Esa. "Dannkkr cha.." She murmers, drunk as could be, looking down shyly and stumbling into him as she cheers with everyone else to celebrate the new year. Hell evem Shaemus is barking and jumping around
Vivienne Vivienne wraps her arms around James and holds him close to her as they stand near the bar. "This was a nice party." She says, grinning crookedly. "You should have seen this game they were playing earlier. Got everyone nice and toasted." She gestures at the crowd.
Esa Esa gently held her as she stumbles into him. "woah there." He replies softly and smiles back to her "Your welcome." He replies quietly as he listens to her cheer everyone on. "Hey, do you need a lift home?" He asks quietly with some concern in the voice.
Emma As everyone is cheering and celebrating Emma grabs the mic, and into it goes. "May the force be with you!" Yup. What. A. Nerd. She mic drops and looks to Esa. "Na I - bill balk hoooome I always do." Normally she walks, all that way, but she can barely stand. There is another chug of her bottle, the lass going to step down from the stage, some how making it.
Chase Dalton After a quick look around the bar, Chase steps outside, out the back, fishing his cellphone out of his pocket to take a call. He flashes a thumbs-up to Emma as he slips out the back.
James Scott "Oh really? Well we'll just have to talk Archene into throwing a house party. We can all get fucked up together." James suggests, his voice low but loud enough Vivienne can hear him over the bar noise. "Or I could start a fight right now, the brawls here are /great/." The grin on his face shows he's at least joking. Probably.
Vivienne Vivienne reaches out and grabs James by the chin, pulling him close for another kiss. "No fights. I haven't finished my food yet." She sounds firm about this, but a grin is still on her face.
Esa Esa frowned slightly and took a step back, his head shaking. Moving to Archene, Esa says "Shes drunk; could you please make sure she makes it home?" He asks of him with concern.

After talking to Archene, Esa walked over to Emma again and smiled softly "Thank-you for the invite; I had a great time." He gave one last hug to her and headed out.
Silent Night "Of course, I'll give her a ride when going back home." Archene nods at Esa before looking over at Emma, "I'll get you home when you are ready to go, just don't drink too much." said the sane man to the woman chugging bottles of scotch.
Emma The hug is returned to Esa before he is gone. Eyes, red and glossy, fix on Archene. "Ta laaate." The bottle is lifted, wagged, and then chugged. With a laugh she stumbles back, into Bob.
Bob "Whoa there, sweetie," Bob chimes out as he catches Emma when she bumps into him, wrapping an arm around her waist to help keep her upright. "You're having a good time, aren't you?" He asks, looking at her with a big grin on his face, perhaps a little drunk himself.
Vivienne Vivienne glances at James and then gestures to Emma. "I thinks she's tied one on, something serious." She deadpans, both eyebrows raised slightly. "Her Happy New Year's Eve is gonna be a New Year's Day hangover hell.
James Scott "Oh man, she's drank too much to ride with Archene. It makes my stomach hurt thinking about how much it'd cost to clean puke out of it." James mutters, looking over at the redhead as she stumbles around. "Yo Emma." he calls out over the crowd, "You wanna crash with us? Can walk there from here."
Silent Night "You worry too much James," Archene chuckles, yes, his listenning skills are this effective, it helps that he was about to talk with the young man. Cleaning the puke out? It'd cost less to buy new seats, "Didn't notice you 'round James. Got here before the count down, or came from another party?" He grins.
Emma Emma does a smooth, dancer like turn when hearing James and Viv. "I - I ainnnnt gonta have a threesome!" She states, firmly with a nod. Here is a chug from her second bottle. "Yaahhh I -" Woops, she stumbles into Archene! Because someone spilt beer on the floor!
Vivienne Vivienne glances at James and then back to Emma. It's very clear that she's trying not to burst out laughing, her jaw is clenched with effort. She nudges at James, her eyes on his face to catch his reaction because if he starts to laugh, she's going to as well.
James Scott "I didn't ask!" James shouts back over at Emma. "Got a guest bedroom, but you might have to fight Lou dog for it." He manages not to laugh, but just barely.
Bob Bob drinks his beer, watching Emma's antics with a big smile on his face that soon turns into knee slapping laughter! It goes on for a minute, maybe a little longer than a sober guy would laugh, but eventually he mostly stops. When he manages to look up he spots James and gives him a friendly wave, but then his attention is turned back to the beer and he finishes it off.
Vivienne Amid the chaos, Vivienne releases James and makes her way over to Archene and sticks out her hand. "We haven't met. I'm Vivienne, Happy New Years." She says, a smile on her face.
Silent Night As Emma stumbles onto him, Archene manages to keep her steady and standing as he embraces her, "Don't walk about too much like that, else you might not even make it to their house." He chuckles lightly, "Now, now, let me have some of it before you drink enough to down three people." He asks as he puts his hands on her, bottle. Certainly not a trick, in any way shape or form.
Emma She looks confused. Why are they laughing. A brow comes up. "Did - deeed cha knwo dat dogs anly mate twice a year!" Yeah that was random. Her mind connected dots that should not of been connected. "Dow borning!" Says the ever single girl, who turns to look at Archene. "Huh? Ta wanna drikk, here." Another chug is taken, before she turns to hand him the bottle, but yet again slips and falls smack on her ass. Dazed red eyes look up. "Whenn ded yall becun giants?"
James Scott "I did not, but Lou is fixed, so you don't have to worry about that." James assures the very drunk Emma. He walks over to offer her a hand when she falls over, though his words are directed over to Archene. "That's Vivienne, Archene. My girlfriend I was telling you about the other day."
Bob "Oh man," Bob says as he sits down his empty glass and makes his way towards Emma, kneeling down next to her. He puts a hand on her back and one on her arm, "You're having an awesome night, aren't you?" He's ready to help her up, but it's clear he's waiting on her to make the decision. Don't want to move really drunk people around when they don't expect it. He looks up at Archene and gives him a nod, "I'm Bob Delgado, by the way." There's no slur in his voice but his cheeks are a tinge red.
Vivienne Vivienne stands back away from the others and scratches her nose gently, before glancing over at James. "This is getting a little rowdy, I think I might head home." She says quietly.
Emma Emma is sitting on the floor, in her scrubs, which she is rocking, drunk off her block. The group is together talking. Midnight has passed and everyone ia celebrating.

"Huh." She eyes James, totally confused and then just, laughs. Just laughs for no good reason, and looks to Bob. "No doggu babies. Nope." Her head shakes from side to side. "Aseome suuuce!" There is a nod, and with their help she would managed to stand? barely, and huff some hair from her face. "Aww Wib." She says to Viv.
James Scott "It is about that time. About ready to hit my bar, because paying for drinks can be a bit much." James agrees with Vivenne as he makes sure Emma ends up upright. "And Emma, you're like two shots away from waking up on a toilet in Amsterdam. Trust me, I got drunk in this bar and woke up in some coffee shop bathroom."
Benny It is past midnight, New Years day now, of course someone might have been late because they were either playing too many video games and lost track of time or perhaps they were bar hopping, streaking across the Eiffel tower. Nah, it's Benny and 99 percent of the time, well more like 99.9 percent of the time it was because he was playing video games.

Dressed in his usual casual affair, he's wearing his black waxed cotton Belstaff jacket, a white graphic t-shirt with a picture of an Ewok (Wicket to be exact) with the words Happy New written on top and Nubnub written on the bottom, blue designer jeans and white adidas shoes with black stripes down the side. He looks stone cold sober, except that his eyes are a bit droopy due to looking at a computer screen too long and yeah, he's got some fading bruises on his face as well as looking a touch tired.

He blinks when he walks into Jack's, then spots Emma sitting on the floor who is laughing at something somebody said but manages to wobbly stand up. He walks towards her, smiling and waving to the people he does recognize in the crowd. Archene and James get particular attention, slapping his Raccoon City comrades on the back or arm as he nears them. "Happy New Years!" but then nudges the two. "So uh, looks like Emma is the celebratory mood. Do you think it is safe for me to wish her happy New Years or will she puke on me?" He smirks when he says this and doesn't approach the red head just yet because he might be a tad afraid.
Silent Night Being in his usual out-clothes, jeans, jackets and shades (yes, even at the begining of the new year), Archene looks at Benny and waves with his free hand, "Happy New Year, Benny. Though you are almost 12 months too early for it." He grins at Benny, "And you can go give her a hug, she is just a tad bit too disoriented right now." He shakes his head.
Vivienne Vivienne turns and makes her way towards the bar, stopping to pick up her jacket and her plate of food. She steps over another crazy looking couple wrapped around each other, sitting on the floor near the booths and quietly makes her way towards the exit.
Emma It takes a minute or so, for Emma to establish what being vertical means. Not realizing that Archene took her second bottle of scotch, the lasa grabs a random cup of beer off the table, takes a sip but a hand stops her. "Listen lady, you can take my beer but you can pay me back for it." He states, not being to subtle on what he means. The beer is put down, big grey-grewn eyes focus on the man. "Yer - yer lukr a doog, only mate dwice a year huh." Oh burn! Yes that happened! His friends turn into a riot of laughter.

Turning away - more stumbling, she spots Benny. "Benny!!" The very much not sober Scottish lass calls out, and even though she can barely stand, she goes to tackle hug him. Seriously, a good drunk tackle hug.
James Scott "Well, I've got a load of laundry going." James says with a tired sort of sigh. "So I'll see everyone soon." When Benny shows up he dips his head in a slight nod, "Good to see you."

His attention moves over to Archene, "If she wants to crash at our place just call me and I'll ride over. Though it's really up to her what she does."
Silent Night Archene nods at James, "From the looks she will be here until the sun rises, I'll give a call if that happens or if she wants to walk over to your place. Don't worry. Take care."
Benny "I am? Geez, I always get the holidays mixed up. Well, I'm glad to see you Archene. It has been too long. Hopefully we can get together for a coffee or meal one of these days. I know you have a busy schedule though and perhaps we can get the whole gang a more private setting than a bar." Benny replies to the Knight with a small salute, which is in jest of course because to him he will always be just Arch, the really tall sniper dude who used to have cool binoculars. But we won't talk about that right now.

Benny is about to say more when out of the corner of his eye, he catches just a glimpse of a frantic running blur of a red head and before he can even blurt out a doh, although he probably might have been able to dodge it had it been a Tyrant or a Licker charging at him he gets blind sided by a tackle hug! "Nubnub...." is all he can manage to croak out as he lies on the ground with a very drunk doctor on top of him. Thankfully he is able to do a controlled fall and missed hitting any person, table or chairs while shielding the drunken one from any pain, taking the brunt of it himself.
Emma Dazed. Emma is dazed for a second! Her red hair is a bit messy, falling around her. Realizing they tumbled to the ground she looks down at Benny and cheeks go red. "Uh." Oh. But wait, she blinks a few times. "I sawwy. Ya jay?" Huh? she is -totally- loaded. "I'm a dotor now! A Docter!" She is to excited and needs to tell her news. "An head! Head! Terrasave!" Bad news for Benny, suddenly Shaemus is there licking his face like it were the best thing ever. "Da mutt caredul ya dilly ding!" She'd go to push the dog back, because that's not safe!
Silent Night Archene sighs and shakes his head as he watches Emma tackling Benny, "I'll see what I can do one of these days, got myself working along with BSAA nowadays." He smirks, "But truly too long since we've seen each other. I only came back to Paris a short while ago myself, so it has been good to see almost everyone at the new year."
Benny Benny is indeed very red in the face, blushing so hard that if his head were the Enterprise it would have been ruptured by warp core breach! She can't take much more Keptain!? Yeah, his face is that red! He is unable to move or speak for several seconds, seconds that would seem like minutes or hours.

Finally he's able to mutter, " O'Connal off of me? Yeah, thanks. Oh, hi Shaemus." He closes his eyes really tight as his blushing red warp core breached face is getting licked.

Glancing over to Archene after Emma gets Shaemus to move away from him for a moment. He holds up a hand, pointing at the ceiling to emphasize his point. "Sounds like a plan." He then lowers his hand and can't get up at the moment. Face too blushy!
Emma Well, Emma drank a bottle of Scotch, who knows what before that. Has she ate? Who knows. She lass has partied -hard-. Poor Benny, tackled by the ginger, and her dog. When he would go to sit up, it's like a wall against him. Damn. Seems the newly made doctor has passed out on him. Poor guy. But at least she seems peaceful and content, right?
Benny "Emma? Umm...I kinda asked you to get up...this is the uh, reverse of getting up? Emma...oh geez..." Benny's trying to gently nudge the now passed out red head a little bit, but he's also very cognizant that she is so drunk that she might get sick and that sick would end up all over him most likely, then that would cause a chain reaction where he would probably end up puking and that would be bad, very bad...barfarama BAD! He looks towards Archene with a pleading look, flailing his arms and legs just slightly as Emma is now laying on top of him. His face can't really get any redder but it somehow happens and this was not at all how he thought this night was going to end up. Happy Nubnub New Years...sigh.
Silent Night "Alright, alright, you've had too much fun Benny." Archene walks over to the two leaning over slightly to roll Emma slightly.. and, takes her up in the most gentle-manly princess carry of the year? "I think I should be getting her home, are you alright there Benny?"
Emma Emma is limp, almost lifeless. When Archene lifts her, there is zero resistance. She is dead to the world. Which may be good. The hangover will suck in the morning.
Benny Benny raises his hand one more and gives Archene the thumbs up. He lays on the ground for a few more moments, before finally sitting up and gets to his feet. He rubs at the back of his neck with a sheepish look on his face. "Yeah, I'm good and I'll walk with ya to your car to make sure Emma gets in safely. She's going to have one hell of a hangover tomorrow I think. I'm happy for her though, she finally graduated and is a full fledged doctor now. Proud of her. We should take her out for a nice sober celebratory meal...uh, maybe in a few days after she works this off." He shakes his head, grinning a bit. "At least one of us is kinda normal, eh? Remember to put a big glass of water by her bedside, no make that one of those 2 litre bottles and if she remembes to drink it, it may lessen the blow." He gives Archene another pat on the back. "Lets get going out of here before anything else happens. It's New Years after all and we might as well start off on the right foot." He sighs inwardly to himself and knows that he's got lots of work to do himself, a whole mess of it if he's going to find a way to keep Paris safe from falling into another Raccoon City.