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Vivienne Vivienne sits on the couch, comfortable as a fire roars in the fireplace and a silly movie plays on the television. When the doorbell rings, she grabs the remote, presses pause and walks to the door, not sure who to expect. She briefly pats the holster on her back before she opens the door to see..Emma.

Not who she was expecting, but Vivienne is a gracious hostess and she steps back from the doorway, gesturing for Emma to come in. "Hey, nice to see you." She says, leading Emma towards the living room. "Can I get you anything?" She asks, as they walk towards the couches. "Drink, snack.." She trails off and then offers Emma a smile.
Emma Emma is dressed for her new position in life. A pencil skirt, nice top, though her lab coat isn't on. Vivienne would be greeted with a warm smile, entering their home, taking off her heels and setting down her briefcase next to them.

"I - I am fine, really. I caved ta a few cups of coffee earlier an' now I'm a - a bit wired." She isn't normally a coffee drinker. "An' how - how are a doin'?"
Vivienne Vivienne moves back to the couch and climbs on it, sitting slouched against the pillowed surface with her knees bent. She's wearing sweat pants and a long white tank top, her feet bare. "I can't really complain, to be honest. I'm warm, got a fancy roof over my head and someone who claims to love me." She gaze at the television for a few moments before she adds. "The whole having things hang over my head that can easily destroy all of that? It's a little stressful. I manage though." She pats the couch and crooks a finger at Emma. "Come on over, have a seat. James didn't yell at you, did he?"
Emma At this moment Emma may envy Viv a little, she'd love to be curled up in her casual clothes, but for now, that isn't her reality. At least until life finds a balance again.

Going to sit, resting back and relaxing eyes are fixed on the television and the show, seeming to enjoy it. "Wait he - he loves ya?" Surprised, because that seems rather fast she looks to Viv. "No - no, but, I think he confessed his dislike for me, an' all that. Wondered even if I shoulda stopped by, but, figured I'd come say hi to ya."
Vivienne Vivienne looks away from the television, her gaze resting on Emma as she watches her for a few quiet moments. "He and I have come to an understanding. We've got no secrets and we've got each others back. He says he loves me, and I have no reason not to trust his words." She rolls her eyes then and leans a little closer to Emma, her voice a bit quieter. "He doesn't dislike you. I think every time he sees you it reminds him of something that he struggles with. Unfortunately he's not able to disassociate the anger that comes with it. So he gets fussy." She smiles then and leans back into her original position. "I'm glad you stopped."
Emma "Good." Emma says, with a smile. "That ya - ya two trust each other, that's important in any relationship." With that she nods her head a little too. Leaning forward a little in return the lass listens and 'hms" just a little bit. "M - maybe yer right, he does have anger, I've seen it since Racoon. Though he doesn't seem ta - ta like Esa much."
Vivienne "James doesn't like, or trust, too many people." Vivienne says, her eyes on Emma. "You can tell when he does, I'm sure. He's almost a different person." She chuckles softly. "He gets along with Bob okay." She turns and gestures towards the window and sighs. "Honestly, if the world out there wasn't slowly falling apart? I'd try to talk him into seeing someone to talk. You know, the head doctor type of person? Though it would have to be someone who knows the score and will keep his or her mouth shut." She gazes back to the television, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. "Until that can happen, if it ever does, I'm keeping an eye on him and keeping him from doing something he'll regret later. That includes keeping him from harming Esa."
Emma This leaves Emma quiet for a second, thinking. "Ya - ya know, I have a therapist. After Racoon, an' my kidnappin', when I came here, I knew I needed help, I'd nat of been able ta make it if I didn' have her ta help me. I can give ya her name, I trust her." The lass is looking back to Vivienne as well. "I've seen James be - be a different person, aye. I - I told him, I thought he needed ta learn ta love himself, or his life will never truly be what he wants it to be."
Vivienne "I'll take the number and try to talk him into it." Vivienne says, meeting Emma's gaze again. "I don't know if he'll ever be able to love himself though, he thinks he's a monster. Monsters don't help people like he does." She sits up a little and frowns. "I don't know if I can help him or if I'm hindering him right now, but I'm not going to give up on him."
Emma "I'll - I'll write it down." Emma says, slowly, considering her words. "I was there, when it began, after he died tha first time. From when he was hit, till now. I've.. never considered him the way he used to me, but, I always tried ta be there for him, as much as I could. But like ya - ya said, I may be a reminder of tha pain. It's good yer - yer here ta help him, hopefully you can get through ta him an' help him."
Vivienne "Like I said. I think he wants to keep you safe, and he doesn't trust anyone else to do it." Vivienne says, a shoulder raising slightly in a shrug. "Lately though? It seems like things are getting worse. Being here, dealing with all of this.." She gestures around the penthouuse. "..watching me walk out into missions I'm not full prepared for.." She chuckles softly. "I'm trying very hard, to help that is, and I'm gonna keep trying. Can't say that it'll work out. I've go trouble behind me as well."
Emma "He dislikes feeling powerless.." Emma concludes, knowing this. "He - he can't always be there though, an' maybe I should tell him, knowin' he is there helps me ta feel safer. He is partly why I'm alive." Eyes look around, and then settle on Vivienne. "I - I understand that, we all - all seem ta have trouble lurkin' round us these days." It sounds like she knows this all to well.
Vivienne "I think him knowing that would help." Vivienne smiles at Emma and reaches out, gently patting her hand. She settles back against the couch and she sighs. "Hopefully there isn't any trouble at your party, it's casual dress, right? I only had the one dress." She explains, fidgeting with the hem of her top.
Emma A smile is given to Vivienne at the pat of her hand. "I'll- I'll tell him." Emma says, nodding slowly. "An' if yer - yer ever wantin', I got a bunch of clothes yer able ta look at, some nice dresses. An' wear what ya want, I'll likely be stuck in these clothes, with work keepin' me so busy. Just be comfortable an' you. That's all that matters."
Vivienne "To be honest, I'm not much of a dress type of girl. Comfortable jeans, a nice top and I'm pretty happy." Vivienne admits, giggling softly. She taps on the remote and the channel changes to some music channel. "It's probably what I'll be in tonight, honestly."
Emma "I - I've always liked ta dress up. But livin' on a acreage, workin' with tha animals, in tha dirt, an' all that, well cleanin' up was nice." Emma shrugs a little. "Well if yer - yer not comfortable an' happy it isn't worth goin' out, comfort first. Comfort clothes are a wonderful thing."
Vivienne "As you can see.." Vivienne begins, glancing down at her form. "..I will usually wear comfortable clothing. I spent too much fucking time on the streets in dirty rags." She clears her throat and blushes. "Excuse my mouth, sorry. Yeah, I uh..if it's clean and it covers and I'm warm, not much else matters."
Emma Emma laughs a little. "Cu - curse all ya want, it doesn't bother me - me none. I'm used ta being sworn at, at work an' all, but not thinkin' ya'll do that. An', half my cursin' is in Gaelic." She shrugs some. "Oh yer - yer from tha streets?" There is a frown when that's asked.
Vivienne Vivienne blinks at Emma and then she rolls her shoulders, shrugging a bit. "Yeah, been on my own since I was twelve." She says, folding her hands in her lap. "It's why I'm a little rough around the edges, I guess." She glances over at Emma and tries to break up the serious nature of the discussion by narrowing her eyes and cursing fluidly in French.
Emma "I - I am sorry." Emma says, frowning a little more. "I couldn't imagine, you've done well, an' no - no, not rough at all." She is given a warm smile, which turns into a laugh at the french cursing. "Well done, ya - ya speak french? Ta be honest, I've yet ta meet anyone that swore like my oldest brother, but he is British Special Forces, he's learned some colourful term."
Vivienne "Nothing to be sorry about. My mom couldn't do it, and I used to blame her and honestly..hate her." Vivienne says, smiling over at Emma. "Then I realized that I might be a completely different person had she kept me around." She holds up a hand. "That's not to say I might not be a better person, but everything I've done and lived through has brought me here." A beat. "I do speak some French. I do a lot of reading." She gazes down at her knees. "Didn't do the school thing, and I didn't want to be an idiot so ..I read." She gazes at Emma for a few moments and then she smiles. "Have a lot of siblings or just the one?"
Emma There is a small, slow nod. "Yer - yer strong, which is good. It - it takes a lot more ta see what life gave ya than what it took from ya." Then, a hand rubs the back of her head. "I got four older brothers, I'm tha - ta youngest, we're all real close. Papa is a chef, mama is a pediatrician."
Vivienne "I used to have daydreams of having a family." Vivienne says, grinning over at Emma. "It was a pretty elaborate daydream too, I could tell you favorite foods, the whole nine yards." She flushes and then she bites down on her bottom lip. "Sounds like you have a whole lot of something to go back to, if this all becomes too much, yeah?"
Emma "Daydreams are good, helpful yeah, but - but they are just that. If ya want that life, ya gotta make it." Emma shrugs, once more. "Yer smart, ya got a lotta to look forwar too. An' sure I do, but ya make yer own family too, an' I've been makin' my own here."
Vivienne "I'm not gonna have a family Emma. Not gonna bring kids into all of this." Vivienne gets to her feet and grins at Emma. "I'm keeping you, and you probably got a lot to do. I should let you get to Jacks, and I'll see you there soon?"
Emma "Family isn't a - always kids, it's who ya welcome in too." Emma says, and goes to stand. "I need ta drop off paperwork, aye, I'll see ya there. An' dress comfortably!" With a grin, she'd go to head out, and prep for party fun.
Vivienne "I will." Vivienne says, her eyes on Emma as she departs. She takes a deep breath and trudges out towards the bedroom to get ready for a party.