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Vivienne Late afternoon finds James and Vivienne sitting in the back booth at Jacks, eating a late lunch and enjoying a few drinks. The sit in the same side of the booth, her with her feet up on the seat on the other side.

The lunch crowd is starting to thin out, and while there are still a few people in the bistro, most people are picking up their check and walking out. Some sports game plays on the screens near the bar.
James Scott James is still on the mend from his last run in with infected in the catacombs, so he's taking it easy. The teen has a drink in one hand and the other on Vivienne's thigh. It's a nice slow day.

"Hard to believe another year is already over." he says quietly aside to the woman next to him. "Seems like it's getting faster every year."
Esa Having gotten the text message, Esa headed down toward the bar known as Jacks. He felt comfortable place; or at least as comfortable as one can after surveying the building and knowing the entrance and exit points.

Pushing the door open, he stepped through. His trench coat swayed slightly as he came to a stop, eyes scanning the room slowly. Seeing Vivienne and James in the back, he casually walked toward them; coming to stop he smiled slightly to Vivienne "Vivi, how are you today?"
Vivienne Vivienne grins at James, leaning over to bump shoulders with him. "Spoken like a true old fogie." She teases, picking up her drink and taking a sip. When Esa walks up to her table she gives him a grin and jerks her chin towards the seat across from her and James. "I'm doing well, yourself?" She asks, a grin on her face. "Have a seat. Esa, this is James." She gestures towards James and then glances back at Esa. "James, this is Esa. He works with me."
James Scott "Yeah, bumped into him in the hospital. Before that fucking freak showed up." James says with a slight nod. "Staying out of trouble?" This is said to Esa himself. The teen sits upright a bit more and takes a drink from the whiskey on the table in front of him.
Esa Giving a nod to James, Esa stuck a hand out to him. "Esa Collins." He notes with a gentle smile before proceeding to sit down across from them. "I'm doing well" He glances to James and gives a gentle grin "much as I can, yes. Mostly getting use to Paris, meeting friends and colleagues and dealing with the Weird." He shrugs. "How about you James?"
Vivienne Vivienne focuses on her hamburger glancing between the pair and briefly speaking up. "He isn't staying out of trouble, James. It's because of him I saw another one of those lizard bastards." She mutters, putting down her food and folding her arms over her chest. She's grinning though, so she must not be too upset about it.
James Scott James shakes the offered hand. "I'd say I'm staying out of trouble, but I ran into six of those fucking infected the other night. Still got the bite mark to prove it." He seems more or less over those broken ribs though. He was right about healing quick.

His attention moves to Vivienne, "Hopefully they didn't bring Emma along this time. Seems like every guy I run into that knows her is trying to fuck, so they make sure to cover her, even if six other people already are."
Esa Esa gives a rather innocent look "Hey, I how was I supposed to know a six-foot lizard like creature show up and throw an Engineer through the wall." He said with a mock grin before flagging down a wait staff. "Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and guacamole please. Side of fries and a Guinness." He smiles cheerfully before turning his attention to them again. His smile dissipates with a slow frown and sigh at the mentioning of Emma.

"No, we did not bring the good Doctor along this time." He notes calmly. "And So you know, there are people who care about her; who knows she can cover her own six... And who know there is more about her than her external beauty.." He said flatly, taking a breath and smiles. "Anywho.."
Vivienne Vivienne aims an amused look at James, leaning against him. "Someone is rather sensititve to the whole..Emma subject." She notes, glancing quickly at Esa, a big grin on her face." She pats James on his thigh and shakes her head. "Don't worry Babe, the only person who ever got close to me was some weird civvie that was ..not in great shape from what I saw." She focuses on Esa then. "You didn't know, and I think we got pretty lucky. There is a lot worse out there, or so I'm led to believe."
James Scott "Esa." James looks at the man, his expression blank. "I'm not gonna get into this with my girlfriend sitting next to me, but we survived Raccoon together. I beat four men to death for kidnapping her. So don't lecture me on her."

The glass in front of him is raised and he slams what's left of the liquor. "Now, do you need something." His good mood seems to be gone, but he still wraps an arm around Vivienne and presses a quick kiss to her cheek. "Glad to hear that you're alright. If you got hurt out there I'd have to show up myself, and I doubt they'd like that."
Esa Glancing to Vivienne, he shook his head. "Na; just that I'm not one of those guys James spoke of. I care for Emma; but it's because of her intellect and brains.. and she can kick my ass at video games that attracts me." Pausing, he looks to James, nodding "I was not attempting to cause a fight; merely saying.. that I beyond the beauty." His plate of food and drink is placed in front of him and looks to it. "As for being here, I suppose I'll let Vivienne handle that."
Vivienne Vivienne wrinkles her nose at the long prose about Esa and his personal life. She already knows where this is going to end up and she tries to suppress her mirth by pressing her lips together. She picks up her hamburger, her eyes on Esa for a few quiet moments as she takes a bite. Once she swallows she looks over at James. "Now I know..that's going to happen, and it's whatever. Just don't hit him, and don't yell. Attracting attention isn't going to do us any favors." She gestures briefly at Esa. "I been trying to find the people in the FBC who aren't in *his* pocket. I think Esa is one of them, therefore he needs information. About stuff. He's sorta like another Bob, if you get my drift."
James Scott "Don't worry, I'd rather introduce him to Lucille than hit him." James mood actually seems to worsen, his left nostril flaring slightly. "But I'll wait until we're in the quarantine zone. Shatter that kneecap and tear the anterior cruciate ligament."

The thumb on his right hand comes around to crack his knuckles as he falls silent and listens to what Vivienne has to say. "So what's the plan, overthrow him and have one of these mooks replace him."
Esa Esa looked to James, eyes narrowing some. "Ya know, maybe I am not the best person to be helping out here." He states calmly, eyes moving to Vivienne. "I'm here to offer my services and assistance." Eyes flick back to James. "Not here to get threaten to be killed over feelings." He grabbed the plate slide back out of the bench; leaving open beer and walked to the bar. A quiet conversation is given as the food is placed in to a box and Francs are handed over.
Vivienne "Men." Vivienne states, her disgust is evident as she slides out of the booth. "You two wanna fight, that's fine. But I'm trying to keep my ass alive and out of jail." She glance over at Esa, disappointment clear on her features. "I'll be back at the penthouse." She murmurs to James. There is still a decent amount of food left on her plate, and this might be the first time she's walked away from a meal since she was thirteen years old.
James Scott James calls the waiter over to get a carry out box for the rest of Vivienne's food as she leaves. With the one person holding him together gone his mood somehow managing to worsen. "One day I'm gonna start killing people again, I can fucking feel it." he mutters, placing what's left from both of their plates into the box.
Emma Emma comes walking into the bistro then. She has been working, a lot. Between becoming a full doctor and her new position in Terrasave, the lass is busy.

But even the busy get hungey. With briefcase in hand, wearing a lab coat, and a pencil skirt and green top, she seems to be slightly dazed while heading to a table.
Esa Esa stood at the counter, getting his box ready. He sighed and placed his hands on it. He hated being threatened over mundane, stupid shit. James attitude was rather uncalled for; he had come to help, to offer his services and seemed only to upset Vivienne. He turned and walks over to James "Look, I don't know your history nor why your so god-damn pissed off about someone caring for another person. But I'm here to help you, James. I have talents and skills that can be beneficial to you, but, if you are not up for listening and rather carry this attitude around, then fine." He threw down a napkin "Otherwise, call me when your not so upset."

He turned and walked back to the bar; it was at this point he saw Emma and his cheeks flushed. "Wow.." He said with a bashful smile. "Fancy meeting you here; How are you.. Doctor." He said with a grin.
James Scott "It doesn't fucking matter, but maybe when I got angry that was a sign you needed shut your fucking mouth instead of telling me you goddamn life story." James says without looking up from the task in front of him. "You've got talents and skills? Good for you." He looks up at the man before he turns and bumps into Emma, and his eye has changed, the brilliant blue is now a smoldering red, much like the infected in the quarantine zone.

"Hey Emma, we were just talking about you." he practically growls before going back to stuffing the boxes and finishing off the drink that was left.
Emma Her briefcase is put on the table, but her attention is drawn to Esa and James. And those red eyes do catch her attention first, because Emma knows well what's going on when they come out. Due to that, she missed Esa go red. Though he is given a quick glance with a warm smile. "Hi." She shrugs. "Ay - aye, what are tha chances?"

Then James is regarded again, and casually arms cross, both of them regarded. "Ta - talkin' 'bout me, hm? Why is that exactly?"
Esa Esa looked from Emma to James then to Emma again. "I was simply responding to what James had said of you; I told him what I thought of you and how I felt about you." He notes calmly with a soft smile. "Then he got angry.. much in the way he is now." He notes with a frown "And I was just about to leave." He added.
James Scott "I made a joke regarding everyone making sure you were safe while leaving Vivienne out to dry with that lizard the other night and how fucked I thought it was. Offended lover boy here and he went off." James' version is more or less the same. "But yes I'm pissed. I'm not gonna sit here and listen to some fucker talk about how great the woman that broke my heart more times than I can fucking count is." He pushes to his feet, that eye in his head starting to glow much like it did before the Raccoon outbreak.
Emma Emma is standing there, listening to them speak. After a second, the lass nods slowly. "I see." A hand comes up to rub her head. Of all things, she looks hurt.

"I'll - I'll see a 'round Esa." Speaks the woman to him quiely, and while grabbing her briefcase, those big grey-green eyes more to James. "Go - good ta know what ya truly think 'bout me. Thank you." Unable to hide the hurt from her tone too, she turns to leave, heading out the bistro, suddenly not hungry.
Esa Esa paused; things suddenly became awkward. He was clearly unaware of the history between James and Emma. As Emma left, he looks to James, sighing and grabbed his meal-to-go and proceeded out the door; either after Emma or just to get away from James is unclear.
James Scott "Another misunderstanding, fucking great!" James shouts. There's no way the two don't hear him unless they ran out. The teen rears his head back and slams it into the wall, splitting his forehead open. Vivienne might not have wanted to cause a scene, but a scene ended up being caused anyway. He pays then storms out, box in hand.