Umbrella Surveillance System
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Buck Rogers A smokey perfume permeates the alternative fashion shop off a Parisian avenue, nestled against a sweet shop and a tree-lined street corner. The mood lighting is dim and warm, and the scented smoke that spreads through gives everything an illusory look-- a mirage haze that turns posters of pale-skinned girls into wavey dancers, that makes the flames of the candles set around flicker, that makes the many elaborate and dark outfits seem to come to life with ghostly motion. A small spiral staircase with black iron bannisters wrought capped with decorative end points joins the two floors, the upper one dedicated more to goth-punk accessories, trinkets, and gag items than the fetching and elaborate gothic costumes that serve to draw customers on the bottom. Few people are there-- a bored girl in her early twenties sits behind a counter, nose pierced and deafened by the heavy headphones she wears, listening to some local rock band's first release.

When Buck Rogers steps in, he's forced to duck his head beneath the doorway's upper rim. The scented smoke wraps around him in lover's embrace and parts like spreading thighs as he pushes forward-- beckoning him forth, after a fashion. The girl manning the store does not even notice him, eyes closed and music too loud; she's banging her head in idle amusement. Buck, for his part, actually fits in aesthetically; the armored trench coat he wears, that broadens his shoulders and hangs low to his calves, is a dark black and banded with silvery metals, tight around wrist and waist. Between the metal-plated gauntlets, the armored pectoral, the buttons and straps and elaborate etched designs on the lower half, while one can't call his own style lolita fashion it certainly stands out from the norm, darkly martial and eerily majestic.

"Ain't ever been in a store like this before," he calls back behind him, pausing to look over a pleated skirt trailing ribbons. "But I heard they had what I'm lookin' for."
Celeste Celeste goes wide-eyed as they walk in, her steps slowing as she looks around. She is spinning about as she is walking towards Buck looking a bit like a slow spinning top. She stumbles though and thanfkully lands against Buck as she says "Nope... But I like it a lot here. I will admit..."
Isabel Isabel can appreciate the decor, even if it's not her usual kind of thing. She's been appreciating it for the better part of an hour now, looking for the match of a leather jacket she'd seen in the front window and, so far, not finding it. She did find some nice black jeans with edgy pseudo-mystical symbols stitched onto them in white and lavender thread, and a replacement for the boots she's been wearing for so long, but little else.
Sure, she could try and ask the counter girl. But with her luck? The poor thing will probably not only not speak a word of English, but also be half deaf. Isabel can hear her music easily a third of the way across the shop. It's distracting enough that she misses the sound of the door opening.
Then again, it might just be that she's really engaged in her search. A makeover seems to be the plan: She's certainly not dressed to fit the room, with her well-worn denims, more well-worn old denim chore coat, and ordinary black tee. At least her hair might fit, as it's nearing waist-length by now, and unbound as a river of silky black ink.
Buck Rogers A hand falls upon Celeste's shoulder to steady her when she trips and falls against him. "Easy, sweetheart," the giant gently warns. "Make yourself dizzy, you'll take a tumble into the racks." He smiles big, all teeth, and then gives her a directing little push back to standing on her own. "Easy, now." A repeat of before, and then a pat on her head. The cool metal and leather of the gauntlets is presses to her scalp. "Alright. Let's take a look around, soak in the sights. C'mon, beautiful." His every step rattles the ground around him; metal and fabric rustle and squeak, and vibrations push through the nearby racks. His passage takes him toward a position where he can see Isabel-- and, perhaps surprisingly, he raises his voice to call out to her. "Hey, Welsh, get over here," he barks, amiably enough, waving a hand. "Didn't expect you shoppin' here, of all places. Come meet my girl."
Celeste Celeste giggles as he gently warns her and teeters back upon her own feet with the little push he gives her. Her eyes continuing to look up at him as the gauntler presses to her scalp and says "Alright." She is grabbing one of the dress off of the rack curiously eyeing it but it is quickly forgotten as Isabel is called out. A bright smile and a friend wave is given before she says "Hey, I'm Celeste" once she doesn't have to shout it.
Isabel Is that..?
The voice says that is definitely is. Isabel, who'd given Buck up as having left town and her life in general, blinks in surprise at the sight and sound of him. But with the very public call-out, there's little she can do but step over. "Hey, Rogers," she replies, matching impersonal with impersonal.
Celeste, on the other hand, gets a faint smile and a bow of her head, once Isabel is close enough. "Hi, Celeste. I'm Isabel," she says, offering the hand that isn't taken up with jeans an that pair of boots. "You look a little more in tune with this place than me."
Buck Rogers Though the two of them exchanged names, Buck still takes it upon himself to do a proper introduction. "Celeste, this is Isabel Welsh," he explains, gesturing from the one girl to the other. "Star of those Zombieland Diaries floating around the internet. You've probably seen them." And then to Isabel, he gesticulates again, a wave of his hand in the opposite direction to link the two women. "Isabel, this is Celeste Roberts, exiled princess of some backwater Slavic country." He smiles bright. "Found her stumblin' around the quarantine zone on a dare from those TerraSave kids. Got her out of trouble, and she's been doting on me since."
Celeste Celeste takes the offered hand and shakes it, there may not be much strength within it but seeing the giant she is palling around with, it is not really much of a worry for her. A giggle escape her lips as she says "I suppose I am just a little bit. It is nice to meet you Isabel. I hadn't been in here before but I like some of the things I see. A girl can never have too many Loli dresses." She spin about once and looks to Buck, leaning towards him, feigning a fall. Though when he elaborates upon Isabel she stands up a but more looking surprised to Isabel as she says "That was you? No... fucking... way..." She then jumps up and down happily as she says "That is fucking awesome." Then as Buck introduces her she giggles and says "I also promised not to wander alone anymore too. And I heal people."