Umbrella Surveillance System
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Silent Night It is a normal day in the Chateau de Night. Or at least close enough, recently Archene d'Night has returned from... certain unspeakable events. Nothing which shall be spoken currently. Archene has just finished his meal and is currently on the his mobile finishing some quiet discussion while sitting on the couch. Certainly waiting for the visitor who was said to be coming towards his door not long ago.
James Scott And sure enough the doors do open to reveal the visitor in question. He's a familiar face, for the most part. In the months since he arrived in Paris James has grown thicker and slightly taller, he's even sporting a patch over his right eye.

"Yo Archene, how's it going?" he greets with a wave as he walks in. He's dressed for the weather in a beige jacket and blue carpenter's jeans.
Silent Night "The coughs seem to be unrelated. Seems like just some sort of normal cold." He coughs lightly, at his sleeve as he speaks on his mobile, "Yes, everything else seems to be going perfectly well. I will go back for some check ups on the weekend if the situation does not improve." After a few more seconds, he says, "Good bye," and ends the call before standing up and waves at James, "Hello there, James. Just somewhat sick, but better than ever otherwise." He smiles as usual, "How have you been, lately?" He asks, putting his mobile on the pocket of his subtly blue jeans before patting a hand against his plain black shirt and extending it towards James. It is probably for shaking.
James Scott "Good to hear." James takes the offered hand in a shake, and it's clear that he's somewhat stronger now too. "I've been good. Umbrella tried to kill me a while back. Probably gonna try again before too long, surprised I still have a job with them as bad as I've pissed those executives off." The teen grins like it's funny, despite the life or death nature of the situation.
Silent Night Archene shakes his hand firmly, it is clear that James isn't the only one who has gotten stronger, "Glad to hear you've been well," He gives a smile... as if the whole situation with James is within normalcy, "Though, avoid getting yourself too deep into trouble. The doors here are always open for you." He smiles before saying, "But sincerely, I'm also surprised, they aren't the kind to do things that way." He hmms briefly a bit more serious, "Take care on up coming missions."
James Scott "They might not like me, but I also happen to be the prized experiment of somebody that goes over their heads. So as long as she and I are on good terms, the worst thing I have to worry about is a few mercenaries. Nothing a security captain like myself can't handle." James doesn't seem too worried about all of it. The teen wanders over to take a seat and lets out a sigh.

"You know how it all is, having worked there before. One pain in the ass after another."
Silent Night "That does explain a lot." Archene chuckles quietly before sitting on a couch by James', "Here I was almost getting worried, if that is all you have been facing, given your backing you should be fine. Just be sure to always be in good terms with someone high enough." He smiles, "I did work there, but compared to your job, I just worked in office security, at most making sure scientists and VIPs didn't get mugged, or went to places they shouldn't." He chuckles.
James Scott "Yeah, I'm more in charge of cleanup. I handled building security too before the place got blown up." James reaches up to scratch at his beard. "Heard Emma got herself a new position with Terrasave too. Next time I run across her I'll have to congratulate her. And maybe get where that zombie bit me this morning stitched up."
Silent Night "Could have gotten that stitched up before visiting me." Archene chuckles quietly, "I hope it is nothing too bad, and I should properly congratulate her later. Maybe getting her a good cake." He hmms thoughtfully, sincerely considering cake.

After a few moments, he speaks up, "It seems that everyone is getting promotions now. Though mine is more of a lateral one, since I've been nominated as an Attache to the BSAA."
James Scott "Could have, but it's not that bad. Hard to believe one bite used to hurt me so badly." James lowers the hand from his cheek and looks over. "It's a big deal, plus she's a doctor now. We could chip in and buy her that bottle of Chivas Regal Royal Salute I was looking at. Only run us ten grand."
Silent Night "I know, once upon the time even a few infect lupines could get me into a bad situation." Archene sighs quietly, "Then again, I've been too long in vacation though I can't wait to return to the field, specially given how Paris has been."
James Scott "Yeah, I remember how bad off I was after I got bit outside of Jack's. Now I'm killing lizard people with my hands. It's amazing how much things have changed in a year." James reaches down to pat the leg in question that was bitten. "Sometimes it doesn't feel like real life anymore."
Silent Night "After a while, we zombies around, cities that required nuking, and we are both what people would classify as monsters or super soldiers. Regardless of how real it may be, life is life." Archene scratches the back of his head before smiling lightly, "As for Chivas, sure. She deserves something like that."
James Scott "Should have a celebratory dinner at your place. I'd suggest my penthouse, but the place is bugged. The girlfriend was wanting to have dinner sometime with her anyway." James sits back upright. "I did call myself a monster for a while, but Vivienne gets pissed whenever I do. So I may just go with super soldier."
Silent Night "Yeah, and talking somewhere bugged can be a pain." Archene shakes his head slightly before saying, "Got a girlfriend? Hope you introduce me to her sometime," He smiles, "Glad she is putting some sense into your head though. You made me worry quite a lot about you back then."
James Scott "I plan on it, and I'm glad that she's around too. Otherwise I'd probably still be playing around in the fight club and dancing with death for fun." James chuckles, but it's dry of any humor. "Probably be playing ball with Umbrella too. Can't be too much like my father, so I think I'll play the hero."
Silent Night "You know that place too?" Archene chuckles lightly and his usual smile seems to become warmer as he hears James speaking on, "Then I hope to see your rise to herohood. Just be sure to leave some things before for me to take care as well. THough if you need any help, let me know."
James Scott "Yeah, was a regular for a while. Kicked that bodyguard you hired for Emma's ass there. Like to think he learned a lesson about the way he talks to women, but he probably didn't." James grins a bit, remembering kicking him in the face. "And we both know heroes don't live too long sometimes. So if I end up having to give my life, you can pick up my mantle and costume. Once I decide on a name and costume."
Silent Night "Good thing to see that things solve themselves. Since I heard nothing of that, I'll think of the issue as solved," Archene chuckles briefly before saying, "Though don't talk about it like that. Though honor and valor are good, losing your life to save another means you won't be around anymore to save anyone else." He chuckles, "I'm sure Benny would know which super hero the quote is from, or how to say it right at least." He grins.
James Scott "Kid Savage. Or something. A good code name takes time." James' mouth twists up as he both thinks and listens. "I don't plan on killing myself off, but we need a plan for everything." He raps his fingertips against his knee. "Though we've been pretty lucky so far. Not sure how I've made it out of some of the situations I've been in."
Silent Night Archene chuckles briefly before saying, "Yes, yes we have." He lets out a quiet sigh before standing up taking out a mobile which seemed to be vibrating from his pocket, "I have to go for a while, this one seems like it will take a long time. No need to wait for me to come back."

With that, Archene quietly begins to talk on his mobile as he walks off towards a higher floor of the Chateau.