Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa The Quarantine Zone looked vastly different near the entrance. Gone was the Paris Police and there vehicles. Gone was part of the fence; replaced with a concrete slab that rose up with main gates. Just on the other side of the high-security gates was a small encampment - a high chainlink fenced off section filled with a vehicle depot of four cars, several portable housing constructs, and flood lights that illuminated the area around it. Towers at the corners held FBC soldiers and snipers. FBC guards stood at the main gates; checking badges and allowing authorized personnel in.

Per the protocol agreement the Paris city Government has allowed, for now, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission to take over.

Soldiers could be seen heading toward the central construct known as the Forward Operating Base (FOB). Inside, they filed in and sat down in the large meeting room.

Esa Collins stood at the front, looking forward and toward the assembled troops. He gave a gentle smile before he spoke.

"Alright listen up. Sergeant Delgado and I were able to track down how the contaminated were able to get into the catacombs." He nods to someone in the back who shuts off the lights and the projector screen kicks on.

The image on the board shows an impressive quality still of Paris. Judging by the quality of the image and resolution, it would have been taken by a satellite. The still was that of the quarantine zone and the surrounding sections of the city. A section had a red square border around it.

"The force of the dirty bomb explosion caused a sink hole to form underneath this building. The building itself is partially collapsed which has allowed the contaminated to enter and exit at will." Esa glanced back to the group assembled once more. "Our combat engineers have come up with a solution to destroy the building; the resulting collapse will fill in the sink hole and cut off the contamination from reaching the rest of the city."

A pause is given to allow that to sink it. "Black Sword will be split into three groups. Alpha Team will perform a topside mission to protect the combat engineers from getting attacked. Bravo Team, Charlie Team you two will head down into the catacombs via the hole. From there, you will split; Bravo Team will head back toward the entrance of the catacombs where we have a strike force waiting, Meanwhile, Charlie Team will head the opposite direction and toward the Catacomb exit where another strike force will be waiting." He paused a moment before continuing. "And advanced unit was able to set up gates to block the hole from being reused. Lock them when you are inside your zones. Both teams will be given a key to enter their area. Alpha team, Alpha Team, once the topside mission is complete, you will perform a tactical sweep mean Bravo team in the middle."

Adjusting some papers, he looks up "Alpha Team will be led by myself and comprised of Sergeant Delgado, Mister Dalton, Mister Kirov, and Mrs. Quinn. Bravo Team will be led by Sergeant Escovedo and his squad. Charlie Team will be led by Sergeant Thompson and his squad." a pause is given "Questions?"
PrestigeAndrei Not just a week earlier, Andrei Kirov had been left for dead in the numerous tunnels that made their way under Paris.. and what he suspected was the Quarantine zone. Yet here was Agent Kirov, listening to Esa and company drone on and on about that damn dirty bomb, and how paris was in danger. The man just seemed totally checking at ease all the same nearly ten feet away from one of the most dangerous parts in the city. Instead the man just tries to focus on the carbine in front of him, tinkering with the release mechanism for the magazine, checking the barrel, then the chamber. He'll do this process even as people are giving the mission briefing, just waiting patiently for the entire process to be over.

Andrei Kirov was getting sick of this job.. being thrown into harms way, being led by sucidal folks who thought there was somethign to accomplish in these dangerous places. Kirov knew better, and thus he kept quiet and still all throughout the briefing, just running over his survival chances in his head.
Chase Dalton Chase sat with the rest of the group, though more toward the back of the room; better to surveil the area as a whole. Call it a quirk of being a Scout Sniper, or whatever you want. As Esa spoke, Chase jotted down notes on a spiral notepad, using a tiny-ass pencil. "Do we have any other photographs, or other detailwork, of the A.O.?" He inquires. "Or is it WYSIWYG?" He gives a nod to the projection screen.
Bob The briefing seems both informative and interesting to Bob, who hasn't looked away for a moment since it started. He even nodded his head a few times at various stages to show that he's picking up the given information. When the talking stops so does Bob, who looks around the room to see if anyone has any comments or anything to make.

When he sees Kirov checking over his weapon, Bob does the same, but he's a bit quicker about it, quickly pulling the bolt back on his MP7 long enough to make sure that he's got a round chambered already. Chases's question get his attention next and Bob waits to hear the answer.
Vivienne Vivienne stands near the back of the group, her eyes scanning the perimeter. She doesn't have anything to add to the conversation, she's checking her ammo and straps to make sure she's ready for action.
Esa Esa nodded to Chase as a picture came up. One could call it a building, sure. Although it looked more like a hulking skeletal structure of concrete slabs, hanging rebar; the paint windows and most items within have been blown out or ransacked. Around the building were brick, mortar, rebar and other construction materials. The building leaned slightly, giving one to think it might not be stable.

"From what we know, there are two ways in - The Catacombs and the single entrance facing the northeast corner. Our surveyors put up boards to where the windows once stood so we will not have to worry about that." Another pause and a nod "Mister Kirov, Mister Dalton you will be handling the entrance to the catacombs as our combat engineers set up the charges. Corporal Quinn, Sergeant Delgado you will watch our six. Corporal Leigh, second floor should give you enough clearance for shots down the streets. Remember, noise attracts; let's not make too much." A pause "Any other questions. If not, lets get assembled outside."
PrestigeAndrei "The fuck did he just say?" Andrei will mutter under his breath as he lifts his chin slightly to look over at the man next to him, his left brow visibly lifting in response to Chase's words. He won't offer more than that though before he gives a slight exhalation then. He'll lift up a hand then to wav give the most half-assed salute one can give as he moves to slowly press up from his spot in the breifing room then.

There is a second or two of further consideration then before Andrei glances aside to Kathrine for a second, perhaps there might be a glint of recognition then, but he won't say anything to the woman, instead he'll just lift up his chin to the woman and move to step outside. Vivienne and Bob will get ignored for the time being, unfortunatley for them. Instead he'll take the time then to pull his nightvision goggles down over his eye, fasten his gasmask.. and get busy waiting. "Just breath." Andrei will mutter under his breath as he stands outside. "Breath and wait.. and shoot. Easy enough."
Katherine Quinn For her part, Wyvern has been handling things on her own. She usually prefers to work alone, means she doesn't have to worry about people dying under her watch. That happened too often when she was with the USS.

Arms folded across her chest, she listens to the briefing, nodding her head in response to Esa, "Nothing'll get to you as long as I'm still standing." She response, easy enough.
Chase Dalton Although he'd spent several hours this morning disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling each of his weapons, Chase felt the need to give his weapons another scrub. Of course there was nothing left to clean, so the weapon was in perfect order, thus they remain untouched as of yet. "I asked if we had any more pictures of the mission area, or if the pictures previously shown were all we had." He responds to Andrei, not taking his eyes off of the area map, committing the details to memory for later. Once the briefing comes to a close, Chase straps on the rest of his gear, and heads to the staging area with the rest of his people.
Bob "Alright, we'll watch your six," Bob says with a couple of tiny nods, adjusting his weapon's sling a little bit as he waits for the next phase of the mission, looking between the people who speak and the images on the board in front of them. When it's time to get assembled he merely rises to his feet and heads for the door, looking for the Quinn he was supposed to pair up with and giving her a nod, "I'm Bob Delgado."
Vivienne "I'll watch from up high." Vivienne says, nodding slowly. "Only noise I'll make is if someone is in danger and needs cover." She folds her arms over her chest and starts to scout out a place to safely keep an eye on the action below.
Esa The Quarantine Zone looked vastly different near the entrance. Gone was the Paris Police and there vehicles. Gone was part of the fence; replaced with a concrete slab that rose up with main gates. Just on the other side of the high-security gates was a small encampment - a high chainlink fenced off section filled with a vehicle depot of four cars, several portable housing constructs, and flood lights that illuminated the area around it. Towers at the corners held FBC soldiers and snipers. FBC guards stood at the main gates; checking badges and allowing authorized personnel in.

Per the protocol agreement the Paris city Government has allowed, for now, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission to take over. Poncho it would seem had an open invitation as no guard remotely asked for his credentials; he'd just be allowed through.

Outside stood three armored van with the side doors opened. Sergeant Escovedo and his Bravo team loaded up in the third van while Sergeant Thompson and his Charlie team loaded up in the second van; leaving the last van for Alpha.

Stepping outside, Esa took in a breath and adjusted the vest and holster. He was always nervous before a mission. Pulling a phone out, he checked it quietly to see if the man in the Poncho got his messages. He shook his head slightly and put it away before calling out over the coms "Alpha team, coms check and load up." Looking toward the main gates one last time, Esa turned and headed for the front passenger see of Alpha van.
Poncho      Esa's final glance toward the front gate yields no sign of the poncho-clad man, nor are there any messages on his phone. Perhaps his enemies finally caught up with him. Judging by the few conversations they've had, he does seem to have a hard time making friends. The tough old ghost might have finally took on something he couldn't handle.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just lifts his head as he hears the sound in his hear, he'll mummble something about checking coms then move towards the van in question. Andrei's steps will be slow and simple as he takes himself inside, no doubt just so that he can find another seat and prepare for the inevitiable. He'll keep repeating that mantra over and over under his breath though as he waits, "Just breath. Pull the trigger.. and don't get caught. Easy. Don't get caught."
Chase Dalton "Slow, smooth, straight, steady, squeeze," Chase repeats to himself, entering something of a zen-like state. Each time he mutters 'squeeze', his trigger finger twitches. Of course, since he doesn't have his finger on the trigger, no shots are fired, so no foul. He moves to the Alpha van and loads up, waiting while the vehicle moves to the mission site. On arrival at the mission site, he exits the vehicle, and posts up nearby with the rest of his team.
Bob Sliding into his seat on the van, Bob does a quick comms check over the radio to make sure all his equipment is functional. His weapon rests between his legs, pointing towards the floor as the vehicle rolls off. He's looking rather calm, all things considered, but it's a sort of practiced coolness that's put on as much for the other teammates as it is for himself.
Vivienne Vivienne makes her way towards the alpha team's van, shouldering her rifle as she ducks inside. She takes a seat and settles in folding her arms over her chest. She doesn't have a mantra, but once they arrive at the site she steps out of the van, removes her rifle from her shoulder and starts to check it.
Esa Once the team was loaded up, the vehicle sped forward and toward the chain link gate. A guard member in a guard box pressed a button and the gate began to slide open; passing the half way mark as the three vehicles sped through.

Over the radios in the front seat came com checks from Bravo and Charlie. Esa turned around in the front passenger seat to look at the assembled team and checked on this briefly before looking back around.

It took five minutes for the vehicles to arrive at the building. Bravo and Charlie teams exited the vehicle and proceeded inside the building; heading to do their part of the mission; Alpha teams combat engineer's depart and head inside to set up the charges. Esa stepped out and frowned slightly as he noted the sun was setting. Clicking on the coms, he calls out "Alright, prep your night vision; sun is setting. Mister Dalton, Mister Kirov and Corporal Caldwell grab the flood lamps and set them up inside." The flood lamps were battery powered and should last for the duration of the mission.

The area had a unease about it. The air was cool, crisp and as the sun set the area grew colder. Sounds of shuffling, of rocks, cans and nick-nacks being kicked echoed through streets and alley ways.

William however, found a piece Fools Gold on the floor near the gaping hole leading to the catacomb. The Fools Gold held the attention; which was bad as a walker slowly snuck up behind him. Chas and Andrei, however did.
PrestigeAndrei "I don't remember signing up for manual fucking labor." Andrei mutters as he moves to grab hold of one of the flood laps, holding it with both hands even as he moves to sling his Carbine around himself as he picks up the battery operated device and moves to disembark from the back of the van, grumbling as he goes. Andrei will push past the group if need be, moving slightly as he looks aside to Chase. "I swear to god, if something shows up, I'm bailing. you hear me B A I L I N G." He'll mutter as he moves along, walking, "Not getting stuck in some shitty situation out in the middle of nowhere."

Even as Andrei moves closer to the Catacomb entrance, he'll slow his pace.. slowling down.. stepping carefully before looking around, during that time he might catch William being approached by a walker before sighing under his breath and reaching a hand up to rub at his forhead. Ridicolous. "Chase, find a rock or something and throw it at Caldwell.. jesus.."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell steps out of the van and begins carrying the floodlights towards the entrance, he spots a piece of Fools Gold and slowly picks it up "Cash moneeeeey!" he sing songs as he checks it for falseness. Suddenly it crumbles apart in his hand "Nooooooo!" he sighs and continues carrying the floodlight, not noticing the BRAIN HUNGRY ABOMINATION AFTER HIM.
Chase Dalton Chase did indeed see the walker coming up to make a munchie out of William, and acted as quickly as his body would allow, scooping up a nearby rock and chucking it at the not-quite-dead biped. Hopefully it doesn't hit William. Chase might be good at putting lead downrange.. rocks, on the other hand, are another matter. He's a sniper, not an MLB pitcher.
Bob When it's time to get out of the van, Bob does so with alacrity, not wasting a second before pulling security for the other operators. His head is on a swivel and his weapon is shouldered, pointing away from the rest of his teammates. The eerie noises of the streets around him elicit a deep frown, quiet time usually meaning something bad's about to happen in his experience. The sound of a rock striking something nearby makes his head snap in that direction, but only for a second as someone seems to have the situation handled and he's got his own sector to cover. Can't have anything else sneaking up on them, can they?
Vivienne Vivienne moves towards Bob as she's checking her rifle. "Want me to head to high ground?" She asks, eyeing the older man for a few moments, both eyebrows lifting slightly. "If I can get a good spot, I should be able to keep some of the nasties off of ya'll."
Katherine Quinn With everything that's been going on lately, Katherine has tried her best to not let herself get out of step. For the time being she has her rifle slung and her pistol drawn, her rifle's ammo is generally saved for bigger, more dangerous targets.

For the moment she's standing by. She's been asked to pull overwatch on and cover their six, so that's what she's going to do for the time being.
Esa The rock pegged the Zombie in the head; turning toward what hit him and subsequently moves for Chase now. His left foot dragged along the ground as he walked, head tilted in a precarious fashion; showing that he had been bitten and chewed upon in the neck and shoulder region. His hand reached up and out toward him as his jaw gapped open and moaned rather loudly...

...And moans cried out in return... Followed by a shrilling of a cry that couldn't pass for human.

Esa frowned, turning he states into the mic as he walked to the building, "Corporal Leigh second floor now; Mister Kirov, Mister Dalton, Corporal Caldwell lights please - One into the tunnel, the other two to light the room. Corporal Quinn, Sergeant Delgado front entrance. I don't know what that noise was; but I want to be gone when it gets here. Engineers.. sit rep."

"Six of the ten charges are placed. Another few minutes and we should have them done." Came the response of the radio. Esa stopped just inside the building, head nodding "Copy that."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then as he listens to Esa, muttering under his breath then. "Hate the military. Hate all of this fucking noise.." He'll mutter before he waves to Chase and William then. "Deal with that thing please.." He'll mutter even as he moves to set down his light to no doubt help illuminate the tunnel, trying to carefully and sneakily make sure taht he isn't about to get clawed in the face..

The rest of his team can deal with whatever is coming for them after all
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell continues setting up the lights in the front entrance of the tunnel, as suddenly Chase throws a rock at him! "Hey, watch where you're throwing things, yeah?" he says to his compatriot, some ally he was! Throwing rocks at him and stuff..pssh. "My light is set up. Gonna get to scouting now." he calls out, as suddenly the shrilling bone chilling cry is heard "What in God's name was that?!" he asks aloud. Raising his OICW and aiming down towards the tunnel for whatever creature of the night was about to surface.
Vivienne Vivienne starts to make her way to the second floor, stepping over a few things during her ascent. She finds a likely place to set up shop and she gets down on her stomach, setting her gun up and gazing through the sight. She taps on her communication device and mutters. "I'm set on the second floor."
Katherine Quinn Katherine makes her way up to the front door, getting up against the door frame and leaning around past it just a bit, scanning for targets.

She knows there'll be something coming, so she checks her weapon really quick to ensure a round is in the chamber, before taking a kneeling position to prepare to fight.
Bob "Yeah. You're on overwatch for us, you heard the man," Bob says to Vivienne with a quick glance and a nod. His eyes linger on her weapon for a moment, clearly admiring it, before they return to her face "Make sure to stay in radio contact and watch your six." He moves towards an advantageous position at the front entrance from which to cover the street, glancing at Quinn to make sure she's positioned well. His weapon is at the low ready as he, too, takes a knee and scans the street.
Chase Dalton At Esa's order, Chase moves to shine a light into the room, noting Bill Caldwell covering the tunnel. The sound Ugly Betty (come on, you know you want to give the zombie a name!) makes raises the hairs on the back of his neck, and he steels himself for the coming confrontation. His weapon is loaded and ready. All he has to do is bring it to bear, sight it in, and ruin Deadhead's day.
Esa The walkers approached in a small horde of ten; all aimed toward the building. Five of them were ahead with five of them just a few feet behind them. The horde itself was mostly comprised of men; though some woman and children could b seen walking within the horde. They were slow, steady movements, hands raised up as they moaned.

Esa turned and frowned at the approaching Zombie horde. He spoke into the mic; stating "Corporal Leigh; if you have a shot take it." Clicking off the mic, he looked behind him "Mister Dalton, could you please shut that fucking Zombie up? Mister Kirov, Corporal Caldwell.. be ready." Looking back to Quinn and Bob, he says "Sergeant, Corporal; wait until you have a clean shot."
Poncho      The second floor of the precariously tilted building is strewn with rubble. Bits of crumbling masonry lay scattered across the floor, while overturned furniture lies randomly throughout the rooms. it is as if a giant has reached down and given the building a good shake, tumbling the contents into chaotic disarray.
     As Vivienne drops prone in preparation to snipe, a bit of piled stone shifts in the room behind her, collapsing away from the arm of a busted leather couch. From beneath the overturned wreckage, a dirty gauntlet emerges, followed by a helmeted head, the hood of a poncho pulled up to cast the face into shadow. However, through that shade can be seen the badly damaged face of a gas mask, one huge crack running from the center of the forehead and down at an angle, the left lens shattered and one of the filter tubes disconnected.
     Harsh, filtered breathing escapes the figure as it drags itself from the pile, glancing only once toward where Vivienne lies. Surely if it were a zombie it would go for her. But, instead, it wheezes, the sound wet and bubbling, and a thin trickle of blood drips from the muzzle of the mask. Then, with dogged determination, Poncho's ghastly apparition hauls itself painfully to its feet.
     Whatever happened to him was violent. He can barely stand, his armor is cracked and battered in many locations, and his already tattered poncho is a dirty mess of shredded plastic. Still, he gains his feet under his own power, staggers over to the window beside Vivienne's, and draws an enormous black pistol from beneath his ragged Poncho. Bracing his shoulder against the wall to help him remain upright, he takes the weapon in both hands, neither of which shake, and directs the barrel out toward the sounds of approaching undead.
PrestigeAndrei Even as the undead begin to show up in force, Andrei Kirov is a survivor. He has survived situations like this before.. and he has done so by putting his comrades at risk and knowing when toe ngage. This is no diffirent, and so the man, even as he lights up that giant floodlight.. is soon disappearing behind the rublle of some rock or some fallen peice of building and taking cover. He'll hide for the time being, carefulyl checking to make sure his weapon is loaded.
RIf shit was going to go down.. like always- it isn't going to be him that pops shit off.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell proceeds to do his Commandoing duties. That being he goes ham on the zombies that enter through the tunnel. He quickly switches his gun to a semi-automatic firing mode and begins to tap the trigger after he turns the safety off. Click. Click. Click. Three zombies immediately go down as he ends the unlife of some unlucky folks that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. "Got company. Looks like more are coming too." He gets ready to ambush more zeds as he waits patiently for more of the horde to arrive.
Vivienne Vivienne turns her head and gives the wheezing man next to her a quick glance before she settles back on her stomach and takes aim at the first zombie, her hands steady. She exhales as she pulls the trigger and the shot rings out, taking the zombie clean through the neck and splattering him apart. She grunts at the recoil and doesn't skip a beat before she's sighting another zombie. She narrows her eyes and exhales again as she pulls the trigger. The second shot goes through the neck of the second zombie and it splatters apart as well. She looks through her scope to make out any additional targets that might need taken care of.
Katherine Quinn As soon as she spots her target, Kat takes a hold of her pistol and squeezes it tight, drawing aim on one of the female zombies approaching. She squeezes at the trigger slowly, and lets the round fly.

The round strikes lower than she had intended, slamming into the chest of the zombie and staggering it but not putting it down. She curses silently and sets up to re-aim.
Poncho      Poncho's breaths continue to come in wet, rattling gasps as he slumps against the wall beside Vivienne. Now and then a bit of foamy blood drips from the side of his cracked mask and splatters against his filthy chest, but he pays it no mind. His attention is locked on something out in the darkness, something above the zombies, flitting from shadow to shadow. Even as he struggles to remain upright, his weapon smoothly tracks the darting shape, waiting.
     The old bastard might be a horrible person. he might deserve whatever is coming to him. But damn is he focused. It's that sort of single-minded intent that has probably allowed him to go up against Umbrella and live.
Bob "Roger," Bob says back to Esa over the radio as he lifts his weapon and takes aim at the closest zombie. His breathing is steady, controlled, as he squeezes off a shot. The round catches the undead monstrosity in the mouth, blowing it's brains out the back of it's head. The medic smoothly transitions to the next target and fires a double tap that takes it down almost instantly.
Chase Dalton "Slow, smooth, straight, steady, squeeze." Chase sights the deadhead before him, and cooks off a round from his gun. Sniper mantra for the win! He surveys the area, sizing up the battlefield.
Esa Esa brought the sig up and took aim at one of the Zombies that still stood at the gates. He discharged the firearm once, his aim hitting the zombie in the chest. She stumbles back for a moment before proceeding forward once more.

As the first wave of the horde attacks, heads disappeared. More Zombies begun taking their place and suddenly shots from above rang out; upper portions of the bodies disintegrated on contact. Something on the rooftop doesn't go unnoticed by the man in the Poncho; though others didn't see it.

By time Chase had set up the lamp, turned it on, the battle shifted to Close Quarters. As he discharged the shotgun; blood, tissue, and organ matter spewed everywhere - on the ceiling, on the floor and even onto Chase himself.

Andrei and Chase hear a muffled cry for help in the back area; a call from the engineers. Esa and William also hear it.

In the meantime, three more zombies approach.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is a ghost. He planted the damn floodlights. His job was otensibly to get in here and take point and look things over. He is here, he looked things over. Chase and Caldwell as Andrei see it clearly have everything in hand and so the man, still hiding behind his rock and so imminently forgetable is soon on his belly and crawling and sneaking his way through the rubble out of the room and trying to make his way to the Van. The hordes would no doubt be attracted to the sounds of GUN fire..

By the time people even realized what is going on.. he'll be the safest man on the squad. Saving the engineers was not in the mission briefing after all. Right? Probably.
Esa In the back the two engineers were hiding behind a flipped over, cornered desk. A third engineer was fighting off a zombie; trying to keep it at bay. Two crawlers were moving toward the downed engineer..
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell swiftly makes his way towards the engineers, raising up his OICW and lining up a quick shot, letting loose a quick spray of bullets that causes hell to rain down swiftly upon the undead forces attacking his compatriots. He swiftly moves towards the engineers and gives the one fighting off an undead a brief pat on the back "You did good soldier, but theres still work to be done, think you can handle it? I'll watch your back from now on." he calls out to his fellow engineers "We're good boys, come on out!" he says, kneeling down and helping the downed engines to their feet. "We still got work to do to protect people."
Vivienne Vivienne is watching Caldwell through her sight and she mutters something under her breath as she watches what's going on. She briefly catches the man next to her looking at something in the distance, but she's distracted by what's going on near William. She narrows her eyes, sights a zombie that is shambling closer and exhales, letting off a shot. The zombie is blown back and when it drops to the ground, it doesn't get back up.
Katherine Quinn With her target down, Kat picks up a second target, and fires twice. A double tap, but both of them are less than effective. She growls to herself in annoyance and decides to screw the pistol, she's going to switch to something with a little bit more kick to it.
Poncho      For a moment, Poncho falls entirely still, his gun pointed off into the darkness, mask tilted slightly to the side. The pose is oddly primal, the stance of a hunter that has detected its prey. Even his horrible bubbling breaths stop. could he be about to keel over?
     Rattling out a sigh, the aging man shrugs off of the wall, sways, and begins to take slow, staggering steps across the room. Reaching the doorway, he steps out onto the wrapping balcony and glances briefly over the rail toward the men below, before turning to begin scraping along the wall, making his slow way toward the back of the building. Half way there, he suddenly lurches away and toward the crooked staircase leading down into the foyer, looping one arm over the rail and half falling, half leaping down the steps. Impacting the ground floor on one knee, he doubles over with a spray of dark blood jetting through the crack in his mask, but his gun remains clutched tightly in one hand, and he does not lose consciousness.
Bob With one more zombie remaining it's up to good ol' Bob to save the day. Simply enough he raises his firearm towards the zombie's head, takes aim at it's nose and fires a controlled pair. By the time the echo of the second shot is gone the zombie is on the ground, not even twitching.
Chase Dalton Lamp on, gun up, blam. Chase quickly raises an arm in an attempt to block the detritus and other backsplash from getting on him any more than it has. Hopefully zombie guts come out in the wash. Blegh. After a few seconds to ensure no more splashback, he begins squeegeeing his clothes, trying to knock off the icky zombie bits...
Esa Aside from the shooting out front, it's quiet in the backroom where Williams and the Three combat engineers were. Engineer A clicked on his mic "Mister Collins, charges are set. Were ready to bring the house down."

A second later there is a crash in the back as a large Lizard like creature busted through the boarded window. It looked more like a monster with lizard like skin, four long fingers with claws, digitigrade feet that ended in claws and razor sharp teeth. It also stood at about six feet easily.

It through its arms wide, roaring at the four men before grabbing an engineer and promptly throws him -through- the wall and into the may foyer where Esa stood. The Creature turned again and swung at William

Esa turned to see what was going on. "Ho-ly shit." He called out surprised as he moved backwards as the engineer is flung in front of him; then forward to grab the injured engineer and haul him toward Bob and Quinn. Esa clicks the comm "Alpha team out now!" The light shines into the back room enough to see the trace outline of the creature.

Meanwhile the Engineers are heading for the hallway. William may have saved them, but they were not sticking around with that thing in the room.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei is still here.. hanging out in a van. A very scary van that does nothing to hide the sounds of shouting and bullets. For the time being at least, Andrei is content, his mission is done so he just leans back and closes his eyes, listening intently but relaxing even as his peers get into a deadly firefight. Or continue it. Whatever.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell proceeds to matrix style dodge out of the way of the Hunter that slashes towards him, proceeding to back off, WAY OFF, and opening fire on the freak of nature abomination. "Shit..I need some backup here!" he calls out over the radio. One of his bullets goes stray and hits a wall, embedding itself deep into it, the other shot hits the hunter dead on and hopefully inflicts some decent damage on it. He gets into position again and readies himself for another volley of shots. "Oh god..this is gonna be bad."
Vivienne Vivienne rolls to her feet, making quick strides towards the stairwell, muttering quietly under her breath. She quickly skips down the steps and seeing William in trouble causes her to lift her gun and with little preamble she fires off a shot, catching the creature in the shoulder, causing it to stumble.
Chase Dalton Hearing the call to bug out, Chase secures his weapon and makes a break for the van. You can almost hear "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis as Chase sprints (in epic slow motion).
Poncho      From where he kneels at the foot of the stairs, Poncho looks up just in time to see two rounds strike the beast silhouetted in the ruined wall ahead of him. Lifting his pistol in both hands, he taps the trigger twice in rapid succession, the heavy weapon Booming and sending rounds of flaming death down range. Unfortunately, the creature, already having been wounded, is wise to their tricks. It darts out of the path of his bullets quicker than any unmutated human could possibly move.
     Unperturbed, Poncho tracks the lethal monster from his spot on the ground, coughing up another spray of blood as he readies himself for another shot.
     Just how much blood is in this guy, anyway?
Bob The monster coming up from behind them gets Bob's attention for a moment. Due to the difficulty in seeing the thing he lights up the room with the flashlight on his MP7 and cuts loose with two bursts of automatic fire. They do a great job of chewing up the walls and floor, but the monster dodges through without being further injured.
Esa The big bad roars heavily as William shot it; then another unsuspecting hit from someone else sends it staggering to the ground. Getting back up, the beast charged after William; busting through the door and down the hall.

Esa calls out "All operators out now!" He looks to Poncho "That includes you. I'm bringing this god-damn place down." He turns and carries/walks the engineer out.

Someone left a driver side door open for the van apparently. A moan greets the safety of Andrei as a walker crawls over the seats, jaws chomping as it makes its way for him.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell is outtie five thousand when the hunter goes charging. He runs like his name was Forrest Gump. You could almost her JEN NEH shouting RUN CALDWELL RUN. He makes it to the van and skids to a halt as he reaches it. Ripping open the van door and climbing inside. He hunkers down and just quietly sits there waiting to be driven home.
Vivienne Vivienne is still backing towards the door, she hears crashes behind her and she turns, raising her rifle and narrowing her eyes. She can see the thing coming at her and she lets off a shot, catching it in the chest. She doesn't stick around to see if it's dead, she turns and makes her way towards the van and her team, not quite at a run but close.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is soon looking out the back of the van then before he gives a heavy exhalation, lifting up his reaper carbine then, he'll balance it carefully on his arms and leg before he just pulls the trigger in quick three bursts. To those enarby the van.. the back door is litertally shredded from the number of bullets.. and the upholstery will need a good cleaning, yet Andrei is safe and happy.
Esa BOOM. The aim was true as the bullet plunged into the meat of the chest; an explosive repercussion happens in an instant as the bullet slams into the chest and blows a huge hole through its back. The create falters, staggers and falls; sliding along the floor to come to a stop with it's head at Vivienne's foot. As the say long ago, the beast was slain.
Poncho      Staggering upright, Poncho turns his busted mask toward Esa, his body language tense and unyielding. It is clear that he intends to stay, to fight this monster tot he bitter end.
     So it is fortunate that at that exact moment, Vivienne ends it.
     Grunting wetly toward the monster that has collapsed onto its face, Poncho shifts his pistol aim away and staggers forward after the rest of the children, managing to make it tot he van under his own power before collapsing face-down in the back. He does not move, barely seems to breath, but the grip on his unsafetied pistol is tighter than ever.
Bob Now that the beast is dead it's time to get the hell out, especially as the building behind him is likely soon to become a bunch of rubble. Bob hauls ass, heading for the van to dive himself inside before spinning on his ass to cover their rear.
Katherine Quinn Well not her most productive night, to say the least, but the mission was accomplished. Kat can't fault the team for doing well, even if she's mentally kicking herself for a terrible series of shots.

She's going to hit the range as soon as they're back to base, and try to get herself back where she knows she should be. Can't be slipping.
Chase Dalton Chase leaps.. and climbs up onto the roof of the van, hooking onto the roof rack and sweeping the area with his weapon. He double-taps on the roof with his fist, signaling whoever's inside to get this show on the road.
Esa After the team loaded up in to the van, the driver drove off back to the Forward Operation Base. Glancing down to the switch in hand, Esa lifted it and pressed the button. A series of loud explosions is heard; carried by the vast openness of the area and narrow roadways and alleyways. The building crumbles down, collapsing in the sinkhole and closing the breach into the catacombs. Now was clean up and to meet Bravo Team.