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Bob The evening is pleasant and mild for once and people are out to enjoy the post New Year's sights and sounds of the City of Lights. Outside of the Eiffel tower there's a number of tourists, as per usual, enjoying themselves by conversing, gawking and taking pictures. The sounds of various different languages, music and traffic combine to create a low racket that helps make the place feel truly alive.

Out among the gaggle is Bob Delgado, on his quest to see the important historical landmarks of the City of Lights before they're overrun by zombies. On his noble endeavor he's accompanied by a satchel with a thermos sticking out of the side pocket. Sticking to the outskirts of the tourist floods, he calmly watches his surroundings, enjoying the atmosphere and admiring the mighty edifice.
Celeste Celeste has decided she also wanted to wander over and see the famous landmark herself. Though given her small size, she knows better than to try to get close with all the tourist. One nevers knows when panic might ensue and possible trampling of a certain little gothic doll may occur. As she is people watching, she spots Bob, a familiar face and makes her way towards him as she says "Hey Bob, whatcha up to?"
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton also happened to be in the area, pad and pencil in hand. He figured he'd spend some time sketching the landmark and surrounding area, and then get back to work. He's not really concerned with his surroundings, but he is aware of them. He gives no nods of acknowledgement, should he see anyone he knows, nothing at all, just a periodic glance around every so often. Once he's done sketching the area, he tucks his gear away and finds a nice place to settle in, stretching luxuriously and yawning. Damn, coffee's wearing off.
Bob When he hears his name called Bob looks over and then down a little bit to spot Celeste, "Hey Celeste. I told myself that I'd so all the touristy shit I could when I got posted here, so here I am, on the Champ de Mars, looking at the Eiffel tower!" A brief chuckle escapes from him, "So I've checked that block, but it's such a nice night that I figured I'd eventually grab a bench and wolf down some grub." He holds up his bag to indicate where said 'grub' is located and gives it a little shake. "How about you? Going to fight the crowd to climb that thing?"

Out of the corner of his eye he catches sight of someone moving past. Upon recognizing Chase Bob gives him a friendly lift of the chin, but doesn't call out as the guy looks like he's doing his own thing.
Celeste Celeste laughs at Bobs word for a few moments and then relaxes as she says "No... not a chance on a cold day in hell. But touristy things are indeed quite fun. I was hoping I'd have the chance to go to The Louvre but... I figure it is overrun with zombies now. All that art... now wasted, such a pity." Her gaze looks about and she spots the stretching and yawning one and says loudly enough so he can hear it "Hey Chase, are you doing the tourist thing too?"
Chase Dalton As he's addressed, Chase looks up, packs up his gear, and heads over to the group. "Eh.. figured I'd kill two birds with one stone.. get a terrain sketch down for whenever I need it, and find a way to enjoy the passage of time." He fishes his sketchbook out of his kitbag, and offers a glimpse of his work. Just a glimpse. Not a long-ass lookie-loo. "Job's not over 'til it's over." He draws his thumb across his throat, indicatively. "So, I'm always 'on'.. always watching."
Bob "I think you can still go there. At least I hope so," Bob says, thinking about it for a second as his brow furrows and he adjusts his bag to sit more comfortably. "Not that I know much about Paris geography. I've only been here a couple weeks so I'm learning my way around." When Chase approaches and shows off his sketch Bob gives it a quick looking at and a appreciative sounding, "Not bad. You picking out fields of fire, too? Figuring that if we got some acetylene torches and destroyed the stairs we could hold up there as long as we had supplies?" Because Bob was.
Celeste Celeste smiiles and says to Bob "I can just ask Buck about it when he shows up. I left a note saying I was going to come here." Then she is looking back to Chase as she says "Ah well, always good to be able to knock multiple things out at once. And... I am normally only working when I am removing bullets or hacking things."
Chase Dalton "Don't worry, old man. I've got things covered." Chase taps the sketch indicatively, grinning playfully. "Even optimized shooter placement for maximum A.O. coverage. I'm good, but I'm not God, so if we end up shit creek, we'll need more than... me." He shrugs. "Assuming everyone does their job, maximizes shot placement, and so on, we've got ourselves a nice little bolthole."
Bob "Cool. If it's still open I'll need to try to brave the lines and see it," Bob says, though he doesn't exactly seem pleased with the prospect. "You knife fight a lot or something?" He asks Celeste then, clearly wondering what sort of hacking she's into. When he shifts his attention to Chase it's with a dep nod and another look at the sketch, "Yeah man. It's big enough where we'd need a few guys to do it right, especially if we had some BOWs climbing up the struts, but it's a pretty solid location."
Celeste Celeste giggles a bit as Bob is called old man and comments "I think I do my job quite nicely." Then her attentions flit to Bob as she asks with confusion on her face "Why do you ask if I knife fight a lot?"
Buck Rogers The musical clamor of voice and language is silenced; the crowds are parted. The idea that Buck Rogers could come in stealth is an idea proven wrong long ago-- the sheer size of him draws attention, a rippling mass of genetically-altered muscle, and beneath the armored trench coat that broadens his shoulders and makes his body appear longer he is truly enormous. But the world has many large people, and that alone could be overlooked as mere curiosity in fair Paris.. there's something else entirely about the man that rubs the people around him wrong. The sharp teeth of his smile, perhaps, or the carnivorous glint in his eyes. For the lighthearted tourists, he's the dark rock of the shore that their gay mood is dashed against-- but for Celeste, he's the swooping shadow that dives like a predatory bird and scoops her up after a-rumblin' in welcome, bearing her aloft trivially. "Hey there, sweetheart," he greets, leaning in to snatch a kiss.
Chase Dalton "I'm gonna go take a look around, see what all I can see, fine-tune things. If you need anything, or run into trouble.." Chase double-taps his ear, indicatively, and then packs up his gear and heads off for some area reconnaissance. He completely misses Buck's entry. Yeah, he's like that. Poof.
Bob "You carry a big knife and you hack things? You're too smart to be the average serial killer so I thought you might have weird hobbies," Bob explains to Celeste, looking at her with equal confusion. There has clearly been some kind of crossed wires thing going on.

The arrival of the big dude doesn't catch Bob off guard as the sea of tourists nearby is parted, but he is surprised by the affectionate way he handles Celeste, but it's soon gone in an amused looking smile, the sight of the huge guy and tiny woman tickling him for some reason.

Chase gets a big nod from Bob, who also taps his ear, "Yeah, man. Same deal. If you need me let me know."
Celeste Celeste squeaks in surprise as she is suddenly scooped up, her hand almost reaching for her knife but stops as she hears the voice and sees it is Buck. She lights up and squees as she says "Hey Buck. I was wondering when you would get my message. Can we go look at the Lourve sometime? Pretty please?" She looks about and Chase, is gone, she was distracted after all. From Buck's embrace she looks to Bob and says "Hack like computer not murder. I leave the murdering to Buck and his chainsaw. And I do have weird hobbies but not things I talk about."
Buck Rogers "The museum?" Buck chews it over for a moment, quirking his flat-pressed lips into half a smile, and shrugs the arm holding Celeste aloft. "Sure. I'll take you this week." Chase's departure was unnoticed-- the soldier man had marched off into the crowds Buck was paying no attention to, after all. With Celeste securely affixed, the man turns his attention to Bob.. there's a vague inkling of recognition, a tickle at the back of his mind. "I saw you down in the catacombs, didn't I?" There's an inquisitive lilt to his voice; he doesn't trust the memory completely. It was dark, he was in a rush, and vaguely focused on the eventual murder of Poncho.
Bob Reaching into his bag, Bob comes up with a radio attached to an ear bud and microphone. It's even got the really curly cables and the lapel mike that the Secret Service uses. Soon, Bob's got it all hooked into place and the radio turned on and adjusted. As Celeste straightens him out, Bob nods, but the chainsaw thing has him letting out a chuckle. As he puts in his ear thing Buck mentions the catacombs and his attention snaps over rapidly. After a moment of study, "That was you?" Really, who else could it be? "It was like two seconds after that dude almost cut me down with a hand cannon. Then the fucking ceiling almost fell on us."
Celeste Celeste smiles as she says "Art Gallery but yeah. I wanna see what all is still there. I really like art." She is quite contant being held aloft, rests her head against Buck. At the mention of the catacombs she says "I went down there with Trixie the other day, wasn't planned, we had to go and rescue someone. He almost bled to death but we got to him in time. He sure was a squirmy fussing thing while I am trying to stop him from bleeding like... everywhere..." She grins happily as she listens to Bob and looks to Buck and says "Did you really?!? And I missed it... I like watching you work..."
Buck Rogers "You really shouldn't do that," Buck warns, turning his head and staring Celeste down. "Trixie's a good girl-- used to be a cop, now she's playing soldier. But I wouldn't trust her by herself to keep either of you safe if trouble starts." His free hand reaches across his chest to give the girl's head a heavy pat. "Still, look at you, becomin' a hero. Ain't that grand?" His mouth splits in a wide smile, though it diminishes when Bob mentions the man with the hand cannon. "That old timer's got a death wish," he growls. "First thing he does when we meet is put a gun to my head. I'm breaking his hands next time I see him." The aggression flares and rises like the hair on the back of his neck, adrenaline shot through his heart and pumped to every suddenly-tense extremity.. but it fades quickly. Or, more aptly, is subdued. "Wasn't working down there, baby girl.. just taking a trip. But I did get you a present. It's tucked away somewhere safe."
Bob "I thought she was just joking around about the chain saw," Bob says of Celeste before he turns his head a little to let out a "Huh". There's a little more finagling with the cables, but soon he's got them put away. Bob's own anger about the situation seems a lot less that Buck's, "You gotta do what you gotta do. That dude just keeps showing up places and fucking things up." Bob shakes his head and sigh deeply.
Celeste Celeste looks like a child getting scolding and who feels bad about it as she softly murmurs "It wasn't in the plan... she got a call and she needed to answer it while we were out paling around together... Please don't be upset." Then at the mention of a present, she lights up entirely and says "A present? Ooooo I can't wait!" She kisses upon his cheek and then looks to Bob and asks "Who is this idiot so I can avoid them? I prefer to stay intact."
Buck Rogers Buck laughs and gives Celeste's forehead a gentle flick with rough fingers. "I'm not mad at you," he remarks, looking down at the gothic doll. "But you're an untrained civilian in a dress. You have to be smart about these things; you wanna go spelunking, I'll take you." He shifts her weight so she can rest her head nearer his shoulder; she weighs practically nothing, even with all her frills, so there's no exertion on his part. "He's a bitter fella," he explains to Bob. "Don't know his name, don't know his story, but I know men who act like that-- the ones who got nothin' left to lose. Haven't liked him since he barged in on a fundraiser at a women's shelter.. and menaced a woman. Great timing, eh?"
Bob "I don't even know the guy, really. Looks like an older Dirty Harry after a three month binge," Bob offers to Celeste, sneering a little bit at the thought of him. "I mean, he came in kind of handy one time in the QZ, but... He also almost shot my ass." A big shrug. Then a buzzing, the noise of a phone on silent, erupts from his pocket. Bob yanks it out of his pants and takes a look, pushing a button after a second. "Looks like I've got to get to work." He pulls his bag further up onto his shoulder. His chin lifts in Buck's direction, "Same place I saw him for the first time, too." His head shakes, "But I gotta roll." A hand comes up to wave, "Nice to see you Celeste. Buck."
Celeste Celeste smiles happily as Buck says he isn't mad at her and murmurs to him "I'll be more careful. I promise." As she shifted slightly lower, she seems quite content to rest her head upon his shoulder as she listens to Buck tell Bob about Poncho. Her brow wrinkles and she murmurs "That.. isn't cool... about that guy..." She looks to Bob and says "Alright, be well Bob." Her gaze then looks back to Buck as she muses "So... about this present?"
Buck Rogers "Good girl," Buck praises as the tiny slip of a girl nestles. "You'll recognize him if you ever bump into him, sweetheart. He gets in your face, you let me know. I'll take care of it." He nods to Bob when the other man checks his phone, raising his hand in idle two-finger salute. "Seeya, man," he grunts, and then pivots on a heel and walks Celeste through the crowds. The disparity in their sizes is eye-catching, but despite that, Buck draws less attention now-- it's hard to seem menacing when there's a black-clad frilly lace princess pressed to you. "I know you like checking out the creepy crawlies," he explains. "So I snapped the neck of one'a them lickers in the quarantine zone, stashed it. You can go poke at it, dissect it, whatever you like."
Celeste Celeste smiles to Buck and muses to him "Of course I would tell you." And as Buck begins to walk while still carrying her, she seem quite content with this arrangement and when he elaborates she smiles brightly. She squirms happily and says "Oooh yes plleeease I wanna dissect it sooo bad.... how long has it been dead? How did you kill? What parts might be salvagable?"
Buck Rogers In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, Buck sweeps through the tourist crowds to bring Celeste ever-closer to that great monument. A plump man photographs his wife and kids with the tower in the backdrop; a handful of teenagers are chatting and listening to music. The melody of man serves as suppressive backdrop to their own more sensitive conversation-- no better place to hide than out in the open. "Been dead for a few hours, not quite a day," he says, lifting his hand to brush his thumb across her lips. "Doubt you've ever seen one. They got some crazy tongues. Not nearly as pretty as yours, but sharp, hard. Can stab through you like a spear.. ripped its tongue out." He smiles, and pushes his thumb in, teasing the girl's tongue. "I found it skittering in one of the quarantine zone tunnels I use. It stabbed at me; missed, I charged it. It jumped to avoid and I cut off a leg-- it couldn't move so easy, so it tried to grab me with the tongue. Ripped it off the wall, punched its head in and stunned it. When it was on the ground, I stomped its brains and pulled the tongue, til the teeth severed it and the neck snapped."
Celeste Celeste softly kisses upon his thumb as it brushes over her lips. Her eyes go wide as he elaborates about the creature he got her and says "His tongue.. it is sharp and hard... and can stab... ooo intriguing... Do you still have the tongue?" Though her words a bit muffled considering he thumbs slips into her mouth and soon she stops speaking. She suckles upon his thumb teasingly before she pulls away and murmurs to him "Pity you destroyed the brain... but I can understand why you did... means it will stop fighing. So... where can we drag this baby off to so I can dissect it all proper?"
Buck Rogers "Don't know if it's a 'his'," the man absently comments, pushing past the photographing family. The faint smell of tobacco drifts in on the breeze, and the warm sun dapples his jacket. "I didn't see a cock or a cunt. I'm thinking whatever mad science goes into those things gets rid of all that; anything unnecessary to the job goes. Streamline it." The conversation only now draws a weird look from a young French woman, hair done up in thick braids, but a glare from Buck sees her snooting and looking away. "I still got it all. And hell.. where you want it? Best to stay in the quarantine zone. Can't go sneaking this thing through the city proper-- get caught doing that, it's prison for risking a mass infection."
Celeste Celeste giggles at his words and muses "Oh really now... intriguing. Perhaps they are streamlined. And... we need a safe place in the quarantine zone where I can dissect it and we won't be bothered. I don't want to infect. I just want to find out what they are made of, if this have organs, do they have to eat... I maybe be able to even put pieces of the brain back together to try and figure out how it's mind works... what causes it to focus so hard upon what it does..."
Buck Rogers With a sudden twirl, Buck spins on a heel and extends his arms, the wind whipping through Celeste's hair and the layers of her clothing. "They definitely eat, princess," the big man declares. He snaps his teeth. "Great big bites'a flesh. And there's organs-- tongue, brain. Lungs, too. They bleed. They're animals, not robots." A grin and the light of the sun shines over his face and beard, illuminating a few strands of red and grey in the otherwise black hairs. "You ask me, the way the virus works.. wakes up all those instincts in us we suppress. Strip away the higher thought, and leave the animal; then it's just about making the body match the mind."
Celeste Celeste giggles as he twirls, snuggling in close to him and murmurs to him "They might not have all the organs... like we do love." Her fingers beginning to run through his hair as the sun shines upon it. She nods at his words and says "Maybe you are right. Maybe there is more to it. I just want to know so badly."
Buck Rogers A brief bit of walking through the crowds sees the pair taken away from the murmuring and the cigarette smoke and settled on a small bench near the park at the tower's entrance. Lined by trees, lingering in the tower's grand shadow, it's a calming spot of green in an otherwise dense metropolis. Buck sets the lolita on his lap. "Makes sense a medical professional'd be interested in studying this stuff," he remarks. "Any luck, you can point out better ways to kill 'em." A lazy grin, and his immense hand slides to her throat. "Should get you somethin' cute to wear. A little bell, maybe, make you jingle. Help me keep track of you." Gently squeeze. "There won't be any lack of specimens for you to study, sweetheart.. one way or another."
Celeste Celeste was looking about as they walked, taking in all the architecture with a smile. As he sets her upon his lap she look up to him as she says "I can only hope so yeah. Find something that is their weakness like Arsenic is ours." As his hand slides to her throat, excitement echoes in her eyes and a giggle escapes her lips as she says "But if I am running from the enemy trying to hide... then they could find me easier..." The squeeze makes her squirm and she softly bites upon her bottom lip.
Buck Rogers The trenchcoat-clad giant brushes the rough pad of a large thumb over the hollow of the girl's throat. His smile is wide and warm, though the predatory flash of his emphasized canines strips much of the expression's gentleness away. When he speaks, his voice is a growl, thunder on the mountains, rumbling through his body and rocking hers. "You find their weaknesses for me, little girl," he commands, "and I'll make sure to kill 'em. You're gonna be my little trophy, clingin' to my arm all soft and sweet on a throne of dead monsters. Hell, I'm still plannin' to head to the Paradise Islands, soon, live out of my beach house there-- I got a feeling there's something deadly there. Been doing a lot of research. And when it all breaks down, and that place becomes ground zero for a new Apocalypse.. gonna live like a king, sweetheart, and you'll be my pregnant little queen." His hand slips from her throat to her tummy. "Aw, worried about being found? I'll kill anything that gets close to you."
Celeste Celeste swallows softly as his thumb rubs upon the hollow of her throat and continues to look into his eyes, her hands starting to gently grasp upon his trenchcoat, the fabric parts at least. His growling command just causes her to squirm all the more upon his lap and softly murmurs "I.. I will do my best... to find their weakness... and I... I like that idea..." A deep blush crosses her cheeks as his hand slides away from her neck to her flat tummy. She snuggles closer to him as she says "As long as you kill em... I would wear it for you then... just not trying to be bait is all darling..."
Buck Rogers With a grin, Buck reaches down to give the side of Celeste's rump a firm pat, rustling her dress. "That'a girl," he says. "Like I said: always stick by me, and nothing'll hurt you. What kinda man would I be if I let my girl get roughed up by something besides me?" His smile widens, eyes crinkle, and his laughter is genuinely warm. "'sides, a little collar with an itty bitty bell sounds cute. It'd go with those fluffy outfits you're always wearing." He takes a deep breath, chest expanding, and rises to his feet. "Alright. Let's go grab a bite up at that restaurant," a thumb jerked up at the tower's dining facility, "and then I'll take you to see your present."
Celeste Celeste giggles at his words and muses to him "I dunno what kinda man you would be in that regard. And if you get it for me I will wear it." Her head tilting back to show of her cute bare neck before look back to his blue eyes as she murmurs "Food does sound good and I can't wait to see my present!" She bounces excitedly.