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Bob Jack's is fairly busy this morning as people are enjoying the lead up to New Year's Eve by having a couple of drinks, the sounds of conversations in English and French rattling around. With all the folks there most of the tables are taken, but there's still a seat at the bar next to a pretty nondescript looking guy, Bob. He seems to be quite taken with the beer he's sipping at. He's leaning with his back against the bar, taking his time with his drink and looking around pretty with a relaxed air about him.
Celeste Celeste wanders into Jack's more than likely sticking out like a sore thumb given her style of dress and how teeny she is. Though she is still making her way up to the bar and sits down next to Bob. She tries to get the attention of a bartender but gets perhaps not noticed for a bit when she says "Who do I have to remove a bullet remove to get a fucking drink around here shit..." Then she looks to Bob as she asks "Wanna help a healer out. I need to get something with a kick in me otherwise I may just make wounds to fix on purpose.." Her tone teasing about the wounds but perhaps there is some truth to it.
Bob "I'm fresh out of bullet wounds, but let me see if I can help you," Bob tells the young lady who sits next to him, giving her a warm smile and a quick glance before he raises his hand to signal the barman over their way. He turns back to the lady and gives her a big grin, "So you're in the medicine business?" There's clear amusement on his face as he tells the bartender that he's got her first drink.
Celeste Celeste grins at Bob as he offers to help her, resting herself against the bar top now. When the comment is asked of her she says "I am yes, almost have my degree to become a real doctor but... according to Trixie I might as well be one with how good I am in the field. Wound up having to rescue someone from the catacombs recently. Not by myself of course but we got him out alive at least so that is better than nothing. And thankfully whatever attacked him, wasn't lingering to insure he was dead." Once the bartender arrives she says "Something strong and sweet, no coconut or peach shit." Her money placed upon the table as she looks back to Bob.
Bob "Cool!" Bob exclaims to Celeste with a wide smile and a happy glint in his eyes. "It sucks you've gotta be pulling people out of the catacombs, but it's lucky that someone was there for them." He sticks out his right hand and says, "I'm Bob Delgado, FBC medic." And a little bit of a chuckle escapes, "We're in similar fields, I just have a wildly different education."
Celeste Celeste offers a shrug of her shoulders as she says "The smell was horrid, no idea why people go down there, fucking insane I say. But... I didn't pull him out persay but I did make it so he stopped bleeding every fucking where. He almost didn't make it, the crazy fool." Her right hand takes his and gives it a shake though her grip shows little strength in it as she says "I'm Celeste Rogers. I tend to run around with Buck as of late. And nothing wrong with a different education I think. I just hate all this bioterrorism... it's ruining the fucking world..." She sighs and takes a sip of her drink as it arrives.
Bob "Yeah, don't go down there. It's full of monsters and shit," Bob says with a deep frown, brow furrowed as if he's reminded of something painful. Snapping back to himself with a smile he says, "Pleasure to meet you, Celeste." And then it's back to serious Bob, "Bioterrorism is probably the biggest threat to the human species we've ever seen. Makes nuclear bombs a little less scary, even." His own beer then gets some attention as Bob takes a long draught.
Celeste Celeste nods softly and says "I don't intend to. I also tend to not go... out alone most places unless I know it is relatively safe." She laughs softly at herself "Safe... that is such a rare thing now... and I agree.. it is a huge fucking threat... fucking Umbrella and their bullshit... stupid sons of a fucking..." She sighs and sips her drink before she says "Sorry just... I fucking think we'd be a lot better off without it.... is all."
Bob "I can't disagree with you," Bob says with a sigh, leaning so that his back rests against the bar while he chats. "The problem is that the cat is out of the bag," he says, frowning. "I just try to do what I can about it all, you know? Shoot the monsters, patch up the bad guys and try to figure out where the next attack is going to be so we can hopefully head it off at the pass."
Celeste Celeste spins about on the stool so she is facing away from the bar as she holds her drink in both hand as she comments "I know.. trust me.. You should see the foot... I mean... it almost makes the media coverage. Even if they coat it in bullshit lies... fucking coverup bullshit..." Her looks to him and says "I just try to keep people the fuck alive. I... I am not much of a shooter. Though Buck is helping me learn how to defend myself though admittedly... I rather just stitch people and pull out bullets. But never know when one of those fucking monsters might come after my little self and make me into a brain snack."
Bob "You say 'fuck' a lot. You're not a sailor, are you?" Bob asks with a little bit of an amused smile on his face. Of course, it's not too long before he gets serious again, "I'm glad you got someone showing you the ropes. If the shit hits the fan you're going to want to be able to do what it takes to keep yourself alive." He taps himself on the chest, "Generally try to stay behind someone like me, though. It sucks to see civilians getting attacked worse than it does to see it happen to soldiers."
Celeste Celeste rolls her eyes and giggles before she comments to Bob "No where does a say an intelligent woman can't say fuck a lot. I just think the word is a very effective adjective is all." She sips upon her drink as she listens ot him and says "I am glad too. Glad I accidently came across Buck when I did. I am quite good at hiding in small places though, like air ducts. That is always a good place to hide, assuming their are no rats of course. And I try to stay behind everyone taller and or bigger than me which... is everybody."
Chase Dalton "Hey, you two. How's it going?" Chase walks into the bistro, and fires off a crisp salute to the pair. He'd heard the conversation while walking around outside, and decided to pop in for a visit. "Whew! The language y'all are throwin' around would make sailors blush." He grins, fishing a coin from his pocket and rolling it across the back of his right hand.
Bob "Hell, I don't mind the fucking word, I just got curious," Bob tells Celeste with a wicked little grin. And then he nods at her words and says, still smiling, "Very wise. Let us big, dumb thugs take the lead and you should be okay." When he hears someone call out to him he turns to address them, "Yo Dalton. How's it going?" The dude gets a brief looking over, Bob making sure Chase isn't looking too messed up.
Celeste Celeste looks over to Chase as he enters, lifting one of her hands from her glass to offer a wave as she says "It is well enough though... I doubt I would make a damned sailor blush. Hey Dalton, I'm Celeste by the way." Her attention then looks to Bob as she muses "I am a smart bitch, never said I wasn't though.. I am the only one allowed to call me a bitch, just for clarification."
Chase Dalton "Going fucking great, I mean holy fuck has this day gone well. Abso-fucking-lutely fan-fucking-tastic." Chase responds, tucking his coin away and counting the f-bombs being dropped on one hand. "Is this an f-bomb contest? Or what?" Chase is still a bit messed up, but it's obvious someone's looking after him, if only just. When Celeste addresses him. "Nice to meet you, Celeste. Call me Chase, if you want. Dalton works, too." He offers a friendly shrug and smile.
Bob "If you're going to be a doctor then I'll bet you're no dummy," Bob says to Celeste with a friendly wink as he finishes off his beer and turns around to try to get a refill. He shoots a look back at her, "You got anything you'd like to be called? Like called and invited out to dinner, maybe?" It's pretty evident by the playful expression on his face that he's just messing around. "You didn't get the fucking memo, bro?" Bob tells Chase with a grin. "It's a motherfuckin' shame, it is."
Celeste Celeste giggles and rolls her as at Chase and says "Not a contest no. I just don't see the point to not speaking freely, cuss words included, when it is the fucking apocalypse. I mean... why should I give a shit if someone gets all butt-hurt by a little lolita doctor cussing. It only matters that I do my job and they don't die." She shrugs softly and says "Chase works." Her eyes then flit to Bob as she comments "Not a single bit." Though the comment about anything she likes to be called and how it minor escalates causes her eyebrows to rise in surprise. She giggles and says "Celeste works just fine." Not responding to the dinner thing and just sips upon her drink.
Chase Dalton "Well, my guy-ness is probably showing, but... hot damn if a woman who speaks her mind, and isn't afraid to get dirty -- if only in word -- isn't a welcome sight. Warms my cockles." Chase says, with a wry grin. "Celeste, etymology late 19th century, pseudo-Latin based on the French word for 'heavenly'." He glances down, and then up. "...Kudos to your parents for finding the perfect name."
Bob "Good. I don't generally spend much time with people if they can't keep up with me," Bob replies to Celeste. "Intellectually, that is," he adds with a smile and a poorly suppressed chuckle. Chase's comments to her cause Bob to lean back and let out a long, slow whistle. "Smooth, man."
Celeste Celeste grins as Chase begins to compliment her but the word cockles just makes her start laughing hard. Then there is another compliment and she muses to Chase "I suppose that they did... I think Buck would indeed agree." Then she is looking back at Bob as she says "It is indeed quite fun for me to converse with other witty people. Makes one almost forget the horrors outside/
Chase Dalton "We need some whiskey, or something, up in here. Need to raise the mood a few notches," Chase notes, matter-of-factly. "Honey, water, whiskey, cloves, cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg.. bam, Hot Toddy to really kick things up a notch." He glances around, and shrugs. "Meh."
Bob "Hell, it's good even when there's not monsters walking around," Bob replies with a big grin before his beer finally gets a refill. He glances down Chase's way and says, "I'm sticking to beer. I got jumped the other night so I want to try to stay sober." His head shakes from side to side a little bit, "Poor bastards thought three guys would be enough to fuck me up." There's a big, prideful grin on his face.
Celeste Celeste grins to Chase as she says "I'm not too picky if I am not buying, just no coconut or peach shit and I am cool. Though if that is what a Hot Toddy is... I'll have one, doesn't sound too bad." Then she looks to Bob and says "You got jumped? Fuckin hell. At least you were able to fuck them up. All I have is my Widow Maker."
Chase Dalton "Well, if we have the ingredients, I'm happy to whip us up a couple. I find it has the right balance of 'Keep awake', 'relax', and 'feel good'." Chase responds with a grin. "You should see me cook. I can turn bread and water into a five-course meal." He rolls his eyes. "So to say."
Bob "I did it with my bare hands," Bob says, grin not leaving his face as he holds up his hands to show them off. "Dudes had brass knuckles and a baseball bat and I managed to capture one before the other two ran off." His brow furrows and he asks, "What's a Widow Maker? I know the IRA used to call AR-10s that."
Celeste Celeste laughs a bit and says "They might have it here, ask the tender. And... quite intiguing. I can cook myself, kinda. I am more of a.. computers and healing kinda chickie." Then she looks amused at Bob as she comments "Oh didja now? And I missed it. I love watching a good knock out fight." Her lips curls into a mischevious smile as she bring out her combat knife in a relaxed way, lazily grasping it as she says "This... is widow maker. I was going to name it something else but... decided on this name for now."
Bob Letting out a long, low whistle, Bob admires Celeste's knife for a few seconds, tilting his head at an angle to get a better look at it for a second, "Sweet. Looks wicked." Then he chuckles a little bit, "I'll be honest with you, the fight wasn't pretty. I'm a lot better at not getting hit than I am at hitting people, but it worked out pretty good for me."
Celeste Celeste preens as she says "It is indeed wicked, hence her name." A hint of amusement dances in her eyes as he elaborates about the fight and comments to him "I... still like to watch... just a weird quirk of mine is all." She finishes off her drink and loudly says "Heeeeey.... Baaaartender I need a refill." More coins dropped upon the table.
Chase Dalton "Why don't I set us up with some Hot Toddy's.." Chase smiles, heading over to the bar and fishing through the available liquors and other bartending stuffs. Maybe he doesn't find everything he's looking for, maybe he finds something better. Who knows what he'll find?
Bob "You like to watch, do you?" Bob asks with a big smirk on his face, making his expression really playful looking. "Any other fun quirks I should know about?" His attention shifts to Chase as he watches the other fellow do his thing behind the bar, slowly working on his beer.
Celeste Celeste grins as Chase goes back to become the bartender and look to Bob as she says "I adore watching. And... the other quirks? I assume the way I like to dress is indeed one of them." Then she is watching Chase once more with amusement.
Chase Dalton "Oh, score!" Chase glees. He pops up from behind the bar, arms full of bartending kit: a jug of water, a small container of cloves, a container of Demerara sugar, some lemon juice, and.. now, Bob, don't die on us.. "Holy shit. Knappogue Castle twelve-year-old Single Malt Irish Whiskey!" Chase practically fangirls. Practically, but not totally.
Bob "Lady, I think you and I will get along," Bob says to Celeste with a big grin. "I'm honestly not sure about everything you're implying, but I'm willing to find out." Chase's excitement seems contagious as Bob looks over to see his find with his own eyes, "Nice. Yeah, I gotta have a glass of that. I'll just have to hang out here a little longer to sober up."
Celeste Celeste bursts out laughing as Chase gets all gleeful and almost fangirls over the whiskey, all the more amused by the antics. Then she is look to Bob once more as she says "I like to think I am quite likable. And implying?" Her head tilting slightly, almost like a confused kitten.
Chase Dalton The whiskey seems to be having an effect on Chase, and he hasn't even imbibed as of yet. Or has he? He boils the water, and fills a set of mugs to let them warm. Meanwhile, he peels the lemons from which he'd extracted the juice, and begins studding the peels with cloves, before setting the peels aside. Once the mugs are warm, Chase refills them with fresh boiling water, adds in some sugar, and stirs it until it dissolves. He takes up the lemon peels, twists them into a neat little garnish, sets them into the mugs, and stirs again to infuse. Finally, in goes the lemon juice and whiskey, and after a final stir, we have three high-class Hot Toddies, served!
Bob "I have no idea what, if anything, your clothing means," Bob says honestly, tilting his head to the side and smiling whilst he shrugs. And then his head straightens up and his eyes widen in realization, "Unless it's just how you dress and I'm talking out my fucking ass." When his hot toddy is served Bob sets down his beer, looks over to Chase and gives him two big thumbs up. Then he polishes off the rest of his beer in anticipation of the delicious looking drink now sitting before him.
Celeste Celeste curiously watches Chase when she isn't talking to Bob and says "Oh... it means nothing, it is just cute and comfy for me. I like looking like a little doll I guess." As Bob jumps to that realization she laughs and says "I may flirt... but I am not on the market if you catch my drift." Her hand wrapping around the warm drink, bringing it close so she can sniff it the scent through her nose.
Chase Dalton Chase Dalton 's drink disappears almost as fast as a drunk at last call, even though he does try to savor it. He settles into a seat as the warmth infuses every part of his being. "Oh yeah, that definitely hit the spot." He almost smiles. Almost.
Bob Inhaling deeply through his nostrils, Bob takes in the scent of his drink, nodding his head faintly up and down in appreciation. He looks up towards Celeste and gives her a smile, "A man may hope." And then he gives her a wink, "I'm too old for you, anyway." Finally, he takes a drink. Bob remains expressionless for a moment while he considers the flavor, then he nods seriously and says to Chase, "Perfect thing for tonight."
Celeste Celeste rolls her eyes at Bob's words about age while she is sipping her drink. She retorts to him, age is just a fucking number, it doesn't define a person." Then she looks to Chase as she says "This is actually rather amazing, thank you Chase." And more of the warm mixed drink is dranken.
Chase Dalton "Sure thing. If y'all are looking for other drinks, I can check around, maybe dig something up." Chase smiles, continuing to sip his drink. "I make a mean Bloody Mary, and Virgin Mary. The former will put hair on your chest, for real.."
Bob "You're not the first woman to tell me that. Now, if only I were better looking," Bob replies to Celeste, cracking a smile at his self deprecating joke. He drinks some of his hot toddy and licks his lips. "Dude, this really hits the spot," He says to Chase. "But if I keep letting you make drinks for me I'll be too wasted to make it home."
Celeste Celeste softly shakes her head as she says to Chase "I am good after this one and then I need to get some rest. No idea what is in store for tomorrow after all." She looks to Bob and comments "Never said you were bad looking, just said I am off the market is all." Then more of her drink vanishes.
Chase Dalton "Alright, so, we're good? Good." Chase begins packing up the bar, and securing things so nothing gets nabbed by grabby sneak-thieves. "I should grab some rack-time myself.." He just now realizes he's starting to feel tired. Hazy, at least.
Bob "I wasn't talking about you, kiddo," Bob replies to Celeste with a smile. "More of a general thing. I have shitty luck with women." More toddy gets consumed, neither the heat nor the alcohol phasing Bob in the slightest. With a look between Chase and Celeste Bob chuckles, "It might be a good time for me to take off, too. While there's still some people on the street."
Celeste Celeste finishes off her drink and smiles to Chase though when Bob calls her kiddo it disappears. Her eyes bore into Bob as she says "Don't call me kiddo... I'm a fucking adult." And with that she is slipping of the stool and heading for the door the only other words uttered are "Dueces." Then she vanished back to whilst she came.