Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger As things have gotten increasingly worse in Raccoon City general panic and hoarding has become more and more common in recent days. Shops have closed or have barely any stock left, people are desperately trying to buy the last few things available in the few stores which still have food and supplies, it has become nearly impossible to leave the city after nearly all bridges have been wrecked by the recent floods and countless weird and threatening things are happening.

One of those people who are clearly looking for things to buy is Markus Berger, who right now is standing in front of a closed grocery store, avoiding a small group of people pass by and shouting something quite unpleasant into his phone.
Laura Among the crowds was Laura Herron, the worsening situation definitely being in the very bottom of the things she'd like to worry about, but she was out of options, securing enough food to last a few days until the services get restored was a high priority. She weaves her way through the bustling crowds, but the situation seemed fairly bleak. Defeated for now, she stops by the next, as closed as the previous one, grocery store. Not enough that there was people rushing about already, but some people actually shouting about in their phones. It wasn't too hard to listen in on atleast half the discussion, but she should get going. Something awfully familiar about him, as if she'd seen him somewhere before. That gave her pause, focusing on the shouting for moment.
Markus Berger Markus half of the discussion quickly devolves into a variety of colorfull, german insults before he abruptly ends the call and leans against the next best wall behind him to avoid anyone else passing by. It doesn't take him long to notice Laura though, not that he cares particularly much right now. "Don't even bother heading any further. Every other store up the street is either closed or more or less under siege by the panicing masses." Going by his sour tone he likely speaks from firsthand experience.
Laura Laura Herron's handle on German certainly could use a polishing, or knowing even just the basics. Ohwell, nothing gained, but nothing really lost, either. She pushes on, trying to secure atleast a bit wider bread for the coming days just in case. A few shoulder bumps here and there as she pushes on close to the upset sounding German fella, coming to a stop. Surely he wasn't talking to her? She looked about, but didn't seem like there were other candidates, either. She came to a stop, making a quick nod at the man.

"Oh? Thank you. That'll save me some time, atleast.", she says, forcing a polite smile, the loud, bustling crowds around certainly didn't enhance her mood any, either. "There's no options down where I came from, either, incase you were intending on that way.", she offers from her experience. She looks down the streets, frowning a little. "Maybe it's not worth the effort trying, surely they'll get atleast some of the routes cleared up before it gets /really/ desperate for food."
Markus Berger Markus just shrugs slightly as he watches another clearly upset crowd of people pass by on the side of the street before looking back towards Laura. "Personaly, I think its just going to get even worse instead of better anytime soon considering what is going on. Those recent animal attacks are getting even more common, people are missing, more left the city, hospital is exceeding capacity and as far as I have heard the only bridge that wasn't wrecked by the floods is blocked as well. Some kind off accident."
Laura "Hmmh, haven't heard about that. Would think that'd be quickly cleared out..", Laura commented. In perfect world, it would, certainly. Things in the city certainly were much less than that as of late. Maybe those leaving were onto something. She had spent too much time on her current 'project' to flee just yet. "..Yeah, I'm sure they'll sort it out.", she comments to reassure herself. She shifts a little on her feet, walking the however many blocks it had been taking it's toll. "But things have been odd as of late, can't deny that."
Markus Berger "Your loss if you believe that. I have all reason to believe that it is going to be a bunch of quite unpleasant days. Should've gotten out of here beforehand after what I've seen, but now..." Having said that Markus just sighs and mutters something about 'goddamn Umbrella' barely audibly under his breath before looking down the street again. "Listen, get yourself what you can get. Try the stores a bit further away from the center of city and stick to more crowded streets. Just... just be wary." By now a complete lack of optimism is more than obvious... in fact, if he could radiate pessimism he likely would.
Laura "Guess a little hoarding wouldn't hurt in the end.", Laura nodded. While she didn't believe that situation to be that dire, but with the things being the way they were, there wasn't much else productive to do until things quiet down again. But there was a curious thing that had caught her ear. "Oh? You've seen one of the animal attacks?", she asks, a cautious prod to dig in on the earlier comment.
Markus Berger At that question Markus slowly grinds his teeth for a moment as he looks around himself until he is sure that nobody is nearby or at least in listening. "Worse... far worse. The animals are just the tip of the iceberg. Be more worried about other things deciding to take a bite out of you... I have allready said too much." And with another brief glance around he swiftly begins to walk away down the street, decidedly away from any possible crowds.
Laura Laura Herron's eyes scan over the crowds as she sees Markus do so. It seemed unlikely that there'd be anyone tailing them in the chaos, her eyes soon returning. It was a chilling warning, and the source was rather reputable. If things quieted down, the German scientist seemed like an opportune target to look into later. She powered on as well down the street, seeing that the doctor left as well. She still had some supplies to scrounge for the coming days, after all.