Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vivienne The large television is playing a loud movie, something with guns and blood and guts. Vivienne is snuggled on the couch, blanket swathed around her as she sips on a large cup of tea. She is wearing a pair of sweatpants, a loose tanktop and a pair of baggy socks. Two dogs are curled up on the couch with her, one larger, and the other still a puppy.
Bob There's a knock at the door. It's Bob. He's looking pretty chill. Almost relaxed, even, when given a closer examination. Almost being the key word here, however, because if one is apt to notice things about people they might be able to tell that ol' Bob is pretty excited about something and trying to hide it. He's actually wearing a big, black backpack that Viv and James would probably recognize as an aid bag, too. Might have something to do with why he's come over.
James Scott James is also on the couch, the (giant) puppy in his lap. The movie on the television is Kill Bill Vol. II. When Bob knocks at the door the teen pushes up to his feet and heads out into the foyer to greet him, large French Mastiff puppy still in his arm. "Yo Bob, how's it going?"

He beckons for him to follow and goes back to his spot on the couch, settling in next to Vivienne and the dalmatian.
Vivienne Vivienne smiles up at Bob as he enters and she raises an eyebrow as her eyes follow him as he makes his way towards the couch. "Did someone get the Christmas miracle that whooped Chris Redfield's ass?" She pauses and then shrugs. "Happy Holidays, Bob. What brings you over tonight?" The touch is full of dogs and people so Vivienne gestures to one of the chairs. "Have a seat, can I get you anything?"
Bob "Hey man. I'm doing good," Bob replies as he heads into the apartment, giving James a grin. "How about you?" That smile's still on his face when he gives Vivienne a wave, "Yo." Everything gets a quick look over as he removes his aid bag and finds himself the spot to sit Vivienne pointed out, setting the bag down next to him. "How was your guys's Christmas?" Then he looks at Viv and says, "I wanted to do two things. One is to check you out again and make sure you're all healthy and to see if your stitches can come out. Two is to ask if you guys know anything about PITE, the eco-terrorists."
James Scott "All things considered it was pretty good." James replies, settling in and petting Dempsey behind his ears as he watches the film while they talk. "Yeah, those stitches were unfortunate. Maybe if she had red hair somebody other than me would have covered her out there." He gives a dramatic sort of sigh. "It's alright, I was using my fists. We all know that bullets are slower."
Vivienne Vivienne reaches out and smaks James gently, shaking her head. "Don't listen to him." She remarks, getting off the couch. "So you need to see the stitches?" She asks, giving the dog next to her a friendly pat as she moves away. She stands up and pulls her tank top over her head, settling down on the chair opposite of Bob. "I'm not sure about that thing you asked about, but even so it's best not to talk about it here, unless he turns that movie up."
Bob "If it had been my call we'd have left the civvies behind," Bob says with a shrug. "Situation was just kind of fucked all around, though." The rest of James' statement is kind of just ignored as Bob follows Vivienne's advice. When she lifts off her shirt Bob goes digging into his bags. First for some hand sanitizer to clean his hands off with, then for some exam gloves. Gotta be safe and all. He then moves in to give an examination, gently touching the skin around the sutures before declaring, "Alright. Looks good to me. We can take them out, most painless part of the whole shebang."
James Scott James lifts the remote and increases the volume on the television set. "Wouldn't have let them sit with the infected. Would have put a bullet in her head rather than let her come with us. How the infection spreads." The teen sits back and crosses his legs. "Poor lizards didn't know what they were getting into though. Wish they'd have eaten that fucker in the poncho. Should have killed him while we were out."
Vivienne Vivienne leans in closer to Bob, to facilitate him taking out the sutures and to speak quietly. "I got my fingers in a lot of pies, but I haven't heard anything about PITE. You heard anything?" She turns, eyeing James as she speaks. She frowns a bit before she glances back at Bob. "Why you asking after them?"
Bob "SOP is to keep them quarantined, but I can't say that I disagree with you, I've been reading up on Raccoon a lot," Bob frowns as he says, not really liking either way that it could have gone, but he didn't have to make the call. "Those things didn't stand a chance. I'll tell you, I think I'm going to be investing in some heavier firepower soon. Had to riddle those shits with lead just to slow them down." And then a shrug, "I don't see that guy sticking around too long if he's going to be picking fights like he is." He's in and out of his bag again, this time with a tiny pair of scissors. The stitches are neatly cut and removed, Bob palming the sutures themselves. Once they're all out he says, "I think they jumped me the other night. I beat the shit out of one of them, he's in police custody, but the other two got away." There's a bit of a chuckle, "I mean, I'm not sure it was them but it makes the most sense since I've been doing some investigations into them."
James Scott "Yeah, I had to hit them a few more times than usual. Almost made me feel human again, but in the end they broke too easily." James almost seems disappointed, like he wanted them to put up more of a fight. "Though, my broken ribs could have been slowing me down. In a perfect world I'd have been at full strength before going into the quarantine zone."
Vivienne "Someone jumped you?" Vivienne asks, an eyebrow raised slightly. She looks as if she's lost in thought for a few minutes and then she frowns. "I got jumped a few weeks ago, but I think that was just about some drinks that they thought I owed them something for." She pulls her tank top back on and gets to her feet. "You better stay in a pairing for a while, no need to walk around alone if there is someone looking to lend you some pain."
Bob "You need me to take another look at you while I'm here? I've actually got me gear with me this time," Bob offers to James, eyebrows raising up. "Don't know what else I can do for you, but I might be able to make you a little more comfortable." His gaze returns to Vivienne and he nods, "Three Caribbean dudes tried to mess me up. Brass knuckle, baseball bat, the whole bit. Next time I think I'm going to start shooting if I'm outnumbered, rather none of them get away than me take just one alive." And a couple of nods, "That's a good idea. Battle buddy teams and the whole bit."
James Scott "If you don't mind, I'm a little roughed up." James says with a slight nod. "Sometimes you gotta shoot 'em. Better than ending up with a broken face. If you find them and want to dish out some revenge, lemme know. I've got brass knuckles and a baseball bat." He gives Dempsey one last pat before putting the puppy down and heading over to where Bob is. He shrugs out of his shirt to show off his bruised ribs.
Vivienne "Do you think I should tell Bob know.." Vivienne asks James, a thoughtful look on her face. "Might have something to do with why he was jumped, maybe they're after him because they already think he knows something."
Bob "No sweat, man," Bob says as he takes off his gloves, rolling the trash into one of the gloves and setting it down. He cleans his hands with sanitizer and puts on fresh gloves before poking around at James again. "I'll let you know if I find them. You're better at tuning people up than I am so I'll let you take the big guy." He looks over at Vivienne and furrows his brow, but then he's back to working on James, "Just tell me when it hurts." Poke. Prod. Pain?
James Scott "Pretty much all of it hurts, got it looked at, six, seven, and nine are broken for sure. Though I could be more or less healed at this point, that was a week ago now." James says, wincing slightly but not giving any other signs of discomfort from the prodding.

"Huh, about my bugs?" The teen asks Vivienne, looking back at her. "Nah, he's a doctor, doesn't need to worry about those. Sure I just picked something up somewhere."
Vivienne Vivienne stares at James, her eyes narrowing for a few moments before she smirks. "I meant about the double and triple crosses going on all around him." She says quietly, the television still drowning her out a bit. "Please do something about his ribs, I'd appreciate it."
Bob "I'm just going to wrap you up again and let your body take care of the rest," Bob says to James as he goes into his bag for some ace wraps and starts making a mummy. "Worst thing about broken ribs is you can't do much for them except let them heal on their own." It's not too long before James is all wrapped up and Bob tapes off the bandage, not bothering with those crappy little metal hook things.
James Scott "That? Sure." James says back to Vivienne with a slight nod, which quickly turned into a grimace as the doctor applies the bandages. "I appreciate it. I should be fine in a few more days. I heal quick." He heads back over to ease down on the couch again once he's fixed up.
Vivienne Vivienne gets to her feet and leaves the room briefly, the sound of rustling can be clearly heard in another room. When she walks back in she has a piece of paper that she hands wordlessly to Bob. She takes a few steps back then and moves to sit on the arm of the chair that James is in.
Bob "Glad to hear it," Bob says to James about the healing fast thing. Once he's done he pulls off his gloves and puts them in a little pile, then scoops the whole pile up to toss it in a trash can. The piece of paper Bob gets is given a quick glance when he sits down on his chair again. And then a longer look. "Hell," he whispers, a deep frown forming on his face. His eyes then alight on Vivienne and he mouths, "Is this for real?"
James Scott "Oh yeah, you guys have any information on Gandalf? Or Doctor James Marcus as you might know him now." James leans forward slightly to look over at Bob. "You guys would know him as the terrorist that caused the quarantine zone, but he's my father. And one of Umbrella's founders. Been trying to hunt him down for a few months now."
Vivienne Vivienne gazes over at James, thinly veiled amusement on her face. "Just found out he had some kids, with the surname Scott." She leans in and gives him a kiss on the cheek before she gazes over at Bob. Instead of answering him with words she nods and then she does speak, but quietly. "That and there's a lot more."
Bob "Nothing I'm aware of," Bob says to James as he settles into his seat, eyes wide in surprise when James reveals that the guy's his dad. He still seems shocked by the memo as he looks at it again, then back up Vivienne. "That son of a bitch."
James Scott "Yeah, a couple of us." James leans over to return Vivienne's kiss. "But yeah, shit's fucked. It'll all work out in the end, you just gotta have faith. And be ready to shoot when it's time to shoot." He reaches up to wrap his arm around Vivienne's waist, attention still on Bob for right now.
Vivienne "There is a lot more, Bob. A hell of a lot more." Vivienne says, resting against the chair, leaning on James. She holds up a hand and frowns. "If I tell you more though, if I trust you, and you fuck the dog on this, compromise me or'll never see the bullet coming." She takes a breath and shakes her head as she exhales. "Sorry, but..there is a lot going on and trying to figure out who you can trust is a shitty roll of the dice lately."
Bob "I'll be keeping my guns a little closer than usual from now out," Bob declares after a moment of thought. He finally puts the memo down on the coffee table and shakes his head. He nods at Vivienne very seriously, "I hate telling people to trust me, but I'm not going to let this get out. I don't blame you, not trusting folks. It's a lot of shit to have to worry about."
James Scott "I might not trust a lot of folks, but I trust them to know better." James says, head slowly nodding a few times. "I didn't become a Captain by fucking around. Put in a lot of work and spent a lot of time training. I mean it helps that I'm more or less a mutant. But still."
Vivienne Vivienne gazes at James for a few moments silent, before she turns back towards Bob. She motions him closer with a finger, pointing to the table in front of the chair that the two are reclining in. "Come a little closer and I'll tell you a bit of a story about our glorious leader."
Bob "Mutant teenage ninja captain," Bob says to James with a little chuckle at his bad joke. At Vivienne's gesture, Bob comes over and cops a squat gently on the table so that he doesn't break it or anything. Once he's seated he leans in closer to the couple, just keeping his mouth shut and ears open.
James Scott "Something like that, yeah." James leans back so he can listen to what Vivienne has to say as well, not really adding anything else of use at the moment.
Vivienne "He actually kept me from jail." Vivienne says, a slight smirk on her face. "I did something I shouldn't have, back in the states, and I should be in jail right now. Instead I was sent here to keep an eye on him." She jerks her chin towards James. "I'm fairly certain that *he* knows that I'm compromised, which is why I've been sleeping with one eye open. He was connected to the people James work for, probably still is. Could be the one who had the bugs planted here." She says all of this quietly, the fighting scene in the movie drowning out most of her words if you weren't paying careful attention.
Bob Luckily, Bob was listening really close, his head leaned in almost too far, but he's reluctant to miss anything. His own quiet voice says, "I had no idea I was getting into any of this shit when I signed on for the FBC. Why can't everybody just want to shoot fuckin' monsters and save the world and shit?"
James Scott "They do, for the most part. Just happens some of the monsters they want to shoot are like me. Do you think your organization would consider me a human or a bio-organic weapon?" James asks Bob quietly, reaching a hand up to prop his head up. "I've been trying to figure it out. I'd like to say human,"
Vivienne "He doesn't want to shoot the monsters, he wants to create more." Vivienne says, a frown on her face. "He's probably already doing it." She exhales a soft sigh and glances over at James.
Bob "You look and act like a human to me, man, but I don't make the big calls like who's supposed to be a what," Bob says to James, frowning at the idea that his kinda buddy might be considered a monster. "I'll call you human..." And he trails off when Vivienne says what the man in question is working on. His eyes shut for a moment and he grimaces angrily, gritting his teeth and the whole bit. "That asshole. You got any idea where he's working? We've got to shut him down if he's really doing that."
James Scott "No telling. All sorts of places he could be. But they're probably people you already know. He's less interested in the monsters that are in the quarantine zone and more interested in the ones sitting in front of you." He likely isn't wrong about being a monster, considering what he did to those poor lizards.
Vivienne "Stop saying that." Vivienne says, her tone angry as she stares James down. "I've seen monsters. Hell we all have now, and you're *not* one of them." She turns to Bob and frowns, shaking her head. "I'm trying to find out, I know..kind of ..who is involved..but.." She looks troubled and finally speaks up again. "The way things are going I'm gonna be made to disappear soon, or I'm gonna get an order to .." She trails off and glances at James, the frown getting more pronounced.
Bob "This is all so fucked up," Bob declares quietly as he listens to the two of them. He shoots a look over Vivienne's way and shakes his head, "You know neither me or James is going to let that shit happen to you. I got no issues shooting two legged predators, not just BOWs." When he shakes his head a second later a sound like a growl escapes his throat. "Damn. I just wanted to shoot zombies and take care of soldiers, I'm in no way cut out for this bullshit."
James Scott "Vivienne, I know I'm not a monster like they are. But I'm not human any more either. Just don't know what to call myself." James leans up to give Vivienne another kiss, this one reassuring. "You won't be going anywhere unless you want to. If your commanding officer has an issue with it, he can goosestep his ass over here and fight me."

"None of us got what we signed up for. I wanted to take some bullshit classes and chase skirts, but my town got overran with corpses. Doesn't even really exist anymore, just a crate in Colorado." He sighs quietly, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck.
Vivienne "Well stop calling yourself a monster, all right?" Vivienne says quietly before her gaze moves over to Bob. "Things are getting worse, the first time you saw his injuries, that was from someone blowing up the library here, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again, especially in light of the activity around here." She chews on her bottom lip for a few moments and then shakes her head. "I imagine it's gonna get worse soon, just not sure *how* yet."
Bob "Call yourself James, bro. Let other people worry about the monster bullshit," Delgado tells the kid, half joking with him, but also half serious. "War is always hardest on civilians, bioterrorism even more so since the casualty rate is so close to a hundred percent with the zombie shit." Bob shakes his head sadly. When he focuses his attention on Vivienne there's a pained look in his face, almost a wince. "I'm scared that the shit in the QZ and the catacombs is going to get out if some terrorist gets lucky." He leans super close and just above a whisper says, "Did I tell you I found a location where there's a giant ass hole connecting them?"
James Scott "My father isn't a stupid man, he knew what he was doing." James cracks his knuckles with his thumb. "If anything I'm sure we're playing right into his hands. I was studying the different exits and you could go pretty much anywhere you wanted if you know where you're going. Could end up with zombies and monsters all over Paris. Actually, if they're already out we probably won't be able to clean all of them up."
Vivienne "I'm also fairly sure that despite the fact that we keep getting called in, what is happening out there is pretty much what *he* wants." Vivienne responds, shaking her head as she considers it. "We're going to need to deal with this sooner rather than later, but he's dangerous, so none of us should act alone.." Her gaze trails towards James. "Well..I're the possible exception."
Bob "There's checkpoints at all the entrance to the catacombs that I'm aware of, but who knows if people have made their own or have them in their basements or whatever. There's so much potential for things to go teats up," Bob shakes his head. "We should stick together if we do any more serious investigating or whatever. I feel like it'll be hard to trust anybody in the unit, which kills me, but I'm not going to risk it."
James Scott "Some of those entrances they're guarding are worthless, the catacombs have collapsed further in." James points out. "Gonna be one big pain in the ass. I wouldn't be surprised if the underdark wasn't crawling with all sorts of monsters."
Vivienne "So who do we tell, what do we do?" Vivienne wonders aloud, almost to herself, but she does gaze between Bob and James as she puts the question out there. "I think we should tell Redfield, and he can get his crew in there, though as you said the other night, most of them are green." Her gaze settles on James and she smirks slightly. "Better than nothing though."
Bob "Almost got puked on by an eyeless infected down there," Bob says to James with a nod. "No more lizards that I saw, thankfully." He looks Vivienne over for a moment before he asks, "Redfield's that buddy of yours, right? If you think you can trust him, I'll back your play. See if needs a medic and sniper and we can tag along to keep an eye on them."
James Scott "I'm sure he'll dig working with a teenager that works for Umbrella." James says. "Don't see him flipping his shit and getting punched in the mouth or anything."
Vivienne "I trust him, he's the biggest stick in the fucking mud that has ever exsisted. He's cleaner than a laundrymat." Vivienne says, rolling her eyes. "Listen, if Redfield wants information and help, he's gonna have to cooperate, because I'm not leaving behind the one person I trust to have my back and keep me safe, all right?" She nearly snarls at James before she remembers herself. She gazes over at Bob and after a moment she mumbles. "Sorry."
Bob "He knows you work for them? If he doesn't you could always just keep quiet," Bob speaks to James before he shrugs. When Vivienne apologizes to him Bob kind of just waves it away, "No sweat. We've known each other like a week and I don't need reassurance like that." He smiles, "I don't know if you caught on, but I'm not that fragile."
James Scott "Alright Bob, it was good having you, but unfortunately it's time for snoo-snoo." James informs Bob with a serious nod. "I'll holler at you if anything comes up." The teen offers a salute.