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Buck Rogers Golden-hued, the cathedral is soft as sunlight and a mother's love; between wide columns and ornate engravings hang elaborate chandeliers, bathing the ancient stone and wood in the pale glow of divinity. There are always visitors in this masterpiece of human creation-- those locals and tourists drawn to the stately aesthetic, the Gothic architecture, the power on display standing in a beacon of history. Climb the hundreds of steps of the spiral staircase, turn away, walk, and one reaches the grand gallery, where both the splendor of the outside world from on high and countless saints and gargoyles can be seen.

It's here that Buck, eye-catching and as grand as the cathedral in his armored jacket, has brought Celeste. The climb was long and exhausting; when necessary, he'd simply scoop her up and carry her, the juggernaut himself indefatigable. He stands currently outdoors, near a ledge overlooking the city, where a hunchbacked one-horned bat-devil looms over the city, casting its half-lidded gaze over the people. Its thin arms are crooked and its spindly fingers clutch the stone. "You know, sweetheart," the man mutters, looking over at her. "I always wondered if this place really had gargoyles, or if that was just in the movie."
Celeste Celeste smiles as she looks around the city from her view up top with him. She nevers strays far, her hand remaining touching some part of Buck as they are upon the ledge. She exhales a pleasant sigh before she muses to him "I did too actually. I think they have kinda nifty."

Her steps begin to lead her back to him as she asks "Did you want me to look you over? See if you need mending? I can't have you dying on me after all." Her hands sliding up his arms and then over to rest upon his chest as she looks up to him.
Buck Rogers "Always liked Disney films," Buck notes, resting a gauntleted hand on the stone. His own eyes follow the gargoyle's; he stares down the City of Lights from an ancient throne. It's a perspective that inspires a man-- to look down on others, on the City itself, prompts a certain proud swelling in that wardrum heart. His mouth twists in grim smile. "Imagine. All of this fallen like the quarantine zone. She was so close to the beauty of Raccoon.. " He turns, smiles at his doll, and removes the jacket. He sets it aside to expose his body, all thick muscle and veins and hair. He's riddled with scars and bites and cuts. "My lil guardian angel."
Celeste Celeste whimsically sighs as he removes his jacket and sweetly says "I like it here to be honest. Up so high, almost makes one feel untouchable." Her hands then slip away from him to grab the medical kit. She begins to apply antiseptic to fresh wounds and mend them as needed, whether stitching or just putting gaze and tape to cover it. Bullets are removed if any are found as she is says "I suppose I could be thought of as that. I am not all good all the time though..." She stands upon her tip toes to kiss his cheek then returns to doctoring him.
Buck Rogers "You ever read my book?" He refers, of course, to Raccoon City-- the 2005 New York Times bestseller that swept the world by storm and propelled Buck to fame. Technically, it was ghostwritten, but he gets the credit; it was his story of survival and heroism in the bio-terrorism incident. "There's a lot in it I didn't talk about. Things that wouldn't make a good story, wouldn't make me a good hero." As he sits and rests his back against the stone, in the gargoyle's shadow, he helps Celeste with her tender ministrations; removing armor when necessary, holding still, assuming whatever positions she needs. He has all sorts of minor to moderate injuries, the usual scrapes of someone who lives a dangerous life.. though the most severe damage seems to be a mass of contusions and minor bone fractures that can't be seen. Still, he heals fast. "You're my good girl, but it's good if there's a lil devil in ya. My own pet succubus. Why not? A monster should have a demon more than an angel."
Celeste Celeste blushes deeply as she softly murmurs "I... bought one.. but with my studies... never was able to read it that... indepth.." A smile curls her lips as she looks to his eyes. She reaches to grab more gauze and realizes she used it all and sighs softly. A brief nervous bite of her lip is given before she murmurs "I need to restock. So... we need to try and avoid you getting more banged up.... even if I... do enjoy watching you kill things..." As he begins to praise her, her eyes only grows, creasing her eyes slightly as she muses "I like being /your/ good girl... everyone else... can fuck themselves... unless they are your friends... then I'll be nice..." Her arms extending up to him, showing she wants for him to hold her.
Buck Rogers Buck laughs as a bit of disinfectant is applied to one of his wounds before it's wrapped up. When she runs out of bandages, he begins to replace his equipment-- the pads, the gloves, the body armor, bit by bit he works his oversized, beastly body into it. Like a knight in antiquity donning his mail, there's a point in the process where he's more armor than man, a warrior-- an image he quite likes, justifying his tendency lately to always be so armed. His immense jacket, hanging over the ledge near the gargoyle, is given a look. "My head doesn't work right if I'm not killing," he mentions, staring out into the distance. "It's one of those things I didn't write about. All that fighting woke something up inside me-- aroused an animal I put down when I was an angry kid. Made it stronger. If I'm not hurting others.. it turns back on me." He flashes her a smile, reaching out to rub her head. As he talks, the basso profundo of his voice rumbles through him, a heavy vibration that shakes her bones. "You really like the idea of that, sweetheart? I want to watch the whole world burn, and cut my way through the ruins. I'm the villain of the story."

As she reaches for him, he draws her in close, her body tiny and insignificant cradled against his. A contrast of hard and soft, big and small.
Celeste Celeste assist Buck in re-donning his armor should he allow her to, though perhaps taking a bit longer with reattaching things as she lingers her touch for an extra few moments. Her eyes watching his face as he speaks, pausing in her movements as she listens. Again she is biting upon her bottom lip as he speaks of his blood lust, he need to kill." As he draws her in close she is quite happy and relaxes against him as she murmurs "I do... I don't care if you are the villain... just keep me safe and I will be all too happy..."
Buck Rogers "Mm," Buck says, and then he lifts a broad shoulder in a broader shrug. The radical honesty approach seems to have been working-- why not go with it? "Good girl," he praises, shifting his weight as the stone digs in on a pressure point on his shoulder. "You're definitely twisted; but hell, aren't I? You keep me patched up, follow me wherever I go, and we'll see just how much mayhem we can make." His rough fingers curl beneath her chin and lift her head, and leaning in he seizes her lips-- beard scratching at her soft skin, teeth biting into her lip with sudden sharpness. "All mine," he growls, breath hot against her. "All fuckin' mine. Now.. keep close to me, don't do a god damn thing without my permission, and I'll keep you safe. But thinkin' a girl like you's got a habit of finding trouble no matter what.. you got any self-defense training?"
Celeste Celeste smiles happily at his praising, cuddling closer to him. She giggles at him calling her twisted and softly murmurs "I like... the sound of that Buck..." As his rough fingers curl beneath her chin, her cheeks flush once more as she looks up at him. Her eyes quickly shut as he kisses her lips, giggling softly as the beard tickles her soft skin. As he bites into her bottom lip, she sharply inhales through her nose and trembles at the growl. Her eyes open once more as he says all mine, a smile curling her lips. She softly shakes her head no as she says "None... and... I don't mean for trouble to find me... but... it kinda does... often too... as well... you rescued me from and all..." A giggle emits then from her lips though her smile softens, she really doesn't know how to defend her little self.
Buck Rogers With a thoughtful nod, Buck falls silent, curling his fingers through the luscious locks of the doll-like girl's hair. The sounds of the bustling city beneath serve as a constant backdrop to his internal monologue; whatever he's thinking, it can't be read on his face, lips set in a pursed line and brow furrowed. At one point in his reverie, his hand has slipped from her hair to her breast, mauling her through her clothing in idle entertainment-- something about feeling a girl up in a cathedral serves to make him chuckle. "I'll give you some lessons in protecting yourself," the big man decides. "A knife. Easy to conceal, enough to hurt. Some shooting lessons would be good, too-- not exactly bursting with strength. You're all tits and hips, I don't see a muscle on you."
Celeste Celeste gasps hotly as his hand slips from her hair to her breasts, blushing deeply as he mauls her through her little dress. She giggles softly and says "Yeah... never really been the athletic type, more about... books and such soo.. that would be the reason for the... lack of muscle as you put it. But I like the idea of a knife, maybe... get me a holster I can strap to my thigh for it? I mean... I always wear dresses or skirts so it would just be easier for me to get to, you know?"
Buck Rogers "Yeah, I'll get you something," Buck announces, continuing to amuse himself with the plush curves of her body. With a roll of his shoulders and a flick of a thumb across her nipple, he rises to his feet, scooting her aside as he does so. He lifts like a slumbering giant; slow and immense, shaking the cobwebs of rest from his creaking body. The armored trenchcoat is retrieved, and with deft motions placed on him once more, obscuring the details of his body but emphasizing its dire size. He tugs his gauntlet-like gloves back on, tightens a strap, and then reaches for Celeste's hand. "Alright, sweetheart. Let's go look around and see about getting you some things."