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PrestigeAndrei As the Paris Catacombs started to open up for those stil crazy to explore the tunnels.. the sounds of undead.. bioweapons and zombies alike on more than one occassion will moan and echo through the catacombs. Perhaps more suprisingly however during this cold winters night is the sound of periodic gunfire. The sound echoing and rocking through. The source of this gunfire might not become obvious for some time yet.. except for perhaps the faint call of the radio that might blare up for anyone tuned into a specific channel. Mainly there is just cursing, some mummbling about the catacombs.. some hushed whispers. Throw in the sounds of footsteps and then a heavy shot and well..

Luckily, the danger that had taken Andrei Kirov down had bassed.. leaving a battered, bullet-ridden corpse in its wake. The man's breathing is still shallow.. and though he flits in and out of consiousness at the very least he is not immeaditly at risk of dying anymore. Immeadiditly that is. Wearing the full uniform of an FBC agent, there is only one hope remaining..

Rescue? A possibly swift death via bleeding out onto the stone slabs beneath him?
Trixie Half a world away, at least in circumstances, Corporal Trixie Mackenzie stands on a corner in full uniform next to a parked LSSV (Chevrolet) Tahoe bearing FBC markings and full emergency lights and siren. Though she carries most of her lighter field kit, her hands aren't filled with a weapon, but a box filled with candy bars, suspended from a neck strap. The red-haired young soldier has been smiling so much that her face is beginning to feel like it is freezing in that position, particularly in the December weather. "Je vous en prix~," she says, smiling to a trio of children who have just received candy, compliments of the U.S. of A. Only after they have turned to walk away does her smile collapse in a gusty sigh. "Uuuuuugh... whose idea was this, anyway?" she grumbles, flexing her aching knees.

Just then her field radio squawks to life. "All units south of the Siene... we have a possible man down. All units, attempt to establish contact with Junior Agent Kirov. Repeat, all units, attempt to establish contact with Junior Agent Kirov."
Celeste Celeste was assisting Trixie in handing out candies, all bundled up though still in her gothic lolita garb. Her attention then looks to Trixie as she says "No idea, but it's not too horrid to come along with you and spend time getting to k-" And then the radio squawks. As she listens to the words she tells Trixie "I'm going with.. I mean... what if someone is bleeding out or something?"
PrestigeAndrei Well luckily for everyone involved.. Andrei Kirov is doing exactly what Celeste was afraid of. Bleeding out that is, the cheerful man, with his broken and beaten form may.. in fits and starts try and drag himself bit by bit along through the catacombs of Paris. There is little the man can do.. his nightvision goggles.. caked with blood his own blood.

"Gross.." He'll wheeze out then as he presses his hand against his stomach and murrmurs softly. "So.. gross."
Trixie "Glad to have you, too. This would be murder by my lonesome," Trixie replies, with a weary smile to her companion. She taps her radio headset. "Red Fox to Lazy Dog. Do you have a fix on Junior Agent Kirov? Copy?"

"Solid copy. Last contact was in the Paris Catacombs, approximately one hundred feet below the surface, about a quarter mile in."

"That's /six blocks/ from us..." Trixie says, eyes wide. "Get in the truck, Celeste. We're the closest unit, and I'm not a medic. Do you think you can handle something like this?"

Another transmission breaks in. "Brown Fox to Lazy Dog, we are Oscar Mike for Catacombs. ETA, ten minutes."

"Roger, Brown Fox. Red Fox, did you copy that?"

"Copy direct, Lazy Dog. We are six blocks and Oscar Mike for the catacombs. Good hunting, Brown Fox," Trixie states as she whirls and darts to the driver's door of the overbuilt military Tahoe.
Celeste Celeste climbs, literally climbs, up into the truck and tumbles into the seat as she says "If I can handle interning at the hospitals, I can handle this." She buckles herself in, why, so should a crash happen she isn't flown through the windshield. She looks around as they drive and asks "Are we almost there? I really help that.. that said Kirov? That we get to him in time."
PrestigeAndrei The good newss is that most people try not to loiter around an obvious danger spot in the city. The catacombs being so winding and numerous furthermore invite little actual itnerest from even the most battle-hardened tourist now. Especially considering the rumors of a certain explosion being a bit more that meets the eye. Yet at least for Andrei Kirov thank god the tunnels do not block radio signals right?

Depending on when or where they ight enter the catacombs from.. they will likley fine some gruesome imagery.. at least.. with skulls and the like inscribed on walls.. but only upon gettin deeper does the air truly start to feel heavy. The fading lights soon fading away even as the stagant air of rotting flesh.. just wafting underneath the smell of stagnant air begins to grow in strength.
Trixie After a short but hair-raising journey by Tahoe, Trixie and Celeste disembark and proceed into the catacombs on foot, with Trixie's tactical light, fixed to the barrel of her weapon, leading the way. "Better stay behind me, sweetie. Whatever attacked Kirov may still be around," she directs the Gothic doll softly, letting the muzzle of her suppressed XM8 carbine point the way for the little party. "Lazy Dog, Brown Fox, this is Red Fox... we're going in."

"Copy, Red Fox. Brown Fox is still Oscar Mike... ETA, three minutes. I have a meat wagon Oscar Mike to your position. Good hunting, Red Fox."

"Good hunting, he says..." Trixie murmurs, looking around at the funerary imagery all around. "We're in the world's largest mausoleum and he wishes us good hunting..."
Celeste Celeste quickly follows behind Trixie into the catacombs, sticking close as she looks about. Her hand covering her nose in an attempt to lessen the smell of rotting flesh as she softly says "I will... Buck will get mad if I get hurt... since I said I was coming along and all..." She wrinkles her nose and says "Yeah... hunting... grand idea there... I... I doubt I would ever come down here by myseld... I like to scavenge and all but... I would need others with me..."
PrestigeAndrei "Not.. going to die on this boat." Andrei mutters off under his breath as he pulls himself along the ground, leaving no doubt a rather large stain.. a trail of blood. If he was going the right way no doubt to the exit it would make it all the easier to follow him and finish the man off. Yet in this one rare instance being left for dead is great! Means that if anyone is looking for someone.. well... it is pretty easy.

It is hard to miss the sounds of shuffling, the soft dripping of water sounding out. Oh there might even be a few moans here and there from dead that echo just so far away. Or is it close? Hard to tell in these winding halls that were designed by frenchmen and women in the 15th century. No doubt they had little idea that such a place would become a haunted hellhole.. much less the location of countless rescue missions and clearing operations.
Trixie Trixie wrinkles her nose as the stench of rotting flesh overpowers the smell of dust and damp. She takes her gasmask from its case and passes it to Celeste. "Put this on... it'll keep out the worst of the smell," she directs softly, trying to keep her weapon pointed straight ahead as she does so. Outside the reach of the powerful little light, the darkness is almost crushing. "Might want to keep a hand on my belt, too. I wouldn't want us to get separated down here."

She halts, tracking the carbine's muzzle slowly from right to left. "Hear that? Sounds like something sliding..." She clicks off the safety for the carbine. "Might want to move to my right and keep hold of my belt, sweetie... we may have to back up if that noisemaker's hostile." The former cheerleader swallows, hard. "I already hate this place..." she whispers.
Celeste Celeste takes the gas-mask and puts it on to assist with the smell being at least lessened. Her hand slipping to grasp upon Trixie's belt as she says "Alright.. I rather not going tumbling down and sliding off somewhere. And I.. do hear something..." She grips tighter onto the belt and steps to Trixie's right as she quietly tries to move along with her as she says "I... I hope it.... it isn't hostile..."
PrestigeAndrei "Fuckin.. join.. the fbc.. get shot.." Andrei mutters under his breath, wheezing as he goes now. Honestly the man sounds more like he is croaking then anything else.. and considering the fact he is covered in blood.. and in total darkness does not really do well in helping him detect that other people might be even nearby. INstead he just keeps pulling along down the hallway, fuck it if Celeste and Trixie are nearby.

"I know you've got something.. to do with this Dave.. or Wesker.. one of you two." He'll grunt out as he drags along, "Fuckin genetic experiment secret umbrella mole my..rgh,... When I get out of here.. I'll.. probably.." He'll sputter as he continues to try and reach out, flailing then as he mutters and moans, eyes drifting closed, inhaling slowly, shallowly then exhaling and trying some more.
Trixie "Red Fox, Lazy Dog, this is Brown Fox... we're at the scene, and are going in," squawks Trixie's radio, all but deafening in the close, half-silent confines of the catacombs. Trixie starts at the sudden sound, the light jerking upward and sideways before she recovers from the shock. "Geez..." she grumbles, taking a deep breath, and then another, to steady her nerves. She almost misses another sound in the process, but thankfully her light passes over a dark stain on the stone of a side passageway, and a darker object in the middle of it, roughly the size of a person. "Agent Kirov? It's Corporal Mackenzie! We're here to get you out of here. There's a team on the way and an ambulance waiting outside," she says, moving slowly closer to what she hopes is the stricken agent. "Celeste, there's a medical kit in my pack. I'll get it for you when we know the scene's secure."
Celeste Celeste also jumps a bit at the sudden sound, her hand tightening upon that belt in her grasp. Her eyes then begin to follow the dark trailing stain and spot Kirov. Her grasp then releases the belt as she immediately moves to Kirov, checking for his pulse. She looks worried as she says "It's weak, like very. He's... he's lost a lot of blood. I need to get something to at least apply pressure to get the bleeding to stop or he is going to die." She is already kneeling by his side and applying pressure upon the wound with her hands.
PrestigeAndrei "Who? I-that sounds like Cheerleader..." Andrei will mutter softly under his breath as he just kind of flops down then. "Oh thank god! I was scared... someone following me... finish the job." He'll offer in his charateristic cheer and sarcasm.. even as he continues to bleed out on the floor, grunting. "But its you. Pick me up. Save me. I'm.. too young to- you.. look smaller then I remember?" He'll offer in short breaths as he tries to reach a hand out and blindly wave it at Trixie then as he holds his arm out trying to grab a leg or something. INstead he'll grab at Celeste's hand or ankle, whatever a flailing dying man can manage

Most of what might be considered his clothes and personage is covered frankly in blood and other debris from being around the entire room. The fact that he is even able to speak at all is an absurdity in itself.. that he is alive is a bonus miracle.
Trixie Trixie gives Andrei a puzzled look at being labeled 'Cheerleader', but forces herself to focus on the job at hand, taking a knee and shrugging off her field slingpack to remove the medical kit and set it down next to Celeste. "Red Fox to Brown Fox and Lazy Dog... I've found Kirov. He's just a dozen yards past his suspected position, but he's been shot at least once and is bleeding badly. Better double-time it. No sign of his attacker."

"Roger that, Red Fox. I think I can see your light now... we'll be there in another minute, tops. Riley's got a stretcher and a field surgical kit ready for use."

"Oh, thank goodness..." Trixie whispers, looking past Andrei toward the direction he'd come from... the direction his attacker would come from, were he still around. "Good luck, Celeste. This is way over my head. Yell if you need any help."
Celeste Celeste offers a soft smile to Andrei as she says "We haven't met before. But I will keep you alive. Just stay with me. I'm Celeste. Can you tell me your name?" She doesn't mind that he grabs her knee but doesn't respond to it. Her attention looks to Trixie as she says "I need the kit so I can at least do a patch job until they get here." Once she has the kit, she begins to apply gauze to the wound as hard as she can as she says "This might hurt a bit, but... I need to stop the bleeding or at least lessen it."
PrestigeAndrei "A-andrei Kirov." Andrei will offer then rather softly as he just trys not to move anymore. Sure he might leave now a rather large blooy handprint of Celestes knee but at least now he won't be the only person walking out.. covered in blood. Okay, leaving the catacombs in blood. "W-what! No." Andrei will then respond before squirming as Celeste tries to help him. The pain pushing the man back to a state of some wakefullness.

"CHeerleader! Your friend.. killing me!" Andrei will nearly squeal as he looks down the catacombs then back to his attacker! His most dangerous enemy brought to his own door step. Hopefully the FBC will be back here to help him.
Trixie "Kirov... dammit! Hold /still/! She's trying to patch you up!" Trixie hastily pops the tac light from its mount on her carbine and shifts the gun to her back, dropping to her knees and grabbing Andrei's closest arm with her free hand, to try and keep him from thrashing. "If you thrash around, you'll tear the wounds open further and bleed more! I know it hurts, but try to hold still!" But because he likely can't, she plants the tailcap of the light between her teeth and uses her now-free hand to grab Kirov's other arm to more or less pin him down, letting the weight of her body rest on her hands to try to immobilize the wounded man, so Celeste can work at all.

From the direction she and Celeste had come, there is the sound of hasty footsteps and the rattle of field gear. Several more lights suddenly illuminate the trio on the ground. "Aw, /shit/! Riley, that's your cue! Simpson, Carlisle, help 'em out!" snaps a man's voice, and within a minute two more bodies join Trixie and Celeste in trying to keep Kirov from resisting treatment. "Hang in there, Kirov! We're here to get you out of here!" snaps Carlisle as he struggles to hold Andrei's legs down, while Simpson tries to help Trixie secure his arms. "Mackenzie, who's the kid with you?"

"She's not a /kid/! She's a /doctor/! Or almost!" Trixie snaps, a little incensed at the belittling of Celeste and her contributions.
Celeste Celeste narroes her eyes at Alexei as she says "I am not trying to kill you. Don't think I won't try and get the bullet out with my fingers, not hold the fuck still so it doesn't get loose." That is assuming the bullet didn't just shoot through the man. As Trixie helps pin him, she grins and says "Thank you Trixie, the more he squirms the harder it is for me to stop this fucking bleeding."

As the others show up she assists them and adds onto Trixie's snap "One should not judge someone by their height or appearance on if they know what they are doing. I only have a year left a med school so please... don't give me any shit..." Her eyes now darkly glaring at Carlisle.
PrestigeAndrei "This.. I am giving.. a bad review.. writing it in to the french newspaper. Terrble bedside manner!" He'll mutter as he looks up at the flashing lights then before he grunts under his breath. At this point though there isn't much he can do to resist. Sure he might want to make a joke about being pinned down by two beautiful women. Sure there are other things he wanted to say.. and just generally be a jackass about.. but the blood was running low at this point and it is lucky that he hasn't passed out yet.

Pretending to be Mr. Big Bad Motherfucker was only neccessary when he thought he was about to get murdered.. now its time to just totally relax.. squirm and be a little chicken! And not die!
Trixie "Fine, sorry! Most of what I could see looked like a little girl in satin and lace... okay?" Carlisle apologizes hastily, accompanied by a grunt of exertion as he took a firmer hold on Andrei's legs. "I'll be real grateful if you can save this guy, no matter what you wear."

"Let's focus on the patient, please," directs the squad leader of Brown Fox. "Corporal Mackenzie, Miss? I'm Sergeant Westfield and this is Sergeant Riley," he says, indicating the medic hastening over to crouch opposite Celeste and open up his field medical kit. "Good work finding him, both of you. If we can get him stabilized, we can carry him out, and I'd deeply appreciate it if you could work rearguard for us when that happens."

"Yes, Sir," Trixie replies firmly, working to keep Andrei's arm secured, while Simpson works on the other. Riley gives Celeste a professional nod and moves to help staunch the flow of blood from another wound.
Celeste Celeste rolls her eyes and comments to Alexei "Ha. Ha. Ha. I care not about your review Kirov. Only about you not bleeding out." A smile curling her lips as looks to Carlisle and says "No worries... I just prefer my pretty things. It maybe be the apocalypse but nothing says I can't look cute for it. And I intend on saving him." A smile curls her lips.

Her hands then grabbing what is needed from the medical kit, carefully removing the bullet, or bullets if need be. Then applying the antiseptic to insure no infection, at least not while here. Her hands then beginning to place gaze and then the tape over the freshly cleaned wound, apply pressure to quicken the stopping of the blood as with her other hand she begins to clean the next wound.
PrestigeAndrei The good news is that Andrei is oo longer whining constantly to Celeste or Trixie about all sorts of things. The bad news is he isn't really too responsive now as he is no doubt moved and jostled and just kind of laying wherever he is thrown about. Really he might as well just be a giant leaky blood bag of organs and lead poisioning at this point. There is little he can or would do after all though to resist really even if he wanted to. Struggling is fun only when he is sure he isn't going to die.
Trixie Riley seems almost to act as a second pair of hands for Celeste, assisting as needed and doing his own work when not. "Okay, that's the last of the bullets I can find. Looks good so far, considering how many holes this poor guy's got in him. Westfield, can you get the stretcher prepped?" Westfield nods tightly and moves to finish doing just that. "Let's get him loaded soon as the bleeding's fully stopped. We can't do any more than that here, and he's going to need a blood transfusion for sure. Carlisle, Simpson, get ready to load him on the stretcher." He looks to Celeste. "Let me know when he's fully ready, Ma'am. And by the way, you do good work. You sure you're not a practicing doctor?" he asks, with a faint smile.

Trixie lets Simpson secure Andrei's other arm and retrieves her light from the ground, standing to assist Westfield with the stretcher. "Still no sign of an attacker," she says, popping the tac light back into the carbine's mounting bracket. "Let's hope they're thinking they finished the job."
Celeste Celeste smiles warmly to Riley as she says "Just a bit OCD about my studies is all." Her hands lifting to check the wounds and sighs with relief as she says "The bleeding has stopped enough. And a tranfusion is definently needed." Her hands assisting in moving Alexei to the stretcher, well, mor eor less making sure his head doesn't get rolled around more. She then comments "I am definently hoping for that, that they think he is... perished... but he won't be. Just needs to be more careful here in the catacombs is all."
PrestigeAndrei Who knows if there are people watching them in the darkness. Perhaps their presence has gone unnoticed.. or perhaps whatever did this to Kirov might one day be visited upon the FBC rescuers and Celeste. That day however.. would not be today it appears.. and at least for the time being, Trixie and Celeste would be able.. if they so desired to lead the group out of the area.

Kirov for his part got to get carried out. Like a king. All you got to do is get shot like twelve times.