Umbrella Surveillance System
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Buck Rogers The setting sun dazzles with many-hued splendor; it sinks beneath a distant cityscape, gilding the ivy that crawls across the stately chocolate shop with a thousand spangled roses. Genin, reads the sign above its broken doorway, and within it is a host of sweet treats. "Watch your step, sweetheart," rumbles one Buck Rogers, reaching down to hook an armored limb around the waist of Celeste, lifting her over a yawning sinkhole that opened into the sewers below off in the corner of the street, struggling for real estate with the curb and a car half-parked within the gap. It's easy enough for the giant to step over the city's mouth-hole; harder for a pipsqueak like the Gothic doll. Once they're secure on the crumbling sidewalk, the gentleman giant flashes a smile.

He's clad in an enormous black trenchcoat, adorned with numerous designs and metal plates, a massive belt tight-wound 'round his waist. His hands are clad in heavy gauntlet-like gloves. The ground trembles beneath his footsteps, the jeweled thrones of the Earth shivering-- but for now, it's merely a chocolate throne he concerns himself with. "Since folks evacuated so quick, even the looters got spooked," he explains. "A few people are still around, especially near the outer blocks-- sick folk, old folk, who wouldn't leave, and damn the law. They'll probably die soon. But here.. chocolate paradise."

He's surprisingly gentle with the girl-- probably because she looks haggard and roughed up.
Celeste Celeste wraps her arms around Buck's neck as he lifts her over the yawning sinkhole. She smiles sweetly to him and kisses upon his cheek as she murmurs "Thank you Buck." Upon her own form is a long sleeve lolita dress, stockings and a pair of flats. Her camera now off and stowed away in the little backpack she has. A giggle escapes her lips as she looks over the chocolate and muses to him "Ohhh... think it is even safe to eat? Not the throne but... the wrapped stuff?" Her small arms wrapping around his mammoth one and indeed the little dear is a but roughed up and has partially visible marks.
Trixie "Hold it right there!"

A piercing beam of light shines out of the doorway of the shop, aimed at the Gentleman Giant and the Gothic doll in his arms, accompanied by a feminine voice, sharp in tone and projected like only a former cheerleader's lungs can project.

The light lingers on the pair for a long moment before lowering. "Ye gods, Buck Rogers... We have GOT to stop meeting like this. I thought you'd had enough of this place after the last time!" the woman holding the light declares at last. "Guess I should've known better, shouldn't I?" Her outline is visible in the doorway, partly lit by the reflections of the tactical flashlight mounted to the barrel of her carbine. "And who's this with you?" Buck would recognize the voice as (Corporal) Trixie Mackenzie.
Buck Rogers "I'm here on official business," the man half-lies. Now that they're closer, Trixie can see his helmet and goggles strapped to one side of his armored coat, and the chainsaw on the other. He holsters the industrial tool like a lesser man might a pistol. "Assisting in the collection of combat data regarding the B.O.W.s, and doing my duty as an American to help keep the people of the world safe from horrors." He's got a broad smile, utterly at odds with the martial bloodthirst of his aesthetic. "It's a favor to the Captain, before I ship off." Only one person in the world has Buck ever referred to as Captain: Albert Wesker, his superior back in S.T.A.R.S. The rank might not be technically accurate anymore, but Buck is a man of traditional habits.

"And this is Celeste," with no last name given, because Buck never actually asked for it. The brute. "A misguided little girl who got rather lost and ditched by her friends-- dumb college kids, you know how it goes." His hand at her shoulder squeezes tight. An unspoken prompting to not deny the story, because 'civilian trespasser deliberately defying the quarantine and will of the government in order to record footage and disseminate it for the sake of eco-activism' is a rather less charming sell to an F.B.C. operative.

A moment's pause, and Buck reaches down to give the lolita's rump a pat, pushing her forward. "Celeste, this is Trixie. The beauty queen of Raccoon City, 'fore it went and got itself bombed down to the Devil's doorstep. Couldn't say what she's doing at my favorite chocolate shop.. best not have eaten that truffle with the raspberry sauce. I was savin' it for a special occassion."
Celeste Celeste jumps a bit as she hears Trixie's voice but relaxes as she seems to know Buck. Her almost violet eyes look towards Trixie. A soft pout is on her lips as he mentions shipping off. A soft smile is given as Buck introduces her and softly says "I went to look at something and... got seperated from them. Couldn't find them and thankfully Buck found me." As he rump is given a pat, a soft gasp escapes her lips and a gentle wince as she stumbles a few steps forward. And softly adds on "Nice to meet you Trixie." Her gaze then looks back to Buck as she comments "Oooh raspberry sauce is tasty, kinda wanna look around for some ones with caramel if there are any left."
Trixie "Not the worst reason for being in here, though I wish your client had given /us/ information that you'd be in here. Some of my fellow troops are shooting first and thinking about questions later, given some of the stuff that's been popping up in here," Trixie replies, turning off the tac light and shifting her weapon to hang by its sling.

Her timing could have been little better, because suddenly Celeste's bum is patted, with enough force to send her right into Trixie, who squeaks and instinctively catches the girl in a near-hug, the height difference between them causing poor Celeste to wind up with her face against Trixie's chest. "Careful, you two," she cautions, gently steadying Celeste before releasing her and taking a step back to give her some space. "My goodness, Miss Celeste... you're a little bit, aren't you? Nice to meet you, too, even if it was a little more violent than I'd expected." She smiles wryly at Buck at that. "Satin and lace over ribbons and curls? You meet the most interesting people, Buck."
Buck Rogers "Ain't she pretty? All dressed up like a rich girl's doll." Buck takes a step forward and pivots, leaning against the glass looking in on the shopfront, positioning himself adjacent the two women. "I've never seen that style before, but I like it-- all the dark colors, the ribbons.. isn't much fit for a place like this, but I appreciate the eye candy. You cut enough lizard-men in half and five feet of tits is a godsend." He rolls his shoulders, the buckles of his armored coat rustling and rattling, rapping a metal-clad knuckle against the glass. It dings like the bells of Notre Dame, soft as a psalm. "Bet you'd look real hot done up that way, Trix. You two could be a pair'a perfect porcelain." A grin, and he turns to look at the former cheerleader. "I got a way about me. Draws the beauties. Still, like I told her-- oughta watch yourself out here alone, sweetheart. Ain't right for a girl to put herself in harm's way."
Celeste Celeste blushes brightly as her face winds up becoming rather friendly with Trixie's bosom. Her eyes look up to Trix as she murmurs "Sorry... and I.. guess I am... makes hiding easier when need be..." At the comment about her being satin and lace over ribbons and curls makes her giggle and muse "Just cause its the apocalpyse... doesn't mean I can't wear things I prefer... no one really says much when I am stitiching them up or hacking into things." She giggles softly at Buck's compliment and smiles to him as she muses "It's called Gothic Lolita, and the outfit helps me not get sunburned. Which... happens quite easily. And... I know I need to... I promised though didn't I?"
Trixie "No harm done, Miss Celeste. And he's right... you're adorable in that finery. But I hate to see such pretty things get torn and dirty just from getting around in a place like this," Trixie says, blushing faintly herself. "Stitching... are you a nurse, or something like?"

She gives Buck another wry smile, shaking her head. "I've seen the style, a little. But I think I'm too tall to really pull the look off. Anyway, I doubt I could afford such beautiful clothes on my salary. Which really isn't enough for the job I do, but whose is? I regularly get partnered up with someone and just as regularly they get shuffled off and I'm by myself again. We're getting lots of injuries from the groaners and other bio-uglies crawling out of the crater Umbrella left. Leads to a lot of people-shuffling."
Buck Rogers "Too tall," Buck snorts, and he steps off the glass and steps forward. He's surprisingly fast for a man his size-- it's so typical to associate bulk with sluggishness, but with the length of those massive legs he violates personal space in a heartbeat. He looms higher than Trixie could ever hope to be, all black-clad and monumental, for all the world seeming like her shadow ballooned in the rosey sunset and pulled from the sidewalk. He has at least a foot on her, and probably an excess of two hundred pounds. He raises one armored hand and measures her height, finding her crown meets his torso. "Too tall is the last thing you're allowed to describe yourself with, beautiful. You're both itty bitty." He laughs, and turns, grasping Celeste by the hand. He pulls her in with a performative twirl, and stands her next to Trixie, comparing. It's clear, from the intensity of the gaze, he's stripping the both of them in his mind and swapping their outfits... eventually. It's a distant second step. "Yeah, yeah.. it'd look good on you. Especially with that gorgeous red hair'a yours. Hell, I'll buy it for you." He grins. "You poor bastards. Tsk, good thing I'm here, then. I'm pretty sure I'm immortal. Least, nothin' in here's gonna put me down. I'll keep ya safe."
Celeste Celeste beams as she says "Almost a legit doctor. Fourth year of med school actually. I... kinda graduated early and skipped grades and such. But... my outfits... really all I have clothing wise and... I feel weird in anything else." She then ponders for a bit before she comments "That sucks... I am partnered with Buck for now."

As Buck takes her hand and twirls her, she giggles and bites upon her bottom lip as Buck gazes upon her as he is mentally swapping their outfits. She softly says "Speaking of safe.... I need to get back to my hide-away and work on some things... So.... taking me home?" She doesn't really specify where that is though, most of her work in her messenger bag on her person, the darn thing almost double the width she is.
Trixie "What in-" Trixie begins, cutting herself off with a squeak as Celeste is twirled over next to her, blushing under that intense gaze. "Compared to you, maybe... but I'm almost a head taller than Miss Celeste," she protests half-heartedly. "I will think about that... and thank you. It's very generous of you to offer," she adds, looking away.

Celeste's mention of needing to get home brings out her humanitarian streak with a vengeance. "I could escort you both out... and don't worry. I wouldn't arrest you or anything. I save /that/ for people who try to steal things from the lab, or who are deliberately smashing things up or trying to breach the walls. You? I'll just give you a stern talking-to and advise you to stay out of here for your own safety."
Buck Rogers "I'd much appreciate you escorting the lil miss home, officer Mackenzie," Buck rumbles, reaching up to give Celeste's head a heavy patting. "And I'll walk with you." After all, he doesn't want his preferred entrance to the city catacombs near the garage a few roads over sniffed out. "You ever think about finding a different job? A cop is one thing, but a soldier, that ain't women's work." He waves a hand to encompass Celeste-- her clothes partially torn, bruised, skirt ruffled and top a mess, hair all out of place. "Look at that. Girls go off, get in all sorts of trouble. It's a damn waste of the gifts God gave you." He's walking off now, scooting the women along with a brief push of a hand on their backs. "Mind, I ain't sayin' a woman can't do what she puts her mind to," though the tone sure as hell veers close, "but you're young, pretty, smart. A whole lot better you can do than waiting to die in a foreign land to some hellspawned nightmare."
Celeste Celeste smiles to Trixie as she says "It really was an accident... and I got lost... I will be a lot more careful. I swear." Then her attention looks to Buck, easily being guided by his large hand upon her back as she says "I already promised I would be... Just... I get stir crazy being inside all the time... so... you have to occasionally lemme tag along to places not sooo... dangerous." Her eyes looking up to Buck, and he'll catch the mischief in her eyes as the words escape her lips.