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Emma It's a cold morning. Though the sky is clear, the chill hits the bone. A scattering of light snow is on the ground, which may of came through the night.

Emma is in the stables, it's a quiet spot for her. She loves animals. An empty stall was converted into a space for her. She lays in a hammock, listening to some music, the horses busy eating all the while. Shaemus seems to be sleeping beside her on the floor.
Esa Being given permission once more to enter the premises by the guards, Esa was kindly escorted to the stables where Emma resided. He paused at the entry, then wrapped his knuckles lightly but loud enough to be heard; hopefully. "Hey, Emma?" He called out.
Emma Emma wasn't alseep, the 'music' is calming, soothing, nature with a mix of instrumental. Hearing the knock, eyes open. "Co - come in." She calls out.
Esa Esa stepped in and headed over to her; stopping to bend down and petted Shaemus gently before looking to Emma. He lightly handed her a single plucked rose. "I wanted to check in on you, see how you were.." He said to her casually with a fond smile.
Emma The pillow in the hammock she was laying is shifted a bit, slowly she sits up, swaying some. "I - I am fine." She remarks, following that with a shrug, watching Shaemus happily accept the attention. "You? Ever - ever been face ta face with a zombie before then?"
Esa Twirling the rose, Esa shook his head "No, I have not." He replied softly as he looked to her in the hammock. "Been face to face with other people; never.. that." He added as his eyes went from her to the rose and down to Shaemus.
Emma The offered rose is taken, with a bit of a blush. She rolls it in her fingers, looking at it. "It - it isn't all to easy, tha first time. I remember tha first time I had. Was out walkin' with Shaemus, and they came. Benny came ta - ta get me, an' we barely go out."
Esa Esa sat down next to the hammock and listened; petting Shaemus as he did. "Back in Raccoon?" He asked; having already knew the answer but was hoping for her to finally tell him.. to open about the past.
Emma Emma lays back in the hammock, it sways back and forth a little.

"Aye. Racoon." She replelies quietly. "I - I live here, witg Sir Archene Night, an' Markus. Markus an' I knew it was comin', I spent hours in tha hospital, workin' as it got worse. Knowin' each person was gonna die an' turn. Still, knowin' doesn't prepare ya. Benny an' I, went ta this place, a safe place, an' Jamea came to." Seems she is opening up some.
Esa Esa looked from Shaemus to Emma quietly; knee moving up; arm settling on it as he listens. "That.." He shook his head. He just couldn't imagine it; to try to save people at a place meant to save.. and only to have them turn into flesh eating things. He looked away, mulling on that. "It takes a special person to do something like that; someone with guts and.. determination." He notes softly; affectionately as he looks to her.
Emma Emma is so lost in thought, she looks to him briefly, smiles and shrugs a little, then looking back up. "It wasn't easy inside, either. James was hurt, we were all scared. I had ta - ta tend to James' injury, a day or so later, he pretended ta shoot me." Then she is quiet a second, clearly that act caused pain and mistrust. "After that, I got trapped outside, alone, an had ta hide in a dark small space an' pray tha zombies didn't get me."%
Esa Esa continued to listen, eyes looking to Shaemus again as he petted him. After she spoke, he looked to her and said "I'm glad they didn't." a moments pause and then added "How.. did you get away?"
Emma "Ran." Emma says simply. But by the way she says this, it clearly isn't the worst part. There is a brief silence, likely whats to come being the worst of it.

"We - bein' Benny James an' I, went out ta - ta get supplies. That's when it happened. This odd cult men were wonderin' tha streets, an then zombies came. So many. We weren't tha only - only ones tryin' ta get away. This was these known gang members, they knew I had medical skills, so.. in the chaos, they kidnapped me."
Esa Esa blinks and looks to her again. "Kidnapped?" He said quickly, his face contorting to a frown as he paused his movement of his hand along Shaemus back. "Wow.. I'm sorry to hear that." He added soft heartfelt tone of voice.
Emma She misses the expression, eyes up to the rafters above. "I was ripped away from my friends. Th - they had a pregnant woman with them an' her kid." Here seems to be one of the worst parts, there is tension in her jaw. "They tortured me, made - made fun of me. An' ta get away, e- he threw tha pregnant woman an' her kids ta tha zombies. I was helpless ta stop it, but I tried."
Esa Esa stared at Emma. His hand instinctively rose to take hers and squeeze softly; reassuringly. "Emma.." He shook his head "Fuck, I'm .. so sorry." He added. To retell that.. that must've been hard; but he does continue to listen quietly.
Emma He is given a thankful smile as he squeezes her hand. Then, sighs. "We - we out ran some - some zombies, an' I was fightin' him, tryin' ta get away. Some how, James an - an Benny found me, came in, but Ricky, that was his name, had beat me some. It's a blur a bit, I was on tha - ta ground, him above me, his evil smile an' hands 'round my throat. I don't quite - quite know what happened. He -was- tryin' ta kill me. I guess they killed him, but the world was dark ta me. I knew he was gonna kill me. Zombies are mindless, seein' the killer in a mans eyes who is gonna kill ya, something more shatterin'."
Esa Esa turned slightly to look at her. "Wow..." He whispers, head shaking. He was saddened for her; felt horrible of the trials and tribulations she had underwent in Raccoon City. "I... can't imagine how you felt.." he sighed sympathically, his hand squeezed again before he stood up; still holding her hand. Lookng to her, he said "Hey.. Scooch over a bit." He asked kindly, giving her a small smile.
Emma "Hard ta - ta think it happened." Emma says softly, looking up as he stands while holding her hand. She lifts a brow, a little curious over what he is getting at. "Ah, oh - okay." Yeah the lass can't wrap her head around why but scooches over a little.
Esa If allowed, Esa gently settled in next to her; otherwise, he sat back to the ground. Afterward, he spoke; "I'm glad you were able to escape, Emma." He looked to her "So what .. happened next?"
Emma Emma leaves him enough room to settle in next to her. She shrugs some. "I - I only got away 'cuz of Benny an' James, else I'd be dead now, or turned ta a zombie. After that, we went back ta tha hideout, while after that, got a rescue."
Esa Esa nods a little as he settled in next to her and smiled faintly after she spoke. "What.. did you do after Raccoon; come straight here?" He asked quietly, looking to her.
Emma Emma looks at him, then back up to the rafters. "No - no. Went ta Denver, stayed there for a brief time, had a few meltdowns, an' stuff. I didn't know what ta - ta do, but Archene got me a full scholarship ta med school here, an' he asked me ta move in. Took a while, ta get back ta normal. I - I did constant therpay. Tha catacombs undid it all. I feel bad for Chase, havin' ta carry me out when I fainted."
Esa Esa looked up to the rafters, hands lying on his chest. "When did that happen?" He asked curiously; head tilting a bit to look at her.
Emma "I've- I've struggled. Night terrors, PTSD, but I try ta pick up an' go on, ta be a doctor an all that."
Esa Esa nods slightly and looks to her; his hand gently touching hers. "I.. well, I can understand the PTSD. Soldiers can get it after going through something terrible. And what you went through? It's.. beyond anything anyone should ever have to go through." He sighed. "But, you know what I've seen of you?"
Emma Emma is sort of used to the chaos and pain, now, it's almost like it's the most natural part of life. And that's sad. Looking to the rose, she nods a little. "Yeah - yeah, sure."
Esa "I've seen a strong, courageous woman who bravely walked into a quarantine zone; Who took on a Lizard not once, but twice; who ventured into the catacombs and wanted to press forward for answers without going back." Esa said looking to her. "Raccoon wasn't a blight on you; it was a proving ground. It should that you are strong, determined and can overcome many obstacles thrown at you. I also see the kind, gentle, caring woman who I.. well, adore and care about." He told her softly. "That is what I see."
Emma As he goes on cheeks go red. "Now yer - yer suckin' up." Says the lass, with a poorly timed joked. Eyes move to him for a second with a thankful smile, and then look up again. "Ya - ya know, it has made me braver, but also.. unsure. Yer very kind, very sweet ta say that though, even if I don't see it myself. Most of tha - tha time I feel like I'm a foolish child ta people."
Esa "Your not." Esa said, then sighed. "And maybe I'm also biased, Emma." He looks to her again. "It's just.." He took in a breath and released. "I like you; a lot.. More than a friend. So yeah; I might be a little biased, but I also think people only see whom you were, not who you are now. I think they'd be damn surprised if they truly looked."
Emma Boy do her cheeks go -red-, Emma's eyes widen. "Ya - ya do?" She asks, sounding surprised, a normal person may of seen the signs but alas, the lass is dumb with romance anything. "" Speachless too, she 'huhs' a little. "Why me? There are - are tons of less damaged women out there."
Esa Esa looked to her "Why not you?" He asked, shifting a bit to gaze into her eyes. "You're a nerd; a person that I can easily talk to about movies and games; even about genres that go over most women's head. Your caring and kind. Brave and fearless. I find it easy to talk to you and we share a taste in dancing and music."
Emma Emma is redder, she is quiet to. Because her mind needs to process this a little. "Wow." She says, after a second or two. "Ya - yer, right, we do." She says, and then looka to him. "Know what, yer - yer mad, that's what I think." She laughs a little. "With all this - this happenin' again here, I'm scared ta even try anything." She looks back up and sighs. "Scared of bein' happy an' it being ripped away again."
Esa Esa gently took her hand within his and squeezed. "Me too, Emma. But like I said before; If we always let fear run our lives, nothing grand will come of it; opportunities will be missed. I haven't felt this way since.. well, never. I don't know what the future holds; I just know what's in front of me right now." He said softly as he looks at her.
Emma Emma is still stunned, amazed and.. speechless. "Never?" She asks, beside herself with amazement at his remark. "How.. never?"
Esa Esa shrugged "I dated in high school; but after that it was military. I wasn't around enough to build a lasting relationship with anyone. Every time I home, I was redeployed someplace within six months." He smiles faintly to her. "FBC has given me some breathing room; less deployments .. more backend. Let's me think about other things." A pause "Like building a relationship with someone."
Emma Emma listens, and rotates that rose he gave her. She nods a little. "I - I decided ta avoid it after I left Scotland. Once I knew tha outbreak was gonna happen.." She sighs a little. Shaemus pops his head up and woofs at them. "Ya - ya silly thing, I didn' mean ya." She pets him on the head.
Esa Esa listened quietly as he looked at her. "I can understand avoiding it..." He replied quietly and looked away as he said, "An unknown future; not sure what's going to happen; everything is about pure survival.." He smiled weakly, looking back to her. "But; if.. I had choice, I'd want to survive with someone I care about and like then.. go at it alone.." He added gently.
Emma Emma thinks that over. "Its - it's a good point." She says, softly, and then looks to him. "Ya - ya should meet my friends, their like my family. Very important in my life."
Esa A soft, fond smile crossed his face as his head nodded. "I would love to meet your friends." Esa replied, adding "And Benny seemed pretty cool." He grinned as his hand gently moved to scoop up her hand fondly.
Emma Emma goes a little red when he takes her hand. "They can - can be interestin', an' protective. They tend ta be overly protective. A' Benny is, I think ya two would - would get along well. Common intetests."
Esa Interlacing, or attempting, his hand with hers, he nodded. "Aye, I recall you saying that.. They.. just don't see what I see." Esa noted with a grin. "That, or it is a sibling type of protection." He added calmly.
Emma Emma is quiet then. "Actually not -- not all see me in siblin' way." She confesses, quietly, with a sigh. "But yer likely right, they probably see me as such an' all. Sort of like havin' older brothers here. So I'm not missin' out on my blood brothers not bein' here."
Esa Esa looked to her, his head nodding slightly. He understood and smiled gently as his eyes focused on the rose for a moment before looking back to her. "That can be good; I mean.. not always feeling like your missing family." He replied kindly.
Esa Esa looked to her, his head nodding slightly. He understood and smiled gently as his eyes focused on the rose for a moment before looking back to her. "That can be good; I mean.. not always feeling like your missing family." He replied kindly.
Emma Emma shrugs a little. "Ya - ya learn ta make people family, ya'know. An' I do enjoy havin' them 'round. Sometimes I miss tha rol - rollin' hills of Scotland tho."
Esa Esa smiled softly as she spoke. "I was in a concrete jungle all my life; rolling hills sounds so much better. Tell me about your homeland." He asked gently as he squeezed her hand softly.
Emma Emma chuckles a little, and looks his way, shrugging a little. "It was.. home. Rollin' hillside, pubs, myth, Scotland can be romanticsised a lot, but we're a proud people. I loved where I lived. Th - tha fog on tha land, bonfires with my family.."
Esa "That sounds.. well, kind of perfect, lovely and wonderful." Esa replied as he turned his head to look at her; eyes meeting hers and smiled gently to her.
Emma Emma laughs, softly. "If - if ya say so. Not everyone is - is suited for that sorta life. Tendin' animals, growin' yer own food, an such things. Some like tha concrete jungle more."
Esa Esa chuckled. "I thought at one time I did.. But after my tours and being here.." He gave a shrug. "I'd give it a shot." He said with a mild grin. "How well do you think I would do?"
Emma Emma grins some. "Do - do ya mind gettin' her hands dirty? Cleanin' stalls? Or house for th - that matter. Mowin' lawns, tendin' gardens."%
Esa Esa hmm a little as he looked around the horse stall. "Well, maybe I can work here a few hours a day; see how well I do?" He inquired, glancing back to her. "Then, if I pass your inspection, maybe you can teach me gardening?" He asked softly, smiling and teasing but also somewhat serious.
Emma Considering this, Emma smirks a little. "Ya - ya actually want ta try ta work here?" She sounds a little surprised at that. "Well tha gardenin' is well outta season, if ya wanna do stalls, sure. But once a week ta start? An' don't ya wear fancy clothin'."
Esa Esa smiled back at her smirk. "Well yeah; with my work at the FBC... I wouldn't mind something a little different." He looked to their interlaced hands, then back to her eyes; saying "And.. well, it'd also allow me to see you a little more often." He added with a small grin.
Emma There is a look to their hand and then back to him, Emma is still smirking. "Ya - ya think shovlin' shit is a good change?" He is nudged with a laugh. "I - I know, I can get busy with work an' such."
Esa Esa pauses before he said "Well, when you put it that way.." He chuckled and grinned softly. "Na, it's okay.. Your job is important as is your studies to become a Doctor." He noted gently as he rotated a little to bring his other hand around to brush her cheek and some of her hair back. "And I'm always willing to work around your schedule."
Emma "Ya - ya are?" Emma asks, raising a brow. "Whenever I'm a full doctor, I don't know how life is gonna be, ta ne honest. I'll need ta manage my time. If yer willin' ta put up with it. An' I fo wanna see ya shovel crap, just once." She laughs
Esa Esa laughs softly at the shoveling, head nodding "Fair enough." He replied kindly before smiling. "Emma, I.. well, care about you and do want to be with you." He finally confessed "So, yes.. I am willing to work with you and your crazy hours when you become a doctor." He looks to her eyes gently and smiled fondly
Emma She does blush a little bit. "Well, it's - it's nice that ya - ya wanna be 'round, thanks ya." Kids hand is given a squeeze. "I wonder when I'll be a doctor, soon, I hope."
Esa "When is your graduation?" Esa asked lightly, curiously as he squeezed her hand back. He then hmm "And you said you wanted to see me shoveling crap?"
Emma "I - I don't know yet, ta be honest. There is no date set." All Emma can do is shrug, and sit, and wait. "It's tha worst job really, or so it was for us growin' up. Awful but ya stick through it, sort'a'thing."
Esa Giving a small nod, Esa says "Well, hope it comes soon. I like the sound of Doctor O'Connal" He replied kindly before he nodded again "Ah, well I suppose that would be true. The smell, stepping in it.. yeah, I can see your point." He said a gentle grin.
Emma "Aye so - so do I, tis a nice sound." Emma nods, agreeing about how her name sounds good with doctor attached. "I've had ta - ta shovel plenty myself, still do at times. Clean tha horses hooves'n such."
Esa "Clean the horse hooves?" Esa asked lightly as he looked from her to the stalls and finally back to her.
Emma "Ay - aye, sometimes their hooves pack with dirt, an ya need ta use a special type'o pick ta get it out. Takes time an' practice, an' ya - ya never walk behind a horse, they could spook an' kick ya."%
Esa Esa winces at the noting of being kicked. "I.. do not think I'd enjoy a kick from a horse." He said with a quiet chuckle as he contemplated on that for a moment; glancing up to the ceiling as he did. Finally, he looked back to her; looking into her eyes quietly as he moved his free hand to her cheek to brush it lightly and says nothing further.
Emma Cheeks redden as he does this, Emma is quiet a second. "No a - a friend got kicked once, it was awful." She looks over to her horse, nodding to it. "That's my - my horse there, an' be careful she likes near no one."
Esa He winced slightly as she recounted of her friend being kicked. Esa then looked from her to the stall, his head nodded. "Gotcha." He replied gently "What breed?" He added, looking back to her.
Emma "Camargue." Emma replies about the horse. "An ancient breed of horse, actually considered ta be one of tha first breeds of horse. An' she can act like that too. Have ya - ya ever tried ta ride a horse before?"
Esa Esa gave a goofy grin as he spoke "Does a camel count?" He said before his head shook. "I have not. I wouldn't mind learning though." He added as he looked to the stable again and saw the horse finally. "Beautiful though." He noted in wonderment of a tone.
Esa Esa gave a goofy grin as he spoke "Does a camel count?" He said before his head shook. "I have not. I ... wouldn't mind learning though." He added as he looked to the stable again and saw the horse finally. "Beautiful though." He noted in wonderment of a tone.
Emma Emma goes to sit up, and get up from the hammock. "Co - come here, I'll introduce ya to Duka. He - he is young, an' friendly, I can teach ya ta ride on him, if yer interested."
Esa Esa followed Emma after she got up. Coming to the stable, he paused and looked to the majestic horse with a soft smile. "Of.. of course. I'd love to try horseback riding sometime." He noted, a hand moving up and then pauses as he looked to Emma "Is.. it okay to pet?"
Emma Emma laughs some. "Here," She says, and goes to a box and grabs some sugar cubes, then going to put them in his hand. "Ho - hold yer hand out ta Duke, he'll take tha cubes, then pet him." He's given an encouraging smile.
Esa Esa smiles back to Emma as he moved his hand up gently to the horse. "Nice horsey." He says calmly as he looks to Duke.
Emma Duke seems good natured, the type perfect for leanring on. "Duke is used ta - ta train on, a starter horse. I was ridin' horses as big as him by five years old." Emma says, with a smile.
Esa He held the sugar cube out toward the horse calmly and watched the horse eat it. Standing in front of the horse was a person battle tested veteran of many tours and operations; yet one could not tell by the smile upon is face. A smile that looked like one that a child would give upon opening his very first Christmas gift on Christmas day. The smile was wide, in awe of the horse as he took the cube. He gently reached his free hand up to touch the horses head lightly "Really." He said quietly, eyes glancing to her. "Five huh?" He reiterated lightly.
Emma Emma watches this with a smile, petting the horse as well. "Aye, ya don't grow up tha way I did an' not ride horses. Hell, we tried ta ride tha cows! They just stand there."
Esa Looking to Emma again, Esa smiled fondly and laughed lightly "Cows? Really?" He shook his head, still chuckling before noting the time and sighed. "I.. really should probably check in." He said hesitantly. His face spoke of someone who rather have been here, with her instead. "And, how about this.." A pause, a breath in and then out "A date. I'll come by with a basket of food, drink and we go riding on the horses. You show me how to ride, and we can eat somewhere on the grounds." He asks, eyes on her again as he pets Dukes head lightly.