Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vivienne Vivienne sits near the edge of the roof, her rifle on her lap. Her legs swing idly as she watches the streets below with a practiced eye. Things seem a bit more on edge than the last time she sat up here, and a part of her is unhappy to see that.

The air is heavy with the promise of snow, a breeze making the cover on the pool move and shake. The outdoor furniture has been covered as well and weighted down to keep it from falling over.

When her phone chirps, Vivienne gets to her feet and turns toward the doors, as one of the few housekeepers that stuck around lead him to the roof. She jerks her chin to him in greeting and folds her arms over her chest. "How are you holding up?"
Esa "I should be asking you that question." Esa replied; it had been days since the ambush by the BOWs in the Quarantine Zone. The attack itself both confirmed rumors and brought fear of Raccoon to some of his friends. His eyes flicked to the rifle then out to the skyline. "I see you have a beautiful view of Paris." He added after a moment of silence, moving toward her. "And as for myself; fine. I gave Delgado an ass chewing when we got back to the Liberty." He noted calmly.
Vivienne "I got a few stitches, but it isn't the first time I've had them." Vivienne says to Esa, giving him a brief grin before she turns to look back out at the city. She doesn't say anything as he moves to stand beside her, instead taking in the skyline for a few minutes. Exhaling out a cloud before she speaks again. "I don't know that an ass chewing was necessary, but I'm not military, nor am I in charge of anything." She turns to regard Esa for a few moments. "You get hurt during that whole thing?"
Esa Esa folded his arms against his chest and shook his head. Taking in a small breath, he released a cloud of hot air against the cold. "No. Came out unscathed, actually. I haven't heard about Mister Dalton; last I knew he was being medicvac out." He frowned, his head shaking at that before looking to her. "There is more troubling news. Something Delgado and I haven't yet reported."
Vivienne Vivienne gazes over at Esa and she shakes her head, her eyes going wide for a moment as she taps her ear. "Hey.." She starts, giving the man a grin. "How about we go down to Jack's for a beer, maybe some fries or something." She glances down at her rifle. "Just need to stow this and change my clothes, and we can go, eh?"
Esa Esa nodded slightly "Sure." He said "Though, I should tell you now before we go down." He notes calmly as he kept his eyes on her. "It isn't something the general public should hear about.. Yet."
Vivienne Vivienne gives Esa a severe look and she taps her ear again, gesturing silently to the area around them. She shakes her head sharply. "Eh, the general public won't *hear* what you have to say because Jack's is pretty *noisy*." She turns and walks towards the stairs, hoping the man got what she was trying to say.
Esa The second tap did it. He nodded. "Right, well I am starving; shop can come later." Esa said as he shoved his hands into the trench coat to follow Vivienne out the door, down the elevator and to Jacks. Walking in, he turned to hold the door for Vivienne and follow her to the table.
Vivienne Vivienne walks towards one of the back booths, raising her hand briefly to the man who worked at the counter. She's changed into a black turtleneck and a pair of jeans somewhere along the way and when she settles into the booth there is only a slight wince as she crosses her legs and gets comfortable. She leans forward slightly, her voice low pitched. "That place has been bugged for a while now."
Esa "I see." Esa said frowning. "Us, or someone else?" He asked curiously as he leaned back against the bench; eyes shifting briefly to take in the bar and scene before looking back to her. A trained observer would have noticed the eyes glancing two the exits too.
Vivienne Vivienne knows the game and she leans foward, folding her hands under her chin, her elbows resting on the table. "Umbrella, actually. James works for them." Her voice is still low pitched. "This is a pretty safe place to talk, especially when there are a few people in here for football and shit." She checks to see where the server is and then her eyes shift towards the bar, finding it quiet and knowing they'll be undisturbed for a few minutes she continues. "So what do you got?"
Esa A frown creased his lips at the information of James; though he did give a nod. Esa leaned forward, arms folding on top of one another as he leaned them on the table and leaned forward. "The Quarantine Zone is breached." He replied quietly. "I think some kind of cave in during the detonation caused it. Those things are floating around the catacombs now." He whispered
Vivienne Vivienne notices the frown, but doesn't comment on it. Instead she sits back against the booth, her eyes on the table as the wheels in her head turn. "We're in a lot of trouble then, aren't we?" She says quietly. When she looks back up at Esa, she sighs and nods. "It's only a matter of time then before.." She glances outside, sees a couple walking down the street hand in hand, an old lady is buying some wares at a vendor along the street. People are carrying presents around, it was all so normal. "So what are we doing about it?"
Esa Esa shrugged and leaned back, mulling over the question quietly. He sighed "I guess a mission. we set off detonation charges to fill the entrance and begin sweeps of the catacombs. It could take weeks." He added, shaking his head "Damn near got lost down there."
Vivienne "It could take longer and still not contain all of the damage that this could cause." Vivienne says, chewing on her bottom lip. "There is so much you don't know.." She breathes quietly, a troubled look on her face. "This is all going to go to shit." She rubs her hands over her face and she gazes up at Esa. "How by the books are you?"
Esa "Your damn straight there is a lot of shit I don't know." Esa replied as he looked to her. "I was Army; black ops, missions in the Sand and elsewhere. I knew nothing of Umbrella until Raccoon went up." He sighed, frowning. "I've worked my share of not so by the book ops. I can deal." He noted.
Vivienne "I'm not talking about all of that so much. I wasn't in Raccoon either. Hell, I think I was hitchhiking to somewhere in Florida when all that shit went down." Vivienne says, frowning at Esa. "I'm more talking about the craziness going on here. There is a lot of background shit, and .." She glances around the bistro. "Not everyone you think you can trust, can actually be trusted."
Esa Esa listens quietly, his head nodding slightly. Getting up, he went and grabbed two beers before bringing them back and setting one in front of her. "I don't like operating in the dark, Vivienne. If you have information that is going to help me the by all means tell me. I trusted my team in the Army; I haven't been able to build that loyalty and trust yet with the FBC." He noted before taking a sip of his Guinness; her's being an American Beer.
Vivienne "I do have information, but some of it isn't mine to tell." Vivienne says, frowning. She sighs and takes the beer offered to her and drinks deeply from the bottle. "So uh, where do I start? First off, can I trust you?" She asks, frowning at Esa. "I mean really trust, some of can't repeat."
Esa "Viv; I've been sworn to secrecy on at least fifteen different redacted operations that could get myself killed; or at the very least imprisoned for life. I'm rather familiar with it." Esa said calmly in an attempt at both humor and seriousness before taking another sip of the beer. "So what you tell me will not leave this table."
Vivienne Vivienne turns and folds herself into the corner of the booth, her legs up on the seat with her. She takes another drink of the bottle of beer and she sighs softly. "Alright, first off. The person who blew up that building? James knows him, because apparently that man is his father. He's looking for him in Paris, has been for a while. I think he plans on taking him out when he finds him." She glances over at Esa once she finishes saying that in a low voice.
Esa Esa processed that information quietly. A frown crossed his lips as he took a sip of the beer and then sat it down on the table quietly. "Seems strange that James would want to execute his own father." Esa said in a quiet, whispering of a voice. "And wait; I thought some eco-terrorist nut job group blew it up?" He added in the same quiet whispering tone.
Vivienne "Always gotta be a cover story." Vivienne says, gazing at the bottle resting on the table. "From what I understand, they're not on good terms, and a lot of shit has gone down, which leads me to something else." She says, leaning foward again. "Albert Wesker isn't our friend."
Esa Esa looked to the bottle. The way James fought in the quarantine zone didn't make sense. Glance to the bottle, he tilted it to read the label as he asked "Tell me; what connection does his father have to Umbrella and Raccoon?" There is a pause as he still processes Wesker not being their friend.
Vivienne "He hasn't told me." Vivienne says, taking another pull on her beer. "I imagine I'll find out eventually, that's what I do, you know? Find out stuff." She takes a deep breath and then almost seems to be making idle conversation. "You know, back in the states, I was in a lot of trouble. Was facing some serious jail time, and now here I am in Paris working for the government."
Esa Esa had to chuckle on that with a bemused smile on his face. He brought the beer up and took another sip before setting it down. "I hacked NORAD when I was eighteen years old. Prior to that, various companies, universities; shit built my own botnet from home computers and servers." A shrug. "But NORAD; that fucked me. I was given two options - Jail or Army. I chose Army and the fucking government swept me up, ghosted my ass and sent me to places I didn't think I see in my life time." He looks from the beer to her. "Now, I'm sitting with you; drinking a beer and learning that FBC has more secrets than a Mona Lisa painting." He took the beer and drank deeply.
Vivienne "Yeah, Wesker got me out of trouble after I was hired to snipe a few people for cash." Vivienne says, swirling her bottle around the table, a frown on her face. "I owe him a few chips, so to speak, and ..a few days ago, James took me with him when Wesker wanted a meeting. It wasn't pretty, and now Wesker knows that I'm sort of compromised. I'm being told to watch certain people and do certain things by two different people, looking for different things. Sometimes I get lost in what I'm supposed to be doing." She taps the bottle so it stays still. "If I can prove that Wesker is as dirty as I found out that he is, maybe I can get out of this mess I'm in before I'm forced to make a decision on which favor to repay."
Esa Esa leaned back and frowned. His hand rubbed his chin slightly. He wasn't sure if the young lady was playing a game, or luring him into something. his mind thought quietly as he looked to the beer. If, however Wesker was dirty.. He nodded slightly "Right; well if, and I say if, he is dirty there might be something on our network; or his office workstation; or phone or personal laptop. I can hack those things; ya know. Our network is cake walk; the other two? Bit more difficult. Depends on phone and if a person can get close enough to drop a virus on it." A shrug and another quick drink of the beer; finishing it.
Vivienne "He is dirty." Vivienne states, her eyes on Esa. "He's also smart and incredibly dangerous. You can try to hack into something to get information, but I doubt it will be there, he's slicker than spit and good at covering his ass." She purses her lips slightly and she takes another sip of beer. "I can try to get you something concrete, I can try to..get more from James. I'm getting less and less inclined to turn on him, and I think that's what Wesker is going to require of me. When I went into this I figured I could do my job and not get invested. Boy was I wrong." She bites at her lower lip. "So uh...if I get James to talk to you, can we leave his name out unless it's abosolutely necessary?"
Esa Setting the beer down, Esa nodded. "Sounds fair." He replied looking to the beer before sliding a card out; a set of numbers and his name, Esa Collins, on it. "Call or text me when you've arranged a time. Phones clean; may be Umbrella but the sun'bitch was jailbroken." He said chuckling.
Vivienne "Right." Vivienne says, taking the card and sliding it into her sleeve. "It's going to take some convincing. He's pretty open to some of us, but he's gotta watch his neck and back too, and I'm not going to get him hurt or killed. Maybe a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have been quite so concerned..but now.." She gets to her feet and finishes her beer. "Watch your back though, and watch the others back. I'm pretty sure a lot of people are in the dark, and that makes them vulnerable."
Esa Esa nods. "I'm willing to listen and hear him out." He replied to Vivienne as he stood. His head nodded again as he replied "I will, thank-you."
Vivienne "Alright." Vivienne says, backing towards the door. "Thanks Esa." She turns and walks out, her hands in her pockets as she makes her way back to the penthouse.