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Bob Having been hanging out at the Pantheon for some time, Bob and Emma have gotten a chance to see a few of the things to see before heading down to look at where some of the famous people are interred. Bob's been busy making Emma blush, apparently something that's a big source of pleasure for him. As the conversation grew a bit more serious, Bob reminded her that there's no classes to take on romantic shit after she admitted to not knowing about those kinds of things.
Emma Emma is a romance noob, to be real. She is so bad with that, and getting close that way and such. So yeah, the red head is all the more red due to the flaming colour on her face.

"Yer - yer right, no classes. Honestly, healin' people is easier for me." Sounds backwards, but it's true.
Bob "I can give you some private lessons if you want," Bob says with a smirk, turning his body to face her. After a moment of pretending to check her out, he winks and says, "But seriously, I can understand medicine coming more easily than romance. I'll tell you, though, I couldn't imagine any straight guy turning you down if you asked them out."
Emma A brow raises, Emma is red. It's hard for me to go even redder, so she doesn't.

"Ah - um." Speechless even! There is a clearing of her throat, eyes look down, some hair is tucked behind her ear. "I -- I never asked anyone out before."
Bob Watching Emma closely, Bob eventually remembers to look around at the other tourists to make sure they're not in anyone's way. After ascertaining that they're not impeding traffic, he goes back to speaking, "Well, there's always a first." There's a brief pause before he jokes, "You can practice on me. I'm a sure thing, you know?"
Emma "Yer - yer -what-?" Emma asks, eyes wide, and totally surprised, her poor mind unable to wrap around this.
Bob "Oh baby..." Bob starts off with an expression of amused, but earnest concern on his face. "I didn't mean to do that to you. I'm mostly joking." Mostly.
Emma "Sorry." Emma says, mamaging a laugh. "Ya - ya see, last time I thought somethin' sure, it wasn' an - an it's hard for me ta, just give my heart out, ya know?"
Bob "It's okay, but I'm at least somewhat serious," Bob tells her with his smile returning to his face. He nods a few times, "I can understand that. I've been through some pretty bad relationships." At least a couple of them. "But I was making a joke about being an easy lay when I said I was a sure thing. The last few years I've been trying to be more serious in my romantic relationships, you know what I mean?"
Emma The redness fades, a little. "I - I've not had many, an I'm okay with that. But - but tha thing is, I always wanted a family, an' after Racoon, an' now tha hell happenin' here. I - I guess, there is a fear of not havin' a future at all."
Bob "I tell you what, I'm pretty sure you've got one hell of a future ahead of you," Bob says to her, his expression turning from amusement to sadness. Clearly, the idea of the young woman he's with not feeling like she's got a fulfilling future has him a little upset. "I can't imagine this is going to turn out like Raccoon. I know why you think it might, but I promise I'll do whatever I can to prevent it."
Emma Emma looks down anew, and tucks some hair behind her ear shyly. "Yer - yer kind ta say." Her tone is soft, but she is thankful. "Nice ta know I'm bein' looked out for. An' I hope yer right, that this won't be Racoon, I dun think my psyche can handle another Racoon."
Bob "I'm not just saying it to make you feel good, I think you're awesome and you're going places," Bob says to Emma with a soft smile. "I don't think the world could handle another Raccoon, but we've learned a lot of lessons and we're going to do everything we can to prevent another outbreak."
Emma Something in all that stands out. Emma looks up a little, with raised brows. "Ya - ya think I'm awesome?"
Bob "Yes, I think you're awesome," Bob tells her, moving a little closer to rest a hand on her shoulder. "You're an admirable person. You possess emotional strength, you're smart as hell and you give of yourself on the daily to help people. In what world isn't that the definition of what makes someone great?"
Emma "But that.. that is just, human." Emma says, not understanding why that is so unique. "I - I grew up in that life, mama is a doctor, papa a chef, who always cooked for tha homeless.. I got a brother that - that serves.. maybe it's in our blood."
Bob "In your blood or not, you do the right thing when you don't have to," Bob says, almost becoming emotional himself at this point. "I wish you could see you the way that I do. Man... Emma... you really are the complete package. Anyone you consider a friend is a lucky person."
Emma A delicate hand is placed on his arm, in a way of support. But hi getting emotional is moving, and yet, confusing. "Yer a friend, I'd say." She begins, with a smile. "An' na, I'm not, I'm shy can be awkward not grossed out by gore, an' I'm a bit of a nerd, an I like - lke animals, I got a dog an' horse." She pauses a second and then venturs to ask. "Ya - ya okay? Ya seemed, moved, a moment ago."
Bob "Thanks. You're a friend of mine, too," Bob tells her with a smile. He wipes his face to clear his expression and grins at her, "I think we'll have to disagree on that. You think being a nerd is a big deal? And liking animals only makes you seem sweeter." He tries to hide a gulp, but can't quite, "Yeah, I'm cool. I just don't know how to act around you sometimes. When I'm making you blush and all, I do, but damn. I don't even know." There's a shrug.
Emma "Oh." Emma says simply. "If - if ya say so." She shrugs, just a little, but does look a little confused. "How - how ta act?"
Bob "Yeah," Bob says, almost starting to look flushed himself as he stands off to the side, looking at the crowds of tourists again as an excuse to cool himself off. His chin lifts and his sucks in air through his teeth for a second, "I was serious when I said that if I was younger I'd be all over you. I've got a giant crush on you that I know I shouldn't act on."
Emma Eyes widen, cheeks flair red. "Oh - ohhh." Emma says, not actually expecting it to be said. "I - I'm surprised ya - ya even look at me, ta be honest." She nods over to this model looking women who is looking around. It's Paris, models everywhere. And clearly she means when there are women like that to look at, why her. "A - age is an issue?" This in general confuses her. "Maturity is - is more important."
Bob "You're gorgeous," Bob says, his focus on Emma being quite evident. He doesn't even look away from her for more than a moment when she points out another hottie. "It's not just age. Part of it's that I know you could do so much better than me it's not even funny." A deep shrug, "I'm okay with that."
Emma "O - oh." Emma never considered herself a great beauty, she was always just.. her. But something does get to her, a little. "Ya - ya know, everyone keeps sayin' what is, or isn't good for me. An', I'll be tha one ta make - make that decision, though. My main goal is ta be happy, however that is."
Bob "That's good, you got to do you, right?" Bob asks her, almost looking nervous rather suddenly. "I try not to put words in other people's mouth, but I hope that you end up happy." His eyes widen and he asks, "Is there anything I can do to help you be happy?"
Emma "I - I do, I have. I spent plenty of time in therpay after Racoon. Lately though.." With everything happening, hard for her not to worry. "I wanna be happy too, I - I just, alas, I think not. Nobody can be certain of anythin". An, I can't expect anyone ta try ta do that for me. Tha reality is life is unsure. Plus, I'd like ta - ta sleep at night. But I got some sleepin' pills now.. tha nightmares are horrible."
Bob "You're not the only one, my last fiance had me going to a head shrink when I got back from my last tour," Bob says as he pats her gently on the arm. "Life is unsure, but I think, and this is going to be hard for you, that sometimes you need to try to relax." His chin lifts, "I'm not going to tell you to drink, because that doesn't help a whole lot in the long run, but do you ever tie one on? Try to cut loose or anything like that?" And then he asks, "You really thing that nightmares are a big deal? They suck, but it's not like you wake up punching or going for a gun, right?"
Emma "You w - were engaged?" Emma asks, in a tentative way, guessing that maybe it is a sore subject.

After that, she looks dowm, ashamed. "I - I do, though. I wake up cryin', screamin', feelin' his hands 'round my throat again.." A hand comes up, to touch her throat in memory. It's a story she has not spoken of yet. "Tha death, tha fear, those eyes.."
Bob "Yeah, it was pretty messy," Bob says with a wince, but he doesn't shy away from talking about it. "I was trying to get away from my promiscuous younger years and fell really hard for an exotic dancer I met at a club outside of Fort Benning." He actually looks like he's pretty sad about the whole deal. "She pushed to get married before I joined the FBC in case I died and it started making me really gun shy about the whole marriage thing. Next thing you know she's sleeping with a chick who works at Starbucks when we're supposed to be monogamous..." He trails off, shrugs and then kind of chuckles. When she discusses her nightmare stuff, Bob frowns again and reaches to give Emma's arm a squeeze, "I've got bad dreams a lot, but I'm fortunate enough to not remember them, but as long as you keep the gun out of arm's reach then I'm sure you wouldn't have to sleep alone if you didn't want to."
Emma Emma listens to his story, her jaw drops a little, eyes widen. "I -" That's just an awful mess there. "I'm sorry ta - ta hear that, tos awful." She pauses and frowns a little. "I - ah, dated a guy once who cheated, an' when I confronted him 'bout it.." A hand goes to rub her cheek, she doesn't need to say what happened.

"I'm not much one for guns, I got Sh - Shaemus with me, I often curl up with him an' cry for a while."
Bob "Yeah. No good way to tell that story, right," Bob says with a gulp. When she tells her own story he frowns deeply at it, "Nobody deserves something like that." And then he's nodding, "Well, if you ever need another cuddle buddy, just let me know so I can help you out." It's clear that last was an attempt at a joke, he even tries out a smile at that point.
Emma Emma nods a little, nobody deserves either of their stories. At his offer to be a cuddle buddy, the lass looks down and goes red some. "I - I'll remember that." She says, tucking some red hair behind her ear. "Do - do ya have any siblings?" Because getting to know him is good too.
Bob "Please do. I'm a good cuddler," Bob tells her with a big ol' grin on his face, once again amused by her blushing. When asked about siblings he nods a couple of times, "Yep. I've got three. Diego, Maria and Juan. I'm the oldest." And he goes on a little after taking a look around, offering Emma his arm once more so that now they're on a less heavy conversation topic they can get moving again. "My full name is actually Roberto Guillermo Delgado, but I grew up in a white neighborhood and ended up with Bob."
Emma Emma nods to the cuddling bit, and goes on to listen as he explains his family, how he grew up. His arm is taken, as they continue their walk. "Yer - yer tha oldest then? I couldn' imagine. Are ya - ya close with them at all?" And she laughs a little. "Ah, I - I see, Bob. Makes sense."
Bob As they walk along Bob takes in the sights and speaks relaxedly, "Yep. Oldest child, got the most spoiling until Juan came along." There's an amused tone in his voice as he talks about is family, the subject clearly appealing to him. "I keep in touch with them through email a lot. They're trying to get me on MySpace, but I feel like I'm too old for that crap." And a shrug at the social network thing. "I like my name, but Bob's good, too. Short and easy to remember. Nobody ever spells it wrong. It works well."
Emma Again Emma laughs. "Oy. My - myspace, some of tha nurses at tha - tha hospital are always on 'bout it. I don't get it." Which means she doesn't have an account. "To busy ta spend my time trollin' peoples accounts." An' that's good, some of tha- tha names we get in tha hospital, ate rather crazy. Many fake, too."
Bob Bob laughs along with Emma, leaning his shoulder into her in a friendly, affectionate manner. "It just doesn't appeal to me like that. If I want to know more about someone I'll call them or talk to them, not look them up online." He pauses to think for a second, "It almost seems creepy, you know?" And then he shrugs, "Anyway, what about your family? Any siblings or anything?"
Emma "I agree!" Emma remarks, about talking to someone instead of looking them up. "Aye it - it can be creepy." When asked of her family, there is a small shrug. "I am tha youngest if five kids. Got four - four older brothers. Papa as I said, is a chef, mama is a pediatrician. I grew up on an acreage, tendin' ta - ta animals, gardenin'. We often grew our own food, papa had chickens for eggs an' meat. We're fairly musical, too. Outdoorsy.."%
Bob "That sounds like a nice way to grow up," Bob tells her with a smile. "Sounds really pleasant." And based on his tone he really means it. "Good to know you're musically inclined, too. I can play the radio okay, but that's the extent of it. Not a lot of animals and stuff in the Philly 'burbs."
Emma "It - it was. Rollin' hillsides, ridin' horses, growin' our own food. I'm lucky, ta - ta have had my life, a lovin' family. I know many didn' get that too. I loved my life, an' miss it. Luckily I live with a friend on his property. Horses an' all that. If I am lucky enough, I wanna have a home like how I grew up."%
Bob "Damn, I'm envious," Bob admits with a little chuckle. "Someday you'll have a spot like that again. Once you're done medical school and you've got a good job you'll be able to swing it. Get a nice house husband to help take care of things for you, maybe." There's a deep shrug, "Who knows?" He pauses to look at something and rather suddenly exclaims, "Holy shit! The guy that wrote Three Musketeers. I love that book."
Emma "That's tha - tha dream, really. A few kids an' all that too." Emma shrugs, but isn't holding her breath on that dream. "Did he?" Emma grins. "What do ta like 'bout that book?"
Bob "I'll be honest, I still don't know what I want out of life," Bob says to Emma with a little chuckle. "I'm hoping someday to find a good woman who'll put up with me, but I'm not holding my breath." His excitement is pretty obvious as he moves closer to the marker, "I like the whole series, really. A lot of intrigue and good sword fighting scenes. You know Dumas' father was a general? Highest ranking black guy ever in a European army."
Emma "Ya - ya don't? Well there must be one thing yer feelin' that ya want? Wait - put ip with ya?" Emma asks, with a risen brow. "I read those stories ages ago, only saw tha movies after. Don't recall much. I didn' know that, no. I suppose it plays inta tha male psyche, fightin' and all that."
Bob "I'd like to start with a reliable, steady romance and then probably default to what she wants to do, to be honest," Bob says with a little bit of a chuckle, but it trails off in a way that shows he's unsure of himself. "Yeah, put up with me. I'm not really a catch. I have a job that takes me away all the time, even when I'm home I might be working twelve hour days. There's a chance I could get killed all the time. I'm not sure I'd wish myself on anybody." And then he nods, "Probably is a guy thing. It's a good power fantasy. Young man goes to the city to become a musketeer and ends up hanging out with the most bad ass of them all."
Emma "Defult ta them?" This confuses Emma. "Why - why would ya wanna do that? Ya need yerself too." There is a frown about his work talk. "Well that can be anyone. My work'll keep me too. An' I can see why a guy would like that sorta story. Never been a - a romance person myself, unless some comedy is in it."
Bob "I just want someone I'm happy with, if I get along well enough with them I then I can probably deal with what they want to do," Bob explains, frowning at himself as though he's maybe not explaining things well. And then he shrugs, "Maybe. But I got more than that. I got the nightmare thing, might have PTSD. Some hearing loss from explosions and gunfire. I just don't know if I'm what you want, you know?" On the next subject he chuckles, "I love a good comedy. Don't go in for romances, usually because I'm not really the target audience, but I love going to see comedy. Especially opening night, when there's a big crowd and I'm a little drunk. It's a good time."
Emma "Ya both need ta like stuff, work together. Never settle." Emma says, least that's how she sees it. She laughs a little. "That does sound - sounds fun. Last comedy I watched was Super Troopers."
Bob "I get that, I guess, but all I really know is I like the service and want to keep doing what I'm doing. I'd just do my part with the domestic stuff, I guess," Bob sure is guessing a lot right now. "We'll have to go some time. Super Troopers was really funny, I laughed my ass off at that one."
Emma "Well if yer - yer with tha right person, it should work out. Not that there isn't bumps, but ya'know, ya - ya get through it together." Emma grins and nods. "Aye we will. What other comedies do ya like?"
Bob "That's what I'm hoping for," Bob says with a faint smile, still looking at the memorials as the pass them by. "I got a kick out of the Forty Year Old Virgin, that one had me laughing until my sides hurt. Wedding crashers was pretty good." He pauses to think, "I think those were the last two I saw in theaters."
Emma "I tend ta watch them at home. Those are good movies. I - I also like shows like Red Dwarf. Ever seen it?"
Bob "No, I haven't," Bob replies after giving it a moment of thought. "What's that one about?" It seems like they've now managed to make a circuit of the Pantheon, nearing where they'd met up earlier that day.
Emma "It's a - a British show. Far off future of humanity. On ship. A man named Lister, an evolved cat like creature. An' android an' a hologram of a dead guy. It's funny, 'bout their adventures an' such. Look it up so -sometime, ya may like it. I got it all on DVD too."
Bob "I'll have to give it a shot some time. Worst that can happen is it's not my thing, right?" Bob asks, throwing a smile on afterwards. He looks at the entrance to the Pantheon for a second and says, "Looks like we've pretty much seen the whole thing. It's certainly a hell of a place."
Emma "If ya want ya - ya can use my dvd's ta watch them." Emma offers with a smile and then looks around. "Aye it - it seems we have."
Bob "Thank you, I'll take you up on that," Bob says to Emma, returning her smile with his own. "I had a really nice time with you." His smile doesn't fade at all as he goes on, "I'd almost suggest we go watch those DVDs now, but I've got to pull a shift on the sick bay tonight."
Emma "Well, we - we can find a time ta." Emma says with a smile and nod. "I gotta st - study too. It was nice walkin' with ya too, I had a real good time, an' it was nice gettin' ta know ya."
Bob "You give me a call some time. I think you're probably busier than I am," Bob grins back at Emma. "It was great to get to know you, too. I'll give you a heads up next time I do something touristy to see if you want to check it out."