Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Even if things had been growing stranger around Raccoon City, things had been nothing but business at the Umbrella Building. If anything, there seemed to be more activity recently than ever before in the time Lillian had worked for her uncle.

Most of the reports and files she had filed for her Uncle were completely blacked out, offering little information of value on what was going on. Lillian had heard the reports that the VIPs of some family members had been evacuated already to 'Paris' but no reasons why.

Someone had screwed up very badly however when one of the paper reports she was supposed to shred fell on the ground, mostly un-redacted. That is to say, it had valuable information on it. Would she look at it or go about her job as normal? Once you swallowed that pill, there was often no going back to reality.
Lillian     Humdrum business as usual had its perks at first, at least for an assistant only just arrived for her beginning few weeks of work. After that, however, the exciting days of new experiences were way long past and far overdue. Lillian Vorst did her best to keep up with the unusual increase in activity, despite so many recent responsibilities and expectations to learn. However, all those blacked out files began to grate on her sense of excitement, which was only aggravated further when she heard restricted rumors of evacuated family members.

    Today felt like any other day, wearing more or less the same old clothes and scurrying about to assist in expected duties. So when a paper report abruptly slips her fingers to fall on the ground, she merely frowns and releases an annoyed sigh. Crouching to pick up the item for the shredder, it took her a couple banal seconds to realize the file was missing a lot of the usual black marks. Hazel green eyes shift around the area, before she retrieves the document and oh so casually adds it to the rest of her day's papers. Doing her best to act completely natural, she makes a bee-line to the nearest ladies' restroom to read her findings behind the security of a stall door.
Kitten The report is labelled:

Commencement: --, March, ---
To: Jonah Vorst, Vice President - Weapons Division
From: Umbrella Board of Executes

Mr. Vorst. We are pleased to report that ---- is in-route and given your reports, we feel that everything can proceed according to schedule. We have our doubts about the potential for test data on project: ---- but we will none-the-less proceed with deployment.

We ask that you remain near-by to monitor the situation, and provide --- with your full cooperation during this massive and very important endeavor to the Board.

Sales for future --- are depending upon the data we gather here as well as the viability of control of ---.


What Lillian did with the report was up to her. Did she keep it? Would she shred it? No doubt there were people out there who would like to see this. Whatever it meant.
Lillian     Sitting in the bathroom stall, Lillian could barely believe what fell on the ground at her feet. An actual, bonafide report, with most of its information intact. Test data? Deployment? Monitor the situation?

    Decidedly not wanting anyone to question her about the document, she carefully folds it up and conceals it beneath her blazer until she can place it in her purse. Flushing the toilet - best to keep up the ruse - she leaves the stall and the bathroom in its entirety, before arriving in the world of Umbrella politics with her loot. Would she sell it? No, of course not. But this sort of information might be useful to follow up on.

    Before she gives herself enough time to entirely consider her actions, black pumps compel her towards the weapons division of Umbrella America. Upon locating someone with a reasonably appropriate level of clearance, she smiles and says, "good afternoon. I'm assistant to the VP. He sent me to confirm the progress on a recent March Board report, but I fear I'm terribly new." She winces apologetically, "do you think you could possibly help me out? Please?"
Kitten It takes a few different tries to find someone before a paunch-faced man with a gut to match sitting behind a desk adjusts his black spectacles and stares at Lillian before replying snidely, "Oh, what a surprise. Let me guess, you're the new eye candy who hasn't figured out how to do her job. Just tell me what you need, I'm very busy here."

The man seemed entirely unenthusiastic to help but he knew his role as a corporate worker drone and the letters VP meant quite a bit.
Lillian     Lillian frowns at the man, hazel green eyes flickering with hate and outrage, "excuse me?" Gritting her teeth, she decides to take a breath and smooth over her quickly stormy expression. "Look. I need the March records of incoming inventory. My boss, the -Vice President-, requested it yesterday, but it didn't arrive. So now I'm here." She steps forward and adds with a chilling smile, "I'm happy to simply ask someone else, sir, but I'm also expected to return and report on any difficulties that arose. He's my Uncle, you know."
Kitten The man said nothing as he began typing into the computer before printing out an inventory report and folding it in half without ever looking at it, "Well, make sure that your Uncle Boss is the only person who sees this."

The folded in half paper was handed over to Lillian without so much as a smile before the man went back to work.
Lillian     Lillian smiles gratefully when she notices the man getting to work printing out the report, doing her best to hide her surprise. Quickly, she takes the folded bit of paper and replies, "for his eyes only. Thank you, sir. I'll let my Uncle know of your helpfulness." That said, she spins about and flees before the guy has a chance to suddenly change his mind. After taking another quick bathroom break to skim her prize, she returns to business as usual. She certainly has an interesting bit of homework to browse over back at the Vorst house tonight!
Kitten Everyone at Umbrella was monitored, in the case of Lillian security was beginning to think she was probably suffering the ill-effects of a bad bladder and her strange behavior was ignored. When she reads the list later that night she finds some intriguing information among the mundane inventory items including: Weapons, Soldiers, 'Containment Facilities', but no mention of any Project. That was clearly something special or not mentioned anywhere else.