Umbrella Surveillance System
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Cerberus After the event in the quarantine zone, rumors began to circulate in the city of people and animals being found dead near the entrances to the abandoned or off limit areas of the catacombs. French Police responded with officers posted at the various entranced to sway onlookers and sleuths from going below.

the rumors that spread were of dismemberments or of half eaten bodies, dogs, cats or other various small rodents. Just stories the French Public Affairs office informed the public. Per the Public Affairs, the numbers were exaggerated by the media and people to sell more. There was nothing wrong in the city, in the quarantine zone or the catacombs.

And yet the stories persisted and continued. Then, suddenly a few short days ago new, fresh rumors cropped up. Tales of the locked off sections of the lower ossuaries and deeper areas that once were a part of the tours were suddenly taken off; only those with money could go Spelunking with a guide. Rumors from tourists and even Paris citizens were of noises, shadows and strange things being seen out of the corner of their eyes. And yet, if this is true why would the lower sections still be open to those willing to spend the money?

There are other ways down too; if you know where to look.. or who to bribe.
Poncho      With many of the more accessible entrances blocked, and no money with which to bribe his way in, the vigilante known as Poncho has had to resort to alternative paths into the deeper catacombs. Unfortunately, the few he knows of are rather thin, clambering affairs, barely wide enough for him to squeeze his lean frame through. As a result, he was forced to leave his shotgun and armor behind, making the trip below in his civilian disguise.
     John Doe's pocket light flickers to life, sweeping quickly around his debris-littered surroundings. To either side, stone walls. Above, a stone ceiling. Behind, the narrow crack he has just emerged from. Ahead? Darkness.
     Tugging his worn grey jacket straight from where the climb has rumpled it, he begins to limp down the tunnel, heading for the nearest intersection that he can remember. He has been down here often enough to have a rough mental map of where he needs to go. He'll just have to hope that the FBC and local authorities have pulled out their patrols. Umbrella though? Well, he sincerely hopes they ARE down here. it might just brighten his day to stumble across a scout or two.
Bob The catacombs call to Bob Delgado for some reason and he's determined to get a look around down there again, perhaps because he's doing his duty as an FBC employee. Or perhaps not, as he's not wearing his uniform at the moment. Still, thanks to his identification, he didn't have any issue making it down.

There's a tactical flashlight in his left hand, his right left empty, as he scans the area. The flashlight's beam is bright, nicely illuminating what lies ahead. Despite the amount of light he's making, Bob is trying to avoid making noise. Not knowing what waits down below it's better to take a more cautious approach whenever possible.
Emma Emma has been through this before, a dark world of dark horrors. Last time, was bad. At least this time she was a little more prepared. With a flashlight, a weapon, and a group bigger than last, there is a bit more comfort in the exploring.
Buck Rogers Between his Umbrella connections courtesy one Albert Wesker, and his flagrant willingness to violate the law with police bribes and the employment of ne'er-do-wells, there is little difficulty for Buck in accessing the catacombs. Indeed, he's been in them before; he knows many of the routes well, knows where the ground rumbles from neighboring metros, where the French gossip of a market drifts in through a partially-sealed sewer grate, where men and women bloody themselves in bare-knuckle competition. He knows, even, where deeper there lurk certain haunting things, demons in the bowels of the earth, crawling from mounds of oozing pitch and fleshy piles to seek out living flesh.

He knows, because he's killed them before, and established himself a route into the quarantine zone through some of the subterranean back-ends.

Making that trip is what he's doing this evening. The man looks possessed in the dark-- glowing goggles attached to a face-concealing ballistic mask, a hulking suit of armor that dramatizes his already improbable bulk, a jagged industrial chainsaw that seems to drip with crusted-over blood and bits of flesh. Bright-eyed, inhuman, Buck lumbers through half-familiar tunnels, shoulders scraping narrow walls and head wrapped in cobweb musk. He might as well be one of the monsters others come to hunt.
Esa Having paid for Emma and himself for the spelunking edition into the lower catacombs, Esa walks quietly behind a guide whom spoke of the rich history of the ossuaries... all in French. Looking to Emma, Esa asks "Hmm, translation?" He teases quietly.
Cerberus The ossuaries and catacombs deathly quiet. The minimum light that shines off the flashlights shows the tales and history of how the old caverns were used as burial site; skulls and random bones seen stacked against the wall to the ceiling.

For Poncho, he entered in an area where few venture due to the sharp rock, narrow passageway and sudden dead ends from fallen rock or collapsed tunnelways.

For Bob, he is greeted to stairs.. lots of stairs. They wind and twist down past the general catacombs and toward something deeper.

Albert entry point comes down a short flight and to a long tunnel covered with skulls and bones. Haunting tales of long past; skulls showing wear, or wounds, missing teeth or general damage.
Poncho      For long moments, the only sounds accompanying Mr. Doe through the darkness are his soft breaths, and the quiet scuff scrape of his bad foot dragging through thick layers of dust. The thin beam of his pocket light gleams off of yellowish bone, vanishing into the empty eye sockets of ancient skulls. Everywhere there are leering smiles full of busted teeth, and jagged ends of broken bones poking out of loose piles of rock. The air is close and stale.
     Then, off in the distance, a loud scrape echo's back through the tunnels.
     Pausing, John tilts his shaggy head, listening for a repeat of the sound. When it does finally come, it is slightly louder, closer.
     Directing his light down the left hand of a fork, Mr. Doe limps quietly along, flashlight held in his left hand while his right dips beneath his jacket, coming up with a comically oversized black pistol. Clutching the weapon firmly in scarred fingers, he steps over a pile of jumbled bones and continues on down an increasingly narrow corridor, the sounds of scraping and heavy footsteps growing ever louder.
     Rounding a final corner, the aging detective emerges into a wide tunnel strewn with rocks and other debris, with two bright green points glowing like beacons in the darkness at one end. As he directs his light toward them, an enormous figure clad head to foot in armor and carrying a disgustingly crusty chainsaw is caught in the thin beam of the light.
     Sunken features stoic, the old man levels his pistol on the monstrous form, saying nothing. In the darkness behind his light he is a gaunt, tattered figure of dull greys, his glassy eyes shining bright and cold. he does not shoot, but even at a glance it is very clear that he will if provoked. This is not a man that scares easily.
Bob Stairs. Then some more stairs. Bob's life has, for the moment, become stairs. He's pretty good at navigating, but this underground shit has him double and triple checking the path he's taking. Getting lost down below Paris would be a pretty dumb reason for showing up to work late. Still, he goes deeper, trying to see what the FBC might be missing down here. Maybe figure out where things are getting into the catacombs from the quarantine zone. Now that he's met real monsters his desire to do something about them is only strengthened.

Deeper. Deeper. More stairs. Bob heads in the direction he believe the quarantine zone to be checking behind himself from time to time to make sure there's nothing sneaking up on him.
Emma Emma is a little more quiet and serious here. If it wasn't hobo's, dead floating bodies and skin hung on clothes lines like clothing, it was grumpy old men shooing her out. By all accounts, the lass had bad luck here.

Looking over her shoulder to Esa, there is a small shrug. "Si - six billion bodies, give or take, are buried here. If ya are ever above an' see small buildin's around tall they likely sit - sit above tha catacombs. Tha people hired ta put bodies here where known ta have a fetish for death."
Buck Rogers There's thunder in Buck's footsteps; he trudges through the prison of bone, seeing it all through a tinge of sick green. He can feel fingers dancing up his spine; his hackles rise beneath the instinctive awareness he's being watched-- and with a swing of that great head, he sees that so many of the skulls, too many, are positioned in such a fashion as to be staring at him. They watch with eyeless sockets, dull hollow pits shadowed even in the low-light vision the brute possesses, rotated on shelves one and all to be staring down the path. And as he walks, rumbling the earth around him like the passage of the subway trains, the orientation of those skulls gradually shifts.. dead eyes sketching a red carpet all for him.

A thigh bone shatters beneath the heel of his boot, and, with a grunt, Buck kicks it aside. The vibrations send one of the skulls on the top of a stone-hewn shelf rolling off, click-clackety-clacking as it sidelong bounds over fragments of debris. When at last it settles, staring up at the juggernaut, its jaw has been broken, hanging low and closing, opening again and again as the skull's momentum fades.

The echo it leaves is dry laughter.

A turn, leaving behind a skull ground to dust, wrapped now not in mere blood and cobweb but the bone-white powder of the grave. There, in the distance, is a spectre, a gaunt older man, it seems. Buck drags one of his chainsaw teeth along the wall of the tunnel and walks, steel nails on a chalkboard tomb, a screech of sparks, as he comes closer, closer, and closer.
Esa Esa looks around quietly, his head nodding slowly "Very interesting and.. a bit creepy." He replies calmly, eyes focused as he follows the tourist.
Cerberus A fine layer of dust is stirred up in the as Poncho walks. As it settles, the enormous figure clad head to foot in armor and carrying a disgustingly crusty chainsaw turns out to be a pillar; a very large, fat twisted pillar. The two green points turn out to be florescent minerals swirled in a pattern. Then, of course there is a moan or a cry? It's unclear in the direction as it comes and goes quickly. The only way out of his location appears forward and backwards.

Bob's stairs finally come out to a lower passageway that leads forward, through bones and skulls stacked up to five feet, nine inches. The passageway is narrow barely enough room for one person.

The noise left behind by the bones falling, and Buck's laughter falls in to deathly silence. Long, drawn silence. Then, faintly.. a moan, a long drawn low moan. Could be the wind.. but that sound was almost familiar.

The tourist continues to ramble about the history; varying on topics of how it was found, created and used during the plagues - all continued in French. He turns a corner and there is a slight noise. As Esa and Emma come around, the tour guide has vanished.
Poncho      The slightest flicker of a frown touches Mr. Doe's face as his perceptions shift, and what he would have sworn was a giant man carrying industrial equipment becomes a pillar. It is not often that his mind plays tricks on him, something is, off.
     Stepping calmly to one side, John eyes the pillar up and down, then skirts past it, continuing forward down the rubble-strewn hall. As long as it doesn't transform back into a man and attack him, it will make a good landmark when he retraces his path.
Bob Finally, Bob arrives at the end of the stairs and can continue further, angling his body at an angle and crouching slightly to navigate through the narrow passage. His flashlight's beam illuminates the skeletal remains of the dead, swiveling side to side to take in everything.

Breathing accelerating somewhat as he goes deeper, Bob has to take a moment to get his breath under control. The tightness of the confines bring back memories, memories which are not assuaged even when he reaches down to pull up his sweater and rest his hand on the butt of his pistol.
Emma "I - I dunno if it's creepy, well it is, but there is creepier."

Emma looks forward, shrugging a little bit. Hearing that sound her pace quickens, a touch, only to round the corner and see that their guide is gone. "Bloody'fukin'ell." The lass says outright, knowing something happened and going to look around for a trap door or something.
Esa "Yeah, after yesterday.. I'd have to say your right." Esa responds kindly as he rounded the corner. "Okay, is this a blood fucking joke?" He asked to no one, frowning.
Buck Rogers The sparks dance like will-o'-the-wisps to lure Buck further. Comes then the moan, and the flickering ghost-lights that mar his night vision seem to adjust their course, riding the stale dead still air like frozen tide and turning 'round a corner some dozen yards ahead. The floor has become moist beneath his feet; it squishes with each step, perhaps a result of a leaking pipe in one of the buildings above-ground, feeding a steady wet drip into the tunnel. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," he calls, knowing from experience that noise can draw the undead-- and if it is a person, better they be warned, lest they stumble upon a very dangerous man.
Cerberus Ahead of Poncho is a long, narrow passageway. As he walked, there is suddenly a silhouette of a person. It turns to look at Ponch, then turns again and walks off through the sidewall; or perhaps a passageway?

As the sweater comes down, there suddenly is a woman standing right in front of him. Her Jaw gaped, a slow, rambling moan escaping her lips; her eyes missing. She looks familiar... very familiar with her wearing a stained blouse and skirt to complement the secretary look, with her hair in a half-undone bun.

the moans turn into screams coming behind him; screams from bats as the flew from behind toward and past Buck. Disappearing further down the windy passageway. As the bats cleared away, a silhouette of a person stood there; jaw agaped to scream but nothing comes. It turns and vanishes through the sidewall; or perhaps a passageway.

As Esa and Emma look, they find dragging marks that head forward and deeper into the tunnel and away from safety. A quiet moan is heard; soft and faint.
Bob "Ahhhhhh!" Bob lets out a high pitched scream and stands up straight so that his head bangs on the ceiling overhead. The scream goes on for several seconds and would be quite embarrassing if there were any witnesses. Other than the eyeless thing in front of him.

Raising his weapon up and aiming it at the thing in front of him he begins to step back rapidly, head hitting the ceiling once again and causing him to let out a, "Fuck!" Then he seems to manage to remember himself and one of the few words of French he can speak, "Arretez!" Because maybe, just maybe, he won't have to shoot this lady in the head.
Emma Emma - luckily or unluckily, had her pistol. Because she knows full well what may be down here. Without a second thought, she moves forward, hearing the moan, but keeping slow. Yes the lass is out of her element here
Poncho      Pistol raised, Mr. Doe limps slowly forward, sweeping the thin beam of his flashlight along the floor in search of tracks. Surely the shadowy figure has to obey the laws of physics, right?
     Regardless, as he nears the spot the shade entered, he plays his light up toward the spot in the wall, searching for the passage it must have taken. But, there is nothing. Nothing obvious, anyway.
     Stepping forward, John presses the knuckles of his right hand against the wall, pistol scraping softly against the stone as he searches for some way to shift the rock. The wall does not budge, but as he moves his hand, searching for a switch perhaps, a gentle breeze tickles the grey hair on his knuckles.
     There is a crack in the wall.
     Using his light, he traces the crack down, to where it widens into a hole below hip height. A man couldn't walk through it, even hunched over. Perhaps a child could, however. A child, or a large dog.
     Or something else.
     Grey eyes cold and emotionless, the old man lifts his light and clamps it between his teeth, then drops down to his hands and knees. Aiming the light forward with his mouth, he hunches in his shoulders and begins to crawl into the cramped space, knees and left hand shuffling him along over the rough rocks while his right aims his pistol ahead of him.
Esa Esa frowned heavily; hand moving to the pistol he kept on him as he walked beside Emma; following the contour of her light as he did so. "Think it's a trick that the museum is playing on people?" He asked Emma out of hope.
Buck Rogers The cloud of bats surrounds Buck's head and obstructs his vision; his free hand rises up and waves the screeching beasties off. As they withdraw with a screech and the fluttering beat of countless wings, the giant accelerates in hot pursuit of the human silhouette. He turns and, ere rounding the corner he saw the figure linger near, rests his hand on the starter chain of his chainsaw. He prepares to pull.. yet comes face to face with a blank wall, through which a draft enters, crisp and clean in a tunnel otherwise full of musty stank. His gloved hand trails over the cold stone wall, seeking out some switch or a loose stone that might indicate a hidden passage; finding nothing, he instead steps back, steadies himself. The brute swells with strength as he draws in a deep breath and pushes forward, lifting a leg. He drives the kicking heel into the stone nearest the crack, leaning his weight into the blow and pushing off with the other foot as hard as he can.
Buck Rogers And with a devastating front kick, Buck drives his heel down into the loose stone. The wall does not fully collapse, but there's a rumble and it seems loosened. He prepares to do it again.
Cerberus It's a tight squeeze through the rocks and goes on for what seemed forever. The air stank. not foul but soured; wet; stale. After two minutes of crawling, you find yourself staring at rocks that are half piled up. Talk about a rock and hard place. At least, until the rocks begin to move. The glint of light catches something sharp; chainsaw sharp. Bob's high-pitch scream sounded like it was coming from beyond the rocks that were falling way.

She may be blind, but she still could hear; at least for now. Her head swivels as moaned, attempting to find the noise of the high-pitched scream and subsequent words. Her hands reached out as she to try to grab. She pauses and chokes. Black substance drools down her face before she projectiles the same black liquidly stuff toward Bob. She shambles to her left and begins to walk toward back the way she came.

It's slow work for Buck, but the rocks continue to fall away as Buck moves them... to light? Something is there!

As for Bobs high-pitch scream? It echoed through the chambers - distant but close for Buck; maybe further down the chamber.

It would seem for Emma and Esa that they were in a different chamber or section that wasn't close by as nothing but the soft moan and then sudden silence is heard. Emma's light comes upon the tour guide and it is clear this was no joke. the light shines on his face; it was of a man whose final pose was written on it - a man terrified beyond belief. Eyes scared, jaw gaped open.. Well more torn off and hanging by threads of meat and muscle. As the light shone downward, his torso was ripped asunder. guts were on full display, trailing out and over his leg heading further in. Other organs appeared missing. The mans arms had bite marks and other defensive wounds. It's surprising this all happened so quickly.
Buck Rogers Buck continues to work! Really, he's just removing the rocks this time around.
Poncho      A jagged bit of rock catches on John's jacket as he crawls forward, slicing through the outer layer but not managing to gouge any deeper. Still he crawls forward, the knees of his jeans torn, and little drops of blood left behind in the darkness. But ahead, there is an opening in the rock. An opening through which he can hear frightened screaming.
     Shuffling forward, the old man prepares to force his way out through the pile of stones. But, perhaps sensing his intent, the rocks tumble away, fearing for their lives. This leaves the way mostly open, only a few stubborn stones barring his path. Past them he can see the crusty blade of a chainsaw, much like the one he thought he saw earlier, but he is not concerned.
     Shouldering his way out of the crawl space, Poncho braces his left foot and lunges to his feet, pistol coming up in an attempt to shove the barrel beneath the chin of the figure that hulks above him. The unknown man is truly massive. Enormous in both height and breadth, with a gory chainsaw in hand that could easily cleave a man in two. But Mr. Doe knows no fear. His much leaner form is tense, hand rock steady as he glares up at the green-eyed mask of the brute, then flicks his light up in an attempt to blind him through his NVGs.
     "I dunno who the fuck you are, big man." John growls, his voice soft and hoarse, "But you best get outta my way. I got shit to kill, but unless you're Umbrella you ain't godda die."
Bob Picking himself up off of the ground, black projectile goo having narrowly passed over him, Bob slowly moves to get back to his feet. He's as quiet as he can be with his hands shaking as they grip the pistol, trying to follow behind the blind infected. It might lead to the leak between the quarantine zone and the catacombs, after all. It might lead towards a bunch more monsters. There's one way to find out.

With his weapon trained on the head of the creature in front of him, Bob moves after her as silently as possible, rolling his feet from heel to toe when the touch the floor. His finger rests outside the trigger guard but it's clear he's ready to fire should the beast turn around.
Emma At the edges of her senses, did Emma hear a scream? That question is unsettling. As they view the body, the gore, she is unwavering- being in the medical field, well, body parts aren't gross. Sure the Zombie attached is, but that's expected.

"E - Esa, it needs ta - ta be shot, both." Even shooting the dead is hard on her soul, but her pistol is in hand and ready to fire just in case.
Esa It's after Emma makes it known about the body does Esa see it. He has seen many a things in war.. But this, this was on the next left of grotesque. He turns and makes the gagging noise of near hurling; pauses "No, I'm good." Then another gag of near hurling, a pause "Nope.. there we go.." He shook his head. He hadn't seen this level of violence since the IED explosions in Iraq in 2003. Even then.. there was not much left of the bodies; unlike this poor fellow. He looks to Emma and nods quietly; a hand gently pushing her pistol to her side as he withdrew his "May you rest in peace and meet whatever God you pray to." He said; discharging a round. After a moment of silence, he says "We.. should go back up."
Buck Rogers When the flashlight illumes his face, Buck's vision swims with the splendor of the sun; he squeezes his eyes shut and grits his teeth, dazzled, and feels the business end of a gun press up beneath his chin. Besides the spots of color behind his eyelids, all is black, and he doesn't know what's in front of him.

Unseen behind his mask, his mouth splits in a shark-toothed grin. The behemoth's only movement lies in his breathing, massive lungs sucking in the stale air like Charybdis, swelling his stomach and lifting his torso, shoulders spread--up and down, up and down. "I remember you," the man says, voice the bellow of a furnace, all rough and hot and hard enough to warp steel. "The old cunt that made that pretty lil nurse friend'a mine upset." With a plop, he lets go of his chainsaw, letting the heavy, bloodied thing plop down on the tunnel floor. His fingers flex, stretch out, curl like claws at his side.

"Shoot, old timer. But pray it kills me, cuz I'm just itchin' for an excuse."
Cerberus A distant gunshot is heard; faint. For those knowing weapons, they may recognize it as a 9mm.

As the two men size one another up, a new problem presents itself - The shambling noise of a Walker heading toward them; from the direction Buck has yet to head toward. And a flickering light?

Bob follows behind the female Walker and his light precariously begins to flicker in and out.

The entrails lead forward, further into the tunnels; but safety for Esa and Emma is behind them. It's rather unknown what is lays further ahead.
Poncho      "Big," John replies hoarsely, "And stupid. Maybe you ought to talk with that DOCTOR friend 'bout the words we had before opening' your idiot mouth." There is still no fear in the old man's voice, none of the tension or intimidation that most men display in Buck's presence. The hero of Raccoon city is a monster. People should rightly fear and admire him. But this man does not. Somehow he just doesn't seem to care that his opponent is a walking tank.
     Maybe he's a ghost. A dead man wouldn't be afraid, right?
     Then, abruptly, the pressure against Buck's masked chin vanishes. The quiet shuffling of approaching feet can be heard for only a moment before there is a loud BANG!
     The sound of a nemesis modded .50 caliber weapon is no small thing, and when crammed into the catacombs it becomes almost a physical force.
     Directly ahead of Bob, the secretary's head vanishes in a ball of white hot fire, flaming goo spraying in all directions as the walking corpse goes up like a torch. The abrupt arrival of firelight casts dancing shadows over the walls, illuminating the area as Mr. Doe slips out from in front of the behemoth of a man and turns, smoking gun in hand as he begins to limp off up the tunnel the way Buck had come. His pace is not hurried. if any of the men still down in these caves wish to pursue they can. But it is clear that he has no further words for either of them.
Bob Just in the knick of time Bob catches sight of someone in the flickering light of his flashlight beyond the zombie he'd been tracking and realises that there's a gun pointing his way! Flattening himself against the wall he watches the infected's head come apart and the creature catch on fire. "Fuck!" Calls Bob. "Arretez!" Because French is hard. His weapon is pointed in the direction of the gunshot and he switches off the faltering flashlight to make himself a harder target, trying to aim instead at the shooter's light source. As the older man moves away Bob starts to shake his head a little bit, as though he's clearing it.
Emma Emma is quiet as these things are shot. "I - I hate Umbrella more." She says softly. Hate was never something she ever imagined feeling, till now.

Looking up to Esa she is frowning. "Suppose we should con - continue on." There is a nod to where the path continues, might as well kill as many as you can. So, she heads that way.
Esa Esa looked to Emma and slowly gave a nod of his head. His free hand squeezed her shoulder softly "After all this.. I cannot blame you." He replies quietly before another nod is given. "Alright." He replied quietly as he slid his gun into the holster.
Buck Rogers The pressure is gone, his eyes have recovered, and when Buck stoops low to retrieve his chainsaw, in the wake of the gunfire, the old man has wandered back toward the damp, bone-strewn tunnels. "Don't die down here, old timer," the brute growls. "Be a real waste." With a press of his fingers, he flips his NVGs off, letting the fiery corpse provide all the light necessary to see in this tunnel. He turns on a heel and marches, all black-clad and massive, chainsaw in tow.. and this passage brings him closer and closer to Bob, as the big man is drawn like a moth to the flame. In the flicker of that orange-red light, Buck's edges soften, and the shadows play tricks-- he seems more expansive, looming like some primal beast from the mountains, a dragon swooping down. "Just what the hell's got people down here tonight?" he inquires, staring through the lenses of his goggles, voice muffled by the face plates.
Cerberus With bob's light now off, the illumination casted him like a silhouette of a person who stood out just barely in the fading light. Speaking of silhouettes; if one came through the tunnel Poncho went through, and the other went in from the other side; where'd they go?

The illumination was enough to spread light on a fissure of a crack. It came downward from the top of the catacombs, splitting the walls and dumping a pile of bones in between where bob was coming, and where Buck and Poncho were at. Air swept downward and out from the fissure. Inspection of the fissure would show a landslide from above, connecting the catacombs to a recent cave in; but where that cave in happened at is unknown.

What is known is that the sound of the fifty-caliber round could be heard through the cavern section they were in. Which meant that it caught the attention of the local authorities who were now coming down the tunnel section that Buck, Bob and Poncho were located in. Oddly, the gunshot where Emma and Esa were at goes unnoticed.
Poncho      Mr. Doe offers no parting remark to Buck. In fact, he offers no parting remark to anyone. There is something going on in these tunnels. It nags at him, drawing his mind back toward the ghostly figure he saw step into the wall.
     This is significant.
     With the sounds of police approaching down the tunnels, and a hostile giant nearby, there is no time to investigate further. But he will keep note of this.
     Silently the old man limps up the tunnel and cuts right into a dark fork, angling away from the oncoming police. With any luck he will be able to slip past them and circle back to one of the unguarded exits he knows. Then he can work on getting his gear down here. Further investigation calls for more armor and weapons.
Buck Rogers Finding nothing interesting in the idea of talking with the French police (who he already pays now and then to leave him be), Buck turns and marches on, deeper into the catacombs, toward the infested areas he's been in previously-- that was the whole point of coming here, anyway, in the end. Let the cops deal with a flaming zombie corpse; there's horror in these tunnels, access to the quarantine zone that doesn't require he depend on a sympathetic and easily-bribed night guard to conveniently look the other way at one of the fences, and that's an environment where Buck thrives. He'll be picking through garbage, slaughtering monstrosities, and cradling an open wound before the night's done.
Bob The large, menacing figure coming his way has Bob sliding backwards until he can determine by the light of flaming zombie that it's merely a person in armor. He lowers his weapon and takes a deep breath, humans being something he knows how to handle, then finds himself jumping back as part of the catacombs come down in front of him. Between the gunshot, the cave in and his flashlight faltering, it's time for Bob to make his escape. There's already people coming from the direction he suspected connected to the QZ and between them and the infected there's too much going on to risk staying.
Cerberus The pathway for Emma and Esa seems clear; forward. Down the dark ceepy tunnel with skulls and bones aligning either side. Down the tunnel that has a trial of blood that led forth. There is no noise in the tunnel; just silence, deafening by it's own right.

On the other hand, things were picking up where Bob resided. His way forward was cut off, and Bucky and Poncho seemed to have vanished. The Police were still combing the area, and by the sounds of it getting closer. There is a draft in the tunnels too. The cold, December air could be felt somehow.
Bob Exploration of the catacombs having gone seriously pear shaped, Bob is now in the market for a way out. As he feels the cool air from outside he knows that he's close to being able to make his way outside. Still, he's unsure of where exactly it's coming from. Gotta figure that out. He looks around for a while, but unable to make any determinations based on visuals he instead goes forth in the direction of the gunfire he'd heard earlier, hoping the gunfire belonged to a member of the FBC or gendarmerie.
Emma Emma continues to walk, keeping as quiet as she can. It's like being pushed into a creepy darkness, but if there are more, them something needs to be done. Leaving now would be allowing these deadly creatures roam free and hurt more. That can't happen.
Esa Esa kept his hand on his gun, and close to Emma; pulling out a flashlight, he adds to the light in attempt to brighten the room. Flicking it downward, he spotted the blood, frowning "So, following the creepy blood trail.." He notes, trying to lighten the mood.
Cerberus If it was a snake, it might have lunged to bite Bob. The light flashed across the fissure once more; the air was coming from there. the bones laid strewn across the floor; the gravel and dirt heading upward in a precarious slant of uneven, unsteady rock that goes up.

The blood trail ends just as quickly as it begun. You are further in the Catacombs and by judging the surroundings, not an area well-travelled; definitely an area that is not on the main tour guide map. There is a faint wisp of coolness to the air, but over all its stale and somewhat foul. There are no forks, no branches.. just forward.
Bob Risk a potentially dangerous climb or further travel through an underground maze. Bob takes a moment to consider his options before making any decisions. He examines the fissure carefully, then turns away from it and mutters, "All I need is to break my fucking leg down here." Rather than make the climb he heads down the corridor, making a mental note of where to find this fissure, should he need another way out.
Emma Briefly Emma looks over her shoulder, eyes moving to Esa, but the glance is quick, because who knows what is lurking down here. "I - I fear John'll kill me if I run inta him down here." By John, she means Poncho, it's just what she calls him. Looking forward her flashlight flashes about, on the bones, the floor, seeing how untraveled it is. Nerves grow, but they are hidden well. "Fe - feel that breeze? That's odd." And so, the lass dares to go deeper.
Esa Esa glances to Emma, his head nodding slightly. "Well.. then that would sort of put damper on things, wouldn't it.." He teased with a faint smile. A gentle hmm escaped his lips as he nods "Aye, I feel it. It is definitely out of place for the catacombs." He replied, his face contorting to a frown as he continued forward.
Cerberus Left, left right.. right, left. Left, forward, right. Or was that left? The catacombs and darkness twisted ones perception. Doesn't help that a sudden wafting moan is heard in the tunnels. The tunnels were wider then before and the echo carried, making it hard to determine direction at first.

The tunnel slants downward, heading deeper into the catacombs. In the walk, a series of smaller bones are seen; rats or other animals that had gotten lost within the catacombs. A quick review showed they did not die of natural causes; rather eaten upon. Esa sees the faint flash of light; short brief but it was there.
Bob A soft growl escapes Bob's throat as he moves through the labyrinth, keeping his weapon at the ready as he progresses. Or rather, goes somewhere. This place is starting to get to him as he travels deeper, growing frustrated at the confusing layout.
Emma "He - he didn' want me hurt, I'm sure." Emma says to Esa, softly, her voice close to a whisper.

As they go further in she would pause and kneel down, seeing all the tiny bones. With a toe some are moved, with the flashlight shining on them. Seeing that the bones are not there due to natural causes, there is a small shake of her head. "I - I bet there is more, 'round here." Says the lass quickly.
Esa "Yeah, I picked that up to." He replied gently, smiling lightly to her. Slowing to a pause, Esa's light caught the bones briefly. He flashed it back upon them, frowning. "I've got a bad feeling about this." He murmured quietly as he flashed his light around the tunnels again, then back to Emma and the bones. Something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention and he flashes his light down the tunnel. "Were not alone." He said quietly, hand moving back to the gun once more. "Something is further ahead.. I saw light."
Cerberus The wafting moan is heard again, coming this time forward of Bob's position. The spot he is in now is a four-way tunnel. The wafting moan is heard again; forward and to his right. Something, possible light, flashed for the briefest of seconds to his left. There were no moans to the left or behind him.

Bad feelings were right; A moan, soft and faint is heard behind Emma and Esa. The only progression was forward and further into the ossuary.
Bob Between the light to his left and the moan from up ahead, Bob pauses where he is and presses his body into cover so that whatever or whoever is casting light will have difficulty getting a line on him. His own flashlight beam moves down each of the corridors ahead of him, looking for potential threats up ahead.
Emma "A - a light?" Emma asks, though she sounds confused now, because she doesn't think Zombies or other creatures know enough to use a flashlight. Slowly standing from the rubble of bones, eyes are on Esa a moment. Then there is a sound behind them. "Shit." She mutters and looks to the way a head. "I - I guess we gotta go forward, whatever is behin' us we need'ta get away from."

So, she heads forward.
Esa Withdrawing his gun again, Esa nods. "Positive it was light." He replied quietly before looking to the way they came "Bloody hell.. How'd they get behind us?" He asks Emma before taking a step, then two and finally moves with her.
Cerberus The natural darkness, and outcropping of rocks made it easier for Bob to blend in to the surroundings; the light, however, didn't help. There wasn't much to see, the light pierced only so far. And the light from the left corridor grew brighter.

Esa and Emma are dumped into a chamber corridor with four tunnels; the one they came through, one in front, and one to the left and right. The left and forward tunnels carry a wafting moan that drew closer; as now did the one behind them. A moment ago, as they approached the corridor there was light; though it seems to have disappeared.
Bob There's not much Bob is doing a the moment, just staying still and letting the darkness and cover keep him hidden.
Emma "Guess we -- we go no time'ta figure it out." Now, there is more edge to her tone, Emma sounds a little more afraid. They are stuck in tunnels, surrounded by death, seemingly, being chased by death. On top of that, she can hear more sounds coming from other directions. Unaware right now that Bob is in the tunnel, the lass turns to Esa, frowning. "Right seems ta be quiet, but that could mean nothin' too." Her flashlight goes to move to the right tunnel, daring to look. "Do we go for it?"
Esa Esa kept his wits about as he exited the tunnel and into the corridor. He looks to the other corridors and immediately dismissed them as no-go's do to the noise. Looking to Emma, he smiles and gently places a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Hey, I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you; promise." Looking to the right tunnel, he nods "Best option right now." He adds.
Cerberus The moans continued to grow louder; instincts said right was the best, safest option.
Bob "Emma? Collins?" Bob calls out softly when he hears the voices, doing his best to not let his voice carry very far and attract whatever might be making moans down the corridors. He briefly turns on his flashlight to shine it near, but not at them, trying not to destroy their night vision. Of course, he stays in cover the whole time in case one of them is trigger happy. "It's Bob Delgado."
Emma Emma gives Esa a small smile. "I - I know." But, she is still afraid, that's clear, even if she knows he would do his best.

It was so very unexpected to hear Bob, even if he is trying to be quiet. The lass, jumps, and.. screams a little, which isn't good. But hearing a voice in the dark can give anyone a start. Turning quick, her flashlight would, via instinct, go to flash on him, not thinking of the night vision or anything, simply wanting to confirm his presence. "-Bob?!" Exclaims the lass, as quietly as possibly. "Bl - bloody'ell, ya must have been tha light we saw. Are ya okay? We need ta hurry an' get outta here, they are comin'."
Esa Esa went from mister smiles to mister placid quickly as his gun came out of its holster and aimed toward the light. He lowers the gun slightly, frowning. "Damnit Delgado. I could've shot you." He said in a low voice, eyes shifting from him to the sounds. "Yeah, like right now would be good."
Cerberus Esa would be correct. The moans grew steady. The best word or advice.. Run or walk quickly away from the sounds of moaning. It isn't the good kind after all.
Bob "I've been dodging zombie puke and bullets, but I'm okay," Bob replies to Emma as he lifts his flashlight hand to cover his eyes, squinting against her light. Looking through the light in Esa's direction he shrugs, "You have pretty good trigger discipline." He shines his light behind him, "There's a path leading up back this way." And he steps off to lead the way out, seeming more confident than before now that he's got people with him.
Emma Quickly her flashlight is brought down, seeing how it affects Bob's eyes. "So - sorry." She musters, because that wasn't smart but, it just happened. Hearing the moaning the lass is frozen in spot a second, looking to those tunnels, the hand holding the flashlight is white at the knuckles, betraying that inner fear that's bubbling up even more. "Th - this is like Racoon, all - all over - over again." The stutter is a little worse as fear develops and those memories get stronger. Eyes move to Esa. "Ay - aye, yer likely right, gotta ge t-get goin'." There is a nod, and though there are not three of them, having been in a pile of zombies (which actually has happened), she turns to go follow Bob down the right tunnel.
Esa "Tours in the sand will do it." Esa replied calmly as he holstered his weapon. Looking to Emma prior to her moving off, he took her hands and squeezed "Not Racoon City. Paris, France. City of music, art .. things like that. Were just down below and we'll be top side soon and away from this. Promise." He squeezed again before letting go and glanced behind him one last time before following close behind her.
Cerberus You head down the tunnels, the turns seeming unfamiliar to Emma and Esa; but to Bob there was familiarity. Eventually, after minutes of walking and listening to the moans behind them they reached a location that Bob recognized - the Fissure. Even more daunting, the moans were now coming from in front of them.
Bob "Fuck," Bob mutters when he hears the moans coming from up ahead, but they're already at the point where they can escape, hopefully. He steps to the side of the fissure and tells the other guys, "You two up first. I've got you covered." With his flashlight beam swiveling from side to side, he keeps his gun ready for whatever might be coming their way. "When you get to the top get ready to provide covering fire while I climb."
Emma Emma looks down to her hand as Esa squeezes it, and gives him a small smile in thanks. Though he could likely feel she is shaking a little, out of fear, out of nerves, and that PTSD she has from Racoon. "But if they are - are - under - here --.." Does more need to be said? It's not hard to imagine that things will get worse, that likely these things will get out.

Following Bob then, when they reach their point, eyes move up, there is need of climbing. "Yer - yer not serious, are - are ya?" The lass asks Bob, at his suggestions to stay here while they wen't up. "We - we can all climb - climb this, tagether, right?" Her assumption is yes, and while the moans get louder behind them, the red head goes to attempt to climb up.
Esa Looking up the embankment, Esa frowned. "This is going to be fun." he muttered of the mountain regions in Afghanistan. Gently, he helps Emma as they climb up; slipping on rocks now and then.
Bob "Let's get our asses out of here, then," Bob replies to Emma when asked if he's serious. He'll start to climb as well, but he is going to be the last one heading up. It's probably a good thing as he's able to assist and by assisted by the other two. Unlike Esa, though, he's not too gentle with his help, trying to use strength rather than any climbing skill to bull his way up the hill. Once he's at the top he draws his gun again and shines his light around, trying to figure out the best way to get away from the spot they're at.
Cerberus Up was the quickest way out. the dirt was loose along with the gravel. A few of the caverns for the catacomb tunnels could be see, but too far to reach. Skulls and bones could be seen sporadically. Then out; the sky is cloudy. The air stank of chemicals, burnt bodies. Rubble and damaged buildings surround you. It's clear where you are - the Quarantine Zone. A quick look would show that the building collapsed during the bombing; and the weight of the collapse and aftershock caved in to the catacombs and caverns below.
Emma Emma would of made her way up, with their help, uncaring really, if she gets cut up or scraped, and such. Getting away and safe is the main priority. Once there, she's realize where they were, and now dirty and scratches up, the lass mutters as simple: "Fuck."
Esa Coming out of the ground, Esa walked over to Emma and looked around. "Yeah." He replied with a deepening frown. "This.. is in no way good." He looks to Emma carefully before looking around again.
Bob "Fuck," Bob declares as well, sighing when he sees where they ended up. His eyes close for a moment and he takes a deep breath before opening them again, having cleared his head a little bit. "Alright, guys. Stay quiet and close, try to keep away from buildings, cars and debris. Make it hard for anything to sneak up on us."