Umbrella Surveillance System
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Bob There's a bit more bustle than usual in the sick bay today. Sailors treating sailors and FBC guys getting screenings and the like. Bob's there, putting on his gear after getting a looking over himself. As he finishes donning his battle rattle and slinging his weapon he leans backwards to stretch himself out as much as possible while wearing a vest. Then he goes to wash his hands, saying to one of the corpsmen, "Send the injured FBC guys my way, okay?"
Vivienne The corpsman nods briefly and gestures to a corner bunk. "There is one here already, came in and filched some of our banadages a few hours ago. I think she fell asleep."

The person in question is asleep, turned on her side with her armor unstrapped, but still attached to her person. The sloppy, hasty wrappings on her chest are a little stained, but they do cover most of the damage.
Bob "Thanks, dude," Bob tells the sailor as he turns to look back in the direction he was pointed towards. He sees Vivienne laying in the bed and moves over towards her, looking her over before shaking the bed, "Yo, Vivienne." There's a little concern on his face as he starts to examine her, reaching into a nearby cabinet to start grabbing some supplies to clean her wounds.
Vivienne Vivienne comes awake with a start, reaching for her pistol before she realizes where she is. She blinks a few more times and then slowly relaxes back on the bed. "Don't do that, please." She requests, her voice quiet. She turns on her back and grunts, pulling at the straps a bit more on her vest before she squirms out of it. "What time is it?"
Bob "About eight o'clock," Bob tells her, holding up his hands defensively for a moment before setting down the stuff he'd gathered up and moving to help with the vest, should she allow it. Once that's done he moves to close the privacy curtains so people can't see if any of her flesh hangs out due to clothing damage. "Let me take a look at you. I wish you'd found me right away last night. I don't like seeing my friends all cut up."
Vivienne "Things were a little chaotic last night." Vivienne says, sitting up slightly to aid the removal of the vest. She eases back on the bed with a sigh and a flush reddens her cheeks. "I get that you're gonna have to take off the shirt and crap, but..yeah." She rolls her eyes before she closes them. "Do whatever you have to do, and then I'll get out of your hair so other people can get treated." She clenches her teeth and waits to see if this will be painful.
Bob "Tell me about it, just glad everyone made it out okay," Bob says as he grabs some trauma shears and goes to work removing the clothing around the wounds and bandages she put in place. He's very professional about the whole thing, taking his time to examine her injuries and being as gentle as possible, but there's some pain involved. Bob grabs the stuff to clean her wound and gets to work, "This will suck." And it does. "You pissed at me?"
Vivienne Vivienne yelps and fights with herself to keep her hands at her sides. She clenches her jaw and takes a steady breath before her eyes slowly open. "Pissed at you for what?" She asks, averting her eyes from her injury, focusing on something over Bob's head.
Bob "Just wondering, Collins and I had it out earlier. He had a stick up his ass about me not shooting the BOWs he wanted me to shoot or something," Bob explains with a shrug. "I was just killing the ones I can kill fastest, you know?" As he debrides her wound he gives it a few light pokes and squeezes to check for signs of infection. Not finding any, he says, "You're going to need some sutures." And he's off to get a couple of suture kits, some lidocaine and and a needle and syringe. "You have any allergies?"
Vivienne Vivienne winces and when Bob mentions that she's going to need sutures she swears quietly. "I'm not allergic to anything, but I really don't like needles, at all." She goes quiet for a few minutes, her eyes on some random thing within eyeshot. "I'm not pissed off, but it's probably going to be a while before I trust you guys to have my back." She glances down towards bob for a second, sees a needle being prepped and quickly looks away. "Doesn't matter though, I'm a survivor, or I plan to be."
Bob Starting off as gently as he can, Bob numbs the area with lidocaine. Once that's done he starts working with the needle and thread, putting each suture in and tying it off with exacting precision. "We gotta start training together more. We need to work on prioritizing threats and focusing fire and stuff." More sutures go in, Bob's pretty quick at this. "You survived last night, so you got that going."
Vivienne "I survived because of James." Vivienne states, closing her eyes again. "If you're suggesting that I don't shoot at something charging at me, I'm not sure we're ever going to come to an agreement there." She takes shallow breaths, feeling the tug at her skin with each suture. "That was just a clusterfuck, and one I'm not keen to repeat, nor discuss at this particular moment." A beat. "Maybe later, though."
Bob "Nope, wasn't saying that all. That thing was on you before you had a chance and you were maximizing your chance of survival," Bob explains to her, wiping the wounds every few sutures. In all he goes through a few suture kits. "You're right, though, it was a mess. I'll need to digest it over a few beers." Not too much longer and he's got the stitches in. He looks at them, messing with them once more to make sure that they'll hold. "I'll need you to take it easy for now, but we should have these out in about week. Don't go popping stitches." He pulls off his gloves and tosses them before moving to a nearby laptop. After a minute of typing he says, "In about an hour you'll have a script for antibiotics and pain killers. Just gotta get a doc to sign off on it."
Vivienne "Unfortunately, my assignment doesn't allow me to take it easy." Vivienne says as she opens her eyes and focuses on Bob. She sits up, and glances around for a new shirt. "I have to get back to Paris, and back to the penthouse." She frowns for a moment, looking a little hesitant. "Thanks for the help, it's appreciated." She slides off of the bed she's on and pulls her hair into a messy bun before she finds a shirt to tug on. "If you want to discuss it more, call me or something, but the penthouse is bugged'll have to be away from there."
Bob "I got you," Bob replies, turning away to let her get dressed. Modesty, and all that stuff. "Hey, it's no problem." When he hears that the penthouse is bugged he almost turns around, but catches himself at the last second, "I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but yeah, we'll talk about this again." He gets up to put on gloves again and to grab a disinfectant wipe to start cleaning things off, getting the room prepped for the next patient. "I'm trying to get back to the city soon, myself. I want to check out that girl in quarantine, make sure the Frogs are following our procedure."
Vivienne Vivienne moves into Bob's line of sight, completely covered now, as she makes her way out of the infirmary. "If that girl isn't turned by now, she will be soon." She comments, shrugging a shoulder. "I wouldn't talk about what happened last night in front of James. He was pretty pissed off." After a moment she pauses, turns towards the medic and smirks. "I'm surprised at you, calling them Frogs. Tsk.." She snickers and continues to the upper deck, only pausing to snatch up her rifle. "Seeya."