Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa It's been a few hours since the incident in Paris and the FBC team being helivac to the USS Liberty. It was a quiet run back to the Forrestal-class supercarrier as the helicopter passed through the grey clouds. The team was tired and some of the new recruits were scared.

Esa stewed quietly in one of the helicopters, removing his gloves and sighed. His mind replayed the events, having seen it all for the first time. This shit was nothing like Afghanistan, Iraq or some of the other places. Those were monsters. He leaned his head back a slept the rest of the way.

The helicopters landed on the pad was the first thing that woke Esa up. Blinking his eyes, he looked around as he gathered awareness of his surroundings, then stepped off. undoing the vest, his eyes scanned the carriers landing zone, obviously looking for someone.
Bob Bob is the last guy off of his bird, letting the others exit first. His weapon is still slung across his chest but his aid bag has since been removed and he's holding it by the carry handle as he leaves the helicopter, taking a moment to put it back on and cinch the straps into place. All things considered he looks more tired than stressed despite it also being his first encounter with honest to god monsters. He mingles around, checking over the other FBC operators for what can't be the first time, but he doesn't look like he's willing to take any chances with injuries sustained in the city.
Esa Spotting Bob, Esa proceeded over. His face looked placid upon approach, eyes affixed on the man. As he got closer, his voice bellowed out to be heard over the dying helicopters "Sergeant Delgado!"
Bob "Hey man," Bob says as he turns to look at the guy closing in on him, bouncing his aid bag up higher on his back and cinching the straps once again. "What can I do for you, Collins?" he asks as he starts to look over the other fellow, checking briefly for wounds or tears in his uniform. An empty hand comes up so he can wipe it down the front of his face, rubbing gently at the stubble starting to form on his jaw.
Esa Esa face contorted to a frown as he looked at Bob. "I want to know what the hell you were thinking in the field." He replied crisply enough that some of the agents looked over to them. "You left two agents that were down to take out a Lizard that was covered. I'd expect it from a rookie; but not from a veteran of warfare." He adds to jog the man's memory.
Bob "I was thinking I didn't want to run up on a BOW that would then be within arm's reach," Bob explains, letting out an exasperated sounding sigh. "The first rule of tactical combat casualty care is to make sure the scene is safe before tending to a patient and that's what I was doing. I know you don't know that, not a lot of people do, but it's ingrained in everyone who goes to medic school. We're less replaceable than grunts so keeping ourselves as safe as possible is a high priority." He goes on to explain a little further, struggling to keep his voice even, "In my estimation I wasn't safe going near that thing while it was still alive. Asherion was packing a fucking pistol, for Christ's sake, and the other guy was shooting zombies instead of the BOW. Me getting dropped by a monster would have clearly put us in a worse position than we were in."
Esa A pause is given as Esa shook his head. "Corporal Asherion may have been packing a pistol, but her ass was on the ground with one of those fuckers on her." There is a pause before he spoke again. "You had two downed agents, Sergeant. You attacked a BOW that was flanked by myself, Mrs. O'Connal and the man in the Poncho; meanwhile two other BOW's were attacking two agents. Both needed quick reprieve of the enemy that they were wrestling with; one is now in a medical wing with life threatening injuries. The other also received injuries, but to a lesser degree." He replied; another pause is given and he adds "Situational Awareness, Sergeant. We protect our brothers and sisters and the civilians. Our people needed the assist."
Bob "Wait, you're talking about the one I killed?" Bob asks, his mouth dropping open in surprise. "I was actually looking forward to briefing everyone on the importance of focusing fire. If you pour rounds into one until it's dead then it can't hurt anybody. If you spread the damage out then you've still got several functioning BOWs." He goes to explain further, "You understand that they're not humans. You can't hope to drop the things with one dinky ass round from your P90, right? I went for the most injured in order to assure there'd be fewer monsters fucking us up."
Esa Esa face contorted and he shook his head. "God damn it." He mutters. "We work together in taking them down. If you want to focus your fucking fire on one, then focus your fucking fire on one that is KILLING one of our own! NOT the god damn thing that is FLANK!" He shouts loud enough that catches other agent's attention. "How would you like to be in Mister Dalton fucking shoes right now!? Or fucking Corporal Asherion!? We work cohesively as a unit. We assess the fucking situation, and we back our groups six. If that REQUIRES focus fire, then use it. BUT do NOT leave our fucking people to deal with a BOW on their fucking own!" With that he turns to walk off.
Bob "You aren't getting what I'm saying," Bob says, his frown his deep and he shakes his head. "Focusing fire means shooting one until it's dead and then moving on. If I'd put rounds in another BOW instead then there may have been more attacks coming at the group as a whole." He pauses, "It's okay to be upset, but know that I know what the fuck I'm doing. I'm not some computer POG who can't find the selector lever to switch to full auto, after all."
Esa Esa took in a breath and turned to look at Bob. "First; I know what focus fire is. Second; it comes back to assessing the situation, Sergeant. There is a time and place for actions, reactions and tactics. The situation then required one of our operators to deal with a BOWS attacking two officers who were flanked; one whom was on the ground and the second who was dodging its aggressor. The other BOW was handled. Not all tactics are going to work at that point of time, but can be utilized when our team members have regrouped. Next time, assess what is going on and act upon it. Otherwise, we may not all come back." With that said, he turns again to head toward the tower.
Bob "I feel like we're going to disagree on my call, but we can discuss it at the AAR," Bob says, frown still in place, looking exasperated. He sighs deeply and wipes his hand over his face again, "Figure out if our priorities are killing monsters or just wounding them."
Esa Esa continues to walk, stating only "Killing them, Sergeant; but not at the expense of our operators or civilians." before being out of shouting range and heads down below.