Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield There is a barricade set up about a block out from the Catacomb entrance. French miliia have now been called in to control access and patrol the perimeter. Most are armed with either a carbine or assault rifle and they are very serious about keeping unauthorized personnel away from the area.

Just outside the entrance of the Catacombs is a group of soldier types, one of them being Chris Redfield who is talking to them. "Okay, listen up. I know this isn't something you have trained for normally but I have faith in you, do to your jobs in there like any other situation. The important thing, is that we are going in as a team and sticking together as one. For those of you that don't know me, I'm Chris Redfield with the BSAA and I've dealt with these kinds of situations before. I'm not going to sugar coat this people, what we may be facing in there is not normal and to be frank, it is downright scary. It's your job to go in there and risk your lives for a good cause. Take a look at the people standing next to you, all around you and we are all going to have each other's backs." Chris's booming voice is confident as he looks each person in the eye. "It is my job to make sure all of you get back out from here safe and I itend to do that. You all know what is at stake here, you have your orders and I have faith in each and every one of you. Now, go get geared up, do a final equipment check and meet me back here in 20 minutes." There is a resounding, "Sir, yes sir." Then the assembled group heads off to the armored patrol vehicle nearby and Chris, takes out a PDA cell phone to make a call.
Vivienne Vivienne stands off in the shadows of a building, watching the catacombs entrance with James Scott. She glances over at him and then back to the catacombs, shaking her head briefly. "He's going to get himself hurt again." She murmurs, her eyes narrowed. "Maybe it was a bad idea for me to break him out of the hospital."
James Scott "Let's see.." James mutters, looking over all the gathered soldiers. "You're gonna die. You're gonna die. You've got this. You're gonna die. Strong maybe." the teen rattles off, though he thankfully isn't going so far as to point at the soldier's he's muttering about. When Vivienne speaks he looks over and nods slightly. "Yeah, they're usually in the hospital for a reason."
Chris Redfield The soldiers that walked to the APC, are getting their gear from the inside and using the buddy system, to have their partner check off with them that they have everything they need as well as doing safety checks on their firearms. It looks to be a small fire team of 8 that makes up this squad with Chris being their leader as well as pointman most likely, which is what he was in S.T.A.R.S. and he finds it hard to relinquish that position even though he's now in command. "Who is that Redfield guy anyways?" One soldier asks the other. "You don't know? What are you an idiot? He's BSAA, from Raccoon City and some ex-military and police swat team member. I heard he's very experienced with this shit and hell, he even escaped that Umbrella building blowing up." The first soldier stares at his friend, "What? I thought he went missing or some shit, how the hell is he going to lead us back in there after he went through all that?" The second soldier shrugs. "I dunno, the commander told us to follow him so I guess they must know what is going on."

Chris, finishes his conversation on his PDA and then paces a bit in front of the catacombs entrance. He stops for a moment, to check his own primary weapon which is an XM8 assault rifle. He then taps on the side of his ear, which is where is radio mic is and does a test. "Radio test. 1,2,3. How do you copy?" Yup, Chris as usual has that serious stoic mission face expression on hard core mode.
Vivienne "If there weren't so many people around I'd say knock him out and we could lock him in a room until he's recovered." Vivienne mutters, her hand idly patting at the holster at her back to make sure she's brought a weapon. "Do you think we should follow them or..wait.." She stares at James for a moment. "What happens if one of these people get bit, do they start spreading the virus?"
James Scott "It might be complicated, but here's my plan. You start a fire to distract those soldiers, then I'll sneak up on Chris and punch him in the face until he's unconscious. We just gotta get him back to the hospital before they notice." James says, pushing up onto his toes with a minor wince to get a good look at everything. "And they should be fine. I guess they'd get tested when if they made it. Probably quarantined. Then if they turn they catch a bullet to the brain."
Chris Redfield Whatever was said back to Chris on his mike, seemed to be satisfactory as he nods then replies. "Copy you five by five, command. My team will be ready to head out in about 15 minutes. I'll advise you when the mission is green and provide updates during our patrol." One of the soldiers, looks like a senior NCO by the Sgt stripes on his sleeve, approaches Chris, giving him a salute. "Redfield, my name is Sgt. Frank Jones with the SRT and I'll be your second in commmand for this mission. These boys are pretty green, fresh out of the academy for the most part but they did well in training. This will be their first real mission."

Chris nods, putting a hand on Sgt Jones's shoulder. "I understand and glad to have you with me. Don't worry, I'll take point on this and I'm counting on you to keep your men calm and collected when we are down there. The worst thing that can happen is if we panic, break ranks and they freeze." Chris then points to the entrance of the catacombs. "I've spent a lot of time down there so I know my way back towards the Quarintine zone. We just need to stay tight and rear guard has to be sharp. Got it?" Sgt. Jones nods, "Got it Redfield. You can count on me and my men." Chris replies. "Good." Then the two of them walk off a bit to discuss things of a more private nature about the mission, their voices are now no longer able to be heard above the background noises.
Vivienne "I'm sure the hospital noticed that he's gone, and all that work to get him out?" Vivienne says, smirking over her shoulder at James. "No way I'm taking him back." She folds her arms over her chest. "I do wonder what he's going after down there, I know there was something about these catacombs." She steps closer to James. "Are they gonna run into know..down there? Does Umbrella care if the militia are nosing around?"
James Scott "Are they gonna run into certain death?" James asks Vivienne, arching a single brow. "Only Chris and that sergeant are gonna make it out of there. But the sergeant is gonan be missing his kneecaps like Cotton Hill." The teen shakes his head slowly. "And Umbrella might care, depends on if they're hiding anything I don't know about down there.'
Chris Redfield After about five minutes, Chris finishes his private conversation with Sgt. Jones and the sergeant walks back to the APC to check on his squad. Redfield, pulls out his PDA again and makes another phone call. "Hi, is this the hospital Saint-Louis? Do you speak English? Oh, good. This is Chris Redfield, I was a patient there on the second floor and I, didn't check out properly the other night." Chris then pauses as he listens to what is being said to him on the other end. "Yes, that's me and I apologize for that. An emergency came up at work, yes, I know I shouldn't have left like that but like I said it was an emergency. If you could do me a favor, put my personal belongings to the side for me and I will either come by to pick it up or send someone. Yes, including the plant, the one on the windowsill. Yes, thanks. Good bye." He then hangs up his PDA and walks towards the APC now.
Vivienne As Chris walks back towards the APC, Vivienne takes the moment to pick up a small rock and chucks it at his soft head. *PLONK* Bullseye. She searches the ground for another rock, just in case he didn't get the hint the first time. "Well hopefully nothing is hiding down there, then, right?" She pauses and then leans quietly whispers. "They don't send you in for things like this, do they?"
James Scott "Security is kind of a blanket term. Infected cleanup, counterterrorism, murder, kidnapping, that sort of stuff. So, yes. Sometimes. Sometimes they just let the B.O.W's take care of it." James looks out at the soldiers for a few more moments. "These guys haven't seen any action yet, look at them. Who the fuck sends a newbie out to hunt monsters? If you're hunting monsters you send the people with experience who won't freeze."
Chris Redfield "Ow." Chris exclaims and rubs the back of his head when a small pebble hits him. He quickly ducks instinctively, then spins around to see who threw that at him either that or the sky really is falling. His right hand is holding the grip of his XM8, which he keeps the barrel pointed to the ground as he looks around. Then, he spots them, two figures who are hiding out near a building just inside the perimeter of the off limits area, that is now under the control and being patrolled by the French Miliia. He marches on over, there a genuine scowl on his face and glares at the two of you, but especially at Vivienne. "Goddamnit, Vivienne! What the hell are you two doing in here? This area is off limits, unless you have clearance then I'm going to have to ask you to leave." He looks pretty pissed off. "I'm about one second away from calling this in and have you two arrested." He looks pretty serious about this.
Vivienne Vivienne stares at Chris as he yells, not seemingly fazed by it and when he pauses she holds up a hand. "Listen, pal. I didn't help you get out of the hospital so you could check back in after prom night down in the catacombs. Do you think this is going to work?" She asks, gesturing towards the crew still preparing at the entrance to the catacombs. She glances at James and then rolls her eyes. "Listen, Chris. I'm part of the F.B.C, I got badges just like you do, one call will get me clearance, I would bet." She exhales a gusty sigh. "Listen, I didn't come here to argue, you're in no shape for heroics - why not hand this off to someone else?"
James Scott "Sorry boyscout, I'm here on on official business. Which just so happens to be looking after Vivienne." James doesn't seem bothered by it at all. "I've been hunting infected down there for a while now. You just gonna march a bunch of newbies off to their deaths? Though I guess that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things."

"This is kinda like Raccoon, or that cruise ship, or that little Indonesian fishing village. Except this is arguably worse, with the cramped dark spaces, collapsing tunnels, and infected hiding in with the bones. Fuck are you looking for anyway?"
Chris Redfield Chris glances between the two of you, then holds up an index finger to the air and then points it towards Vivienne. "Stop, following me!" And then he points at James, "I don't know who the hell he is, but this is your last chance to leave before I call this in. I don't have time for this bullshit." He quirks an eyebrow at this teenaged looking tatooed kid who seems to know too much for someone of his young age. Since James doesn't appear to be dressed up in any official uniform, he doesnn't recognize any authority he has and he sure isn't about to get into a pissing contest right now. He then promtply turns around and keys the mike on his radio, "Sgt. Jones. This is Redfield. Are your men ready? We are leaving in five minutes. Meet me at the staging area. Redfield out." He then marches back towards the APC, not looking back and his jaw is tightened, his fists clenched - yeah he's pissed off.
Vivienne "Well.." Vivienne muses, her hands folded in front of her. "..looks like he's pissed off." She notes, glancing over at James with a grin. "Call the cops indeed, by the time they got here, we'd be long gone." She takes James by the hand and starts to walk towards the penthouse. "Do me a favor though, if you do get a call about this? Just punch him a few times..don't kill him though."
James Scott "James Scott. Raccoon survivor, went to college with your sister! We've met like five times now Chris!" James shouts back at the man as he walks off, shaking his head slightly. "Am I really that forgetable?" His shoulders raise in a slight shrug as he walks alongside Vivienne, "Just a little brain damage, something to remember me by."
Chris Redfield Chris probably heard James yelling about himself at him but he either is too preoccupied with other things from listening to his radio or just ignored him, because he can be a jerk like that sometimes. Redfield is used to being threatened though and he's very good at frustrating people, seems to have quite the talent for it in fact. Heading back to the APC, he gets himself ready and shortly thereafter heads into the Catacombs with Sgt Jones's squad.