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Emma It's cold, but no longer snowing. Still that didn't stop Emma from taking a ride on her horse, outside. Shaemus is with her too, as his master is removing the saddle, and putting everything away post ride.
Isabel It took a little doing, but Isabel finally did find her way to the manor Emma mentioned. Some initial suspicion at the gate was overcome by the mention of Emma's name, and now she's inside. Chilly, but inside. Now the trouble is finding Emma in a place this /huge/.
It turns out that's easier than she expected: The gate guards had mentioned the stables and pointed the way. Coming up on that structure now. she has no trouble spotting the slightly-ajar door. Within moments, she's peeking inside.
And the horse standing in place while it's being unsaddled and untacked is a dead giveaway. "Emma?" Isabel calls softly, easing inside, careful not to startle the horse. She has no worries about Shaemus.
Emma Before Isabel even speaks, Shaemus knew someone was there. He'd of began to trot over that way, giving a friendly woof. His master is by her horse, saddle put away now. She is dressed warm but also for riding. Looking up to Isabel there is a smile. "'ello, Isabel, co - come on in. Much warmer in here."

Going over to a shelf, the red head grabs a hoof pick, as some snow and dirt is stuck in her horses hooves. Walking around the front of her horse, then going to the bac leg and making a clicking sound with her tongue, the horse lifts her foot, which is rested on Emma's thigh. Taking the pick, she proceeds to clean the hoove.
Isabel Growing up in Colorado, Isabel knows a little about horses, and that a heated stable in this kind of weather is horse heaven. She slips in, careful to close the door fully behind her. Shaemus, of course, gets a quick ear-scruff. "Hello, you big ball of fuzz, you," she coos to the massive dog, squatting beside him to hug him 'round the neck.
She glances up with a smile. "Thanks for letting me in, Emma. Need help? I don't think I could pick hooves, but maybe keep her calm? Or keep Shaemus out of the way?"
Emma Shaemus would lick Isabel's face as much aa he can, happily accepting the hug.

Emma gives a small shake of her head, looking up quickly from cleaning the hoove. "I - I think yer doin' good with just givin' Shaemus some -- some love." She is given a warm if not shy smile. "How ya doin' anyway?"
Isabel Isabel, not expecting such an enthusiastic greeting, yelps and turns her head to keep from getting licked in the eyes. "Oh, yuck! Shaemus, I'm not a lollipop!" she protests, petting him anyway. "I'm okay, Emma. I'm sorry I didn't come sooner. Things in Paris have kept me kind of busy, what with getting my new video software installed and visiting Chris in the hospital. How's the rural French life suiting you?"
Emma Emma laughs a little, watching Isabel get licked by Shaemus. Something is said in Gaelic, to her dog. It must of been a command, he stops licking and just goes into happy nuzzling.

"I -- I had rounds tha other day with Chris." She mentions. That hoove is done and the next one is moved to, the same process repeated. "I like it, it's enough ta - ta remind me of home, horses ta ride. Though a bit more fancy." There is a small shrug. "Lot has happened in Paris lately."
Isabel "You've got to teach me that word," Isabel says, surprised but grateful, as Shaemus's change from tongue to nose, which is definitely colder but less wet. She scratches along his sides with her fingertips, switching to palms to rub a little warmth into his still-chilled fur. "I'm glad you had a chance to see him. I think he'll be in one place for a little while, recovering. Thanks for taking such good care of him," she adds, with more feeling than the subject might warrant at first blush.
Emma Emma grins a little. "I - I can do that." Says the lass to Isabel, eyeing her a moment when she talks of Chris. Looking back down to her work, there is a casual shrug. "Tis my - my job, but I like helpin' people. I'm tryin', men are - are, hard ta take care of, stubborn as mules." Yet her tone suggests this is nothing new to her.
Isabel "Yes, definitely," Isabel agrees. "When I spoke to Chris the first time, he was sure he'd be out in a day, ready or not. Two days later, he seemed like he'd resigned himself to staying long enough to do some real recovery." She smiles at Emma. "Do I have you to thank for that?"
Emma That hoove done, Emma puts down the pick, pulls her gloves off and walks over to a box, and pulls out some sugar cubes, while shrugging. "Yer - yer gonna need'ta ask him, ta be honest. I tried,l ta make sure he stayed. Ask him next time ya - ya seem 'em?" Maybe she is a little curious, but is used to grumpy patients. From there, her horse is fed some sugar cubes.
Isabel Isabel stands, giving Shaemus a final pat. "I will, promise. I suspect your words did the job," she says, nodding and smiling at her friend. "Mind if we continue this discussion inside? I think Shaemus would thank you."