Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield It is the evening of December 16, 2005 and at the Hospital Saint-Louis, the Christmas decorations adorn the halls as well as the nursing station. Even though the mood in Paris is somewhat sombre because of the recent terrorist attack at the Umbrella building and the fear of what lurks in the Quarintine Zone, the people still cling to hope. That is how people can continue to carry on with their day to day lives even in the face of a looming threat. Humanity just can't roll over and hide in fear because of bioterrorism. It is the brave women and men who are both behind the scenes as well as in the front lines fighting back against the undead horde that threatens Paris from below.

For one solider, a BSAA operative who has risked his life numerous times he has been put on the disabled list. For him there is no worse place to be and he feels helpless that his team is out there but he is not. It doesn't help that his mood normally could be described as aloof or stoic, but now it is downright dour.

The door to his private room is closed and a chair propped up against it, to keep people from just walking in unannounced. Chris is sitting on his bed in his private hospital room, that blue hospital gown has been tossed to the corner, he's managed to put on his tactical cargo pants with much effort, his BSAA shirt was easier but his combat armor - that is what he's really struggling with right now and no matter how much grunting or silent cussing is helping matters. His non injured arm has made it through but his bandaged arm seems trapped, he can't quite get his whole arm through. "Goddamnit, why is this happening to me now." Redfield mutters to himself and continues to struggle to get his combat armor on.
Vivienne The tree outside of Redfield's window is a perfect vantage point to keep an eye on someone. She sits in a branch, shivering slightly as she watches the man try to pull on armor. She can see the struggle and she shakes her head, silently laughing. Finally after a few moments of watching this she swings from a branch to the windowsill and she taps on the window with her finger.
Chris Redfield Chris isn't easiliy surprised, he's got that uncanny sixth sense about danger that earned him the position as point man on Alpha team in S.T.A.R.S. but the tap on the window was unexpected. His right hand instinctively went for his holstered Samurai Edge, but since he was all caught up in his combat armor he kinda fumbled and then fell off the bed. "Goddamnit!" At least he was able to roll up to his knees, but the fall did have one positive effect, it jarred his armor at just the right angle that he was able to get his injured arm through but the bad news is, he kinda landed on it while bracing himself during the fall. Rising slowly to his feet, he bites back the angry cuss words that would have come out of his mouth, still seething though and walks over to the window, looking out at the Cirque de soliel act going on outside. He had no idea that Vivienne was an accomplished acrobat and peeping tom tree climber. Redfield does not look amused, staring out at her and then closes the blinds! What a jerk!
Vivienne Vivienne rolls her eyes and taps on the window again, her perch percarious but tenable. She slides a gloved hand along the glass, trying to get the window to open but it's locked. Clenching her teeth, she draws her gun and raises it, preparing to break the glass if she has to. She hesitates and calls out. "If you don't open this, I'm going to cause property damage."
Chris Redfield Chris thinks that he's been quite clear in showing her his displeasure at being spyed on, so he raises the blinds, unlocks the window and opens it. His expression is as usual, stoic with a hint of annoyance as he turns his back, walking back to the bed and checking on his gear that he's laid out. Picking up the MP5 SMG, making sure the safety is on and the mag is seated properly before attaching it to the rear of his combat armor. He picks up a large custom Magnum revolver next, inspecting it. He doesn't speak as he goes through his equipment check, probably something he has done hundreds of times and has now become habit.
Vivienne Vivienne slips into the window and her eyes narrow as she gestures to the door with the chair blocking it. "What the hell is this?" She asks, her voice uncharacteristically bitchy. She walks up to Chris and she sees the weariness in his expression, the clear struggle he's going through. She checks the armor where it fastens without a word and when she's finished she gazes at the door briefly again. "So how were *you* planning to get out of here?"
Chris Redfield Chris glances at you when you give him that bitchy remark, well he probably deserved it but he's being stubbornly silent yet again. Yes, he's weary and not fully recovered from his injuries as anyone without a medical degree can plainly see.

Instead of responding, he puts his custom Magnum with an 8 shot barrel, into the shoulder holster built into his combat armor. Next he picks up his heavy combat knife, sheathing it expertly into the knife sheath on his left shoulder. Lastly, he picks up his XM8 Assault Rifle, slinging it over his shoulder and then walks over to the window looking out to gauge how far it is down to the ground. Yup, he's a silent jerk to boot.
Vivienne "That's not going to work." Vivienne notes, her face expressionless. She remembers his injuries enough to know that he's just going to end up hurting himself again. "You wanna get out of here, get back to work, you're gonna need to stop trying to be the bionic man and ask for help." She leans against the hospital bed, arms folded over her chest, waiting to see if the stubborn and grouchy Chris Redfield will ask for help.
Chris Redfield Chris's jaw tightens as he continues to look out the window, hearing Vivienne's words, words that sting but ring true. His fists clench, then unclench as he grows frustrated by the truth of his situation and probably moreso because the truth is coming from the lips of someone who is spying on him. "Don't need your help and I don't like being spyed on." He finally speaks but his words have a sharp ring to them as he slowly turns around to face you, crossing his own arms and stares at you stoicly.
Vivienne "I don't see keeping an eye on someone I was concerned about 'spying'." Vivienne says, moving over to gaze out the window briefly before she turns back to Chris. "You actually do need my help, if you want to get out of here without getting reinjured." She gestures to him with her dominant hand and smirks. "I mean, it would have been easier to sneak your shit out, and then you..but you're all dressed and now you're ..conspicuous." She sighs and bites on her bottom lip as she considers what to do. "Well...I've got a bit of an idea.. if you're willing to unbend enough to listen and actually talk to me."
Chris Redfield "Keeping an eye? Is that what you call it? Bullshit." Chris replies with a grunt and then walks over towards the door. He moves the chair and is about to open the door.
Vivienne "If I was spying, you'd never have spotted me." Vivienne says, turning back towards the window, preparing to slip back out of it. She goes still as she sees someone standing at ground level, their eyes on the window she's standing at. "Expecting company?" She asks idly, glancing over her shoulder at Chris.
Chris Redfield Chris's hand stops right before he turns the doorknob, the hairs on the back of his neck stand up a bit when Vivienne asks him about company. He glances back over his shoulder, shaking his head. "No, I'm not. What do you see?" He steps to the side away from the door, putting his back to the wall now and unholsters his Samurai Edge. "Viv, get away from the window. Now." He says in a very serious tone and he's stayed alive this long for one of a few reasons, mainly because he trusts his insticts.
Vivienne Vivienne takes two steps back and kneels, pulling her pistol from the holster at her back. "Are you sure that your outfit doesn't have someone covering your ass?" She hisses quietly, gazing up at Chris. She checks her weapon, making sure it's loaded before she glances towards the light in the room. "Put that out?" She asks, her ears straining to hear anything that might be going on outside.
Chris Redfield Chris reaches over and flicks off the light switch, the room is now in darkness. It takes more than several seconds to a minute for your eyes to adjust to the lack of light to get your night vision. "No, everyone is busy on missions. You sure you weren't followed here?" He says quietly, then silently moves over to the door, cracking it open to take a peek outside. "Clear."
Vivienne Instead of answering what she clearly feels is an inane question Vivienne leans foward to peek outside of the window. The figure is still there, not seemingly phased by the lights suddenly being cut. She doesn't get to her feet, but manages to gracefully make her way towards the door. She can see that there are several people working and she holsters her gun. "Listen, Chris, the window isn't an option now, so I'm gonna go create a distraction and you walk out, I'll meet you outside shortly. Right?"
Chris Redfield Chris nods, his face silhouetted by the hallway light when he cracked open the door. He holsters his own weapon now, since there is no immediate threat and listens to you carefully. Yup, he's got that serious mission face expression and you can tell this is his element, this is the Chris most people know and even injured, he's still more than capable.
Vivienne Vivienne takes a breath and walks out towards the nurses station. She only glances back once, and now there is a grin on her face. Apparently causing trouble makes *someone* happy. She's within a few feet of the station when she suddenly lets out a blood curdling scream and sinks like a sack of potatoes to the floor. The three nurses on duty take her in, and move with intent to check her out, kneeling over Vivienne's prone body. No eyes are on Chris's door now, or anywhere other than the girl lying in the hallway.
Chris Redfield Chris watches Vivienne's performance with interest, she's got some skill to go along with the moxy and he always suspected there was more than meets with eye with this one. Never judge a book by it's cover. As the nurse tend to Vivienne after her stellar performance, he takes his cue by her distraction to quickly slip out the door, head to the fire escape stairwell and head down to the exit.
Vivienne Vivienne sits up, rubbing the back of her head with a groan. The blonde nurse who gave her the dagger stare the last time she showed up for a visit narrows her eyes and says something to another red haired nurse in French. Vivienne gets to her feet, dusts herself off and sighs. "Sorry ladies, I don't think I had enough to eat tonight." She says, rubbing at her stomach as she backs towards the stairwell. "I think I'll go find some food now though, thanks so much for keeping an eye on me!" She says, before she turns and pushes through the door to the stairwell. She briefly pauses at the other side of the door and indulges in a brief fit of giggles before she skips down the stairs towards the exit. She removes her pistol from its holster, swallows her mirth and tries to find Chris.
Chris Redfield Chris, makes his way down the fire escape stairwell with only the slightest discomfort. He's been in worse shape than this on a mission but he's able to set that pain aside, his iron will is one of his strenghts and pushes through it. His cardio might be a bit lacking after being bedridden for a few days but thankfully his natural athleticism allows him to reach the first floor without much trouble. He's still cautious when he opens the door, that leads to the outside, quickly peeking out to survey the area and then withdrawing back to cover behind the door. He waits for Vivienne to join him.
Vivienne Vivienne slips out the door, spots Chris, and drops into a deep curtsy, her fingers pulling out an imaginary dress as she grins impishly. She stands up straight and quietly walks towards the man, her eyes constantly darting around as she tries to spot hostiles. When she reaches Chris she stands close, her voice a soft whisper. "So where are we going?"
Chris Redfield "I appreciate the help, Vivienne. But I'm not sure what is going on here." Chris says with that stoic expression of his when you step up close to him, he unholsters his Samurai Edge pistol once more and then moves towards the door. "Cover me. I'm going to draw their attention and you'll be able to assess how many we are dealing with." Yup, he's a man of action alright and he got that keen tactical sense, even if some might call it reckless by choosing to draw fire on puprose.
Vivienne Vivienne scowls at Chris and shoves him gently to get his attention. "Unnecessary - we can't fight if I'm going to have to cover your ass like this. You're still injured." She points out, with a smirk. "Fall back, finish healing up somewhere safe, and then we move on this." She insists, but even as she's saying this she's brought her pistol up to a ready position. "Where is your safe place?" She asks, trying with her sharp eyes to find where the enemy might most likely be seeking cover. "I'll cover you so that you can make your way in that direction."
Chris Redfield "I'm not going to a..." Chris shoots you an annoyed look but remarks after you shove him. "Just cover me, okay? 1, 2, 3." On three, Redfield kicks the door open (was that really necessary?) and then runs at full tilt towards the parkng lot, taking cover behind some cars. But when there are no bullets, zombies or BOWS jumping out at him, he just continues to run in a zig zag type pattern and away from the hospital towards the street.
Vivienne Vivienne eyes Chris and wonders if he'll collapse. She'll have to take him to where she's staying if he does. She doesn't break into a run, she elects the quiet sneaky method instead. There are several places where cover can be found and she utilizes them all on her way to the street, keeping an eye on Chris's back. When she doesn't see anyone following she turns and breaks into a sprint, easily catching up with the wounded soldier. "I'm half tempted to shoot you in the knee." She remarks almost conversationally as she keeps pace with Chris. "If I thought it would get you somewhere safe to lay low." It's then that her voice gets rougher. "You're in no shape for a fight."
Chris Redfield Chris slows down his pace after he realizes taht they aren't being followed and there is no threat for the moment, but he's still keeping his eyes out just in case. He's a bit winded though, especially wearing all his gear and stops for a moment to catch his breath. "I'm /fine/. Just need a little bit of time to get back into game shape." He likes to use those baseball analogies as annoying as they may seem and he ignores the knee shooting comment. "Listen, probably best we split up from here on in. That way if we are being followed, it should be easier to spot them. Thanks again for your help. I'll catch you around." Yup, looks like he's back to his normal lone wolf self.
Vivienne "Fine!" Vivienne says, backing away, her arms folded over her chest. "You're welcome, jackass." She adds turning to stalk away. She fully plans on finding out where he's holed up, and will be keeping an eye on him What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?"
Chris Redfield Chris nods, fully expecting that kind of reaction in fact since he's been on the receiving end of it before. If she does follow him, the only place he is going is back towards the Quarintine Zone and into the Catacombs. He's not only a jackass, but he's stubborn, foolish and either one of the bravest sonofabitches on the planet or the stupidest.