Umbrella Surveillance System
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Jane Chelsea As the other teams descended into the depths of the facility, Wyvern Team had been instead chosen to remain back and guard the elevators shafts leading inside in case anyone came back out; friend or foe.

It had been an hour since the other teams had gone down into the facility, and all contact had been lost the moment they had descended.

It had been quiet above, not a thing going on until an urgent transmission from Umbrella, "All teams at the Arklay Mountain Facility, you are to evacuate immediately. The situation has been compromised, retreat with any secured samples."

The men in Katherine's squad looked to her for guidance.
Katherine Quinn "Damn." Wyvern is not happy with that radio transmission, "You heard HQ. Situation has gone south, we're to evacuate immediately." She looks at the group, "Folks, we'll need to head back to the entrance. Two by two."

She takes point, moving first towards the shaft, "We'll stay put for a few moments, just to see if anyone else is coming back up...Then we'll get out of here."
Jane Chelsea There is no sign of anyone coming back up as the time passes, but the radio of the Delta-Force Operator who had survived crackles to life for a moment, static mostly interfering with the transmission, "Confirmation not received. Operation Skeleton Key is in effect."

The chemical flare at the bottom of the shaft had long burned out as well, providing nothing but a view of darkness down into the depths leading to the facility.

"All clear!" A member of the squad reports as they reach the end of the tunnel, peeking out towards the exterior where the choppers were parked. Both of them still there plus the US Military Blackhawks.
Katherine Quinn "Right." She says, "That operation being launched by the military doesn't sound good. Lets get out of here." She motions for them to head to the helicopter. The pilot should have stayed with it, right? There's no reason the pilot would have gone down the shaft.

A bit worried however, she stops and looks for that anti-air launcher they used to take down the third helicopter...Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
Jane Chelsea Katherine is able to find the disposable stinger missile launcher used by the Delta-Force Operator who had shot down one of their choppers, unfortunately there was no ammo anywhere to be found. Likely it had been meant as a quickly used and disposed of weapon, maybe not even to deal with aircraft.

The rest of Wyvern Squad begins to get in the chopper, one of them taking the pilot seat, and another taking the co-pilot seat. Two other members of the ad-hoc squad had been pilots of the other chopper, but there was safety in numbers.

The blades of the helicopter begin to spin as it was started up. Snow fell from the sky lightly, beginning to cover the corpses out on the field of battle Umbrella and Military alike with a light dusting.
Katherine Quinn With no ammo, and no extra launchers, Wyvern heads for the vehicle, "Lets get off the ground." She doesn't like the idea of leaving the rest of the crew, but there's a good chance they're already done for, otherwise they wouldn't have ordered an evacuation in the first place.
Jane Chelsea As the chopper is about half an hour from the facility and landing in Raccoon City on the top of the Umbrella Corporation building, an explosion could be seen in the distance; from the direction of the facility the group had just left.

An Umbrella Executive was waiting at the top of the building to receive a debriefing from the squad, as well as a signed 'silence' bonus about the operation that had just been conducted.
Katherine Quinn The explosion as they were leaving bothers the hell out of Wyvern the whole trip back. That could have been them still, stuck there in that entrance if they hadn't gotten out of there in time. She'll sit and listen to the debrief, but she'll take the silence bonus and the mandatory post operation days off.