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Emma It's a busy day in the hospital, at least for Emma. Having finished her rounds, the red head is at the nurses station, wearing her scrubs, hair put up into a loose bun with a pencil holding it up.

"Nurse Becker, a bed pan is needed in room two." She says, kindly, to the nurse who goes off to do her work.
Benny Benny promised someone he would go to the hospital to get checked out and he doesn't want to dissapoint the person who asked him to go. So, here he is, limping into the hospital and walks over to triage to speak to the nurse. "Hi, do you speak English? Oh good, I'm here to see a doctor. I have a few, things that I need to get checked out and my name is Benny Chan." He then takes out his Blue Cross card, showing the triage nurse that he's got health coverage and then waits patiently for them to tell him how long it is going to take.
Emma The nurse looks up at Benny, and lifts a brow. "Of course." She says in a flat tone. "Just a second." She turns away and walks up to the counter where Emma is working. "Got another one for you."

Emma has a pen between her teeth, she was shifting through papers, and looks up to the nurse briefly then goes to follow her to the desk, and when Benny is spotted she gives him a smile around that pen, then takes it out. "Yer - yer here, good, come on I'll get ya patched up."
Benny "Thanks, miss." Benny says to the nurse politely and then smiles softly at Emma when she looks up from her desk. "Hi, Em. Yes, I'm here and thank you." He then follows Emma into the patient room and tries to hide that limp of his but he can't, nor can he hide all those bruises or lacerations on his face. "So how are you doing? I'm sorry you had to leave the Christmas party so soon...I don't know who that old guy was but he really pissed off James, which really isn't that hard to do but still." He shrugs and winces a bit by the movement, then takes a seat.
Emma Emma motions to the bed for him to sit, and frowns slightly. "He - he wanted ta talk, is all." A hand rubs her shoulder, remembering how it hurt when Poncho gripped her tightly. Having been turned away she faces him, and shrugs. "Do - don't feel bad, I should. I bailed on ya'all, and Esa, I heard he left after, felt like I ruined tha party for everyone, I just --" Her head shake. "Just needed ta breath."
Benny "I understand. It was nice of you to organize it and you put so much hard work into it. The reason I felt bad is that you had to leave so soon and no you didn't ruin the party, don't think that." Benny says in a soft voice and sits on the bed as instructed. "Everything okay?" He has a concerned expression on his face.
Emma He's given a quick, thankful smile, idly crossing her arms and shrugging a little. "I -- I guess, just a lot on my mind." There is a helpless shrug. "Includin' you, what happened to ya?" Her big grey-green eyes are fixed on him, full of concern of their own.
Benny "I into another fight. At that club." Benny looks a bit ashamed when he tells you and then adds, "I fight three guys, not a scratch and then the next match I might have gotten a bit too overconfident against just one opponent. He was pretty tough and got me good a few times, but I won at least." He then looks down at his leg, which he knows is a gunshot wound. "I uh...also might have been shot at. But it was only a graze." He tries to look as innocent as possible.
Emma "Why - why even go there?" Emma clearly doesn't get it, and shakes her head. A brow lifts, more curious now. "..why were you shot at?"
Benny "I don't know...I guess I was getting too close to something. I don't go to the fight club just to fight, I think there is more to it than meets the eye." Benny replies in a sincere tone and sighs a bit. "I know it might sound crazy."
Emma A hand brushes some red hair away from her face, Emma is quiet as she considers what he had said. One thing stands out, and after scratching the tip of her freckled nose a little, the lass feels the need to ask. "Wh - what were ya gettin" close to?"
Benny "The samething you are trying to figure out." Benny says and watches you carefully. "I might not be working for the FBC or BSAA, but I still can't forget what happened in Raccoon and I know you feel the same. We still need to take care of you found and count me in."
Emma Emma frowns, and is quiet, now she is on the other side of the coin. She sighs a little, a hand going to rub her head. "Is - is this how ya feel when I go out'n do stuff?" It's just a guess, but damn the worry. "Wh - what did ya find out?" Stepping forward, she nods to the wounds, slipping on some gloves. "I am plannin' ta go back, don't worry, you'll be there to, I think ya killin' me for goin' 'lone again would be worse than anythin' that monster could do." He's given a wink.
Benny Benny blinks, "Yeah, I guess it's pretty close." He listens to you talk about not going back alone and nods approvingly with a slight grin. "Well, I wouldn't go that far but I would certainly give you a piece of my mind." He then lets you examine his injuries and tries his best not too wince or grimace too much.
Emma "Close?" Emma asks curiously, pausing a second there. She smirks a little, and then goes to look at the bullet that grazed his leg. "Ya - ya know, I wanna know what you'd say if yer givin' me a piece of yer mind. I'm curious."
Benny " shouldn't take so many risks, why are you putting yourself in unnecessary danger and blah blah blah." Benny says to Emma and then chuckles. "It doesn't really work that well since it is a hypothetical question." His leg wound is really just a graze, the bullet didn't hit any arteries and is superficial, doesn't even need stitches.
Emma "Why are you puttin' yerself at risk?" Emma asks in return, half serious half amused. "I think yer all happier if I lock myself in a room an' never come out." Tilting her head and crossing her arms some, Benny is regarded. "Yer - yer gonna be fine, really, just no more fight club an' take it easy. I'll prescribe you some stuff for pain an' swellin'."
Benny "I was a cop, kinda used to it and I know it sounds cliche but that's the truth. But I don't just recklessly throw myself into the jaws of danger." Benny replies in a thoughtful way and crosses his arms. "Well, we do try to keep you safe but I guess we can't expect you to stay in the back seat." He sighs, "Thank you for fixing me up and I'll take a break from the fight club." He knows that he can't keep up this pace forever and needs to heal up.
Emma Emma smirks a little, she grabs the clip board and prescription pad. "Ya got a - a point, ya always do Benny." He is given a smile. "I am.. feelin' better lately, things seem ta be gettin' better, not feelin' so 'lone nor - nor useless." The lass does look better than when they were in the stable. "Don't'cha worry, I'll drag yer arse with me when there is danger, okay? An - an, yer needin' ta rest, kick yer feet up. Oh! Can ya stop by tha Chateau later I got ya a Christmas present."
Benny "Oh, well I'm glad to hear that you are going better and have more confidence in yourself. I never doubted you, Emma and always knew you were strong. You have a good future ahead of you, if you let yourself believe that and feel it." Benny says in a rare moment of non-joking and non-comic book or movie references. He nods when you tell him that you will bring him when around during times of danger, "Good. I'm pretty handy ya know, eh?" When you bring up that you have a Christmas present he blinks and then smiles shyly. "Really? didn't have to do that, Em. I uh, thank you and I will drop by soon then." He has to go shopping, like right after he leaves here!!
Emma "Aye, I - I guess." Emma says, thinking now how much her believing in herself has wavered so much. Then she chuckles a little. "I -guess- yer handy, ya'know, for a comic book nerd." She winks and jokes with that, handing over the prescription. "Whenever yer able ta, an don't worry yer not needin' ta get me anythin'."
Benny Benny smirks, "Comic books are worth saving in this world, well my world anyways and thanks." He takes the prescription and folds it, tucking it into his pocket. "I'll let you know when I'll be coming over and I know, I don't but I want too." Yes, he will hit the mall as soon as he leaves here and do some power shopping!
Emma She'd go to pat his arm, with a laugh. "By tha - tha way, yer shirt at tha party was awesome." Emma had to add that, because it was, and then nods. "Okay.." She isn't going to argue, but doesn't want him to feel pressurd. "Remember ta take it easy or yer dealin' with me, okay? Worse than that brain thing any day."