Umbrella Surveillance System
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Chris Redfield There is a new patient admitted a few days ago, while Emma was off shift and according to his chart, he was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in an arm and leg, deep laceration on his forehead, a concussion, multiple contusions, facial lacerations and bruised ribs. The patients name is Chris Redfield, there is a note on file saying that he's with an organization called the BSAA, that he is allowed to have his equipment (including firearms) stored in the private patient room and that any information regarding his medical profile or that he's staying here is restricted from public access including the media.

Chris is currently laying in bed, one arm and leg are bandaged, his ribs are taped up, his forehead is stitched up and he doesn't look happy to be here. He is staring up at the ceiling, an IV in his non bandaged arm and there is a brooding expression on his face. The television is on, but there is no volume and he's dressed in a blue hospital gown with blankets covering the lower half of his body.
Emma Emma, back on shift, was told to go and check up on this patient. Of course, she is in scrubs, her hair is pulled back into a loose messy bun, held in place with a pencil. After reading over the chart, the lass goes to enter, looking up from it. "'ello, Mr. Redfield." There is a pause, this was the guy from that mission. Going up to stand beside him, big grey-green eyes look down, her smile soft and kind. "Yer - yer not enjoyin' this huh? Well, we'll do our best ta get ya outta here soon."
Chris Redfield Chris glances towards the door, when Emma walks in and quirks an eyebrow slightly in recognition. "Hi, doc...oh you work here?" Of course she does, she just walked in with his chart and he nods, as he uses the remote on the bed to move the upper portion to a seated position so that he can address her more properly. "The sooner you can get me out of here, the better it will be for everyone. I've got to get back out there as soon as possible." He glances towards the window, then back to you.
Emma Emma regards Chris in a calm way, listening to what he has to say, nodding with understanding. "Tha - tha truth is, yer no help, ta anyone, in this state. Ya need ta recover." A pause, and she goes to put the clip board down. "Yer nat gonna fight against anythin' that came outta that buildin' or anythin' else either." She did seem to know things, in that building, about.. creatures. "Now, I need ta check yer wounds, ta - ta make sure they are healin' well."
Chris Redfield Chris knows better than to argue with doctors, so he just nods and lets Emma start the examination. He had surgery already to remove some bullet fragments from his arm and leg, the stitches on his forehead were very well done and shouldn't even leave any scarring once it is healed up, his ribs are taped up since they are bruised and his whole midsection is purplish from when the Licker bowled him over. There is a bump on the back of his head that is healing nicely, the bruises as well as lacerations on his face are fading and he's been getting plenty of rest in the last few nights with the sedatives/painkillers they have given him. He is even now just started on solid foods after a few days on a liquid type diet.
Emma Though some gloves are worn, her touch is gentle. All the wounds are examined, the bump on his head. Once that is done she takes a breath. "Well I - I need ta replace some bandages, that's 'bout it. An' that'll not take long." He's given a quick smile before she turns to get the suppies. "Why do ya want so bad? Ta - ta fight more monsters?"
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't complain and barely even reacts when you examine him. He seems lost in his own thoughts, the stoic expression on his face is at least slightly better than the brooding one he had earlier. When you comment about changing bandages he simply nods but doesn't respond when you ask why he wants out so bad. Either he didn't hear you, is ignoring you or doesn't really have an answer or he's just a jerk.
Emma Emma is used to stubborn men, so seems unmoved by his silence. The lass would get to work on replacing the bandages, giving him a kind smile while doing so. "Why were ya so - so surprised ta see me here?"
Chris Redfield "I thought you were with the FBC. No offence and thanks, for treating me." Chris replies after a few more moments of being silent but then decides it is best to speak a little, especially to someone who is trying to help him. "I'm glad you got out of the building safely." He sounds genuine even though his expression is still a mask of stoicism.
Emma "Na," Emma says as she works. "A - a friend asked me ta come alon' was all." One bandage is done, and then she goes to work on the next. He's given another smile too. "Th - thank ya. Glad yer out to. Treatin' people is my job - no, my passion really." Eyes move to him briefly from her work. "If - if yer ever needin' a tag alon', let me know. I'm combat medic trained, an' hate Umbrella too."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't say much as you re-bandage him up, although he is attentive in listening to you and maintains eye contact throughout the conversation. "I appreciate that." But at the mention of Umbrella his jaw tightens, fists clench then unclench and he goes silent once more.
Emma Emma notices the reaction Chris has, and frowns a little, putting a comforting hand on his arm. "Yer - yer not alone, ya'know, in yer fight, nor yer hate. Don't let yer hate kill ya before yer time."
Chris Redfield "So, can I go now?" Chris replies in a matter of factly tone as you put your hand on his arm. "I have a lot of work to do and people are depending on me." He rotates his shoulders and then bends his neck to the side, which causes a popping sound from the stiff vertabrae he's got going. Seems to happen a lot with these guys that work out a lot. He does relax a bit after the neck popping, then takes a deep breath and exhales. Hate doesn't even begin to probably describe how this man feels about Umbrella, but the only indication she gets of that is that small turn of his head, glancing at you with that stoic neutral expression of his.
Emma "No." Emma says simply, shaking her head a little. "Yer - yer not well enough to, a few more days. Sorry." Her gloves are pulled off and tossed in a trash can. "Like I - I said, yer no good ta anyone right now, don't let tha world crush ya before yer strong 'nough ta stand." Her head tilts. "All bandage changed, for now, yer - yer on bed rest."
Chris Redfield Chris's jaw tightens again, he says nothing and just crosses his arms across his chest. Yeah, that brooding expression is back and there is nothing anybody could possibly say to change that anytime soon. He turns his head to stare out the window, not bothering to argue with the red headed intern who just treated him.