Umbrella Surveillance System
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Vivienne The city is quiet as darkness settles and fog creeps up from the river. Vivienne is taking advantage of that darkness, clad all in black, as she casually makes her way to the catacombs, her eyes scanning the area around her. She casually loiters near the entrance as a pair of older ladies walk by, chattering in french about the wine they were carrying in a parcel.

The young woman in black gives the ladies a cheerful wave, it doesn't cost anything to be polite, and then when the quiet returns she slips into the catacombs.

Once inside she kneels slightly, pulling out her beretta, methodically checking to make sure it's loaded and ready to be used. Once she's satisfied that she's prepared she pulls her hair up, sticks a few haphazard pins in to keep it where she wants it and pulls out a small pen light.
Bob On a beautiful night such as this one it's no surprise that Bob is out to enjoy the sights of gay Paris. His relaxed stroll eats up distance at a surprising pace, it's hard for him to walk slowly, as he studies the magnificent views the city affords. One such thing he views, though more because he recognizes the person than for their aesthetic value, although she has that, is Vivienne. And she's ducking into a friggin' hole leading into the ground. Frowning, Bob moves to follow her. At least far enough to see what she's doing, hopefully.
Vivienne Vivienne conceals her gun at the small of her back and moves forward slowly, her eyes following the pen light as she looks for something out of place. She's heard of some of the things that go on down here and she isn't interested in the surface dirt, she's looking for something a bit more dangerous. She takes another step towards the lower catacombs when a scrap of fabric catches her eye. She kneels down and prods it with a gloved finger, a thoughtful look on her face.
Bob As Vivienne goes deeper into the darkness Bob follows, moving pretty quietly for a guy with his build. He's got no clue what's going on down there, but he's not about to let a friend, let alone someone in his outfit, risk themselves alone in the dark. As he gets somewhat closer he makes sure he's mostly behind cover in cash she shoots at him and softly makes an 'ffff' noise, trying to get her attention without the sound carrying.
Vivienne It takes a lot, but Vivienne manages to conceal her fright and surprise, slightly annoyed that she's been snuck up on. She draws her gun and her eyes narrow as she tries to make out who followed her into the catacombs. When the light finally catches Bob, she exhales, her eyes closing briefly in relief. She holsters her gun again and quietly walks back towards Bob, and when she reaches him she folds her arms over her chest. "You scared the shit out of me." She says quietly, a slight frown on her face. "Why are you down here?"
Bob "I'm here because I saw you duck into a fuckin' hole in the ground," Bob replies to her, looking her over with his eyes squinted, his own frown apparent. "Where I came up in the service we didn't let our battle buddies do potentially stupid shit without backup." He speaks at barely whisper level, trying not to let the sound carry. "So now that you know you're not alone, what the hell are we doing?"
Vivienne "I didn't come up in the service." Vivienne reminds him, her voice just as quiet. She glances deeper into the dark and she sighs. "I got a tip last night about a patient, a friend, being covered in muck when he was brought to the hospital, figured this might be a place where muck might be picked up." She glances back at Bob and scowls. "I can take care of myself." She hisses quietly.
Bob "Alright, so we're looking for where your boy got himself messed up," Bob confirms with a nod. It's almost like he doesn't particularly care about most of what Vivienne said. "I bet you can take care of yourself, but in potentially dangerous situations going in with two people versus one person increases odds of survival exponentially. So we'll watch each other's asses while we're down here," he tells her quietly, calmly making a statement in a manner that may lead one to conclude he know what he's saying.
Vivienne Vivienne presses her lips together, and turns her pen light back towards the dark. She takes a hold of Bob's sleeve and pulls him along, moving quietly, avoiding stepping on bones and other things tht tend to make noise. She comes upon the entrance to theh lower catacombs and she pauses, her eyes on the deeper dark. "I don't know if he got messed up down here, but's not a bad idea to check this place out in general." She whispers, glancing back at Bob. The fright in her eyes would be easy to see, even in the dim light. "If there is something down here that fucked him up, I don't know that we'd be able to do much more about it." She quietly admits.
Bob Letting Vivienne take the lead, Bob knows how to be quiet until it's necessary to speak again. And generally how to be quiet. Slowly, he draws his pistol and does a one handed press check to check for the glint of brass in the chamber, "If we spot something moving then we fall back and call for backup. It's no good to get caught up in a gunfight in a place like this." He's quite serious, almost severe, in response to Vivienne's fear and makes sure to speak calmly, "We got each other's back."
Vivienne Almost in response to Bob's words, a noise sounds at the far end of the tunnel. Vivienne turns to gaze down towards the shadows and she draws her pistol again, dropping Bob's sleeve and moving quietly towards the noise. She walks slowly, putting out her light so her eyes can acclimate to the darkness a bit.
Bob Falling in behind Vivienne Bob keeps his weapon at the low ready, slowly and quietly moving forward. He lets his feet roll forward from heel to toe to make sure he has good traction on the ground. When he hears the noise he moves as quietly as he can, ready to respond should he have to.
James Scott There's that noise again, it sounds like the crunching of something heavy on bones. Before anybody would have the chance to investigate a section of the catacmobs up ahead explodes out in a shower of bone and rock before that exit crumbles and collapses onto itself.

The cause of the ruckus appears to be up ahead in a wrestling match, before the situation shifts and one of the dark figures is on top, fists slamming into the one on the ground over and over again, the noise is wet, and after a few moments the commotion stops.
Vivienne Vivienne suddenly comes to a stop, and without a word she puts up her pistol, holstering it again. She might not have nightvision, but she's been around one of the people involved ahead long enough to recognize him. She holds up a hand and glances back at Bob, holding a finger to her lips, signalling for him to be quiet.
Bob Training his gun center mass and keeping his finger straight alongside the trigger guard Bob nearly calls out when Vivienne gestures for him to shut up and watch. Lowering his weapon, he looks on silently, trying to determine what exactly is going on before reacting further to the situation.
James Scott The figure rises, rolling his shoulders slightly. It's only then that he notices he isn't alone, aside from the recently deceased infected, down in the catacmobs. The gun on his side is quietly drawn and raised in their direction, "Who's there? Come on out." The voice is muffled through the respirator over his face, making it hard to decipher just who it is.
Vivienne Vivienne steps forward, her hands not up, despite the gun being trained on her. She briefly takes a moment to look at the infected on the ground before she gazes back up at the armored person in front of her. "How many more of those are down here?" She asks quietly, not revealing Bob yet - hey, maybe he'll learn something while he's lurking in the dark.
Bob Following Vivienne's lead, Bob stays low and quiet, watching the conversation take place without intervening. He lets the dark envelope him, trusting that it'll keep him unnoticed.
James Scott "Vivienne? What are you doing out here?" The figure lowers the gun and steps forward, tugging his respirator off. She was right, it's none other than James Scott himself, decked out in the black armor of the Umbrella Security Services. "First one I've ran into, guess it got out of the quarantine zone."

Then he notices a flicker in behind Vivienne and raises his gun once more. "You th- Bob? Fuck." Maybe he shouldn't have taken his respirator off so soon.
Vivienne "I'm looking for something." Vivienne replies, glancing behind her at Bob, her brow slightly furrowed. She gestures to the infected and quietly adds. "Think any of those got into the lower catacombs as well?"
Bob Having failed to remain hidden, Bob raises to his full height and lifts his empty hand James' way, "It's a regular party down here. Nice kit." His attention is almost immediately taken by the fallen infected on the floor. Studying the monster's corpse, Bob sighs and looks off in the direction it and James came from. "That's a fucking thing. I want to head back and grab the rest of my gear and call this in."
James Scott "We've been sweeping the area. Nothing much down here. Yet anyway." James holsters his gun and crosses his arms. "I think there's all sorts of shit down there, but it's not safe to do too much digging. You wouldn't believe how many times I've hurt myself down there."
Vivienne Vivienne looks down at her feet, her face unreadable. She nudges one of the bones scattered around with a booted foot and nods. "I see.." She says, shooting another considering look towards the entrance to the lower catacombs. "How many of *you* are down here?" She asks, finally gazing up at James.
Bob "It's lookin' like they're getting out of the quarantine zone through the catacombs, then," Bob says with a deep sigh, sounding almost frustrated by the news. He tilts his head to the side slightly, almost like he's cracking his neck. Glancing at Vivienne he says, "We'll need to see if the higher ups are tracking this. If they're not we'll need to someone on this." He looks towards James and says, "Not that I don't think your guys are competent. I'm sure Umbrella can afford the best, but the FBC's got numbers on it's side, too."
James Scott "Just me right now." James answers Vivienne. "But I'm not fodder, I'm a captain. Not as strong as Rain was, and I'm not HUNK. But I'm better than your average soldier." He looks over at Bob. "No offense. Just don't include me in any of your reports."
Vivienne Vivienne looks momentarily frustrated when she turns towards Bob, and for a brief moment a struggle plays across her features. "You're right, this needs to be reported." She says, jerking her chin towards the entrance of the catacombs. "You should go do that, I'll be right behind you." In a few hours, she mentally adds, clearly trying to consider a way to get back to her original mission. "You got a phone?" She asks, an eyebrow slightly quirked.
Bob "You're just doing your civic duty," Bob tells James, waving a hand as if to dismiss the idea of putting it on a report. His glance to Vivienne is accompanied by a chuckle, "Nice try. I'm definitely not leaving you alone down here knowing we got infected." And then he nods his head, "Yeah. I don't think it'll work down here, though."
Vivienne Vivienne considers her options and after a few moments a slow smile curves her lips up. "Yeah, you would probably have to get back to the surface to get the phone to work." She says, her gloved finger tapping a slow rhythm against her belt buckle. "I mean.." She glances back towards James. "I'm not..exactly alone, right?" Almost daring poor Bob to suggest that James might not be safe himself.
Bob "But then I'd be alone," Bob replies to Vivienne. He gestures behind him and says, a smile of his own, "I might get lost without you." Then he waves a hand and goes on, "If you really want to try to find out what happened to your friend we can still do that, but I'd like to grab my kit first and I think that you should grab yours. Then we can call it in."
James Scott "Yeah, don't go toe-to-toe against an infected unarmored. Bites and scratches are how the infection spreads. Only reason I'm not one of them is because I was already infected before I got bitten." James rubs his hands together, looking around. At least this place isn't bugged. "The only reason I come down here alone is because I've got experience fighting off more than one at a time. As long as I don't run across and mutants, I'm fine."
Vivienne Vivienne is outnumbered at the moment and a smart girl knows when to hold em and fold em. She goes from reluctant to agreeable in a short moment, nodding towards Bob. "Alright, well..lets get out of here so we can report this." She says, her voice even. She gestures for Bob to give her a moment before she turns towards James, her eyes searching his face for a few moments. "Can me a favor?" She finally asks, scuffing the ground with a booted foot.
Bob "Exactly," Bob says in agreement with James regarding how one catches the zombies. When Vivienne agrees with him he nods a couple of times. "We'll call it in, gear up and come back with lots of batteries." His chin lifts in her direction, "What can I do for you?" There's one more look around to make sure nothing's coming up on them.
Vivienne "Not you, him." Vivienne says, pointing at James. She moves back towards Bob, unholstering her pistol. She turns towards James again and frowns. "Redfield is in the hospital, and I don't know what happened because he's stubborn as shit. If you see anything down here or hear anything.." She trails off and sighs. "Just let me know, alright?" she glances back at Bob and then back at James again.
James Scott "Sure thing babe." James leans forward to give Vivienne a quick peck on the lips. Surrounded by the bones of the long dead. Romantic. "Though with out luck it'll turn out to be something big. And I'm strong, but I'm steal healing. Plus I have a licker to go kill soon. So if we're doing anything too dangerous, we may wanna hold off until we know what's happening for sure." He reaches up to rest a hand on Vivienne's shoulder, "I know you're tough. But I've seen some of these things tear through groups of armed men. If you got hurt down here I wouldn't forgive myself."
Bob "My bad," Bob apologizes for the mistake, going back to keeping his eyes peeled for trouble in the catacombs. His pistol was never holstered but it's been down at his side. "You guys want to move out together? Strength in numbers and all that?" Then he asks James, "Is the licker out in the quarantine zone or is it down here?" And one more look around for good measure.
Vivienne Vivienne stays alert, nodding to James and then to Bob, automatically taking the lead forward. She doesn't check to see if anyone is following, but that's just because she's used to looking out for herself. After a few passing seconds and more than a dozen steps she does turn to make sure she's not alone, gesturing imperiously for the others to follow.
James Scott James steps off with Vivienne, nodding over at Bob. "Some abandoned lab, I don't have all the details yet. Can't say I'm too excited about it though, one of them almost killed me back in Raccoon." Well to be fair a lot of stuff almost killed him back in Raccoon. It's nothing short of a miracle that he's alive at all.
Bob Bob follows along behind Vivienne, gun back at the low ready in case there's trouble. "I'm not looking forward to tangling with any BOWs, but if this shit can't be contained to the quarantine zone then I'm sure I'll have to. "How many guys you have in your command? What sort of training and gear they working with?"
Vivienne Vivienne sees the dim light of the evening filtering through the entrance of the catacombs ahead and she climbs over a pile of rubble to get to it quicker. Her eyes scan the area as she moves and when they finally reach the entrance she holsters her pistol again, sticking her head out to make sure nobody is walking around outside. She glances back towards the boys and lets them talk shop while she gazes out towards the Bistro.
James Scott "Ten or so. Special forces. You remember that cruise ship that went missing? Two squads took the entire thing." James informs Bob. Once they're at the entrance he moves some rocks and reveals a duffel bag, which he removes a set of clothes from. His armor is stripped off and in no time he's wearing jeans, combat boots, and a light jacket over an undershirt. "Umbrella Security isn't a joke. If you can make it through the training there aren't many people that can handle you."
Bob Following Vivienne's lead, Bob holsters his weapon and covers it up with his sweater again before stepping out onto the street. He rolls his shoulders, getting any stiffness out of them as he speaks to James, "Sounds like a pretty solid unit. If I ever go private sector I'll hit you up." Turning towards Vivienne he asks, "Wanna call it in while we get a beer then grab our gear and try again?"
Vivienne Vivienne nods and gestures towards the Bistro. "We can go there, sit in the back, no need to alarm anyone who might overhear." She says, pulling the pins out of her hair. Once she removes her gloves, tucking them into the back of her jeans, she looks like any other young woman with a fondness for black clothing. "Maybe get some food too." She adds, sighing softly.
Bob "Good idea. I could use a bite to eat," Bob says as he starts heading towards the bistro, sticking his hands casually into his pockets. "I've got my gear not too far from here so I can grab it once we're done getting something to eat and let the bosses know." His hands end up out of those pockets when he gets to the bistro door to open it. He steps inside, just holding the door long enough for Vivienne to either grab it herself or step through.
Vivienne Vivienne steps through the opened door, a grin on her face as she raises a hand to Scott, the guy tending bar. She doesn't pause to chat though, instead she heads straight back to the booths, sliding into one of them. She pulls out a phone and taps it, sending out a few messages with quick keystrokes. Her voice is quiet when she speaks. "So uh, you gonna give me any shit for that?"
Bob "Yo," Bob grants the bartender a friendly greeting as he makes his way behind Vivienne to slide into a booth. It takes but a moment for him to get settled in, leaning back and looking remarkably relaxed considering minutes ago he was searching dark corridors with a loaded gun in his hand. "What am I supposed to give you shit about?"
Vivienne Vivienne can think of several things that people might decide to bitch about, but if he's not wanting to bitch, she's not going to give him fodder to do so. She picks up a menu, opens it to the entrees and studies it with a practiced eye. "I wonder if french pizza is any good?" She then remembers french bread pizza and slaps the menu on the table, having decided what she wants. "What are you getting?" She asks, shifting to get comfortable in the booth.
James Scott James walks in a few moments later, having stashed his gear in a safe location. He doesn't have to look around to guess where Vivienne may be, and heads over to sit next to Vivienne, resting his face in his hands and sighing. "Hey. Again." he mutters before sitting upright and looking around. "Hope my handler didn't follow me in."
Bob "Been meaning to try ratatouille," Bob says as he grabs a menu of his own, looking it over with a quite undecided appearance, checking for more possibilities. He adjusts himself on the bench to get a bit more comfortable. "Just remember, we're friends," He says to Vivienne. James gets a friendly, "Yo."
Vivienne Vivienne looks up when a server approaches and she taps the table with two fingers, grinning impishly. "I want a baguette, cut in half, smothered in tomato sauce, mozarella cheese and pepperoni." She considers for a moment and then she adds. "Lemonade, lots of ice and maybe some little macaroons, you got those here?" The food she ordered might feed three people, but she still turns to Bob and James and asks. "So now what?"
James Scott James simply shrugs. "No idea. Haven't really known what to do since that shit show of a party last night." The teen's fists clench, remembering Poncho. "I just want to hit some more stuff, smoke a blunt, and go to bed." He reaches down to give Vivienne's thigh a squeeze.
Bob "Ratatouille," Bob says to the server with a smile. "And I'll go with a lemonade, as well." Once the topics go back to other stuff he presses his lips tightly together, looking quite thoughtful before he says to Vivienne, "I imagine you and I grab some food, grab our battle rattle and long guns and head back down to see what we can find." He frowns in James' direction, "Yeah. I ended up taking off from their early, too."
Vivienne "It seems odd to celebrate the holidays when these things are happening." Vivienne says, smoothly lying about why she dipped out. She gazes at Bob and sighs. "I guess so, but don't be upset if I don't seem to be looking forward to it." She leans over with a smile, kisses James on the cheek and raises an eyebrow. "How long were you down there?"
Bob "Celebrate when you get the chance," Bob suggests to Vivienne. "Holidays in a war zone suck most because you don't have your family around, so enjoy what you got now." And then he shrugs his shoulders, "I miss the action, but there's a lot of other stuff going on here. BOWs and infected are a whole other ballgame and I'm not so sure I like the idea of tangling with them. Gotta do what we gotta do, though."
James Scott "I didn't last long after you left." James admits to Vivienne. "Just seemed like there were too many people. "Then that asshole showed up. Next time I see his old ass I'm gonna beat him until he can't breathe." The teen has seemed pretty down since the whole event. "I didn't even bring any leftovers home."
Vivienne At the mention of family, Vivienne's engaged personality turns off and she glances away, watching the bar with keen eyes. The drinks are brought and she takes a sip of her lemonade, turning back to the conversation. "Well, sadly we gotta do what we have to do, and..well.." She lets her words trail off as she pulls her phone from her pocket and checks it. "I might go get some rest after I get a response, I'm not front lines anyway. I got my own job to do." She leans against James and exhales out a soft sigh. "Just don't get into any trouble that I can't get you out of, alright?" She says, a slight frown on her face. "We've got enough on our hands already."
Bob "Yeah, what was up with that?" Bob asks James, brow furrowing. His arms come up so he can lay the atop the back of the booth's benches after he takes a long drink from his glass. His chin lifts at Vivienne, "You gotta do what you need to. If you need to rack out before they hit you up for field ops or whatever, you gotta make sure you're ready."
James Scott James wraps his arm around Vivienne, "Don't worry." His attention moves back to Bob as he asks that question, "Some crazy old fuck. Thinks everyone in Umbrella is his enemy. Guess he doesn't realize that only top level employees know about the security forces and other work. Doesn't stop him from killing off people who are just trying to make it through the week and take care of their families." But the teen could just be bitter because of all the friend's he lost when the building went up.
Vivienne Vivienne sighs and she smiles over at James. "Don't worry huh?" She pats him on the thigh and quietly says. "What would you do if I said that to you about someone, hmm?" She nods at Bob. "I doubt I'll be called in, unless ya'll need a sniper."
Bob "Well shit, makes sense that you'd have beef with that guy," Bob says to James, eyes wide with surprise when he hears what the guy did. "I don't know what I'd have done in your position if I ran across him." Back to Vivienne he shrugs, "Might need you to watch some entrances to make sure nothing gets out. I just wouldn't count on not being needed."
James Scott "I meant not to worry about me getting into any real trouble." James says, pressing a quick kiss to Vivienne's lips. "And Bob, I could tell you what I'd normally do if I ran across him. But I was at a charity cocktail. All I managed to do was make myself look like the jackass I am."
Vivienne "I'm not sure how I'm not supposed to worry about that, honestly." Vivienne says, frowning a bit. The food is delivered then and she decides that arguing is not going to get her anywhere. She picks at her food, stuffing large bites in her mouth as she watches the area around them.
Bob "Well, you kept your cool there. I get that you got issues, but all you did was talk some shit when you could have done much worse," Bob gives a shrug of his shoulders as he pulls his arms off the back of the bench to grab his drink again for another couple of gulps. When the food arrives he begins to eat, taking a small bite at first before his eyes widen and he chews. After swallowing he goes back for more.
James Scott "Fair enough." James says to Vivienne, the smile he had turning back down to something neutral. He scoots over some so he can stare at something that must be interesting on the wall. "Yeah." is offered to Bob, but not much else.
Vivienne Vivienne looks up from her food and she wrinkles her nose. "So who is the guy that threatened you, have I seen him around before?" She asks, gazing at James for a few moments. She glances over at Bob and giggles. "Having trouble with all of that?"
Bob Chuckling at Vivienne, Bob grins and looks down at his food again, "I should be good with it. I literally had no idea what it was until just now, but it's not bad." To prove it he does go back for more, taking a few more quick bites. "Yeah. I think I got this one."
James Scott "Probably not. Looks like the coach from Million Dollar Baby, if he got beat with a stick." James says, still looking at the wall for now. "And the food here is good. Wish the menu was still the same as it was before the outbreak though. This is still Jack's.. But it isn't where I'd go with my fake ID to get drunk when my mom came home methed out."
Vivienne Vivienne scoots over James's lap and gets to her feet, throwing some bills on the table. Her plate is clean, unnervingly so. She props a hand on her hips and glances towards the exit. "I'm going to head home and take a shower and get some stuff done." She might sneak back to the catacombs later when she thinks it's quiet again. "It was nice to see you again, Bob." She leans in and gives James a tender kiss. "I'll see you at home?"
Bob "There was a Jack's back in Raccoon, too? I was wondering why so many English speakers hang out here," Bob speaks after he finishes off his plate and slides it away from himself across the table. He gives a little wave to Vivienne, "Nice seeing you, too. You take care of yourself, okay?"
James Scott "I need to get my gear back to the house anyway." James returns the kiss then pushes up onto his feet as well. He tosses a few extra bills on the table, enough to cover Bob's meal. "And yeah, I've known Jack for a little while know. This is where most of the Raccoon survivors hang out. Closest thing to home we have left. Anyway, take care."