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Isabel Rumors of Chris Redfield's rescue have not been at all exaggerated. That fact is doing wonders for Isabel's peace of mind. She's actually humming as she makes her way down the hallway of the Hospital Saint-Louis, bound for his room. It's been a couple days since her last visit, to her regret: She still has to make a living, and she counts herself fortunate to have found an odd job editing video for a small studio whose owner thankfully speaks English. But today's a day off, and here she is.
She pauses at the door to Chris's room, just to make sure she's not going to blunder in on some doctor-patient time, or, worse yet, some painful or embarrassing procedure. Turning the doorknob silently, she cracks the door to peek inside.
Chris Redfield When Isabel peeks into the room, she see's that Chris is laying in bed but not asleep, since he is reading a newspaper, which he is holding in his non-bandaged arm. His bandaged arm is laying at his side, the blankets are pulled up covering his legs and lower torso. The bed is elevated at a 45 degree angle and there is a food tray across the middle of the bed with a cup of half eaten jello, a nearly empty glass of water, half a glass of orange juice and a bowl of what looks like cream of wheat.
Isabel Thank goodness... just him! Isabel lifts her hand to knock, but hesitates at the last second, quickly smoothing her hair down a little and making sure her one decent white blouse is tucked into her almost-new jeans. They both need attention after her long ride on a Parisian bus.
Her hair is fixed easily enough, but the blouse rucks and bunches unflatteringly as she tucks it in. Huffing a frustrated sigh, she opts for the last resort: A hasty unfastening and lowering of her jeans so she can pull the blouse straight and then pull the jeans back up. She's gotten as far as the straightening when her elbow softly, but audibly, bumps the door behind her...
Chris Redfield "Isabel?" Chris says when he turns his head to look towards the door when he hears it opening and then see's the teenager is adjusting her outfit. He quickly looks back towards his newspaper he was reading, to avoid embarassing her if she catches that he saw her and coughs. "Oh, I didn't know you were dropping by. Come on in, I was just reading the paper and just finished eating." It's obvious from the sight of the food, that he's on some sort of liquid diet for now and there is still an IV hooked up to his unbandaged arm. He's looking slightly better than last time you saw him, but he's still got those stiches in his forehead that are healing slowly.
Isabel Isabel jumps at the sound of her name, having missed the sound of the door she bumped swinging open. Her jeans slip with the motion and end up around her ankles, leaving her standing in her underwear half in and half out of the room. And, of course, Chris sees the whole thing. Can anything more embarrassing happen to her today?
The dark-haired girl is not in a hurry to find out. Her face burning, she hastily pulls up her jeans, holding them up with one hand as she steps hastily into the room, shutting the door behind her with her other hand.
And at last, she turns to face Chris, her outfit in embarrassing disarray, her face pink with embarrassment. She does manage to summon up a nervous smile, at least. "Um, hi! I was in the neighborhood, and... well, since I was around..."
Chris Redfield Chris saw everything alright but he's not called Captain Serious for nothing. He regards Isabel with a careful look, lowering the newspaper to give her his full attention setting it down on his lap. "That's alright and I appreciate the company." He motions for you to take a seat in the chair and doesn't show much reaction to the wardrobe malfunction, since she's embarrassed enough as it is and despite his reputation as some military jock, he's actually got some gentlemanly qualities. "So how are things?" Poor Isabel, she's having a bad day it seems but she's got good intentions and it's very sweet that she has come to visit him, but his thoughts are not obvious by his expression since he's a stoic kind of guy.
Isabel Isabel takes the offered seat gratefully; if she's sitting down, her pants can't fall down again. "I'm glad... not that I mind coming to visit, not at all," she replies. "I was glad to come. I miss you," she adds, keeping up the smile. Inwardly, of course, she's wondering if she could sound any more pathetic.
Good question. "I'm okay. I wish I had some news about your sister and Kirstin. There are some odd stories coming out of the quarantine zone, but nothing solid enough to really look into. It's all pretty iffy right now."
Chris Redfield "I know, things aren't exactly making sense right now and it's probably chaos out there. I should be out there, but I'm not. Not until I've healed up a bit." Chris states matter of factly and at least he isn't talking all macho about heading out right now to continue his mission, since he's in no real condition to do so. Guess, the must have cut back on the sedatives and pain meds for him to be thinking more clearly. At the mention of his sister, he does react to this and has a pensive expression, staring down at his feet but then glances back towards you. "I know you are doing your best to find something. I can't really thank you enough." He takes a breath and then exhales slowly, adjusting his seating position as he remotely raises the bed to a 90 degree angle, where he can look at you directly.
Isabel "It's pretty crazy," Isabel has to agree, nodding. "The internet's gone nuts over the bombing and everything since. But there are so many theories, it's impossible to find anything useful about the whole thing."
She surreptitiously tugs down the now-untucked tails of her blouse as Chris elevates the bed. "You don't need to thank me, Chris. She's my friend, as much as you are," she adds, blushing a little and lowering her eyes.
Chris Redfield "It's my job to risk my life, not your's and I feel badly for putting your life at risk to help me." Chris replies in a confident and appreciative tone. He's swept the room for bugs, so he knows there isn't any in here at the moment and he's allowed to talk freely without holding back or resorting to using paper to write down what he truly wants to say. "Your work, your videos about the truth about what happened and what is currently going on is just as if not more important than what I'm doing. The people have a right to know and the more informed they are, the better chance that Umbrella or other terrorists can't act in secret as easily as they have been." Yes, he's given this quite a bit of thought, he's had a lot of time to think while he's been hospitalized in fact.
Isabel Isabel smiles wryly. "I'd be risking my life anyway, trying to find out more about what's happening in the quarantine zone, and doing it specifically for my videos," she replies. "Which a lot of people think are a hoax. I don't care. People need to know the truth, and that's it."
She grins at him. "Or, of course, I could just be in it for the notoriety, and the hope of a big pile of dirty money at the end. Works for most internet celebrities, right?"
Chris Redfield "If you are, I wouldn't blame you but I'm pretty sure that you've got another reason for doing what you do." Chris's lips curl up ever so slightly in that faint smile of his. "Besides, if you wanted to make quick money there are a lot easier ways to do it." He isn't going to mention anything to do with modeling underwear that is for sure because he's learned about tact the hard way from his sister's harsh scoldings even though he's her big brother. "The quarintine zone, it's too dangerous for you or anybody for that matter. Promise me you won't go there by yourself. Got it?" He's pretty serious when he's talking about this matter.
Isabel "Am I /that/ transparent?" Isabel asks, just a little amused. "I guess there are worse things to be. But you're right. I think my Aunt Lyndsey'd want me to get the truth out there. And I won't deny that it's a little satisfying to see Umbrella squirm under the spotlight. After what they did, it's the least they deserve." A hint of a wicked smile crosses her face.
Until Chris mentions safety. "Chris, how will I find out what's going on if I can't go there? It's not like I've got any friends in this town, and you've got your duty to consider," she protests. "And it's beginning to look like what happened in Raccoon City will happen here, if the whole thing's not investigated..."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, "Yeah, kinda." But when you grin after his warning and then your desire for the truth outweighs your concern for your own safety, he starts to get a bit more brooding. "Isabel, you can't investigate if you keep putting yourself in harms way." What is it with the stubborness of Raccoon City folks, well he's one of them himself but this is ridiculous. "If I can't convince you to stay out of trouble, the least I can do is try to keep you out of danger as best as I can. If I go back there, I might...not will.../might/ take you with me, but not until after I've healed up some." He can't believe he actually said that, maybe they slipped some sedatives in his jello. But this might be the only way he can keep her safe, if only he had been there for his sister. But he doesn't want to dwell on that, he'll find her and even if he has to tear up the smoldering ruins of what's left of that Umbrella building.
Isabel "Chris, that's the /only/ way I can investigate this," Isabel replies, shaking her head. "Out there in the think of things, that's where the facts are. That's where the footage is." She moves to stand up. "I can take care of myself."
And, of course, her unfastened pants end up around her ankles again. Isabel blushes. "Okay, /usually/ I can take care of myself," she mutters, stooping to fix the problem. And fix it right this time. "But if I stop looking into this now, I'll never find anything out. I'm not just doing this for idle curiosity, or to pinch Umbrella's nose. Claire's out there, too. I can't find her if I'm not looking."
Chris Redfield "Yup, you can take care of yourself alright and I'm going to buy you a belt." Chris jokes or is he? He's seen more of Isabel's undies in one day than he could dare to admit and he shakes his head, reminding himself that she's trying to help him find his sister who also happens to be sweet, beautiful young lady that happens to be super shy around him for some reason. The stoic expression he shows her, is the only indication that he's serious right now. "I know, but I don't have to like it." Yeah, he doesn't like it one bit but brooding can only get you so far.
Isabel Isabel's blush deepens at the quip. She at least has the presence of mind to take a step back so that the elevated bed's upraised bulk is between herself and Chris. Out of eyeshot, she straightens her blouse and pulls up her jeans over it. "I don't like it much either, Chris," she says, not without regret, painstakingly doing up buttons. "I don't like danger. But that's where I'll have to go if I want to get to the bottom of this mess. And I'm sure Claire's going to be right in the middle of it, if I know her. She's a lot like you, ya know?"
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't move his head to peek, since that would be something a jerk would do but the blush brings that faint smile to his lips. Hmm, maybe he's a little bit of a jerk after all but in a teasing sort of way. "I don't think I will be able to convince you otherwise, is there?" He asks a serious question and hopes to get an honest answer, although he's predicting what that answer will be and he probably won't like it, so why did he even bother asking? "Yeah, we are both stubborn to a fault and we like to see things through, to the end." He says with a bit of pride as Isabel has hit the nail on the head, Claire is a lot like him because that's how they had to be to survive.
Isabel "You can both be impossible, all right," is the dark-haired girl's wry observation. "But then again, maybe that's what I like about you. When you're sure you're right, you go at it with everything you have."
With a quick brush of her hands over her hair, Isabel steps back into view, finally as together as she'd wanted to be when she'd entered the room. "Maybe not. But if... if you're willing to let me come with you, at least I wouldn't be alone," she reminds Chris quietly. "I know I'd feel a lot safer."
Chris Redfield Chris doesn't have much choice now does he and whether it is his weakness or not, he puts saving lives the priority over most everything else so offering to protect Isabel was a no brainer. Begrudingly he nods, "No promises and we shall need to discuss it further, but I'll think about it." At least that is something, a semblance of a compromise and on that note, he uses the remote to lower his bed back to the 45 degree angle just as the nurse steps in, carrying a clipboard as well as his medications. "Damn, it's that time again. I'm usually quite out of it after I take these but thanks again for dropping by and I'll see ya soon." The nurse hands him his meds, which he takes with a small paper cup of water. She checks his pulse, his vitals and his IV drip smiling shyly at Chris as she speaks to him in somewhat broken English asking if he's alright. "Yes, I'm fine." Redfield responds to the blonde nurse who quickly looks to the ground, giving Isabel a polite nod when she leaves. "Be safe out there, Isabel. Be careful who you trust and it was good seeing you." His eyes close as the sedatives as well as pain killers take effect.
Isabel 'Later' is not one of Isabel's favorite words. But it looks like that's exactly when they'll have to continue the discussion. She sighs, nodding politely to the nurse when she comes in, and again when she leaves. "I'll come back soon... and I'll be careful, I promise," she replies softly, as his eyes begin to close.
Daring greatly, she leans down, and her lips touch his just for a second; a promise sealed with a kiss. She has no idea if he feels it or not. "I promise," she whispers again, and slips out a lot more quietly than she came in.