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Chris Redfield Christmas, a time of holiday cheer, festivities, spending time with the family to open presents and having a wonderful meal. Here at Saint-Louis Hospital, there is still cheer and merriment as the staff get into the spirit with Santa hats putting on big smiles, treating each other to pot luck dinner and cheering the patients up with holiday music. In one room in particular, a private room down the hallway near the end, lies a not so cheery kind of person. That man is Chris Redfield, he does not want to be here but he was forced to by the doctors after he was brought in by Poncho and Hunter after he was rescued from the lower catacombs near the Quarintine Zone. Word hadn't really leaked out yet that he had been found, since he often goes away on missions anyways but it isn't everyday that a BSAA operative is brought in bristling with weapons as well as in bloody combat armor from gunshot wounds, mild radiation poisoning, abdomnial bruising and cracked ribs from battling a B.O.W. So, yeah the nursing staff and doctors were quick to get him into surgery but the hushed whispers were that something terrible must have happened to him, the kinds of things most civilized people dont talk about and nobody wants to use the B word at Christmas time. Bioterrorism just doing go well with Merry Christmas or any holiday for that matter.

Chris is laying in the hospital bed, looking more brooding that usual with that stoic expression on his face, arms folded under his head and staring up at the ceiling, while the television is on in the upper corner of the room with the volume turned down. It is on a news channel.
Vivienne Vivienne walks into the hospital room, a girly dress and swathed on her form, some high heels on her feet and a covered dish in hand. She picks up the remote control, switches the channel to some annoying Christmas music, and pulls up the rolling table. "Merry Christmas!" She says, trying to sound cheerful and upbeat. She places the covered dish on the rolling table and takes away the top, revealing a lot of food.

Having done this, she walks over to a nearby chair, sits down, and crosses her legs. "So, you look like shit. Did someone hit you with a few Christmas miracles?" She asks, resting her chin against her palm.
Chris Redfield Chris's danger sense should have warned him the door was going to open and a girl in fancy party dress ambushing him with food. He does a sit-up in bed, startled just a touch when the door does open up and in pops Vivienne. As he was sitting up his hands dove under the pillow next to him, but he stops when he realizes that Viv isn't trying to kill him but instead wants to feed him and possibly even worse than death, try to cheer him up from his right to brood.

"Vivienne? What...oh, it's Christmas?" He looks perplexed but the expression doesn't last very long as he returns to his normal stoicism self. Removing his hands from beneath the pillow, he grabs the remote control for the bed and moves the upper portion of it to a seated position so he can rest his back against it. His BSAA uniform has been cleaned and neatly folded on a nearby chair, with his combat armor as well as a large lock box with a padlock on it, that looks like a military equipment chest.

When the food is revealed, he stares at it like it is some sort of mirage but then his lips curl ever so slightly upwards in a faint smile, "Oh, thanks you didn't have to do that. So, long time no see." He glances at the dress, the shoes and then back to your face. "If I didn't know any better you are probably supposed to be at a party?" He then picks up a fork and knife but doesn't eat yet when he listens to your last comment. "I was on a mission. Things didn't go so well." Is all he will say about that for now.
Vivienne "It's close to Christmas, and I was at a Christmas party. I couldn't stay though." Vivienne says, folding her hands and placing them on her lap." Her eyes fall on the food and then she takes in Chris and his injuries. "I'll say that it didn't go well, weren't you the one telling me to get back to the Liberty and be safe?" She shifts and covers her concern with an amused grin. "You should probably follow that advice too, the safe part, I don't know if you'd work on on the Liberty."
Chris Redfield Chris nods, watching you carefully and quirks an eyebrow slightly. "Why couldn't you stay?" He asks with curiousity and then pauses when you give him back some of his own medicine about safety. He won't get baited into a reply though but instead offers this. "I don't work there. So how are things with you? Keeping outta trouble I hope?" He likes to change the subject it seems.
Vivienne Vivienne is pretty good at hiding things and she sees the tactic for what it is. She shifts slightly, pressing back against the back of the chair, her arms folded over her chest. "They were gathering donations for a woman's shelter, I've spent time in one of those and..everything just hit way too close to home." She says, gazing down at her hands. "Why in the world would I be in trouble? You know I'm careful and thoughtful and I watch my back, right?"
Chris Redfield Chris nods once more when Vivienne provides her explainaion about the donations for the Women's shelter, nothing more needs to be said about that since it's obviously a painful memory for her and even a jock ex-airforce pilot like him can figure that out. When she looks down at her hands, he speaks. "I'm glad you are being careful. You look a whole lot in better shape than I am, so who am I to blame." He somewhat jests for a change and then starts eating his meal. The stoic expressions changes to an approving one as he takes a few more bites, chewing carefully and then offers that faint smile once more. "This is great. Thanks again. Although I don't mind hospital food, this is a hellof a lot better." Redfield is pleased, you may have also noticed that his arm is bandaged up and there is a blanket covering his legs so only the upper part of his body is visible, which he is wearing one of those blue hospital gowns. It is weird to see him in blue since he prefers to wear green or khaki colored clothes. "So, what is the FBC up to these days?" Yup, back to work talk.
Vivienne "About that.." Vivienne says, chuckling softly, her eyes rolling briefly. "I don't know, I've met a lot of new people and I'm trying in, I suppose." She sighs and shakes her head. "I can't pretend to be military, but despite that I'm good at my job." She recrosses her legs and she stares straight ahead. "There is something going on..." She says and her gaze shifts to Chris, a frown on her face. "Is this" She asks, glancing around at all of the places a bug could be placed.
Chris Redfield Chris replies matter of factly, "Vivienne, you ain't fooling me and you could fit in anywhere if you wanted too." He knows the military types very well, spent enough years serving in the Air Force and overseas on missions with the other Armred Forces members, but he also worked with military intelligence folks as well as other agencies most likely. But when you bring up something is going on, that gets his attention and he gives you a shrugs in response to your query about bugs. "It's as safe as it can be being a public hospital." He says aloud but shakes his head to her after he says it. There is an IV attached to his arm, one of his legs looks like it is higher than the other, which means it is probably in a cast or bandaged up as well, so it might be difficult for him to get around in the conventional sense.
Vivienne Vivienne might seem flighty and silly and she's not always the most tactful person in the world, but that mask slips and when Chris shakes his head, her eyes narrow and then she suddenly laughs. "I fit in when I want to fit in." She says, glancing away from the bed for a moment. Finally she makes a decision and she takes a breath. "Well, like I said there is something going on, but it's nothing that I can't handle right now."
Chris Redfield Chris takes a few more bites from the meal that you've brought him, not speaking for the moment as he almost looks like he's enjoying it, well he's still eating so that is probably a good sign. He sets down his fork and knife, then picks up a newspaper that is on the night table beside his bed, grabs a pen, then goes to the crossword puzzle section which hasn't been played yet, writing in the boxes. U ok? Then he passes the paper and pen over to you.
Vivienne Vivienne takes the paper, and she gazes at the clues and writes into the boxes. Big Trouble. She writes, wrinkling her nose and passing it back. "I'm pretty shitty at crossword puzzles." She says, handing the pen back as well. "You need a drink?"
Chris Redfield "Yeah, me too and sure." Chris replies as he reads what you wrote, that serious stoic expression on his face now like he's about to charge head first into another mission but the doctor's told him that would be unwise. He did try but he's in no condition to be discharged from the hospital anytime soon after his surgery. A nurse then knocks and walks in to check in on him. She's blonde, pretty and smiles shyly at Chris. "Okay, mosieur Redfield?" Chris looks over at the nurse, giving her a polite small nod. "Yes, thank you. Oh may I have some water?" He isn't sure if Viv had brought a drink or was going to ask for one but since the nurse is here he might as well ask. The nurse nods, "Water, oui." She then spots the food he's eating and tsks. "Non, non moiseur." She seems to be scolding him now and then glances at Vivienne when she enters the room, shooting her a bit of a look. "Can't eat this." She then points at the IV and then to her chart that she's holding. "No solids yet." Her English is broken but passable. "Liquid only for now." Chris finishes chewing then sets the fork down, looking a little dejected and crosses his arms over his chest. "Fine. Sorry." She then covers the food plate and moves the food tray towards Vivienne, then leaves the room to get some water.

Chris then takes this time to write back in the newspaper. I want to help. Can you go back to Liberty?
Vivienne Vivienne takes the newspaper and shakes it out, reading the crossword puzzle words. She shakes her head at Redfield and she leans forward writing out. No. Not safe. She furrows her brow and then passes the newspaper back, glancing out towards the hallway. "I think that nurse has a little bit of a thing for you." She says, grinning wickedly at Chris.
Chris Redfield Chris, glances towards the door when Vivienne indicates something he doesn't see and just shrugs, either he's completely clueless or likes ignoring the obvious. Those silent types are rather hard to read at times. "Did you want a drink as well?" He asks, reading what you wrote and then writing back. Compromise? Then he hands the newspaper back to you.
Vivienne Vivienne gazes at the newspaper and she nods. "I could use some water." She says, writing Very Yes on the paper before hading it back. She shifts on her seat and folds her arms over her chest, her eyes settling on Chris. She is scraping her teeth over her bottom lip, and while she looks somewhat severe and stoic herself, the lip biting shows that she's at the very least, nervous.
Chris Redfield The nurse returns with a glass of water, putting it down on the night stand beside him, but he motions towards Vivienne and then says to her. "One more glass please, this one is for her." Chris says politely to the blonde and she smiles at him but then her smile fades when she walks over to the give the glass to Vivienne, putting it down on the food tray that is now near the FBC Agent. "Madomoiselle." the nurse says politely but she hmphs and then walks out the door to hopefully get another glass of water for Chris. Redfield then reads the paper, his brow furrows and then writes. Alternate safe house? Handing the paper back to Viv. "So, any plans for the rest of the evening?" he asks her to continue the convesration they had going as they pass the newspaper back and forth in case this room is bugged.
Vivienne "Gonna go to where I'm staying, peel out of this dress and likely soak in a bath." Vivienne says leaning forward as she writes Staying with James Scott on the newspaper. She presses her lips together and hands the paper back to Chris, taking a sip of her water. "So how long are you going to be in here getting pampered by pretty blonde nurses?"
Chris Redfield "I'm going to be stuck here for at least a few weeks the doctor said." Chris replies and doesn't look happy about this, not one bit and the brooding continues. "Well, that sounds like a good plan and thanks again for visiting me. The gesture is appreciated and so was the food, even though I can't eat it right now." Then the nurse returns with a glass of water and some medication for him. She indicates that he should drink from the little cup of meds, then take the pills and then wash it down with some water. The nurse then checks Chris's vitals, holding her fingers over the pusle of his wrist, smiling shyly at him and seems to be checking his pulse for a lot longer than normal, then she writes something down on the chart and leaves the room again, not even looking at Vivienne.

Chris again seems oblivious or doesn't react to this and then reads what you wrote, writting back. Stay safe. I will help if I can. Redfield writes and then hands the paper back to her. "My leg wound isn't that serious so I should be able to walk around by tomorrow after a night's rest." He then glances up at the television, the Christmas music isn't exactly his thing but he tolerates it and if there are any bugs in the room, the music might drive them nuts too.
Vivienne Vivienne nods, and she tsks quietly. "Make sure you get up, move around, get things to healing the way they should be." She gazes at the paper and leans over to write You're gonna be mad at me and then she sighs, handing it back. "I got lazy when I was in the hospital, and the doctors got mad at me, they threatened to keep my jello if I didn't get my ass out of bed and move around." She looks thoughtfully at the door and then grins back at Chris. "Though I think that nurse might sneak you some sugar if you just gave her a little wink."
Chris Redfield Chris nods and takes a read of the paper, his brow furrows once more but he doesn't say anything. The look he gives her says it all, stoic serious face has many meanings if one can decipher what they mean depending on the context or the situation. "Goddman, I think she gave me a sedative and pain killers..." Redfield's eyes start to get a bit droopey and he is having trouble focusing on the newspaper now, as he sets the pen down and the newspaper on his lap. "Don't take sugar in my coffee. Guess, this liquid diet is going to suck for a while. Oh and is Frank still around? The hotdog stand by the river?" He seems quite concerned about this you can probably tell.
Vivienne Vivienne gets to her feet and walks over to the bed, her arms crossing over her chest. "Yeah, Frank is still around. I didn't mean that kind of sugar, and you should get some rest. I can piss you off when you're on your feet." She takes the page they were writing on and crumples it up, tossing the ball between her hands. "Get some rest and when you're not being guarded by the french blonde bulldog, I'll bring you a hot dog or something." She walks towards the door, her heels clicking on the floor. She pauses, turns around and walks back to the bed, writing her number on a napkin. "If ..things look dicey here." She says carefully, her face impassive. "Call me, I'll come right away."
Chris Redfield "What?" Chris shrugs at the sugar comment and watches as you get up to walk over to his bed. "Oh, that's good then that Frank is still in business." He adjusts his arm, resting the bandaged one gently on his chest while his other hand is adjusting the remote for the bed, lowering it so he is able to lay back down as the drowsiness begins to over take him, he's trying to fight it though. "Too late, you already pissed me off when I'm bedridden but since it is Christmas I may let this one slide." Well, at least he has somewhat of a sense of humor despite his broodiness. "Dicey? I'm thinking I might have to come down in a wheel chair to the river to get myself a hot dog." You aren't sure if he's joking or not since he's got that damn poker face of his and he always has this deadpan kind of tone. But he does nod after his snarky comment and pats his pillow, that he had reached under when you first came in. You can probably guess what is underneath it. "Merry Christmas by the way. Take care of yourself." Well at least this conversation ended up a bit better than the last. You think?
Vivienne Vivienne walks out the door, wondering what he expected to do when he was high on painkillers. She hopes he'll use the phone number if he needs it instead of constantly trying to protect her. She doesn't say any of this, but as she passes through the threshold she turns and waves merrily. "Happy Christmas, Chris!"