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James Scott It's the day of the cocktail party at the woman's shelter, and James promised he'd cook, so cooking he is. The penthouse's kitchen is almost on part with a commercial kitchen, and that's a good thing because they're making a lot of food. James is currently in the middle of transfering chicken and gravy into the combination oven, as the other oven is currently being used to cook a turkey.
Bob After being let up and in, Bob enters the kitchen and gives James a friendly enough sounding, "Yo." He rolls up his sleeves and slips on an apron he brought for the occasion, making his way towards the sink so that he can wash up before he handles any food preparation. "How's it going? What do you need me to do?" There's obviously something else on his mind, but he is here to help with the cooking first.
Vivienne Vivienne sits on a stool, a slightly sleepy look on her face as she slowly and methodically cuts herbs, vegetables and fruits. She deposits things into different containers based on what it's going to be used for. "I'm just the kitchen helper today." She says, pausing to take a long sip of her iced tea. She peeks at some of the recipe cards that she's set out - it doesn't seem like James needs them - and continues to cut, prepare and seperate ingredients.
James Scott "Ah, let's see.. We'll be fixing the grilled chicken there, so if you want you can hop on the pralines or cranberry sauce if you want." James says, brushing his hands off onto his apron. "If you got anything in particular you want to make you can check the fridge to see if we have the stuff."
Bob "I'm really good at following instructions. Helps keep me useful into my old age," Bob jokes as he finishes washing his hands and wipes them dry, keeping out of the way until told where he needs to be. At James' instruction he starts moving, "I'll work on that stuff first. If we don't feel like there'll be enough food I'll see what else you've got to whip up."
Vivienne "I'm fairly certain that anything you're looking for, we'll have." Vivienne says, rolling her eyes with a wry grin. "I went shopping this mornng, but this place was pretty fully stocked to begin with." She slides the knife between a paper towel, rubbing it off before she casually balances the end of the blade on one of her fingers. She doesn't seem to be very talented at it, but can manage a few seconds at a time. "So what are you wearing tonight?" She asks Bob, smiling over at him.
James Scott "Yeah, we've got some food in here." James nods at Vivienne before heading over to the fridge to collect a several bowls full of sliced potatoes, which he starts dropping into the oil he was warming up. "They shouldn't have anything to complain about. Unless they're not used to eating this stuff."
Bob "I got a suit I'm wearing, probably, unless you think that'll be a little much," Bob says to Vivienne as he gets to work, looking up at her for only a moment so that he doesn't lose track of what he's doing. "It looks like it'll be plenty and if they leave the party hungry it's not like they won't be able to find something to eat in Paris," he agrees with James. Then he says, rather out of the blue, "Don't know if this is the best time for it, but I don't think you gotta worry about me and Emma. I'm too old for her, for one. I just like seeing her blush."
Vivienne Vivienne doesn't look up from what she's doing, and she shrugs. "I don't worry about stuff like that. I actually have a fairly short list of things that I worry about." When she does look up at Bob , after a quick glance towards James, she smiles. "I think you'll look nice in a suit. I might wear a dress, but I haven't decided yet. I'm more a sweater and leggings girl, so I have a place to hide a firearm..and all that."
James Scott "It's not that." James says over to Bob, not looking his way. "It's baggage from Raccoon I haven't gotten over." He doesn't touch that topic anymore, rather he focuses on making the home fries. "Since I'm cooking I'll probably just wear this. May throw on a clean apron at least. Besides, easier to fight in a t-shirt if I have to."
Bob "Nice thing about bein' a dude is I can always wear a concealment garment," Bob tells Vivienne with a grin. "Not that I've ever tried to hide a piece in a dress, but I can't imagine it's easy." If James is leaving the topic alone then Bob will, too, instead, "You could do a button up and tie, roll up your sleeves and wear the apron over it. It's what I used to do when I'd host parties. That way nobody could say that I was under dressed."
Vivienne "Last thigh holster I had got tangled in some lace and I ended up ripping my dress, stockings and nearly got shot myself." Vivienne says, smirking at the memory. "So yeah..not my favorite way to go about things." She gazes over at James and frowns slightly. "No fighting, if you can help it, this is a charity event." She sounds firm, her eyes moving back to the knife that she's playing with.
James Scott "Of course not. I'm gonna play nice. Last thing I need to do is frighten a bunch of people in need." James lifts the basket and dumps the fried potatoes onto a napkin covered plate before loading more up. "And that's a good idea. Got a few of button downs somewhere."
Bob Laughing at Vivienne's story, Bob keeps up his work and starts grinning, "I'd say carry in your purse when you dress up, maybe. If you wear a pullover as a concession to the cold you could carry a subcompact in a belly band." Sliding some of his work aside to move on to something else Bob says to James, "Yeah. It's a good look and I'm sure you'll pull it off better than I can."
Vivienne Vivienne wrinkles her nose. "I don't carry purses." Is all she says on that subject. "I dunno, I'll figure out something." She doesn't seem all that concerned about it. She swings her legs on the stool, having nothing else to chop, just watching the boys cook. "There isn't anything I can try now, is there?" She says, an innnocent look on her face.
James Scott "If you wanna go over to the range I've got some steak you can fry up, or some gizzards if you'd rather fix that." James says in regards to Vivienne asking if there's anything she can do. "And I figure I'll just wear something simple, throw a watch on, and hope that I'm not dressed too informally. Don't think I'll carry a gun, just my brass knuckles."
Bob "You've got me thinking now," Bob says, regarding how to carry a gun in a dress. "Single stack compact could maybe work in the small of your back, but it'd be a bitch to get to..." He trails off. "Maybe a snub nose in a shoulder holster..." He squints his eyes and then looks over at James, "You'll be fine. You're young enough you can get away with a shirt and tie."
Vivienne Amazingly lazy when it suits her, Vivienne gazes over at the range and the steak, trying to decide if she's hungry enough to make the effort. She leans down and roots around in her backpack and finds no hoarded sweets in there. Frowning as she sits up straight again and she gazes at Bob, a very amused look forming on her face. "You try on a dress and find the best way to do it." She nods, grinning. "I think I'm gonna wear a long sweater and some legginggs and carry at the small of my back. I really should make an attempt to go sans gun, but I haven't been without a gun on my person since I was seventeen." She shrugs. "It's kinda like my purse, in a way."
James Scott "Oh, you're looking for food? Yeah, you can grab some of these chips." James jerks a thumb towards the plate that's filling up with fried potatoes, "There's some coleslaw in the fridge too. The rest of it will be done shortly."
Bob "I'm half tempted to, knowing that someone in my outfit might need it some day," Bob laughs as he looks between Vivienne and the range. He looks at Vivienne again for a moment, "Probably a good way to carry for tonight. I'm not keen on carrying back there in case I fall on my back, but lady clothes don't give you all the options." As he finishes up he pecans and moves towards the cranberries he says, "I can talk gun stuff all day, though, so if I get going you can tell me to change topics."
Vivienne "You can talk gun stuff and I can talk food." Vivienne says, gazing at the chips on the plate for a few moments before she stands up, grabs a handful and puts them on a plate, adding salt and pepper and after a quick trip to the fridge, a dash of pickle juice. She sits down, happy now, and crunches quietly as she watches and listens to the others. "So where are you from, Bob?"
Bob "Originally I'm from Philadelphia," Bob replies to Vivienne as he watches her put away her grub. "After that I've been stationed at Fort Campbell and Fort Benning a bunch, Iraq and Afghanistan a couple of times." A lift of his chin, "How about you?"
Vivienne Vivienne goes still for a moment and then she shoves another chip in her mouth, shrugging as she mumbles out a response. She pushes the plate towards Bob slightly, gesturing to it as if she's offering for him to try it. She swallows and then clears her throat, taking another drink of tea. "So you've done a lot of tours and stuff? Is that okay to talk about? I understand if not." She says quietly.
Bob Bob grabs a chip real to pop it into his mouth real quick, "Thanks." And then he nods a couple of times, "Oh yeah. Some of the stuff is classified, but most of it's not." Working steadily, he continues, "Iraq once, Afghanistan a few times. Iraq was a lot of driving and flying around trying to pick up high value targets and find weapons and explosives. Afghanistan was a lot of walking around, doing pretty much the same."
Vivienne Vivienne listens and nods along to the story and then she wrinkles her nose and gazes down at her knees. "Well I'm sure you spotted, right away, that I'm not military. I haven't done any tours, and I barely know half the lingo is." She reaches behind her back, pulls out her Beretta and places it on the counter, gazing at it. "I was recruited because I'm good with those." She glances over at Bob and then back to the gun before she goes back to looking at her knees. "I guess you can imagine how good, if I got recruited *just* for that, but..yeah. That's my thing."
Bob "I figured you were a civilian, but if you're good enough to be picked up for your shooting then you gotta be a pretty solid marksman," Bob says, taking a look at the M9 himself, lips pressed together as he studies it. "M9 doesn't suck as a sidearm. It's pretty flat shooting, decently long sight picture. Double action trigger on it sucks, but it's not the end of the world." He asks, "You had a chance to familiarise yourself with other weapons, like the P90 and M4?"
Vivienne Vivienne nods, pulling the Beretta closer, her fingers on the grip. "Yeah, I prefer the Beretta or a decent rifle if I can find a way to get around with it without being noticed." She leans against the counter, nibbling on a chip. "I have found, though, that a submachine gun is good for when you're in a tight spot - literally. I picked one of those up recently just because." She shoves the rest of her chip in her mouth and crunches for a moment or two. "I just hope we're never in a situation where I'll need my Skorpion."
Bob "I'm more used to rifles and carbines than I am the sub guns the FBC issues, but I don't have any issues with the P90," Bob explains as he finishes up his work and sets things to doing what they do, going back to wash his hands again now that he's finished for the moment. "How do you like the Skorpion? You got the EVO or the old school one? I haven't messed with either yet."
Vivienne Vivienne considers the question for a moment and then she shrugs. "I've always worked with handguns, and rifles, and I'm usually far enough away that I don't have to worry about close quarters stuff." She leans against the counter and smirks. "I've seen some files, pictures and have heard some stories, so I got the EVO." She gives Bob a sideways look. "Been practicing with it, and it's not hard to handle, but yeah...out of my comfort zone, for sure."
Bob "What kind of rifle do you usually carry?" Bob asks, because he is, of course, curious about potential teammates. "I've got a lot of close quarters training and experience but I'm not looking forward to mixing it up with those things. They're a whole different ballgame," he says as he leans up against the counter to take a little break from cooking, now that everything seems to have slowed down.
Vivienne "Nothing special, I find that a plain sniper rifle is better than anything fancy." Vivienne says, shifting on her stool. "If you talk to the Doc though, you can requisition some rounds to help you out if we ever do get into it with ..well you know." Her shoulders rise for a moment in a shrug and she sighs. "My training is what I learned at the basic they threw me into. I can punch or kick someone well enough to distract them until I shoot them, but that's about it."
Bob "I'll have to see him about that when I get the chance," says Bob with a bob of the head. "I'm not the best fist fighter, myself. Never got into it as much as I wanted to, but there's always something else for me to train on," he explains. "Especially the medical stuff. It's sometimes hard to keep up with my certifications without working in the medical field full time."
Vivienne Vivienne folds her hands on her lap and nods at Bob, a grin on her face. "Well I guess they'll train us up more, maybe." She says glancing around the kitchen. "I think I'm fairly safe though, for now."
Bob Bob rocks back and forth against the counter and folds his arms across his chest, "I feel like you'll be okay. Anything that wants to get to you will probably have to go through a couple of guys like me first." With a chuckle, "And I've never had a problem pulling the trigger when I've had to."
Vivienne Vivienne blushes and grins at Bob. "Thanks, I got your back too." She props her chin on her palm and gazes at the food that is cooking. "Are we making any dips to go with the chips?" She asks, raising an eyebrow.
James Scott "Yes." James speaks up, carrying a a pan with a fried turkey in it back into the kitchen. "Probably spinach dip or queso." The pan is sat down and he goes over to the stove, taking the smothered fried chicken out. "And you're hella safe. I'm at least three people they have to get through."
Bob "No problem," Bob replies to Vivienne, lifting his head and smiling her way. Then h elooks over towards James and says, "Those both sound good. You want me to prep a spinach dip to go in the oven before I get out of here to go get dressed?"
Vivienne Vivienne sits up straight and claps her hands together. "I love spinach dip, I haven't had any since I got shipped over here." She says, slipping off of her stool. "I'm going to leave you two to it and go take a shower and start doing the whole warpaint thing." She says, gathering her hair and pinning it on her head. "See you at the party Bob, don't be a stranger." She says, padding barefoot towards the bathroom.