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Emma It's another cold day in Paris, winter is here. The afternoon is dim, even if the sky is blue it's that cold ice blue, and the sun seems distant.

Plans were made yesterday about playing some video games, Emma had given her address - which is at the ritzy Chateau of the famed Knight Archene. The Chateau is big, and as one would suspect, lovely. Truly fitting a Knight.

There are guards at the gate, and staff that work the place, Emma is sitting in the living room, Shaemus at her side, on the floor, eating a bone, his master awaiting her guest. While waiting, there is a book in her hand. A school book, being the nerdy type she is, this is light reading, when to many it'd be the opposite.
Esa There are guards at the gate, and staff that work the place, Emma is sitting in the living room, Shaemus at her side, on the floor, eating a bone, his master awaiting her guest. While waiting, there is a book in her hand. A school book, being the nerdy type she is, this is light reading, when to many it'd be the opposite.

The Taxi stopped in front of the Chateau, idling as Esa paid the man in Francs. The Driver casts a look to the place, then back to Esa "Fancy digs; Your friend lives there?" He asked in broken English. Esa smiles "Apparently, she does. First time here.. Got to say.. it's nice." He says calmly as he gets out of the taxi. As he made his way to the gate, the driver drove off. Esa approaches the guard shack calmly, a soft smile on his face.
Emma The guard eyes Esa, and looks down to his sheet. "Name?" He asks, in a gruff thick French accent. Once the name would be given, the gate would open, so he could go in. There, a staff member would show him to the living room.
Esa "Esa Collins." Esa replies, lifting up a six pack of Guinness in bottles. "I bring games, beer and food." A pause as he brings it forward "Care for one?" Looking at pair.
Emma Emma was expecting Esa, so when he shows up there isn't a jump of surprise - as she is so into her book. Said book is closed, and put down on the coffee table. The living room is large, cozy, but also shows off the wealth of the place. Her red hair is up in a ponytail, and her clothes are casual.

"'ello, Esa." Greets the lass with a smile.

Shaemus looks up and goes to greet him with a woof and wag of his tail. "Beer -- beer sounds great, thanks. I got tha game setup on tha tv here." It's a giant flat screen tv. "I hope yer -- yer ready ta get your butt kicked."
Esa Esa sets the pizza on the coffee table along with the beer; taking one out of course to hand to Emma. Glancing to Shaemus, he smiles "Ah, so.. he is.. tall. Very.. Tall." He said chuckling as he easily pets him in his standing position. "Beautiful dog." He adds before looking to Emma and smirks. Looking back to Shaemus, he says with a teasing grin "She thinks she is going to beat me. What do you think?" He asks of him.
Emma Emma nods in thanks for the beer, and chuckles a little. "Aye he - he is, I'd not have it any other way." Says the lass, opening the beer and going to take a sip. "He is." Shaemus seems friendly as could be, and happily greets Esa. And woofs to his question, which makes his master laugh softly.

"I don't think, I know. How 'bout a wager, hm? Loser brings tha beer next time?"
Esa Esa glances to Emma and hmms as he sits next to her; opening his beer and props it on the table. Looking to back to her, he says "How about a better wager? Winner picks where we hang out next time?"
Emma Emma moves to stand, given that the game manually needs to be turned on, she presses the button and then switches the television to the correct channel. There, the game shows, with that classic music. Plugging in the controllers, once back at the couch, one is handed off to Esa.

"Sure?" But, given that her mind works on a more innocent level, if there was any reason for that sort of bet, it's not understood. "I -- I know a few who find it odd ta come here, not used to tha splendor of tha place. Archene is a friend, an' let me stay here while I did school."
Esa Taking the controller, Esa nods slightly "It is a beautiful place actually; I wouldn't mind coming over more to hang out." He replied with a soft smile. "So, confession; it has been a few years since I've played this." He said chuckling.
Emma Emma smirks a little more, and sets the game to two player. "I dun mind it here, but.. I grew up on a acreage, ya'see. We had horses, grew our own food, had our own chickens, all that sorta stuff. Learned ta live off tha land some." This makes her smile, remembering home, in Scotland. "It's not so much like that here, an -- an I misss that, when it gets warm I may start a garden."

"Did ya - ya wanna go first or second?" She gives him that offer with a smile, while reaching for a piece of pizza.
Esa "I'll go second." Esa replies looking to her "See what kind of competition I am up against." He adds with a small smile. "Aye, see .. I don't remember much about Wichita. We lived on the outskirts of town. Not really farm, just a lot of land and a house. Then, we moved to New York. Urban Jungle is all I knew for thirteen years.. At least, until I was uhm.." A pause, shrugs "Until I was given a choice to join the military." A pause is given, but he doesn't follow up on the latter information.
Emma Nodding a little, Emma goes to start the game. She is of course, Mario, as he is first player. The game starts, and the lass directs her player to the left of Yoshi's home, that being the first level.

"I couldn't imagine livin' in New York, so busy, and closed off. Even though I -- I lived in Racoon, that was still strange."

It's fairly plain that the lass knows what she is doing, she finishes the first level and goes up, to unlock the yellow blocks. Shaemus meanwhile chews on his bone. He doesn't beg for food, knowing he isn't allowed to.

Taking a bite of pizza, her grey-green eye fix on Esa when he says military. Before there is a reply, it's washed down with a sip of beer. "Yer - yer military?"
Esa Nabbing a slice of the pizza while she played, Esa stared at the screen as she glided through the level with ease. Taking a bite of the pizza he glances to Emma and smiles lightly, head nodding. "Sort of." He replies calmly. "I served nine years in the Army. I.. sort of did not have a choice in the matter. After that, the government picked me up alongside the consulting business I spoke of." He replied gently before finishing of the slice and sipping the beer. As she finished, he started his level. To say he passed with ease would be a lie. He almost failed two or three times; but managed to get to the end nonetheless.
Emma "No choice?" Emma asks, curious, but her tone isn't pressing, there is nothing about her that says she is forcing him to talk about it.

Watching him play on the screen, there is a slight smirk as he nearly fails a few times. While he plays, her piece is finished off, and there is some beer that is drank. "Ah yes." Maybe she is putting some things together, though? Her eyes say there is more she is thinking of than she is saying. "Ya - ya must find out some interestin' stuff, then. Interestin' an dangerous."
Esa Leaning back into the couch with a gentle sigh, he places the controller down as it was her turn. Looking to her, he smiled softly. "As a kid I hacked in to things. Before firewalls were more prevalent.. I found my way into places I should not be in. When I was eighteen I hacked NORAD on a dare." He chuckles at that and looks back to the screen. "So, jail or Army; I chose Army and got wrapped up in classified stuff." A pause "Interesting is one way to put it; as is dangerous."
Emma It's now her turn, and Emma flies through a few more levels, it looks like it's as easy as breathing to her. When it comes to his turn her controller is put down, and attention turns to him. The lass listens, and nods, looking surprised with that. "Ya -- ya hacked inta NORAD?" Amazed, her jaw drops some. "Oy, yer like, a master hacker than?" Tech isn't her thing, really, so it amazes her. "I take it then, ya.. know of things? Like, Racoon an' stuff then?"
Esa Fumbling through the same levels, Esa grins "Attempted unsuccessfully to hack. Still.. got noticed." His character dies for the first time and he frowns "Well then." He notes before looking to her. "Yeah, know of it.. that's why I work for the government; I was moved laterally out of the army to the agency I work for. I double it up with a IT security firm and assist the firm when I can."
Emma "Still, that's some talent. I -- I couldn' imagine tryin' ta do that, I'd barely know how to start." She grins, and sips her beer. The talk of Racoon makes her quiet some, it seems so many know, and yet nothing is done. Looking away to the game a second, teeth take hold of her lower lip. "What -- what do ya know 'bout Racoon?"
Esa "Not much." Esa replies as he sets the control down and turns to engage her fully in the conversation topic. "I know we dropped a bomb on the city; I know people said Umbrella was involved; I know people have spoken of the undead walking." He shrugs "But my information is hearsay from data-mining, news outlets and public yammering. Nothing concrete; nothing direct." He replies gently as he took a sip of his beer.
Emma Emma is quiet, so unsure, a part of her wants to speak up, but does she? Inhailing a bit, a second is taken to finish another level. "It's all true." Is her reply to all Esa had said. She already said she lived in Racoon, which means she must of survived it.
Esa Esa stares at her. The words themselves do have a weight impact on him as his expression softens with empathy and sympathy for the young girl. A hand gently reached out to touch hers. "I.." A pause, his head shook "Wow." He says softly, sighing "Emma..God..that.." Another pause. Words just could not formulate the right expression and response.
Emma "Th -- thank you." Emma says, but her focus is on the game, as if using it to help her cope. "I -- I was kidnapped too." Just to add to the horror that must of been Racoon, it seems there is another layer. To that, a big drink of the beer is taken.
Esa Turning to look back at her gameplay, Esa takes a sip of his beer. There wold be time, of course to ask questions; for now he says "I.. That is horrible. I know talking helps, Emma. I'm around ya know.. If you want to talk. Always willing to listen to friend." He notes as he glances to her and offers up a warm smile before looking to the television. "So, what are you doing tonight?" He asks.
Emma There is a quick nod. "Th - thank ya." Says the red head softly. "I -- I try nat ta bother my friends with my issues, though." Because, she feels bad for dumping her stuff on others, and knows full well others have their own suffering. "To -- tonight? That christmas cocktail party." Because her player forgot to note, the room is also decorated with a tree and other christmas stuff. "Lookin' forward ta it, will be nice ta get a change from tha every day of.. every day."
Esa "oh?" Esa says calmly, having clearly not heard of the cocktail party. "Sounds like fun. Got a smashing date?" He asks, looking to her.
Emma Emma contines to play, it's working out some of those undercurrent of feelings she had over discussing Racoon and very breifly, her being kidnapped while there. Without skipping a beat, there is a shake of her head. "No date, no." Her tone is soft, eyes move to him a second and then back to the screen.
Esa "Ah." Esa says calmly as he looks back to the screen. Damn.. she was good at this. He smiles, pondering and says calmly. "Well, you should have a date go with you. Cocktail parties are always fun; and to have a date to enjoy the singing, dancing and company together makes the night all the more special." He said looking to her for a moment with a fond smile before looking back to the television.
Emma Emma is quiet a second, she takes a few bites of her pizza, thinking what he has said over.

"Not - not really been asked," Admits the lass, because it's true. "I dunno, will see I can. What happens." The game is paused, the fond smile noticed, but she frowns. "Can I - I tell ya tha truth? I'm scared ta date, every time my life seems ta get.. happy, it falls apart, an' I'm tired of it fallin' apart, an' I don't want others taken down due to it."
Esa "Well, my philosophy has been to enjoy the moment." Esa replied calmly. "Don't let fear ruin chances and opportunities that arise... Just cause you think it may fall apart doesn't mean it will. I've been through the thick a few times. Brings a new aspect to life. Go with the flow, enjoy what you can of life." He gestures to the pizza, beer and games with one wave to the screen "Like this.. and us, together enjoying gaming, pizza and beer. Who knows what tomorrow will bring; today? It's just you and I; and your whoopin my keister at this game." A pause as he looks to her.
Emma Emma smiles a little, looks down and goes a bit red. "Yer - yer right. I used'ta not be like that, but.. Racoon, tha - tha kidnappin', then tha monsters here.." Did she say monsters here?! Why yes, she did. "I am enjoyin' this, havin' a nice time." He is given a smile. "An I am kickin' yer ass."
Esa Esa smiles back at her, his head nodding. "It's the past. Past can't hurt you; At least.. not while I am around." He notes with a gentle wink. Then back to the screen, he says gravely "Yeah.. looking like you'll get to choose our next hangout place." He said with wry grin. "And.. Speakin on taking leaps, enjoyin the moment, I have a question."
Emma "Tha - tha past isn't gone." Emma says in a way that suggests she knows something. "There are - arw things here, in Paris, more than yer - yer typical dangers. Things similar ta Racoon." Her voice is almost haunting with truth, she -has- seen these things. "An tha buildin' bein' blown up, well.." A pause, she frowns, with a shudder, knowing what may of been lurking there. "What's yer question?"
Esa Esa brows furrow slightly; maybe the FBC hadn't quite kept him to speed. The news of the bombing, of course, was something he knew; the extent.. not so much. A slow nod "Sounds like I need to do some research then." He said quietly in thought; which of course is broken at the mention of question. "Question? Oh oh! right, question." A shrug "Just that.. You don't have a date tonight .. and .. I .. thought maybe it'd be something we could go do together?" He suggests calmly and glances back to her.
Emma "I know what's out - outs there," How does she know things? Very peculiar, isn't it? "There are things worse than the dead in tha dark." The fear can be heard in her tone, she knows something is a foot. His question makes her cheeks go -red-, jaw drops some. Blinking, the poor lass is so stunned that someone actually asked her, words can't form.
Esa Esa eyes her; her words seem amiss; odd that she seems to know more than he. He takes a mental note to talk to her more about these things later. Might become a great contact for source and information. His cheeks redden as hers does. Usually he finds it cute of her responses; even in this case does.. But feels a sudden shyness come about at her response. Hesitantly, he says "I .. well.. er.. I...uhm,.. Mean is.. if.. well, ya.." He rubs the back of his head "want to.."
Emma Emma is quiet a second. "Ahh -- well, we can -" Poor shy girl studders. "Go together, as.. friends? Since we're gettin' ta know each other an' all, how's that?" Well that's something! A big step for her.
Esa Esa gives a gentle smile "I agree that.. as were getting to know each other, going as friends is wonderful idea." He responds warmly to her as he nods his head softly.