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James Scott It's finally a clear day in Paris, though there is the distant threat of rain on the horizon. There's still no snow but it is cold enough that James is wearing a London Fog golf jacket and a grey beanie. Today everyone set out for a stroll in the countryside, not too far from Archene's chateau.

Bounding along behind James and Vivienne is a large Dogue de Bordeaux puppy sporting a little black collar. This is Dempsey, but he seems a lot less rugged than his namesake. If anything the little pupper is more interested in smelling leaves and barking at the wind.
Vivienne Vivienne walks with James, trussed up in a leather jacket with matching boots. A backpack in her left hand. She occasionally turns her head to check on the puppy, not trusting that he's not going to get kidnapped by a rogue squirrel. She pushes a lock of hair behind an ear and pauses, sniffing at the air. A low grumble can be heard in the quiet and the dark haired woman places a hand over her stomach. "Oop." She blushes and grins before she starts to walk to catch up with James.
Emma Another enjoying the fresh air is Emma, even if it is cold. A warm jacket is worn, with some boots to help her keep warm too.

Slung over her back is her yoga matt - it may be that she has class later. At her side is Shaemus, the massive bear like dog happily trotting by his masters side.

To her other side is a dalmation, it trots along side her too, seemingly well behaved.
James Scott "Hungry?" James asks Vivienne, grinning over his shoulder at her. He does wait on her and Dempsey before pointing between two nearby trees. "We're going just over there." He shifts the backpack he has slung over his shoulder and forges on, but before he picks the puppy up to make the trip faster.

"See, look there." the teen points again, this time to Emma. He raises that hand in wave, "Hey Emma, how's it going?"
Vivienne "I skipped breakfast so I could go back to the Liberty to talk to a few folks." Vivienne says, shrugging a shoulder. Her eyes narrow as she gazes in the direction that James points out and she pauses to shift her backpack higher on her shoulder before she starts to walk again. When he points out Emma, Vivi grins and raises a hand to wave as well, letting the wave act as a greeting for now.
Emma As the day is clear, Emma is wearing her reflective aviators, it's that long red hair that also makes her stand out - and Shaemus. From afar James and Vivienne are spotted, a smile and wave given to them in greeting.

Steps become hurried, both dogs go to follow. Her eyes catch the puppy, and instantly the lass is kneeling down to embrace the dog if she can. She is a major animal lover.

"How are ya two?" Asks the red head, looking up to them with a smile. "And what's tha name of tha cute pup here?"
James Scott James does indeed pass the puppy over. "Doing pretty good, and this little guy is Dempsey." His reaches down to give Shaemus some pets, before moving over to the new dalmatian, offering a hand out to be sniffed. "And who's this?"
Vivienne Vivienne shifts slightly and puts the backpack fully on her back and rolls her shoulders until it's comfortable. She nods to Emma, an easy smile on her face. "Doing well, and yourself?" She asks, herself leaning over slightly to give proper greetings to Shaemus. She gazes at the other dog and moves to stand back, shoving her hands in her pockets for warmth.
Emma Shuffling her yoga bag forward some, Emma unzips a pouch and pulls out some gloves and goes to toss them to Vivienne. "'ere ya - ya go, keep yer hands warm. An' I'm okay, got yoga class tonight." Hence the carrying of her yoga bag.

A good pet is given to the pup, and Shaemus happily accepts attention. "Oh him?" Grey-green eyes move to the well behaved dalmation at her other side. "His name is Spot. Oy, I - I know, predictable. He is my Christmas gift ta ya. An od man at tha hospital was givin' him away, he was to old ta take care of him. Spot is not even two, an' also, a therapy dog."
James Scott "Spot?" James sounds a touch disappointed. "How about Lou? King Louie II. We'll work on it." He gives the dalmatian a good scratching. "Thanks Emma, always wanted a dalmatian." His attention turns back to Vivienne, "What do you think of two dogs in the penthouse?"
Vivienne Vivienne chuckles softly and her hands come out of her pockets, taking the offered gloves with a grateful smile aimed at Emma. "Thanks, I'm not used to the weather here yet." She mumbles, looking embarassed. She gazes at Dempsey and the dalmation and then she grins up at James. "Well..they'll keep us busy if they don't wreck the place."
Bob A whistle, mostly tuneless, accompanies Bob as he walks along, hands jammed in the pockets of the leather jacket he's got on over his sweater. His pace is quite leisurely so that he can take in his surroundings. While he's got his eyes out for nature and all that crap, he manages to spot a trio of people he knows and starts on his way towards them, keeping up his whistle so that they can hear him coming as he pulls a hand out of his pocket to give a friendly wave, "Hey guys." The dogs get a look and he cracks a smile and offers a hand, should they need a sniff, "Hey puppers."
Emma Spot - the dalmation, regards James with a lick to his hand, and goes to near his new master. The dalmation seems very calm, and relaxed.

"If yer both needin' help or anythin', trainib' wise or jus wanna break, let me know. I trained Shaemus." And he is a well trained dog!

Speaking of Shaemus he spots Bob first and trots towards the familar man, in turn his master looks that way too, and with a delicate yet gloved hand offers Bob a wave, and shy yet friendly smile.

"'ello, Bob how -- how are ya?"
James Scott "I feel like Dempsey is gonna be a bigger problem." James replies to Vivienne with a grin before scooping the little mastiff puppy up and setting him down next to the dalmatian formerly known as Spot. "I appreciate it, if I run into a wall I'll call and ask for some help." Then Shaemus and Emma's attention goes elsewhere, so naturally he turns to look.

"Oh, hey Bob. How's it going?"
Vivienne This is the second time today that Vivi has seen Bob and after a brief wave in his direction she turns to regard the dalmation that looks back at her calmly. She offers a hand for a sniff and then scritches the dog behind his ears. Satisfied that Spot isn't going to latch onto her hand and friendly relations have been established, she turns and walks slowly towards Emma and Bob, as she mentally tries to come up with more friendly chatter.
Bob The pooches get appropriate pets and affections from Bob who says "Good dog" to each of them in turn. Catching Emma's smile he returns it with one of his own, "Hey Emma. I'm good, just enjoying the sights and sounds. Checked out Notre Dame earlier and figured I'd head outside the city proper to see this French countryside people are going on about." James gets a nod, "Hey man. Chillin'." Taking a second to look between the three he asks, "How are you guys?"
Emma "Pl - please do, I spent a'lotta time learnin' an' training Shaemus." Emma says to James, about dog training. Sheamus woofs a bit to Bob, in a form of greeting.

There is a brief glance to Vivienne before attention focuses on Bob. "I - I am well, have yoga in a while." Seems the lass is really looking forward to this. "Notre Dame is nice, too. Have ya seen tha Pantheon yet?"
James Scott "Pretty good. Trying to figure out the best spot to have a picnic when it warms up." James lifts his shoulders in a slight shrug before he goes back to petting the dalmatian, soon to be named Lou. "Oh yeah," his attention snaps back to Emma, "got a cocktail party coming up, right? It cool if I do some cooking for it?"
Vivienne Vivienne steps up next to James, offers everyone a friendly smile and then she shrugs off her backpack, opening it up and reaching in briefly to pull out a cookie. She slings the backpack across her back again and tilts her head slightly. "A party huh? Formal?" She asks, both eyebrows quirking up slightly as she takes a bite of her cookie.
Bob "No, haven't seen the Pantheon," Bob replies to Emma, smiling at her again. "Yoga's fun. I did that for a while when I was stationed on Fort Benning. Used it for extra PT in the evenings." He shifts his attention to James, "Yeah? Seems like a lot of good places for one out here." His hands both go back into his jacket pockets and he rocks back on his heels a little bit, moving to help keep blood flowing.
Emma "Yer - yer wantin' ta cook for that?" Emma sounds a little stunned while addressing James. "It's- It's for tha local womans shelters. If ya want, that'd be great." He is given a smile.

"Cocktail party, not - not -formal- but somethin' nice." Emma says to Vivienne. "If yer needin' help in findin' somethin' let me know?"

And then eyes settle on Bob. "If yer goin' tha French tour teaches most, but I can - can tell ya tons about that if yer wantin' a guide." She nods, and adjusts the reflective aviators she is wearing. "Ta party is for all, hopin' it'll be fun."
James Scott "Damn right. Gotta show 'em that French cuisine ain't got nothin' on southern comfort food." James says with a grin, shooting a wink Emma's way. He gently bumps Vivienne with his hip before taking her hand into his own. "So, should I leave my grillz at home and go for a nice watch instead?'
Vivienne Vivienne nods along as Emma speaks and when the offer is made about an outfit for the party, the dark haired woman grins slightly. "Thanks, if I can't find something nice to wear, I'll give you a call." She wrinkles her nose as she gazes up at James and she pretends to consider the question for a few seconds before she answers. "I think if you're comfortable, you can wear anything your heart desires." She links arms with James and takes another small bite of her cookie.
Bob "I'd love to go with you, Emma," Bob tells her with a broad smile, eyes lighting up with a pleasant look. He leans back on his heels, "Grilling is a hell of a skill out here, I'd bet. Worst thing about not having a house of my own any more is the loss of my smoker."
Emma Emma nods to Bob. "Sounds lika a - a plan, I can bore ya with facts." Because she is a brain type. "I started yoga ta help cope with trauma an' memories."

There is a nod to Vivienne, and a look to James. "Southern cookin' would be great."
James Scott "Facts is all you'll get out of it too." James informs Bob with a slow nod. There's a certain aura he gives off in this moment, almost like an older brother, despite him being the younger of the two. "But, she is good for facts." He leans over and presses a kiss to Vivienne's cheek, "While I'm thinking about it, what do you want for dinner babe?"
Vivienne Vivienne has an introspective look on her face and she chews on her bottom lip as everyone talks amongst themselves. She finally blinks a few times and smiles over at James as Bob and Emma discuss a tour. "What are you going to cook?" She asks, looking interested in the answer, a smile on her face. "Hopefully you'll let me help." She adds. At the mention of dinner though she promptly answers. "Pizza, please."
Bob "I'm looking forward to it," Bob tells Emma, smiling still. "And I'll try to swing by the party. Need me to pick up some wine or something?" he asks, trying to be aa good guest. James gets a look for a moment and Bob cracks a little smile, "As long as I learn something. And it'll be better than trying to decipher a French tour guide again."
Emma A quick glance is given to James, yet her expression is a little more serious. It seems she caught that 'brotherly' attitude of his. But nothing is said, as him and Viv are talking food. So yet again she regards Bob.

"Well I know French, easier ta - ta understand'n all, but aye, hopin' I can prove not to be a dull." There is a quick, shy smile. "And no, there is drink provided, an' now food, thanks ta James. But thank - thank ya."
James Scott "Ah, I'm thinking smothered chicken, chicken fried steak, pulled pork, pecan pralines, and some grilled chicken. Maybe less, depending on how many people are gonna show up." James lists off the foods to Vivienne. "And yeah, we can stop for pizza on the way back. Or maybe take Dempsey and King Louie back first."
Vivienne Vivienne nods at James, smiling up at him. "Hey, that all sounds good. I'll help you cook if you don't mind, and yeah...lets take the puppies home before we go eat dinner. Or else they'll try to get our food."
Bob "No sweat," Bob replies to Emma regarding the drinks. Then he comments on touring together, "I doubt I'm going to be bored hanging out with you. If the history stuff gets to me we can switch to medical crap instead, but it'll be the subject that bores me, not you." James listing off he foods he's thinking has Bob open his eyes wide for a moment, "Sounds damn good to me." He looks at the couple and grins, "Hit me up if you need another hand. I spent most of my adult life living down south and I'm no slouch in the kitchen."
Emma "Oy th - that sounds awesome, make sure it's easy ta eat, though, it is a cocktail party an' all - there'll be plenty if Christmas theme there too." Because it -is- a christmas themed coctail party. Eyes flicker to Viv. "I - I so want pizza now."

With a soft laugh Bob is regarded again. "That's sweet of - of ya ta say, sometime I feel like a nerdy bore." She shrugs a little, and looka down shyly.
James Scott "Don't worry, I'll include cornbread dressin' and giblet gravy. And I don't think you've ever bored any of us." James say with a slight shrug before looking down to Vivienne, "Yeah babe, you can help me cook." Bob also gets a nod, "Hell yeah, I could use a hand watching the chicken. We're gonna be some cooking motherfuckers I tell ya."
Vivienne Vivienne gives James an amused look and then she shrugs. "Maybe I'll show you a thing or two in the kitchen." She gently pulls at the gloves, each finger getting a tug before she pulls them both off her hands. She holds them out to Emma with a smile. "Thanks for these, I'm getting warm though." She glances back at the puppy, chasing after something on the ground. An idea hits her then. "You two want to come with us to get pizza?"
Bob "You let me tell you if you're boring or not, okay?" Bob tells Emma with a big grin as he reaches out to give the dogs some pets. He looks at James and chuckles, "Hells yeah. It'll be fun to get some time in the kitchen again." At Vivienne's question he glances at Emma, then back to Viv, "I'm cool to hang out for a while if you don't mind a tagalong."
Emma "So - sounds good." Emma says to James with a nod, and then looks to Viv. "Keep 'em, I got a few pairs." Her yoga bag is shuffled and her phone is pulled out and glanced at. "Aye I - I got time."

Looking up to Bob, the response he gets is red cheeks and a shy smile, before looking back down.
James Scott James' nostril curls, annoyance clear on his face. "Yeah, where do y'all wanna go get pizza at?" He isn't grinding his teeth this time. At least not yet.
Vivienne "Anywhere is fine with me." Vivienne replies, leaning down to pick up Dempsey. She scritches at his head and after a moment she glances at James. "I'm gonna take the puppies home and put this one in his crate. All right?" A brief pause and then she adds. "I'll meet you all wherever you decide. Call me and let me know where?" She asks, her eyes narrowing briefly before she drops her gaze back to the puppy, leaning in to give him a kiss on top of his head.
Bob Getting a kick out of Emma's reaction, Bob can't keep a wide smile off of his face, but keeps his chuckle silent. James' reaction does cause Bob to furrow his brow a little bit, "If you guys want some alone time I'm sure me and Emma can find another pizza joint."
Emma Emma eyes James, then Viv, darts her eyes to Bob - after her shy thing, and then nods to the couple. "Aye we - we can, I know of a few places, maybe ya two should have some new family time?"
James Scott James expression doesn't change, rather that eye of his that isn't covered shifts, going from a brilliant blue to a smoldering crimson complete with a slitted pupil. Rather than say anything else he turns and walks away, giving a sharp whistle for Lou to follow behind him.
Vivienne Vivienne gazes at Emma and Bob for a moment, and then she gazes down at the puppy, her hand still lightly scratching the dog behind his ears. When she does glance over her shoulder at James, her look is thoughtful. When she turns back towards the other two standing near her she says. "I don't believe that.." She gstures back towards James. "..was a product of wanting alone time." She notes, her eyes chiefly on Emma now. She tucks the gloves in her pocket and offers the pair an apologetic smile. "I'm gonna take Dempsey home, you two go find pizza or..maybe something else, yeah?" She turns to go as well.
Bob "What the hell was that..." Bob stares after James, his breathing becoming carefully measured as he considers what he saw. But he knows when to shut up, apparently, because he chooses to do so. He nods at Vivienne, "Yeah. We'll figure something out." He's momentarily lost in thought before speaking again, "You guys take care."
Emma James' reaction, doesn't surprise Emma in the least. But Viv looking at her, well that's confusing. Standing there a hand slowly lifts in a gesture of farwell. Those big grey-green eyes fix on Bob. "James can - can be.. moody, least he didn't do anythin' violent, this time. Come along, I know a nice lil' pizza place."